General Hospital Thursday October 9th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/9/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke visits Bobbie at GH, bringing a present for Amy from Laura. He greets Tony, too. Tony asks Bobbie how she slept the other night (on BJ's birthday). Bobbie leaves and Luke asks Tony how he could let it happen, meaning Carly getting pregnant. Tony tries not to talk about it but Luke insists on butting in. Tony tells him that the baby is "not a mistake". He's thrilled about getting a second chance. Luke says he understands and they agree to be friends again. Luke shakes his head sadly as Tony walks away. Amy rushes up and demands to know all the family news. She takes a break so Luke can fill her in. They talk about Lucky wanting to stay in Port Charles. Luke asks when Amy can come to visit Laura in Switzerland. She wishes they would come home instead, although she knows she's staying away because of Stefan.

Carly tries to rush Lorraine out of the gym before AJ sees her. They argue. Carly doesn't have the money so Lorraine wants to get it from AJ or "the tabloids". Carly tells her she has to go to the teller machine and get the money out of the account she and Tony share, but she'll need more time. Lorraine gives her 15 minutes and leaves. AJ comes in and asks Carly why she's hanging around. They argue some more, rehashing the situation. He leaves, telling her to go away.

AJ goes to a juice bar in the hospital and gets a fruit smoothie. Keesha runs into him and orders one, too. He thanks her for all her help with Carly. She tells him about Dara singing at the Outback. He asks if he can go with her, so she agrees to save a seat for him.

Monica chats with Alan about AJ before the board meeting. Lila and Edward come in, along with Katherine, who thanks Monica for speaking up for her at the board meeting. Monica is grateful for what Katherine did for her, PR-wise, during Dorman's reign of terror. Katherine thanks Edward, too. He still thinks she shouldn't try to get her job back. Alexis tries to talk Stefan out of firing Katherine because it's risky but he wants her out of his life so he won't accidentally talk about her being his sister.

The meeting starts and Monica speaks up for Katherine's work. She wonders why Stefan fired her. Amanda Barrington agrees with Monica but wants to hear Stefan's reasons, too. Stefan agrees with what Monica said, he says, but accuses Katherine of being "self-promoting". He says there are other areas of the job that she's been "deficient" in. He takes out a folder. He tells them he's been studying Katherine's accounts and has found lots of inaccuracies. Edward and the rest stand up for her, saying she doesn't need to embezzle money because she's rich. Stefan says that since she has so much money of her own, she's careless with money and how often she shows up for work. Finally, he accuses her of "using hospital funds and connections" to further her own career. Katherine hotly denies it and accuses him of lying for "personal reasons". He admits it's been "personal" from the very start when he saw her "shot and bleeding". He talks about their relationship from the viewpoint of a sympathetic guy who just wanted to help out the woman who got injured on his property, nothing more. He manages to make her feel like a charity case, that he only hired her because he felt sorry for her. He repeats his accusations, but with more detail. He reminds them how she walked out during the Nurse's Ball. Katherine accuses him again of lying about the charges. Amanda moves to vote on the termination. Edward moves to overturn it. Katherine demands her turn to speak. She speaks fervently about how proud she is of working for GH. She says that Stefan is lying. She also speaks obliquely about things that need to be proved to her (meaning that she knows now how Stefan feels) and says that even if they overturned her termination that it would be a "hollow victory" so she withdraws her petition. Edward tries to talk her out of it but she insists. Afterwards, she tells him that it was all Stefan's idea, not Alexis', she could tell by the look on the latter's face. The rest of the Q's offer their sympathies. Lila says she would like Alan to go get AJ so they can visit. Katherine tells Alexis to go away so she can talk to Stefan. She asks him, simply, "Why?" He tells her "goodbye". Alexis consoles Stefan. Luke walks up to him and they exchange glares.

Carly meets Lorraine with a bunch of cash. Bobbie is about to enter the gym when she spies Carly through the door. She watches suspiciously as Carly counts out all the cash. She walks in after watching Carly pay her. Lorraine says hi to Bobbie, making Carly nervous. Lorraine leaves so Carly accuses Bobbie of spying on her. Tony walks in so Bobbie excuses herself, but not before telling Tony that Carly handed Lorraine her "life savings". Tony looks stunned. Bobbie runs into Alan, who's looking for AJ. He tells her how the meeting went. Bobbie finds Katherine crying in her office. Tony questions Carly. She bites her lip and tells him in a light-hearted manner that she's done something "terrible".

Brenda and Jax go to his place. She is still upset about what happened at the Outback. Jax tries to console her, but she feels bad about yelling at Emily over the phone. She thanks him for his help but tells him that there isn't much he can do for her. He insists that she stay there rather than go back to the Q's. They discuss it. He makes it clear she can stay in the guest room and he'll just be a friend. She seems to want to accept but she tells him she can't take advantage of him that way. He doesn't agree. He points out that if he were in trouble or needy, she would help him. She points out that she's the one that always makes the bad choices but he says it wasn't her fault that she loved Sonny. Still, she doesn't want to depend on him again. She gets very upset again, and angry, as she talks about what mess her life is. He comforts her some more and tells her how strong he thinks she is. Finally she agrees to try it to see how it works out. He goes to the Gatehouse to get some of her stuff. Emily comes to visit her and finds Jax there. He says Brenda feels bad about yelling at her, but she didn't mind. He also tells her that she's staying with him now. She tells him that she loves her and she's glad that she and Brenda can "start over again". Jax smiles, perhaps hoping that he and Brenda can start over again, too. A little while later, Edward walks in and demands to know what Jax is doing.

Back at Jax's place, Brenda, having just showered, finds the Dog and Bird pictures and the poem/story that went with them. V. rushes in, expecting to see Jax, and finds Brenda sitting there in Jax's robe.