General Hospital Wednesday October 8th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/8/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke tells "Caroline" that she looks good. She is hostile. He taunts her about her impending motherhood and takes out this little doll as a sort of visual aid. He chews her out for hurting people he loves. She says she's been honest and happy. He's not happy that she's pregnant. He also blasts her for the way she told Bobbie about her good news. They argue. He thinks that everything she does is motivated by revenge against Bobbie but she claims that's no longer true. Now she just cares about Tony and her baby. She claims she's not lying any more because she doesn't need to. The phone rings. It's Lorraine calling again about the money she wants. Carly makes excuses but Lorraine threatens to go to Tony or AJ. Carly says she'll get back to her. Luke asks her who was on the phone but she tells him it's none of his business. She also tells him to leave her alone and stop torturing her. The doorbell rings and she looks panicked, but she answers it anyway. It's a package for AJ but since he's not home, they ask her to accept i. Luke looks like he just got an idea. He wonders how they're connected (that seems kind of out-of-the-blue, to me). She denies his not-so-subtle accusations and tells him not to visit anymore. She shows him the door so he threatens to go ask AJ about their secrets. She tells him to ask AJ whatever he wants, but she's not very convincing. He leaves and she looks worried, as usual.

Maxie visits Felicia and Mac at the Outback. Mac jokes around with Maxie, who shows him the Aztec doll that she's using for a show-and-tell presentation for a PTA thing. Maxie has learned a lot about the doll and the culture. But they still haven't figured out how the doll got to where she found it. Maxie asks Mac to act as her "dad" at the event. He agrees. Maxie asks Felicia to hold the doll for her. Maxie leaves for school. Dara comes in with nerves and tries to get out of singing. He tells her it's "sold out", which makes her more nervous. Jason walks in and Mac tells Dara that he blames him for how badly Brenda was treated. Mac asks Felicia out for a movie but she says she's busy researching the doll. Jason gets a call on his cell phone from Emily who tells him that Jax and Brenda went out.

Lizzy greets Sarah and Nickolas, saying she's not sick any more. Nickolas says he's on his way to tell the Principal who he thinks framed Sarah. Sarah asks Lizzy to excuse herself. Lizzy goes over to Lucky and puts Sarah down, so he stands up for Sarah. He thinks she's "brainwashed" by Nickolas. Sarah tells Nickolas that Lizzy couldn't have done that to her, no way, no how. They have a little disagreement about it. He gives her the facts but she still doesn't want to believe it. A woman comes in to tell him to go see the principal. He tells Sarah he hopes he'll be back before class starts.

Lizzy tells Lucky that he was right, Nickolas isn't good for Sarah and he seems to have some "power over her". She goes on and on about it, using his dislike for Nickolas and love for Sarah to her advantage. Lizzy sits with Sarah and asks her what Nickolas said about her. Sarah covers. Lizzy feigns sympathy about what she's been going through. She suggests that Sarah not worry too much about the test answers thing because she might find out something bad about Nickolas. Sarah realizes she has a test and looks for her lucky pen. Lizzy makes a comment about it and Sarah looks suspicious. Later, Nickolas comes back and tells her what happened in the meeting. He is still suspended and will get an F until he comes back. He wonders if he should just drop the whole thing but she tells him it's not fair for him to take the blame, they should find out who did it. She wants to know, "even if it hurts".

At home in the gatehouse, Brenda puts on makeup and zips up her boots. She pauses, remembering something unpleasant. Jax knocks on the door so she finishes dressing. She greets him cheerfully and claims she's "completely over Sonny". He doesn't look like he buys it. She blabbers on about how she's fine now. He suggests they take a nice drive in the country, away from people. She says instead they should go someplace where there are lots of people. He reminds her of all the reporters outside but she doesn't care, so they leave. They go the Outback but then she sees Jason talking on the phone to Emily. She goes over and demands the phone, thinking it might be Sonny. He tells her it's not, but she doesn't believe him. He tells her it's Emily but she calls him "a liar". She grabs the phone and yells into it. She's very upset and then quietly apologizes to Emily before handing Jason back the phone. She runs out, Jax following. She stands outside, an emotional wreck. Jax gives her a moment alone so Felicia asks if she can help. Jax tells Jason to stay away from Brenda again before he goes outside to comfort Brenda. Mac wishes Jax had hit Jason. Felicia doesn't think Jason's to blame. Outside, Brenda talks about her pain to Jax.

Alan comes in to the gym and gives AJ a hard time about a patient. AJ tries to be cordial but Alan keeps yelling at him. Monica comes in just as Alan is making a really nasty remark to him so she defends him. AJ tells her not to. Alan goes outside and takes some more pills. Monica asks AJ again to fill Alan in about why he's not in rehab. They argue about it some more. Alan comes back in and makes lame jokes. He is in a RADICALLY better mood and tells them about his patient. Monica leaves. AJ asks to speak with Alan before he runs off to the GH board meeting. Next we see Alan on the phone to someone about a patient. He hangs up and then AJ talks to him about not going to rehab. He tells him the decision not to go wasn't so simple. AJ looks like he's about to tell him the truth when Carly comes in. Alan goes to his meeting. She gives AJ the package he got, which is from AA. He finds it funny and ironic that she is worried about him being sober. He tells her he won't forgive her for what she did. Lorraine drops by and they argue about missing each other. Carly asks her to leave so AJ won't see them together. Carly says she'll meet her at Mercy. Lorraine demands her money and threatens again to go to AJ. They are arguing when AJ comes back in.