General Hospital Tuesday October 7th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/7/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke visits with Bobbie. He is suspicious that Lucky wants to rush off to school so early and figures it's because of Sarah or Elizabeth. Lucky is reticent to respond to his questions so Bobbie tells Luke that Sarah is dating Nickolas. Luke is disturbed by the news but Lucky says they're not really "a couple". But he doesn't want to talk about it further. Luke says they'll talk later about him going back to Switzerland. Lucky insists he's staying. They argue. Lucky says he'll go at Christmas but that's all. Luke says Laura wants him there. Lucky thinks Laura and Lesley should come home where they belong. He storms out and Luke is pissed. Bobbie says he's just like his father. Luke asks her to clarify. She talks to him gently about Lucky, soothing his wounded ego. They talk about the family feud that has moved to the next generation. Bobbie sticks up for Nickolas, as usual. Luke asks her to change the subject so they talk about Laura and Switzerland. Luke says he did some business in Hong Kong for a short time. He notices a "sadness" in Bobbie and asks her what it is. She says it's because of Tony and the upcoming baby. She claims to like being single again, but she's annoyed that Carly has replaced her and is giving him the child she couldn't.

Lorraine phones Carly to see if she has the money she owes her. Carly hasn't gone to the bank yet and claims she has "morning sickness". Lorraine doesn't buy it and thinks she's stalling. Carly wants to meet her later and hangs up on her. Tony comes home early. He hugs her. He tells her he's in such a good mood because of the baby and how she consoled him. He surprises her by bringing in a big stroller filled with gifts. She's touched that he wants to build a nursery. Tony also shows her a picture of a house that he put an offer on. She is REALLY touched and emotional and excited. He gets beeped and leaves the room. She wishes (to herself) the house were out of town. She wonders to him later if they should look at other houses, like ones out of town. He tells her not to worry about "gossip" and then leaves for work. Carly phones Lorraine at work but finds she's already left. She looks at her bank account and sees that it's empty. The doorbell rings; it's Uncle Luke.

Elizabeth has a flashback to Nickolas accusing her of stealing the test answers and framing Sarah. Sarah comes downstairs in a very cheery mood, putting Lizzy off. She offers her sister a ride, but Lizzy doesn't want to go to school anymore. Audrey comes in and questions her so Lizzy says she just has "a stomach ache". Sarah bids them goodbye and goes to school. Lizzy confesses to Audrey that she's not really sick, she's "in trouble". She talks about Sarah and Nickolas, that Audrey has bought Nickolas' act and lies. When Audrey is doubtful, she whines about no one taking her seriously. Lizzy says Nickolas is trying to turn Sarah against her and tells Audrey about meeting with Nickolas outside their house (twisting the truth). Audrey is still doubtful and asks her some questions. Lizzy swears it's true and puts on a "poor me" act. Audrey feels bad for her and apologizes. They hug. Audrey says she will support her if Nickolas tries to blame her for it. But she also adds that she better not be lying about it or she won't be welcome there anymore.

Alexis tells Nickolas that they have to have a family conference but he wants to meet Sarah before school instead. Stefan comes in and asks him about his suspension. Nickolas is surprised he knows and Stefan informs him that Katherine told him. Nickolas says that he chose to put Katherine's name down on the school forms because she lives so close to the school. Stefan asks him to explain about the suspension, so he does. He plans to go talk to the principal. Stefan suggests he go back to a private tutor but Nickolas won't discuss that. Later, Stefan phones the principal and makes an appointment to see him. Alexis gives him the agenda for the GH board meeting. They agree it will be "boring".

Edward gives his secretary some orders just as Katherine comes in to see him. He notices she looks "peaked" and she explains that had a fall, among other things. She mentions her firing from GH and he is appalled. When she tells him it was Stefan's idea, he is amazed because of their close relationship. She explains that they broke up and she wants his help to fight the dismissal. He is annoyed that she wouldn't talk to him before about Stefan but now she needs his help. She tells him a little bit about her personal problems and he agrees that Stefan acted out of personal reasons rather than professional. She asks him to go to the GH board to speak for her, since her reputation is on the line. She also wants her job back, she explains, even though she doesn't need the money, because she cares about the people at GH. She also wants to force Stefan to tell her the real reasons. Edward doesn't agree with the idea. He thinks it's a bad idea for her to go back to GH because it is dangerous for her to be with Stefan. She thanks him but says it's important to her. They argue about it. He compares her to both his niece Alexandra and Brenda. She tells him her theory about Alexis being responsible. She asks him again to go to the board, before she leaves. He looks thoughtful.

One of Sarah's friends asks her about what happened with Nickolas. Then he walks in so Sarah goes over to him. They hold hands and grin stupidly at each other. They chat. He tells her he's going to meet with the principal. She wants to go along but he wants to do it alone. The principal comes up so Nickolas follows him to his office. Lucky comes in and makes a snide remark to Sarah about Nickolas. She sticks up for Nickolas. He lets her know that he knows she met him last night. She asks him how he knew, so he claims that he heard it through "gossip". She says again that he should trust him because he's his brother but he spouts the Spencer party line about the evil Cassadines. One of their friends tells Lucky that something important happened between Sarah and Nickolas last night. Nickolas returns and tells Sarah that he has to prove who framed her. He tells her he doesn't suspect Lucky but he does suspect Lizzy. She is shocked. Just then, Lizzy walks in.

Edward meets Stefan and Alexis to tell them that he plans to ask the board to "reverse" Katherine's termination. He asks Stefan to do it now before the other board members arrive and they have to do it publicly. Stefan and Alexis stand up for the decision. Edward says Katherine will speak for herself and then they will vote on it. Katherine arrives and he tells her what's going on.