General Hospital Monday October 6th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 10/6/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

AJ flashes back to when he and Carly got the sonogram. Monica visits him. She apologizes for doubting his sobriety and for not being around lately. He is understanding. She notices he's "bitter". She looks around and compliments the place. He tells her he likes it there. She misses him. She worries about him living "across the hall from Carly". He shows her a painting he bought for his place. He gets a phone call from his sponsor and takes it in the other room. She looks at the painting.

Carly introduces Lorraine to Tony, but he recognizes her from when she was at GH. They claim they ran into each other the other day and renewed their friendship. Lorraine mentions sonograms, making Carly nervous. Carly tries to get rid of her by pretending to be tired. Lorraine asks to use the bathroom. Tony is suspicious of their relationship. She is saved from having to explain by Lorraine coming out of the bathroom. Carly ushers her out hurriedly. In the hallway, Carly warns her to stay away from the apartment. Lorraine still wants her money and threatens to go to AJ if she doesn't get it.

Carly knocks on AJ's door but is surprised to see Monica there instead. Monica is cold and tells her to go away before she tells Tony what happened. Carly tries to apologize but she doesn't want to hear it. She shuts the door on Carly. AJ comes out and wonders who was at the door. Monica claims it was a "kid selling candy" but he knows it was Carly. She rages on about Carly and how he can have anything to do with her. He says not to worry. She wishes she could tell Alan about what happened so he doesn't think AJ's drinking. He reminds her that he doesn't want Tony to find out, though, so he won't take it out on the baby. She tells her she admires him and then leaves.

Carly goes back to the apartment. She tells Tony that she doesn't really like Lorraine but couldn't get rid of her. Tony is sad because he's looking at a photo of BJ (it's her birthday). He talks about his pain. She tries to console him but she can't. He goes into the other room and she feels rejected. Later, he comes back and apologizes and she comforts him. He tells her the fact that she's having his baby really helps him.

Lucky wonders why Luke is home and introduces Elizabeth to his dad. She kisses up to him. Lucky tells her they can't go off on their "errand" after all so she leaves. Luke hugs Lucky. Luke asks him if he's been avoiding Laura. Lucky claims he's been busy but Luke doesn't buy it. He tells Lucky how great the women are getting along. Luke tells him he's there for some business and to get him. Bobbie comes in and hugs Luke hello. They catch up on what happened with Sonny and Brenda. Lucky goes to study and Luke says they need to finish their talk later. Luke talks to Bobbie about it being BJ's birthday. Bobbie gets a phone call from Tony. They talk about BJ and her death. He apologizes for bothering he and hangs up. Bobbie tells Luke that Carly is pregnant. He's astonished.

Sarah and Nickolas continue to kiss. They sink to the ground and make out there. He tells her she's "beautiful" and invites her to run away with him. She protests and stands up for Mr. Murty when he puts him and school down. He admires her sense of fairness. She suggests they go to the principal and explain that Nickolas didn't steal the test. But he doesn't care about the school so he doesn't mind being suspended. He's worried that Audrey will try to keep them apart so he wants to go talk to her. She agrees.

When Lizzy goes home, Audrey confronts her about lying about going to work (Ruby called while she was gone); Lizzy tells her where she went, leaving out her manipulations of course. Audrey grounds her and tells her to mind her own business. Lizzy tells Audrey that Nickolas is bad for Sarah. Sarah and Nickolas walk in. He asks to speak to Audrey in private (meaning without Lizzy). Audrey tells Elizabeth to leave the room but she listens from upstairs. Nickolas tells Audrey that he didn't steal the test, he just was standing up for Sarah, whom he knows also didn't do it. Audrey is concerned about who might have done it. Nickolas vows to find out. Audrey is pleased by his honesty. Sarah walks him out. Elizabeth comes back downstairs and tells them that Nickolas is "conning" them. Sarah and Lizzy argue until Audrey tells them to go to bed. Lizzy goes outside for a smoke; Nickolas is out there waiting for her. He accuses her of stealing the test answers, then he leaves.

Alexis is horrified to find that Katherine seems unconscious. Stefan arrives home and looks shocked to find his beloved on the floor in a heap. He runs to her and tells Alexis to call GH. He begs Katherine to wake up, stroking her hair. Alexis phones the hospital. Then Alexis, very upset, tells Stefan what happened. He strokes Kath's hair some more and whispers her name. Katherine is awake so she tells him, "You are such a liar". She sits up and accuses him again of lying about his feelings. They all argue. Kath demands to know "what's really going on". The Medvac arrives and Stefan tells Kath coldly to make sure she doesn't have a concussion. He asks her to leave. Kath wants to tell him about Nickolas but Alexis says she'll tell him, so Kath has to leave. Stefan asks Alexis to tell him everything that happened. He chews her out for treating Kath with "contempt" and asks her why she dislikes her so much. Alexis refuses to answer and then leaves.