General Hospital Friday October 3rd,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 10/3/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

AJ drops by Carly's apartment. She's got a nice table set for Tony and is wearing a nice dress. She chats with him even though he's kind of stand-offish. She admits she did "terrible things" so she feels "too guilty to be happy". She can't explain to Tony, which makes him wonder why she's acting so weird. He asks her to do a good job being happy with Tony so that everything they went through won't be for nothing. He hands her the sonogram, saying he should have given it to her earlier. They share a heartfelt moment. Tony comes in and says, "Oh, no". They look guilty but he tells Carly that he already ate at GH. She is disappointed. Tony greets AJ. Carly suggests Tony relax and then they can have "dessert together". Tony says he's going to cut down on his hours once the baby comes. Carly gets nervous when AJ asks Tony how many days until the baby arrives. Tony looks at his calendar but Carly changes the subject so he doesn't tell AJ the days before he goes to take his shower. Carly offers AJ dinner but he gives her a hard time about lying to Tony. Tony comes back out and says he got time off in December for their honeymoon. After Tony leaves again, AJ asks her if she's planning on having the baby on her honeymoon. She explains that they're going out of town to have the baby. He is still suspicious. She wishes she didn't do what she did to him but hopes he can one day understand why. Never, he says. He leaves. Tony goes to get the flowers that were to be delivered while she hides the sonogram. Her nurse friend Lorraine visits in the meantime to tell her that her check bounced. She demands that Carly pay up but she doesn't have much cash. She offers to give her what she has, which isn't much. Tony comes back and wonders who she is.

Bobbie comes home with groceries, then Lucky walks in, very upset, and slams his bookbag down. Then he complains about Lucas using his CD's. Bobbie wonders why he's in such a foul mood. He tells her what happened in school but then knows Bobbie will take Nickolas' side. She tells Lucky that he's smart so it seems unlikely he'd cheat. After she hears the details, she can tell Nickolas took the blame for Sarah. Lucky says that he did the whole thing so he would look good to Sarah. She thinks it's too "far-fetched" of an idea. They argue about Nickolas and Lucky's feud, and how Lucky needs to contact his parents. He goes into a monologue about how arrogant Nickolas is, especially about school. Bobbie points out that no matter what Nickolas does, Lucky hates him. She also reminds him that he is his brother and nags him some more about phoning Luke and Laura. She asks him to think of his mother when he fights with Nickolas.

Lizzy comes home from school, too, and Audrey notices she's in a bad mood. Audrey questions her about what happened in school because of Nickolas's phone call. Sarah comes in and asks Audrey frantically if Nickolas said where he was. She tells Audrey that neither of them took the test answers, and Audrey believes her, infuriating Lizzy. Audrey says that the pen was planted so she would be blamed. Lizzy suggests that Nickolas was behind it. Audrey gives her Nickolas' phone message. Sarah is about to rush off to meet him and Audrey notices that she didn't ask if he said where he was. She asks Sarah if they have a "regular place" that they meet. She tells them about their place. Lizzy gives her a hard time about it, trying to get her in trouble with Audrey. Audrey says "allright", making Lizzy even more annoyed. Audrey lends her the car and advises her to figure out what's going on and help her and Nickolas. Sarah leaves. Lizzy complains about how nicely Sarah is treated so Audrey points out that she is always complaining that she is so different from Sarah and yet also complains when they don't get treated the same way. Audrey lectures her about trust. Lizzy says she has to work and rushes off.

Lizzy visits Lucky and chats about Sarah. She tells him about their "secret place". He is surprised. Bobbie goes to make dinner. They chat some more about Sarah and Nickolas, and their meeting place. Lizzy suggests that Nickolas will want "something" in return for his favor to Sarah. She fills Lucky's already-twisted mind with all sorts of awful ideas of the danger Sarah might be in. He gets upset and wants to rush off to look for them and Lizzy insists on tagging along. But as soon as he opens the door, Luke is standing there with a big grin (and a silly hat and sunglasses).

Meanwhile, Sarah and Nickolas meet in the woods. He wants to explain but she says there's no need. She also says he didn't have to stand up for her because she would have set it straight. But she thanks him, she's very touched by what he did. She tells him how deeply she feels about him. They kiss.

Katherine goes to Windemere to confront Alexis. She wonders where Stefan is and they exchange insults. Alexis tells her that he's in Rochester but Kath doesn't believe her. She says she has something important to say about Nickolas; she was contacted by the school because of his suspension (he gave her name and number as the contact). She tells Alexis that he cheated on a test. It's Alexis' turn not to believe her. Kath doesn't believe he did it, either, but thinks it's important for Stefan to know. Alexis says the school's not important and so she won't phone Stefan. Kath still doesn't believe he's not there so she goes to leave and look around the grounds for him. Alexis grabs her arm so Kath threatens her to back off. Alexis does it again, so Kath pushes her. They argue some more. Finally, Alexis tells her that she won't have Stefan end up "like Damian Smith...dead, with his money in your bank account". Kath smiles craftily as Alexis outlines all Kath's past mistakes. She tells Alexis she knows now that she was the one behind Stefan breaking up with her. All she thinks, though, is that Alexis kept bad-mouthing her and bringing up her past and lied until Stefan believed her. She accuses Alexis of being in love with Stefan. (Hey, what's the big deal--first cousins can marry in some states, even California....don't know about New York, though) Alexis doesn't deny it. As Kath goes up the stairs (there's only a couple of them), Alexis grabs her yet again, but this time Kath falls backwards down the stairs and rolls a little ways. Alexis screams her name.