General Hospital Friday October 31st 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 10/31/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mac and Felicia get her place ready for Maxie's birthday/Halloween party. Mac fixes the stereo so that spooky music and sounds come out of it. Felicia reminds Maxie that she promised the other kids she'd go to the party at GH. Mac and Felicia bought costumes for each other. They pull out masks: Mac got her Catwoman and she got him Zorro. They joke around about superheroes. The phone rings; it's Mrs. Meadows, the woman who wants to hire them to find her husband. The woman seems upset and asks Felicia for a moment of her time. Meanwhile, Mac gives Maxie her present, a Polaroid. Felicia gets off the phone and Maxie takes a picture of Mac in his mask and a cowboy hat. Mac asks Felicia about the phone call so Felicia tells him about the case. Mac tells her he doesn't mind taking Maxie to GH so she can talk to the client, who seems to need her. Felicia thanks him. Later, Mrs. Meadows drops by to see Felicia. She tells Felicia that her husband "disappeared" one day and she's concerned about what might have happened to him. She's tried the police, placing ads, etc. with no luck, but then a friend told her that she saw her husband here in Port Charles but then lost him in a crowd. She's got doubts about seeing him again because of why he might have left. She says he was a "wonderful man" and then shows Felicia the picture. Felicia does a double-take, since the picture looks like Mac.

Jax and Brenda look around the house he's brought her to. She tests it out by walking into it and pretending it's hers. She tells him that she gets a special homey feeling from the place. She wonders if it's not "too perfect" and then doubts that she really wants a house. He reminds her what she said earlier but says they can always look elsewhere. Jax puts no pressure on her but she can't make up her mind. She's not used to making her own decisions yet. Brenda finally decides she likes the place because Sonny has never been there and wouldn't like it. She describes other things she likes about it. They discuss it and she decides to take it. He hands her the phone so she can call the realtor. She gives her tips on things she could ask but she knows that Jax already has found out all that stuff so she asks him to tell her. He laughs because she knows him so well. He pulls out a piece of paper and reads the details about the house as far as insulation, plumbing, etc. Basically it doesn't need much work, but he points out that it's not like living in a hotel. If something breaks down you have to hire someone to fix it, or you have to fix it yourself, and there's no room service. She says she'll think about that part later. She's glad not to have to worry about heavy security anymore. She asks for his honest opinion about whether she should take the house but he wants her to make her own decision without influence from him. She phones the realtor and then tells Jax that she wants a place all of her own where she can start over and everything is hers. She is going to "lease with an option to buy".

Amy helps direct the kids at GH to the "really hideous, horrible monsters", so they next see Stefan, who says "good evening, children". They run away, screaming, even though he's not in costume. (LOL!) He doesn't look very happy. He asks Amy about the origin of "trick or treat" and Halloween. Edward comes by and asks him about leaving the country. Katherine walks up at an opportune moment so that Stefan knows she's been talking about him to Edward. The three of them trade insults. My favorite line: Stefan says, "It's late, Edward. I'm surrounded by people with brooms and false noses. Is there something you want?" Edward tells Stefan he's glad to see him go because he doesn't care about the hospital, only business. Stefan reminds him that he got the place "in the black" like he wanted. Edward chides him for not going to the children's party like Steve would have and pledges to get rid of the "straight-jacket" that he's placed on the people who work there and to get the board to bring back Katherine. Stefan gets some good zingers in about how Edward should get his dysfunctional family into key jobs there, such as putting AJ in charge of drug and alcohol rehab. Katherine is visibly upset by the arguing. Still, she thanks Edward for standing up to Stefan. Edward tells her he was serious about what he told Stefan. He gives her advice about giving up on Stefan. He gives her a friendly peck on the cheek and then leaves to get his costume ready for the children's party. Katherine has a flashback to sleeping with Stefan in his bed. Later, Edward comes out in his Dracula costume, making Katherine and Amy laugh. Katherine tells him not to worry about her.

Luke looks around for the gun at Windemere. He gets frustrated when he can't find anything. Stefan comes home and seems to notice something amiss in his bedroom (where we think Luke is hiding behind the big curtains). But by the time Stefan goes over to the window to shut it, Luke has gone. Stefan sits on his bed and has a fantasy about Katherine coming there through the secret corridor and surprising him. She tells him she's not his sister, so they can be together. They kiss and make love. Downstairs, Luke keeps searching. He goes through the secret corridor and finds what Alexis hid there. He opens it up excitedly and reads. He says, "Bad girl".

Alexis meets Ned at the Port Charles Grill for their dinner date. She notices he looks "calm" even though she knows he's upset about something. He speaks cryptically so she asks him not to make her so nervous. He wonders if he can trust her and hints at what he's found out. (From what I can tell, it looks like he doesn't want to think she's involved at all but he just doesn't know who to trust so he's trying to sound her out). She kind of jokes about having to choose between him and her family. He finally tells her he knows who sabotaged him in Jakarta. He tells her he knows that they don't use each other for business purposes, to learn family secrets, etc. He wants her "honest reaction" and tells her that he thinks Monica betrayed him. She says she doesn't believe it and tries to talk him out of the notion. He tells her he's not sure "how to proceed" so he asks her for advice on whether he should "confront" Monica. She tells him she doesn't think so, that he should just go on like nothing has happened. He plays mindgames with her, talking about the different possibilities with Monica, but we know he means Alexis. And she may be catching on that he's talking about her, too. She looks very guilty, especially when he takes her hand. Ned asks her who she might prefer as a suspect instead of Monica. She wonders, "Why are you asking me?" and starts to pull away but he grabs her hand tightly. He replie, "Because I've met the enemy, and the enemy is you!"