General Hospital Thursday October 30th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/30/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alexis has a flashback to her conversation with Ned, then he phones her and invites her to dinner to the Port Charles Grill. She accepts. Leo visits Alexis again (Uh, I thought he was leaving town???); he jokes around with her, then gives her paper evidence of all their monetary transactions. She thanks him for everything, then she phones Ned to tell him she'll be a little late. She looks over the papers, then burns them in the fireplace. Ned phones her to tell her to hurry up, he needs her. She can tell something's up so she assures him she'll be right there. She stops burning the documents and puts the rest in a little spot in one of the secret corridors in Windemere, then she leaves.

Julia comes in and hears the tail end of Ned's phone call, so she asks him about it. He compares the two women favorably. He talks disparagingly about Stefan, though. He gets Alexis' phone call. Julia asks him about work so he tells her about his loss in Jakarta. He thinks Elliot works for someone else who has a grudge against the Q's. She says she may have heard of the holding company because of her father's business there. She thinks there's some "odd story" about them so she offers to call someone and find out. Ned takes her up on it so she goes to call. She returns, annoyed that she has more work to do tonight. But she tells Nickolas that Barrett Industries pulled out of a deal with the holding company because her father found out they were a "front" for the Cassadines. She wishes him the best with his date and leaves. He phones Alexis to tell her to hurry up, he needs her.

Nickolas tries to scare Amy at the nurse's desk, wearing a monster mask, but she is unfazed. They chat about the Halloween party for the kids and how well-liked Sarah is. He shows her the necklace he bought so Amy admires it. Stefan comes up and notices Nickolas' good mood, so Nickolas tells him about the party. Stefan tells him that they are going home soon, to Greece, so he might want to volunteer there at the orphanage. Nickolas is not surprised that he doesn't know anything about it, but says it's "unacceptable". They argue about it. Nickolas figures it must be because of his breakup with Katherine, but Stefan denies it. Nickolas doesn't want to leave Sarah and he wants to be here when Laura brings Lesley Lu back. Katherine walks by and, as usual, she and Stefan exchange deep, meaningful glances, so Nickolas takes the opportunity to goad him again about leaving for personal reasons. Nickolas walks away so Katherine goes up to Stefan to ask him what's wrong. He makes a snide remark about her pestering him so she says she's there for a doctor's appointment. "I used to be paralyzed, remember?" she chides. She's completely recovered, she tells him. She asks him about their departure so he tells her they're getting things ready. She asks about Nickolas so he says Nickolas "resisted as expected" but he'll get over it. Katherine tells him she's glad he's leaving since it's no fun to run into each other, but she asks him to finally tell her why he really broke up with her "for old time's sake". He denies he's been lying, as usual, and they rehash their same argument. She leaves and they're both hurt again.

Audrey comes in as Sarah is looking at the box of condoms, still stunned. Audrey stops in her tracks, also shocked. Sarah explains what happened. Audrey is relieved to hear that they are nowhere near that point in their relationship. Sarah also assures her that he's not sleeping with someone else. Audrey wonders if Nickolas is just being prepared, or if it's a hint, but Sarah doesn't think that's his way of doing things. Audrey says at least he's thinking safely and asks Sarah about her opinion on "safe sex". Sarah is uncomfortable with the conversation and Audrey confides she is, too, but thinks it's important. They sit down and Audrey gives her a little talk about how important sex is. Sarah tells her about a friend back home who got pregnant when she slept with her boyfriend, even with a condom. Audrey also talks about what a "commitment" that "making love" is. Sarah doesn't think she'll ever break up with Nickolas, but Audrey asks her to wait if she can. Sarah goes on and on about her boyfriend but they agree that she will find out from Nickolas why he has the condoms. Audrey is sure that Sarah can be trusted to do the right thing. Sarah leaves.

At his club, Luke works on his computer to plan his break-in to Windemere. He chats to Bobbie about it and fills her in. Bobbie thinks it's too risky, since Stefan is acting much weirder lately (ever since his breakup with Katherine). She also points out that Luke tends to under-estimate Stefan, but she knows it's a lost cause. She asks him to at least to consider Nickolas, but he wonders why he should care now. Bobbie reminds him he's "just a boy" so Luke gives his usual spiel about how all the Cassadines are the same. Mainly Luke doesn't really care, leaving Bobbie frustrated. She begs him some more not to go through with his plan, but he ignores her.

Ruby wonders why Lizzy's working so hard; Liz tells her that Audrey's dropping by so she wants to make the place look extra-special. She and Lucky talk about the job. He notices she's nervous and wonders why. She says that she has "something important" to talk to her about, concerning Sarah. She thinks that Audrey will have changed her opinion about saintly Sarah. Audrey comes in for dinner. Liz sits down to chat with her. She feigns concern about Sarah, saying that she thinks Sarah doesn't like her lately. Sarah seems to be holding a grudge, which isn't like her. She says she asked Sarah how things were going with Nickolas and she replied, "you're too young to understand". Audrey looks concerned but makes a non-committal comment. Audrey delicately tries to talk about how "certain issues" come up when a couple like Nickolas and Sarah are dating, so Liz knows she's talking about "sex". Audrey says that's not what she said...Liz talks about Nickolas being so well-traveled and all. Audrey rushes off, concerned even more now that Liz has planted more doubts in her mind. Lucky notices that Liz looks strange but she says it's "personal" and besides it's about Sarah...she gives him little hints until he gets annoyed and finally tells him enough to make him think Nickolas and Sarah are close to having sex.

Sarah meets Nickolas at the Pediatric AIDS Center and gives him back his bag. He asks if she showed the sweater to her grandmother so she says they were "surprised". She wants to talk about his "present" and of course she means the condoms but he means the necklace, so they talk at cross-purposes. He tells her he planned a romantic setting to give it to her, which leaves her speechless. He suggests they go to the guesthouse so they can be alone and maybe spend the night alone together. She thinks he's just from a different background, more worldly...he wonders why she's backing off. She says it's "too much, too fast". He says he understands perfectly and wants the same things she does, but she looks unsure. They start chatting some more but the kids come in for their Halloween activities and drag Sarah off.

Katherine phones Luke to see if he's gotten the gun yet, to repeat that she'll press charges if he finds it. She tells him that Stefan is leaving the country soon so they better move fast. Luke hangs up and Bobbie comes in to say goodbye. He leaves with a videocamera, telling her that way he'll have a record of what happens at Windemere. She looks worried. Luke breaks into Windemere just as Alexis leaves.