General Hospital Wednesday October 29th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/29/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax and Brenda keep looking for a house for her, with no luck. He gets her to talk about what she might like. They talk about her childhood. She is envious of Jax's happy childhood. She liked the garden in one house where she grew up. He gets an idea and they go out; he takes her to a really nice but cozy house.

Sarah and Nickolas stop at Kelly's after shopping for decorations and stuff for the Pediatric Aids Ward's Halloween party. He makes fun of the holiday, which he doesn't have in Greece. They talk about how she bought a sweater for him; he got something for her, too, but it's a surprise. Sarah is a little annoyed that Liz got off so easily. She wonders if some of the strange things that happened to her when she was a child were more "pranks" by Liz. They go home so she can talk to her sister after her first therapy session.

Liz phones to cancel her therapy appointment. Emily drops by to bring some notes she borrowed from Sarah. She blabbers on about how great Sarah is, annoying Liz but Liz doesn't let on. She also thanks Liz again for standing up for her the other day. After Emily leaves, Liz knocks the notes on the floor. Sarah and Nickolas return and learn she cancelled her appointment and see the notes on the floor; Sarah is very disappointed in her. Nickolas warns Liz to leave Sarah alone and says she should be grateful that Sarah didn't tell Audrey and everyone about what she did. They leave for GH. Liz looks in the bag that Sarah left and gets an idea, so she rushes out. She comes back with a small bag and drops it in Sarah's bag. At GH, Nickolas tells Sarah to look into the bag with the sweater, that's where her surprise is. After they part company, he takes out a little jewelry box and looks at it. Audrey comes home and Liz goes to work. Sarah comes home and goes through her shopping bags. She looks in the sweater bag and brings out the small bag that Liz bought. It has condoms in it.

Carly claims she just ran into Lorraine in the park, but AJ doesn't buy it. So she confesses that after they had the sonogram done, Lorraine noticed her by herself and they struck up a friendship. He makes sarcastic comments. She asks why he followed her, and he says he was worried about her, since she had been so upset. He says he only cares because of Tony and the baby. She gets upset that he's still blaming her and not forgiving her. As she's pleading passionately, Bobbie comes around the corner and hears them. She hears Carly say that she did something to hurt AJ. Tony whisks Carly away so Bobbie takes the opportunity to share her opinion of Carly's personality and her experiences with her. Meanwhile, Tony tells Carly that they have to act on the house they want NOW. She is unsure but he talks about how much he wants their little family to be in a house, so she agrees and they hug.

Later, AJ tells Carly he won't bug her anymore about what she did, so she's relieved. Bobbie and Tony talk about Lucas going as a doctor for Halloween. Bobbie sees Nickolas admiring the necklace he got for Sarah so she tells him it's beautiful. He politely thanks her, so she also says she's glad that he seems so "happy" lately. Carly meets Lorraine at Mercy and tells her what happened with AJ. She's glad that he seems to be going toward forgiving her. Meanwhile, AJ phones Mercy to asks questions about Lorraine.

Alan dispenses a big bottle of pain medication into little bottles so he can carry them easily. He sticks them in his desk drawer when Dara visits. She asks him to lead the anti-drug task force, to be a spokesperson. He speaks passionately on the subject, then agrees. After she leaves, he looks doubtful. Emily visits and worries about him. He shows her his award and she talks about a report she's doing on Scandinavia. He is amazed at how grown-up she seems. She tells him she's noticed that he isn't eating so much lately, but he assures her he's perfectly healthy. After she leaves, he looks on the verge of tears. He goes to take out three pills, but then he puts them back. Later, when he is on the phone to someone, he takes two more pills without hesitating.