General Hospital Thursday October 2nd,1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/2/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

I missed the first half because of a local news break.

Lois continues to comfort Brenda, but then she has to leave. Lois asks her to phone when Ned returns. Lois tells her the divorce papers have been filed. They hug, then Lois leaves. Brenda looks at old film of her and Sonny. She lets it run to a blank screen but fills in with her own memories.

Nickolas looks for Stefan but Alexis tells him that he's in Rochester. Nickolas wants to let him know about his suspension before he hears it elsewhere. He doesn't tell Alexis but she's concerned about him. He phones Sarah's house to leave a message to say he needs to see her.

At school, Lucky and his friends talk about how arrogant Nickolas is. The others admire his "cool" attitude and the way he stuck up for Sarah, who they think cheated. Sarah comes in looking for Nickolas; she's worried. Lucky thinks that Nickolas is "using" her and Lizzy agrees. Sarah can't believe they think that Nickolas cheated when all he did was stick up for her. She says that Nickolas knew the book through-and-through but they don't believe it. She leaves, angry, and Lucky is upset. Lizzy bad-mouths her sister some more. Lucky says Sarah's problem is just that she's too "innocent" and Nickolas is taking advantage of her. He rushes off to save her.

In Texas, one of Maria's boarders (the one who was trying to dig up the Aztec doll) returns to get his stuff. He explains that he left quickly because he had a job opportunity in the city. She lets slip that her grandchildren had been visiting and liked to play in the area that he found so peaceful.

At the Outback, Mac chats with Felicia about the Aztec doll. She doesn't think she should hand it over to scientists to examine. She wants to find out about it on her own.

Jax and V. discuss business at the Outback. After some phone calls, he tells her that the Dog and Bird book is a go. She's thrilled as he pours champagne.