General Hospital Tuesday October 28th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/28/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Ned returns home. Alan gives him a really hard time about losing ELQ Jakarta. Monica, Edward, and Lila, are all surprised by the vehemence of his attack. Monica is concerned about him; Lila insists he apologize, so he does, but it's clear he's not sincere. Ned is not amused but doesn't seem particularly bothered, either. Edward sticks up for Ned. Monica asks Alan again what's wrong but he assures her he's fine and doesn't seem repentant. Ned asks if Alan is going through "male menopause". Lila asks Monica if everything is okay in their marriage, so she replies, "As far as I know". Edward tells Lila he thinks it's nothing, but he's also concerned about Ned and his seeming lack of concern about what happened in Jakarta.

Emily and Monica meet to prepare for a meeting they have with the school shrink. Emily is nervous and doesn't like that they'll probably blame her parents for her drug problems. Monica says it's the whole family's fault for not paying enough attention to her. She feels like she let Paige, Emily's mother, down. She talks about how she didn't want to face her cancer. She says it was "the worst thing that ever happened" in her life (What! What about Jason's accident and Dawn's death? Surely those were worse...)

Jax gets breakfast for Brenda. She's a bit down and angry. They argue a little. She is mad at herself for her relationship with Sonny and for moping around lately. He tries to tell her that she shouldn't blame himself. She has lost her self confidence. She tells Jax she doesn't want to talk about Sonny in front of him but he doesn't care. He points out that Sonny is the villain, she's the victim. He says that she listened to Sonny instead of her own "instincts". So she needs to listen to herself again. He suggests she get her own place so she can have somewhere quiet to think. She muses that she's never had her own place. He offers to help her look so she agrees. They discuss what she might want, but she has no clue. Jax talks about places he's lived, including one he lived in long ago before his father got rich. He calls a real estate agent to get some places for them to look at, and then they go look. They come back later, and Brenda is discouraged that they didn't find the right place yet.

AJ sits and has coffee at Kelly's. He thinks about seeing Lorraine and Carly together in the park. Julia greets him and he hugs her enthusiastically. She sits and they catch up. She wonders why he was looking so pensive when she came in. She questions him but he is tight-lipped and changes the subject. He asks her about Brenda, so she fills him in. She apologizes for leaving town-and him- so abruptly, but he says it's okay. He talks about his sobriety. She hugs him just as Keesha comes downstairs. AJ introduces them. Julia rushes off to an appointment. Keesha notices how "gorgeous" Julia is and wonders why he never mentioned that. He talks briefly about his relationship with "older woman" Julia. Keesha wishes she could have been more fun, like Julia, but he says it was his fault that he had so many problems when they were together.

Carly and Lorraine meet at Mercy. Carly is surly, so they argue. Lorraine says she has a doctor friend Carly could go to who would induce her labor in December. Carly is unsure, especially when Lorraine says he lost his job at Mercy. He is in a private clinic now, Lorraine assures her, and it's a "fool-proof" plan. Carly wonders if it could harm her baby. Lorraine reminds her that AJ is breathing down her neck and says the Q's could take her baby away if it's AJ's. At the very least, Tony will find out that Carly slept with both him and AJ on the same day. Carly gets annoyed so Lorraine apologizes for upsetting her. Carly says she won't do anything to risk the baby. Lorraine admires her convictions. Carly says she won't do anything to have this child grow up without her mother like she did, but Lorraine wonders why it doesn't bother her that her child won't know who it's real father is. Later, at GH, Carly asks Amy to give Tony a note. She runs into AJ, who says he saw her in the park with Lorraine.

Alan arrives at GH in a jolly mood. Amy offers to look for a package he's missing. Bobbie congratulates him on his award. Alan starts to ask the pharmacist again about his refills when Dara walks up to talk to them both. She says that because of what happened with Dorman, the mayor has approved a task force to look into drug abuse among medical personnel. Alan's less than thrilled; Dara wonders why he doesn't know about it so he says he's been too busy to read every memo. He suggests she go with Don the pharmacist to learn about their procedures of how they handle drugs, and then she can ask him any questions she has. After, Alan examines his dwindling drug supply. Then he barks rudely at Amy to find the package. Amy and Bobbie are surprised at his attitude. Bobbie tries to talk to him but he brushes her off. Later, Bobbie delivers the missing package to his office and asks why he's having pain medication delivered directly to him. He lies that he's ordered them wholesale and wants to make some prescriptions for some poor patients. She says he should learn to delegate and offers to get someone from the pharmacy to help him, but he stops her with an excuse. She is not suspicious, just warns him to not spread himself so thin. After she leaves, he stuffs the box of pills into his desk drawer.