General Hospital Monday October 27th 1997 Update


GH Update Monday 10/27/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda, and then Jax, wake up, so he doesn't know she was sleeping right next to him while he was on the couch. They chat about their evenings. He's looking for a new business project, i.e. a takeover. She talks about Julia and their past problems. She's happy to be reunited with her and grateful to Jax. She also thanks him for getting her over her doldrums. They reminisce about a "magic lamp" he once gave her that's downstairs in storage. He decides to go back to work; she goes to bed. He seems to be unable to concentrate, thinking about Brenda. Julia drops by and thanks him for all his help as well as everything he does for Brenda. He gives them credit, too, and points out how much alike they really are. Julia stills beats herself up for not staying in touch with her sister. She is indebted to Jax, she says. Brenda comes downstairs, surprised to see Julia. Jax goes up to bed. Julia and she bond some more. They order cookies from room service. (There was a newsbreak here so I missed some) Later, Brenda chats with Jax some more about Julia. She shares some happy childhood memories about her mom. She regrets she never thanked her sister for everything she did for her and can't believe she thought she hated her. She is confused about her future. He tells her she should trust herself more.

At the Outback, Felicia talks about wanting to redecorate to Mac. She's grateful to him for protecting her from Lonnie, even though she didn't need it. Luke comes in to ask Mac what he knows about the missing gun. Katherine comes in, too, and tries to avoid Luke. (newsbreak) Katherine asks Luke if he can find the gun. He says maybe, if it's on the island. She says if he finds it, she'll press charges against Stefan. Mac is concerned about Katherine but Felicia reminds him that he vowed not to help Kath unless she asked for help. Felicia gets a phone call from some woman who wants their detective agency to find her husband. She's holding a photo of a young, good-looking guy (he kind of looks like a younger version of Mac).

Ned tells Alexis he came straight there from his trip. She worries that he knows about the Cassadines in Jakarta, but he just wants a friendly face before he heads home. He explains that some company "raided" ELQ there. He lists their dirty dealings that led to the takeover. She says she's "sorry". He says it will make a good tax writeoff, but it will screw up their plans in that part of the world. Also he plans revenge on whomever did it. He tells her he was comforted every night by hearing her messages on his machine. They joke around warmly. She tells him she had a bad month but she can't tell him the details, except it was about the family. She reminds him about their earlier plans to travel to a far off island. They have fun indulging in the fantasy, but they know their jobs with their families are too important. He confesses he stopped by New York to see his daughter Brook. Stefan comes home and is surprised to find Ned there. (Newsbreak) Later, Alexis annoyed. Stefan apologizes to her for being "unnecessarily harsh" and treating her like the hired help. He says he'll try to make it so Ned doesn't know she had anything to do with Jakarta. He also says it won't matter once they go to Greece.

Ned and Julia chat at the Port Charles Grill bar. They talk about his friendship with Brenda, Lois, Brook, and Sonny. Julia wonders why Brenda was with Sonny and talks about how much pain she's in. Ned says Brenda loved Sonny, "So much that *I* wanted them together, and I hated his guts!" He apologizes for how he treated her when they were together and broke up, but she says it's okay. She says she's not seeing anyone and asks him if he is. He says cryptically that he might be.