General Hospital Friday October 24th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 10/24/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky wonders why Liz is acting "nervous" at Kelly's. She claims she's worried about Nickolas and Sarah. Sarah shows up and wants to talk with Liz, so Lucky excuses himself. Liz is belligerent. Sarah reminds her she has to admit to Mr. Murty that she stole the test answers. Liz doesn't want Lucky and everyone else to find out. Sarah says they'll try to "protect" her. Nickolas walks in so Liz refuses to admit her crimes. Mr. Murty comes in and asks what Liz wants. They sit down and he asks Liz about Kelly's. He mentions that he doesn't "judge" his students. Sarah and Nickolas watch from the counter. Murty wonders if she wants to talk about Nickolas' suspension, but she says no. She asks him about checking on an exchange program so she can leave the country--fast. He agrees to check but suggests she tell the truth. She says her parents are in Bosnia and everyone in her family are saints and want to help people, but that's not her thing. She tells him about when she stayed in Colorado and how glad she is to be here. She doesn't want Audrey to throw her out. Finally she admits she stole the test answers. He doesn't believe her, since she got a D. She says she didn't use it to cheat, just to put them in Sarah's notebook. He's quite annoyed so she apologizes, but she begs him not to tell Audrey. He says no way. Liz whimpers and cries so Murty asks her if she'll get counseling. Then he can keep it "confidential". He says he'll have to clear it with the principal, though. She agrees and thanks him profusely. He says he understands because he has an over-achieving brother. He warns her her "there's a pop quiz tomorrow", then he takes Nickolas aside and chews him out for lying to protect Sarah. But Murty says he'll clear it all up for them all at school, since no one actually cheated on the test. He goes outside with Sarah. Meanwhile, Liz blames Nickolas for the whole thing and vows revenge. He laughs at her. Sarah thanks Murty and he says that the therapist might wants to see her, too. She agrees. Nickolas comes out and she tells him she's upset about Liz. They hug.

Jax talks business on the phone while Brenda comes downstairs dressed up a bit. They talk about Julia. She's having dinner with her sister. V. visits and notices Brenda is in a better mood. Julia comes in and V. inadvertently puts her foot in her mouth but it's okay. Julia invites them out with her and Brenda but they decline so Brenda and Julia go for a sisters night out. V. tells Jax that she's sorry she told him it was a mistake to bring Julia there. He says it's fine. S he says she plans to stick to business from now on so he says maybe she should work somewhere else. He wants her outspoken opinion, so she agrees. She brings out Chinese food she brought, which Jax loves. More Chinese food that he already ordered, from Manhattan, is delivered. Their tastes are very different, though, because she likes normal stuff like chow mein and he's ordered weird exotic stuff. She doesn't want to open her fortune cookie but he insists. It stays "Revenge is a dish best eaten cold". They discuss it humorously. Jax sends her home because they are not being very productive and he's tired. He sits on the couch and thinks about Brenda until he falls asleep there.

Luke goes to the Port Charles Grill and sees Stefan and Alexis at dinner with someone. Katherine walks in dressed in a stunning red dress. Luke realizes she's staged the evening for Stefan's benefit, but she denies it. Stefan's eyes track her across the room as they are seated. Alexis notices and suggest they leave but Stefan insists on staying. They toast their guy, Elliot, for beating ELQ in Jakarta. Katherine puts on a show for Stefan, holding Luke's hand. Alexis is peeved that Stefan keeps watching them. Elliot talks about Ned, his opponent. They ask him not to tell Ned that it was the Cassadines who beat him. They all agree that the Quartermaines will jump all over Ned for losing. Elliot notices Katherine, who's "stunning". Luke is impatient and wants Kath to tell him that Stefan shot her. He reminds her of the lurid details of the shooting, so she gets upset and wants to leave. He suggests she make a discreet exit by going out to the patio to get some air. Alexis gets a phone call from Luke, but she hangs up on him (they are both on cell phones at their tables) and doesn't tell Stefan who it is. She uses it as an excuse to leave and Elliot has to go, too. Stefan says he's staying, to think about whether they should go back to Greece. Luke meets Kath outside. He lights a cigar. She tells him maybe they shouldn't team up against Stefan after all. He says she'll change her mind and leaves. When Alexis goes home, she finds Ned waiting there for her. Stefan finds Katherine out in the patio to tell her they're leaving. Kath tells Stefan her theory that Alexis is "in love with" him and determined to keep to keep him for herself.

At the Port Charles Grill, Brenda and Julia chat about the past, including Bill Eckert and Sonny. Julia asks her about Jax, but she says he's just a "friend". Julia sees Luke and remembers he's the guy who looks exactly like Bill. Julia finds him even more attractive than Bill. When Luke comes over to say hi to Brenda, she introduces him to Julia, who is so ga-ga she can hardly speak. Luke gives her a charming compliment and then leaves, so Brenda teases her. They vow to stay close from now on. Brenda says she's "given up on romance" but Julia gives her a pep talk. Brenda leaves and Julia decides to stay at the bar. Brenda finds Jax asleep on the couch. She thanks him for everything even though he's asleep. She sits on the floor next to the couch and lays her head on his arm, falling asleep herself.