General Hospital Thursday October 23rd 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/23/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke asks Lucky how things are. Lucky claims he's fine but he's acting weird. Luke tells him they'll be staying in Port Charles for awhile. Lucky wonders if he's staying for his sake. Luke says he has some other reason.

Stefan asks Nickolas about his school meeting. Nickolas curtly says he's going back to school. Stefan asks whether he'll still have an F in English, but Nickolas is obtuse. Stefan can tell he's still bugged that he didn't explain about the argument with Katherine. They argue and Alexis comes in. Nickolas is also annoyed that Katherine is keeping mum. Stefan chats Jakarta business with a somewhat bitter Alexis. Stefan tells Nickolas he's wrong about them, that they don't make a habit of lying to him, they just keep some matters secret because they don't think he needs to know yet. He's unimpressed, and leaves, still hurt. Alexis tries to phone Ned. Stefan is annoyed that she's defying him. He tells her they should leave by 6:30 for dinner. Leo visits her surreptitiously to say he's leaving for Greece so he can't help her anymore. She wishes him luck. Stefan comes in just as she is thanking Leo for helping her with a "difficult project". Alexis covers but he probes further. He remembers that Leo is good at forgery and wonders if she had him forge HIS name. Alexis makes up an excuse so he is finally satisfied.

Sarah comes home while Lizzy is frantically looking for her brush. She asks Sarah not to tell Audrey what happened at school. She apologizes and begs, saying Audrey will ship her out of town. Sarah is still hurt that Lizzy said she hates her. She wants Sarah to admit what she did to Mr. Murty so Nickolas will be cleared. Audrey comes in and wants to know why they're arguing. Sarah says Liz should tell her. Liz says she got a D on a test. Audrey sternly urges her to study more, then she leaves. Liz and Sarah argue some more. Sarah tells her she still has to tell Mr. Murty. Liz goes to work.

Lucky helps out Ruby at Kelly's. Liz is glum, saying that Sarah is on her case, but she doesn't say why. She tells him he's right about Nickolas being a bad influence on Sarah. She says her sister has become a "psycho beast" and spins a totally false tale about Sarah's behavior, worrying Lucky.

Nickolas visits Sarah to tell her he'll be back at school. She tells him about her conversation with Liz. They discuss it. She resolves not to let Liz walks all over her anymore. Nickolas tells her about his disillusionment with certain people. Sarah phones Liz at work to tell her Mr. Murty will be dropping by Kelly's to talk to her. Liz protests but Sarah hangs up.

Carly is defensive to Bobbie about her due date. Bobbie tells Carly she won't be a fit mother because she's too selfish. Carly claims she loves kids. They argue further, then Carly says Bobbie will only be happy if she gives her baby up for adoption "the way that you did with your mistake". Bobbie tries to walk away but Carly blasts her more for giving up her kid. Bobbie, hurt, reminds her that her daughter is dead. Bobbie tells her how awful she is and says that no one likes her. Carly tells her to back off. AJ comes up and sees them glaring at each other. They continue to bicker, then Bobbie walks away, warning AJ that Carly is in a worse mood than usual. Carly bitches about Bobbie and her comments. AJ urges her to calm down for the baby's sake. He looks suspicious at Carly's attitude. Later, he sees her making a call to Lorraine. She tells Lorraine that her plan didn't work. She asks Lorraine to meet her in the park. AJ follows her. They meet and chat about Carly's dilemma. Carly wonders if she should just leave town. Lorraine has a plan to help her, but she has to get back to her. AJ doesn't hear them but remembers seeing Lorraine as the nurse at Mercy when they got the sonogram.

Katherine, pretending to be Stefan's assistant, calls around to find out where and when he's having dinner. She finds out he'll be at the Port Charles Grill at 7, so she phones Luke about dropping by. At his place, she asks him to go to dinner. He doesn't want to go. They chat about the missing gun. He is intrigued about this dinner so he agrees to meet her there. She buys a sexy new red dress at Wyndham's, calculated to drive Stefan crazy. Luke, meanwhile, tries to fix a chair at home. He and Bobbie chat. She tells him about Carly, he tells her about Katherine. He plans to tape his conversation with her so if she says Stefan shot her, he'll have proof.

Amy hands Alan an envelope. He's being honored by a medical organization in Stockholm that wants him to give a paper. Edward walks up so Amy fills him in. Edward's proud, in his way. He is relieved because Alan was acting so weird lately. Alan is amazed that Edward compliments him on the way he's handled his injured hand. Edward goes to phone Ned, but he gets annoyed when he can't reach him. Alan is happy when Edward tells him that Ned made a business blunder in Jacarta. Edward rushes off to a meeting. Amy gushes to Alan about his letter and how proud Edward is. They talk about his hand and the pain. Alan greets the pharmacist. He claims he lost his prescription so the pharmacist agrees to refill it.