General Hospital Wednesday October 22nd 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/22/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

The man from Texas barges into Felicia's house and tells her that the doll is his. She protests. He introduces himself as Lonnie Parks and insists she give him the doll. Mac comes in and grabs him and puts him in a choke hold. At their request, Felicia reaches inside his coat and pulls out a photo of his wife, "Raven", the woman who made the doll. Felicia can tell she's a Hopi Indian. They talk about the doll's design. Mac asks him why he buried it in the dirt. He confides that he had a fight with his wife and buried it to hurt her. He shares that his wife died so he went back to find it but it was gone. Felicia gets it and gives it to him. He thanks her and she tells him that she and her daughter got very attached to it. He knows because he saw how Maxie held it in the restaurant and he almost didn't come to get it. Felicia says Maxie will understand; Mac suggests Lonnie explain it to Maxie. She is due home so Felicia goes to make lunch. Maxie comes home and Felicia introduces Lonnie. Maxie gets nervous when she sees her doll in his hands. He explains the story so Maxie agrees he should have it back. She sweetly tells the doll goodbye and then gives it back to him. This changes Lonnie's mind so he tells her she can have the doll. His wife loved children and always wanted them. He gives it to her, thanks them, and leaves. Maxie and Felicia hug, and Mac joins in.

At the Outback, Monica tells Bobbie about her trip to Europe. They talk about being young. Monica says the trip was very good for Emily, and Bobbie says Monica seems to have benefited, too. Bobbie asks how Alan is because he seems "distracted". Monica thinks he's just too busy. Bobie talks about Tony taking Lucas bowling. Carly's name comes up and Monica wonders why she's so "vicious". Monica remembers that when Carly first came to town, she seemed bent on making Bobbie's life miserable. Bobbie tells Monica about finding Tony in bed with Carly last year on their anniversary. Monica is shocked. Bobbie says Carly is an "amoral sociopath". Monica laments that AJ fell for Carly's act. Bobbie asks what Carly did to him but Monica says she can't share the story. But she does threaten to kill Carly if she finds her near AJ again, and Bobbie overs to help. Monica leaves. Bobbie asks the bartender for Felicia and Mac but learns they're not there.

At GH, Carly explains about her friend "JJ" in Florida...she has bad kidneys and no family so Carly wants to fly there and comfort her. Tony doesn't want her to go. They argue about it. He's worried that stress might endanger the baby. She protests that she's young and strong, but he asks Amy to relate a story about a pregnant woman whose husband had a hernia--she had a premature birth. AJ overhears them arguing. Tony says he'll get his old friend that's in charge of Miami General to watch over AJ. When Carly fudges that she doesn't remember the name of the hospital, he goes to phone and find out. She freaks out and yells, "Don't!" She explains that JJ needs a friend, not a new doctor. When Tony won't budge, Carly looks upset that her plan didn't work.

Monica asks AJ why Carly's upset. He says he thinks a friend of hers is sick. Tony says hi and then he and Monica go to a staff meeting. AJ can tell Carly's very upset so he asks her about her sick friend. He tries to console her but it doesn't work. When she says, "I have to got to get out of Port Charles!" he looks suspicious. She covers and asks him for help in convincing Tony but he refuses. He jokes with her a bit and she thanks him for lightening her mood. Carly goes to make a call. Bobbie asks AJ what's wrong so he gives her the short version. He observes that Carly's due date, December, is "just around the corner". Bobbie looks puzzled so she asks Tony, who confirms that the baby is due in January. She smiles and observes that Carly doesn't look that far along. Tony says she's underweight, that's why he worries. Carly runs into Bobbie, who asks when she's due.

Brenda tells Jax that she and Julia are not getting along. He is unfazed. Julia apologizes for giving unwanted advice but Brenda doesn't accept. Julia leaves, saying she's packing to leave town. Brenda fumes but thanks Jax for trying. She's glad she got to tell Julia off and says they're "over" and she's happy about it. He wonders if that's true and suggests he keep Julia from leaving in case she changes her mind. He keeps on Brenda about trying again with her sister. She says big sisters should listening without judging. Jax suggests she calm down. She tells him part of what Julia said so he'll understand why she's so mad; the part about how Brenda purposefully picks men like her father who'll disappoint her but Jax, who is nice to her, she pushed away. Jax doesn't say anything but the expression on his face tells us that he agrees with that assessment. She starts to storm out so he stops her and tells her to be "honest" with herself. They discuss it and he helps her see that maybe Julia's right. She puts her hand on his face gently. They say sweet things to each other. Julia knocks on her way out. She says Brenda was right about her not visiting her enough. She is close to tears as she talks about them being "sisters" and how she wishes they were still "close". She's sorry she said mean things to Brenda. Brenda asks her to "wait", then she says Jax helped her to see Julia was right about some of what she said. Julia offers her help so Brenda asks her to stay for breakfast. They hug and sob. Jax smiles as he watches them reunite.