General Hospital Tuesday October 21st 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/21/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda wakes up late because she stayed up late thinking about Julia. She sits down to breakfast but he tells her he has go to work. She is about to ask why the big breakfast is laid out when Julia knocks on the door, invited there by Jax for breakfast. Brenda chews him out for "forcing" her sister on her but he defends himself. Jax thinks they're being rude not to want to entertain their guest. He takes off for an important meeting. Brenda is defensive and makes smart remarks so Julia starts to leave, but then she changes her mind and stays. Julia tries to make small talk but Brenda wants to just sit and pout. Then Brenda starts to attack Julia again about why she's there. Julia tells her to make up her mind about what she's mad about. They start bickering some more but Julia is determined not to let Brenda wallow in self-pity. They really get into about Harlan. Julia breaks down crying when she says she would trade all of what Harlan did for her to have Brenda back. They work out their childhood issues. Julia tells Brenda she's done well so Brenda wonders why Julia never told her that before. Julia was afraid she'd react in some bad way. Julia confesses that she envied Brenda, too, because a lot of unwanted responsibility and expectations were put on her. Julia points out that they've sort of switched lives because "Daddy" is running Brenda's life, not hers. Brenda resents her psychoanalysis. Julia brings up Sonny but that's a mistake. So Julia brings up Jax and Miguel. Brenda says she's had "bad luck with love" but Julia lists traits that can apply to both Sonny and their father, Harlan. Brenda is shocked. Julia says that she's "drawn to men that will hurt or desert" her. Brenda is deeply offended. Julia tells her that Jax is the one exception of all the men she's been involved with.

Jax meets with V. at the Outback. She guesses from his mood that his surprise for Brenda (Julia) didn't go well. He tries to deny it but can't for very long. She jokes around about how Brenda and Julia are tearing his penthouse apart so he rushes out. Julia is telling Brenda that while she's at Jax's penthouse she should get back with him, when he walks in.

Alan showers Monica with flower petals and kisses her romantically. She is concerned that they are downstairs where the family might see them, but she's happy that he is so amorous lately. Lila and Edward come in for breakfast. They notice Alan's silly mood. Edward chews him out for missing an early meeting but Alan says he went there and came back already. Alan continues to joke around. Monica reminds him that they have a meeting with Emily's teacher for a teacher's conference. Alan says he'll go to the next one. He jokes some more before leaving out through the terrace doors, making Edward wonder why he's acting so strangely. He is about to take some pills when Emily comes up (she was watching geese migrate across the lake). They greet each other. He jokes around and says he's sorry he can't make her meeting. She says it's okay and he hugs her and says he loves her, "for what that's worth". She is confused by his strange behavior. Inside, Lila worries that Alan doesn't look well but Monica says he's fine. Edward points out that he's acting strange, too. Emily comes in and Edward yells at her for not wiping his feet. Then he leaves to let Anabelle out so she can chase the geese. Emily jokes around with Monica about school. Emily sarcastically relates how kids at school have been treating her. Emily asks Monica why Alan is acting strange. Monica makes such a fuss about how Alan's just in a good mood that Emily doesn't say anything else, just shakes her head.

Carly goes back to see Lorraine and apologizes to her for yelling at her earlier. She also brings her more money. Lorraine is glad to see it but wishes it were more. Lorraine and Carly talk about how she's going to fool Tony about the baby. Carly is certain that the baby is Tony's but Lorraine is doubtful. Carly says she plans to get out of town when the baby's born. She wants Lorraine to tell her about some non-contagious disease that she could pretend her ailing friend in Florida has so she can have a reason to go out of town. Lorraine wonders why Carly trusts her all of a sudden but Carly says she already knows so much about her, so why not?

Tony remembers his conversation with Carly about the sonogram at Mercy. He is so deep in thought that he doesn't hear Amy babbling to him. He phones Mercy Hospital and speaks with the woman in charge of women's health services there. He makes up a story about why he's calling and checks to see if Carly has been in for a sonogram. He finds out no one named Carly Roberts had a sonogram at Mercy. Alan and Tony talk about his hand and the prescription refill. Tony realizes he didn't give him any refills so he goes to call them in. Alan sighs with relief. Carly meets Tony at GH and he invites her out for a romantic evening. He gets beeped and has to leave. Amy gives Carly a hard time, as usual. Carly tells Amy that she doesn't hate her even though she tries her best. Monica almost runs into Carly as she's leaving. Monica tells Amy that she's going out to lunch with Bobbie after Emily's teacher's meeting. Carly's good mood is spoiled by seeing Monica and she looks worried again. Later, Tony tells Alan he gave him three refills "which should last for months". Tony starts chatting with Carly when she gets a phone call from Lorraine. She pretends that her friend from Florida is calling her to say something shocking. Carly tells Tony that she had to leave town immediately.

Mac and Felicia chat at the Brownstone. He is surprised that Maxie didn't take the Aztec doll to school with her but Felicia tells him that Maxie has the morning off from school. Maxie runs out and hugs Mac. Felicia chides Maxie out for getting dirty but Maxie is playing archaeologist. She shows them some unidentifiable things she found in the garden. Mac wonders why Felicia is being overly cautious about security at her house and she explains that she's had a weird feeling that someone's been watching them. He questions her about it. Maxie brings out her big find but it's just an old cup. Mac helps her to look at it in a different way before she takes off. Mac still worries about Felicia being alone in the place.

At the Outback, the guy from Texas comes in looking for Felicia but he's told she's at home so he leaves. Later, Mac goes to the club so the bartender tells him about the guy who was asking about Felicia. He tells Mac he's been hanging out there a lot lately. Mac rushes out. The guy from Texas visits Felicia and says, "You have something that belongs to me".