General Hospital Monday October 20th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 10/20/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax apologizes to Brenda for bringing Julia there. Brenda is bitter about her sister. He goes out into the hallway. Julia regrets mentioning their father when Brenda opened the door and says that Brenda looks "fragile". Jax makes a comment about her relationship with Sonny being "abusive" and she thinks that he meant Sonny beat her. He says no, it wasn't physical abuse. She is glad Brenda has Jax. Julia starts to leave but Brenda opens the door and asks her not to go. Julia sits with Brenda and Jax and has coffee. Julia talks about her company; Brenda thinks she still owns it all but Jax sets her straight that it went public last year and Julia is just CEO. Jax and Julia get very chummy talking about business, making Brenda feel a bit left out and inferior like she gets around her sister. Julia asks him about the penthouse and reminds Brenda that she and Ned had talked about converting that floor into a big luxury suite but he was against it because he didn't think it would ever be occupied. Jax asks her about how the Quartermaines took the hotel from her. Julia says the Q's aren't all bad and she mentions Lila and Jason. Brenda sarcastically puts down Jason but Julia isn't quite sure what she means. Brenda wonders if Julia is purposely trying to be cruel and tells her that Jason had an accident and explains why she's mad at Jason.

After sitting there quietly, Brenda blasts her sister for not showing up for the wedding. Julia tries to make business excuses but Brenda keeps yelling at her. Finally Julia blurts out, "For God's sake, Brenda, you were marrying a criminal!" (Er, gee, what was Harlan Barrett??) Brenda doesn't believe it because she didn't show up for her wedding to Jax, either. Julia says her company was going public then, but she's right about why she didn't show up to her wedding to Sonny. She was relieved when she broke up with Sonny and she didn't want to show up and ruin her wedding day. She tells Brenda she's sorry that she's been hurting but she's not sorry Sonny didn't marry her. Brenda accuses Julia of thinking she's stupid but Julia says no, she just made some mistakes. She tells her she's grateful she's not dead like Lily. Julia says she couldn't come to the wedding because she knows Brenda would never listen to her anyway. Julia confesses that she admires Brenda's successes such as L&B and being the Jax Cosmetics model. Brenda is amazed at how well Julia knows her but breaks down as she points out that Julia never visited her again after she left Port Charles. Julia says she's there now and wants to help but Brenda rebuffs her. She knows that she wouldn't have shown up if Jax hadn't called. Brenda says it's too much for her to handle right now. Julia says she missed her sister. Julia notices the Nancy Drew book on her way out. Brenda is surprised that Julia knew she used to sneak in and read her books but never said anything so Brenda wouldn't get in trouble from Daddy. Brenda doesn't let herself look too vulnerable to her sister, though. Julia leaves. It's a great scene between them but kind of difficult to describe. Later, Jax asks Brenda if she forgives him, which she does.

Liz asks Sarah what's going on. Sarah says she knows Liz took the test answers but wants to know why. Liz denies it but Sarah calls her a liar. Sarah plans to tell everyone what she did. Liz puts on the "poor me" act but says she's not sorry, she just wishes she had done it sooner. She storms out, leaving Sarah to look confused. But Sarah follows her outside. Liz tries to make it seem like it's Sarah's own fault what happened but Sarah won't be fooled. She tells her that she could have ruined her chances to get into college. Sarah says she knows they've had problems but they're sisters, why would she do something so terrible? Liz responds that she hates her. Sarah wants to know why and offers to change whatever she did that made Liz hate her. Liz tells her not to bother and pours out her feelings of jealousy, how everyone loves Sarah so much. Sarah is astounded and says that's how other people feel, what has she done to Liz to deserve this? Liz says it Sarah weren't her sister, Sarah wouldn't even speak to her. But she says not to worry, she won't be around long. Then she leaves. They meet at home. Liz says she knows she'll be sent off to boarding school or something once everyone finds out what happened. Audrey comes downstairs, wondering what they're yelling about. The phone rings; it's Nickolas for Sarah. He quizzes her about what happened with Lizzy; she tells him he was right and he says he's sorry. She says she's glad to know what really happened and plans to meet him tomorrow after school. Audrey is on her way out to an emergency at GH but tells them she wants them to tell her tomorrow "what's going on".

At her place, Katherine threatens to tell Nickolas all about Stefan. Stefan makes fun of her threat, knowing she's bluffing. She tries to plead with him and he gets angry, saying that she over-estimates her influence on Nickolas. She disagrees and tells him how she thinks Nickolas will react when she tells him that he fired and humiliated her. He says all it will accomplish is momentarily making Nickolas angry because he and Nickolas are related. He tells her she's bluffing and won't use Nickolas. She gets angry and upset and accidentally knocks over a water glass. She yells at him to go and just then Nickolas hobbles in on his crutches to ask if she's okay. Katherine asks him why he's on crutches and they explain. Stefan says the doctor said he should rest and demands Nickolas go home with him. Nickolas asks Katherine what she thinks, and she says he can stay. Stefan tells them goodnight and leaves. Nickolas wants to know why they were fighting. She makes lame excuses. Nickolas says he thought Katherine was different, that she didn't lie to him like Laura did. He says he's noticed the tension between her and Stefan. She says she lost her job at GH. He wants to know if Stefan fired her. She doesn't want to tell him but he insists. He sarcastically says he's sure she's lying for his own good, that's why his family always lies to him. He storms out (well, at least as close as he can get on crutches). Later, Katherine remembers Luke's remarks about Stefan. She vows to take Luke up on his offer.

Alexis wonders what Luke's up to and they continue to make cutting remarks to each other. He hits close to home when he suggests she must be tired of playing wifey to Stefan while he chases after blondes. He says that Alexis would do a lot to get rid of Katherine and wonders if she'd kill to do it. She says it's no big secret that she doesn't like Katherine but then few people do. They joke around some more about how she could kill Katherine and blame Luke for it. They are flirting when she gets a call on her cell phone. Someone (that has following Stefan) is telling her that Stefan is at Katherine's (she doesn't say this to Luke but we can tell by what she says). Before Alexis leaves, she advises Luke to go back to Switzerland since he'll lose anyway.

Alexis and Stefan meet outside Windemere. He tells her he was visiting Katherine. When she mentions Helena, he says that he's been told his mother's health is getting better. He wonders whether he should tell Nickolas about Katherine's background, since Katherine threatened to tell him. Alexis is amazed that she would use Nickolas. He asks if Nickolas is ready to learn "the truth" and Nickolas overhears and asks "about what?" When they don't answer, Nickolas says never mind, he's used to their secrets. He assures them that Katherine didn't tell him, either. After he goes inside, Stefan is relieved that Katherine didn't hurt his "nephew". Alexis tells Stefan that she found Luke about to visit the island earlier. He tells Alexis that he wants to keep Luke busy until he goes back to Switzerland so he won't have time to bother Katherine.

Luke phones Laura to say that he plans to stay in town a little longer, since he's "found a way to get to Stefan".