General Hospital Wednesday October 1st,1997 Update


General Hospital update Wednesday 10/1/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alan, Amy, and Audrey (the three A's!) watch in embarrassment as Katherine and Stefan fight over her being let go from GH. She defends her work to Stefan. Alan tries to interfere but Alexis stops him. Stefan is immovable and tells her to leave rudely. They argue some more about his feelings for her and he reiterates why she's being let go. Alan comes up and wants to talk to Stefan but he tells him to make an appointment and leaves. Bobbie asks Kath for coffee so they can commiserate about Stefan, but Kath rebuffs her and leaves to pack up her office. Audrey and Bobbie wonder what's really going on with Kath and Stefan. Bobbie assures Audrey that Nickolas is nothing like Stefan, he takes after Laura. Meanwhile, Alexis has Stefan sign Kath's termination papers. Stefan tells her he's going to meet their "representative in Jakarta" in Rochester (he can't meet him in PC because of the Quartermaines). Amy asks Katherine what she'll do now. Kath says she's not finished yet. She comes back looking for Alexis.

Lois, Brook, Lila, and Emily visit Brenda. Brenda holds the baby. Lois tells her that her father was put in the hospital over some minor chest pains. Lila and Emily offer to take the baby so they can talk, so they leave with Brook. Brenda talks about Lila and her aborted wedding. Lois is sympathetic. Brenda claims she "knew" there were problems with her and Sonny (yeah, right). She says he never loved her, but Lois says he did. Lois talks about how much Sonny loved her. She says Sonny is "broken inside" and that's why he hurts people and can't change. She tells Brenda not to blame herself. Brenda still wishes he had told her "why". She cries as she tells Lois that he had changed so she can't understand why he left. When Brenda says that she hates Sonny, Lois reminds her that she shouldn't forget the good times she had with him because those feelings are impossible to deny. She relates it to her own breakup with Ned. Brenda thanks her for her good advice and they hug. Then Lois goes up to the "big house".

Jax goes to the Q mansion to see Brenda and runs into Jason. Jax is obnoxious to him and asks where Sonny is. Jason gives it back to him. Jax goes on and on about Sonny and his business. Jax warns him to stay away from Brenda. Edward comes in and is rude to both of them. He tells them both to stay away from Brenda. Jax argues with him amiably. Edward complains about how Jax tried to take over their business and Jax says that's old news. Edward says, "A Quartermaine never forgets" so Jax looks at Jason and says, "That's debatable". Edward says, "He's not a Quartermaine" and Jason replies sarcastically, "Oh, finally, someone figured it out!" LOL! Edward asks Jax to leave but he won't until he finds out about Brenda. Edward has limited information but does tell him that Lois is visiting her. Jax leaves. Edward asks him where Sonny and the ELQ stock is. Jason tells him not to worry but won't tell him more. Edward sticks up for Brenda but Jason knows that Edward is really annoyed about the stock. Edward really lays it on thick about how Jason is just as guilty for hurting Brenda as Sonny is. He tells him he knows that he's recovered from his brain damage and he's totally responsible for his behavior. He asks Jason to come home and leave Sonny. Jason reminds him he's "not a Quartermaine". Then Edward tells him not to come back. Lila comes in and greets Jason warmly. Edward leaves in disgust. Lila tells Jason that he can visit Brook if he wants. She is concerned about him and says he must miss Sonny. But she asks, "You do understand that what he did to Brenda was wrong" but Jason replies that he "did what he had to do". As Jason leaves, she tells him to come visit any time. Jax catches him outside and says they have more business. He says he left Sonny alone for Brenda, but she doesn't care about Jason. He's glad Brenda's out of Sonny's world and he warns Jason again to stay away from her. Jason says harshly that Brenda doesn't matter to him or Sonny anymore. Jax insults Sonny some more and Jason gets annoyed. He threatens to take him out if he doesn't leave him alone. A little later, Alexis visits Lila and is surprised to see Ned's baby there. Emily opens the patio doors and finds Jason sitting there. He asks her about her trip. She talks about Italy so he asks if she went to Paris, but she didn't. She asks if Robin wrote to him but she didn't. She also asks him if he knew that Sonny was going to leave Brenda. He replies, "As soon as he did". He asks if Brenda is feeling better so she tells him she is. He asks her to call him if Brenda needs anything or takes a trip anywhere. Lois comes inside and finds Alexis holding Brook on her lap telling her that she knows her daddy. Meanwhile, Jax goes to the gatehouse to see Brenda.

Lucky and his friends get ready for their big English test. Sarah talks to Nickolas nearby about the test. He read it before so he didn't study much. She's nervous and tells him she has her "lucky pen" that Steve gave her. Meanwhile, Lizzy has the lucky pen. She hangs outside the classroom. Mr. Murty goes into the room and locks the English test answers in a drawer in his desk (in a big folder marked "English test answers", LOL! Funny, I never did that when I was an English teacher...), then he leaves. She runs in and gets the key from his briefcase and unlocks the drawer, then takes the answers. She leaves Sarah's lucky pen near the desk so he'll think she took them. (This teacher is stupid, he deserves to have his test answers stolen!) Lizzy chats with Lucky and his friends. She tells him she's very prepared for the test, then she goes to talk to Sarah, who's frantically looking for her lucky pen. Lizzy offers to help her look. Nickolas lends Sarah a pen and Lucky assures her she'll do fine. Lizzy tells Lucky that Sarah is attracted to Nickolas because of his family's money. She says Sarah was visiting Nickolas at Windemere while SHE was studying. Mr. Murty comes in and asks who the pen belongs to. Sarah claims it. Mr. Murty says the test was just stolen and asks Sarah to open her purse and notebook. She does and is astonished to find the test answers. She denies knowing anything about it. He accuses her of cheating. Lizzy smiles triumphantly.

AJ tells Monica that he believes Carly, along with Tony's help, will make a good mother to the baby. Monica asks him again to give her more details about why she drugged him but he won't. She knows that he thinks that if Tony knows what Carly is like, he might feel differently about the baby, because of how Alan has treated him. He asks Monica to promise not to tell Tony. She reluctantly agrees. He leaves. Monica goes over to Carly and swears to find out her secrets, using all the Quartermaines' power. As she's leaving, Alan comes in looking for Stefan. He is disgusted by the way Stefan fired Kath in public. After they leaves, Carly asks AJ about Monica. He assures her that he didn't tell her that they slept together and she's promised not to tell Tony. She tells him how much the baby means to Tony. He tells her they're not friends anymore so to buzz off unless Tony's around.