General Hospital Friday October 17th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 10/17/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Liz wonders why Sarah changed her mind about Nickolas. Sarah lies that she realized Liz was right, it must have been Nickolas because he was the only one who could have done it. Liz wants to just forget the whole thing but Sarah says she wants to make sure no one makes a fool of her again. Liz is forced to agree to help. Sarah says she wants to steal tomorrow's test answers and plant them on Nickolas. Liz tries to talk her out her plan. (I missed some time here due to my tape running out before I could notice and pop another one in) Next scene I saw has Sarah in the English class going through the teacher's belongings. She hears a noice and starts to hide but it is a false alarm so she continues searching. Sarah joins her and while Liz is distracted searching, questions her about what it looks like, etc. Finally she asks, "Where was it before?" and Liz starts to answer "It was right here" but then catches herself and looks guilty, realizing she's been trapped. She tries to lie again but Sarah asks her how she could do that to her sister.

Mac gives Maxie a piggy-back ride into the Outback to celebrate her great show and tell presentation. Felicia suggests she get down because Mac is too old and might get hurt. Mac beams over Maxie's success. Maxie gives the Aztel doll to Felicia for safe keeping and goes into the kitchen to order dinner. Felicia chides Mac for flirting with Maxie's teacher. She also points out that Mac relates well to 9-year-olds. He defends himself. Felicia notices Luke and Katherine together. Later, Mac and Felicia argue about who will close the club and who will take Maxie home and tuck her in. Maxie makes cute comments. Felicia says closing the club is easier than putting her kids to bed so Mac bets her $30 that he can put the girls to bed quickly. Later, Felicia waits on customers, including the man from Texas who eyes the Aztec doll sitting on the shelf behind the bar.

Alexis wants to leave The Outback so they don't have to keep watching Luke and Katherine together, but Stefan blasts her for trying to boss him around. He storms out so Luke observes to Katherine that their plan to upset Stefan seems to be working. Katherine is not so happy to see Stefan hurt. They bicker a bit. Luke says that Stefan will try to get back with her now but he won't be honest. She says that Luke doesn't know what he's talking about and he just wants her to press charges against Stefan. Luke jokes that he'll find the gun that Stefan stole by strip-searching Alexis. This is the last straw for Katherine, and she also storms out. Meanwhile, Alexis talks to Ned's voicemail in Jakarta. She leaves an awkward but heartfelt message. After she hangs up, Luke sits at her table to bug her. I missed their chat, I saw Luke standing on the dock saying that it would be a nice night to see his old gun. He runs into Alexis again and they exchange barbs. She asks him what he's "plotting" and he looks thoughtful.

Stefan goes to Katherine's house to find out why she was trying to "provoke" him. She doesn't really answer, just insults him. He tells her again that Luke is dangerous to ally herself with. She accuses him of not being able to let her go and dares him to prove it by walking out. He looks tempted and then she kisses him. Finally, he pulls her away and tells her off. She forces him to say more insulting things to her (I thought she was going to slap him for sure!). He warns her again to stay away from Luke because the two of them will use anything and anybody against each other. He reminds her that last time she ended up paralyzed, next time might be worse. He insults her some more and then lists the wounds on both sides of the feud. She doesn't believe him so he starts to leave. She warns him that she has one more "trump card".

Brenda reads one of the books Jax gave her. He says someone is visiting and asks if she would like company. She doesn't want company so he tells her it's someone she knows and wants to see. She says, "Not Sonny!" but he assures her it's not. She breathes a sigh of relief and then realizes that was a stupid idea, since she never wants to see him again. They talk about Sonny for a bit. He advises her to figure what she'll say one day when she does run into Sonny again. Before he leaves to get dinner, she says she'd tell Sonny that she wishes she'd never met him and never wants to see him again. Later, Brenda is questioning Jax on who is visiting. He wonders if he made a mistake bringing this visitor here. There is a knock on the door and Brenda answers: her sister Julia stands there with a big grin on her face. Brenda doesn't look thrilled. Julia asks if she's happy to see her and Brenda slams the door in her face. She stares angrily at Jax, who looks like a little boy caught doing something bad.