General Hospital Thursday October 16th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/16/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Monica, Edward, and Lila have breakfast. Monica looks for Alan so they tell her he's out on the terrace making a mysterious phone call on his cell phone. Alan is harassing the pharmacy about why he doesn't have his pain medication yet. Monica comes out so he cuts it short and lies about who he was talking to. She notices he's downing brandy even though she knows he doesn't like it. She starts talking about their earlier fiasco with their sons, but he is antsy and listening for his delivery. They go inside and Edward gives him a hard time about using his cell phone until Lila tells him to "put a sock in it". They giggle and Alan downs another glass. Reginald brings in a package that's delivered. Alan starts ripping it open until he realizes they're all watching him curiously. Alan claims it is files for a patient and they buy it. Lila asks Edward to go upstairs with her and he goes, protesting all the way. Alan takes Monica in his arms and whirls her around, joking. He says they haven't been spending much time together so he asks her where they should spend some time. She wonders if he doesn't have to go over the files and he says he'll look them over and then meet her upstairs. She admires what she thinks is his brandy-inspired passion. The moment she leaves, however, he shakily opens the pills and takes them. Monica lights candles upstairs and gets ready for Alan. She lies on the bed to wait. Downstairs, Alan sits on the couch, zonked out. Next we saw Monica and Alan in bed and she is telling him that they shouldn't force love-making. Alan looks disappointed. Apparently he wasn't very good in bed. They hold each other.

Nickolas promises that if they find out it wasn't Liz that took the test answers, they can fix things easily. He's concerned that if someone set her up they might try to do something else to her, or that their families might disapprove of them being together. They hold each other. Sarah tells him about what trouble Lizzy has been in the past. He assures her that no matter what, he'll always be there for her.

Lucky tells Liz that he was wrong about her; she claims she knows what's like to be picked on, which is why she stood up for Emily. Lucky tells Liz that Emily deserves a break. Liz flatters him. A teacher of Sarah's comes up and wonders why Sarah didn't show up for her French class. Lucky jumps on Liz for a snarky remark she made about Sarah, so she apologizes. She figures that Sarah skipped class to be with Nickolas, and Lucky looks concerned. Lizzy asks Lucky if they can get together later and discuss ways to help Sarah, so he agrees. He mentions again that he's surprised by how she's been acting lately, helping people. She says he's read her wrong, that's all. They are getting closer when Sarah walks in, and as usual, Lucky runs over to her. Sarah asks him to give her and Liz some privacy. Lucky says sure and he and Liz make plans to meet later at the big football game. Sarah asks Lizzy to help her prove that it was Nickolas that set her up by stealing the test answers. Liz looks surprised.

Luke tells Katherine he can get the missing gun back. He thinks Stefan still has it since it belongs to Luke and he can use it against him sometime. He asks Katherine if she'll press charges if he gets the gun. She says again that she doesn't want to dwell on the past. He offers to help her find out why Stefan is acting the way he has been. They go out for dinner to discuss it.

At the Outback, Alexis tells Leo that what they did to Stefan is good for the family. He seems unsure but swears his loyalty to her. Stefan comes in and sees them together, unnerving her. He tells her, "How dare you!" He knows they've been talking about his personal life, he accuses. They try to make excuses but he makes it clear he doesn't want Katherine brought up again. After he sits at the bar, they keep discussing him anyway. Leo urges her to get on with her own life. She regrets that she's lost her "closest friend", Stefan. She thanks Leo for being her friend but says they'll have to be more discreet in the future. He takes off. Stefan comes back and sits with her. He tells her that Ned has been busy in Jakarta. He is threatening Ned when Luke and Katherine walk in, laughing. Stefan looks livid. Luke recognizes the opportunity to make Stefan unhappy so he puts his arm around Katherine and they sit down. Luke grins at Stefan. Alexis tells Stefan not to give him the satisfaction of reacting. Luke bets Katherine that if he goes to the restroom, Stefan will run over to chat with her. Luke leaves and sure enough, Stefan walks over there. He asks her what she's doing and she says, "Driving you nuts, obviously. How does it feel?" He tries to convince her that "joining forces" with Luke is a bad idea. She wonders why he cares, since he keeps claiming he doesn't care about her. He sidesteps the issue and keeps trying to get his point across. Luke comes back and makes his usual comments and Stefan walks away. Katherine didn't like Luke's comments but he points out that it made Stefan turn the right color. She tells Luke that Stefan accused him of using her. Luke replies that they're using each other, which satisfies her.

Mike visits Jason to get a picture of Sonny from him. Mike tells him that Sonny hated getting his picture taken and remembers that Lily had to bribe him to get him to sit for one. He has to explain to brain-damaged Jason why Lily would want a picture of him when she got to see him every day. Jason tells him that Sonny took the platter he gave him as a similar memento. Mike asks how he is and Jason rudely reminds him that Sonny's gone. Mike talks about his frustrations and tells Jason he doesn't have to keep his promise to Sonny. Jason tells him that he'll listen to Mike if he wants to gripe, because he's his friend, but he can't give him any information about Sonny. Later, Jason comes upstairs and is surprised to find Mike still sitting there. Mike asks Jason why he doesn't come up there much and asks if it bothers him. He also asks Jason if Sonny's men know that he's in charge. Jason just says that he uses what he needs and that the men think he's keeping Sonny's place warm. Mike doesn't understand why Sonny, who loved Jason so much, would leave Jason "to die for" him. He points out that Jason won't make a good mob leader because he lacks the skills and experience. Jason disagrees and says that Sonny didn't leave just to hurt Mike. Mike still doesn't believe that Jason is still running the operation alone but Jason doesn't know what else he can say to convince him. Mike again expresses his frustrations. Jason tells him that Sonny had reasons for not telling Mike why he left, and that's all he can say. Mike says he's glad that Sonny could trust Jason, at least, and that he's got to learn to live with the pain. He tells Jason "take care of yourself" and leaves.