General Hospital Wednesday October 15th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/15/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mac greets Maxie and Felicia at the Outback. Maxie has a big presentation at school of the Aztec doll and its story. Mac and Felicia try to reassure Maxie, who's very nervous. Mac charms her and gives her a big ice cream sundae but she's too nervous to even eat that. Mac encourages her to believe in herself, with Felicia's help, and it works. Mac brings out spoons and they all eat the sundae. Felicia takes out the doll and puts it on the table. The man from Texas comes in and sees it. He gives them a strange look. Maxie, Mac, and Felicia leave, ALMOST forgetting to take the Aztec doll with them.

Edward visits Katherine at home. He hands her an important envelope. They flirt, as usual. Edward is concerned about her. They chat about the board meeting. She finally opens the envelope and reads the letter. Addressed to the press, it stands up for Katherine and insults Stefan and the way he handled her firing. She doesn't want him to do it because the press won't leave Stefan --and Nickolas-- alone. She pleads with Edward, claiming it's because of Nickolas, but he knows it's Stefan that she cares about still. She says she still doesn't know why Stefan turned against her so she doesn't want him hurt yet. Edward is amazed at her loyalty but agrees to wait. He advises her to ask Nickolas if he knows why Stefan treated her that way, but she doesn't want him involved. He leaves and she has a bad fantasy about Stefan and Nickolas fighting horribly about it.

Alexis, on the phone to someone who works for Stefan, finds out for sure that it is their company that is causing ELQ so many problems in Jakarta. Stefan comes in and she hangs up. Stefan tells him that he wants to make a big contribution to the high school so that the principal won't ever bother Nickolas again. She observes that he is good at working "the system". He asks her what the phone call was about but she claims it was "personal" so he starts to leave the room, uninterested. She asks him if he trusts her, why is he trying to control her life. She tells him to stop messing with Ned. He claims it's just business but she knows better. She forces him to admit he doesn't approve of Ned. She blasts him for keeping her "friend" away from Port Charles, which gets his attention. He wants to know just how serious they are so she backs off and says they just have some things in common. She says she just wants him to stay out of her personal life. He says it's just business again so she asks him to stop pressuring ELQ there so Ned can return. He's amazing at her request but she threatens to go do it herself. He warns her to stay out of his business deals, he's the one in command. She is very upset, near tears, and tells him that just because his romance with Katherine went awry he shouldn't be so "cruel". He tells her she should be "grateful" that his relationship with Katherine is over (whatever that means). She says she's sorry and she can wait until Ned comes back. He tells her he doesn't want her to have anything more to do with Ned. She asks why he's getting involved in her life now and he says, "Things change". Her mouth drops open.

Luke comes home and Lucky takes off. Luke chats with Bobbie. Lucas is also presenting at the Show and Tell thing that Maxie will be in. He and Foster are going to put on an act. Bobbie tells him that she keeps hearing about Tony and Carly from everyone. He advises her to stop wondering what Tony sees in her. She asks about Laura so he tells her that Laura is worried about Lucky because of the triangle with Sarah and Nickolas. Luke says he's glad that he didn't have to worry about sex as a teenager (since he was living in Ruby's whorehouse), didn't have to confuse it with romance. Bobbie wonders what they can do to keep Lucky from getting hurt. He doesn't want her involved because of her prior relationship with Stefan. She reminds him of what a great team they made together against Stefan before. He agrees and asks her to distract Stefan while Lucky works out his problems with Sarah and Nickolas (he is afraid Stefan will get involved somehow and hurt Lucky, I guess). He thinks Katherine is the key and that they should find out why Stefan pushed her away so publicly. He fills Bobbie in on his conversation with Katherine. Luke decides to go visit Katherine at home.

Sarah sits glumly in the school cafeteria. Elizabeth comes in and is chatty but Sarah doesn't seem to care about anything. Lizzy tells her to stop pining for Nickolas. Sarah defends him again and says he doesn't deserve to be suspended. Lizzy goes to chat with their friend Jeannie. Emily comes in for her first day back at school. She and Sarah exchange hellos. Emily says she heard about Nickolas from Lucky. Sarah defends him, knowing that Lucky probably told her his own version. Emily has to rush off but tells her that Nickolas will be fine as long as he's got her. Sarah phones Nickolas. He answers his cell phone from their favorite meeting place. They tell one another how much they miss each other. She runs into Lucky on the way to class but doesn't have time to chat. He is disappointed. Emily says hi and they hug. Lizzy gets green and asks Jeannie who that girl is. Jeannie tells her and Lizzy is impressed by the Quartermaine name. Jeannie also shares she's adopted and tells her all the gossip about Emily's addiction last year and how Lucky is very protective of her. Lucky and Emily chat about her summer vacation, then he goes to talk to someone else about school stuff. Some girls come in and start giving Emily a hard time. So Lizzy comes over and defends Emily to them, threatening and insulting them. They leave, annoyed, so Lizzy introduces herself. Emily thanks her and realizes she's Sarah's sister. Emily then takes off to do some school stuff. Lucky tells Lizzy that what she did was cool; Lizzy pretends she's "embarrassed". He is surprised and impressed by what she did.

Sarah meets Nickolas in the woods. They kiss. She notices that his leg is in a cast and he explains that he fell of his horse but he's basically okay. He talks about how Stefan is so overprotective of him. He asks her why she's there. She confesses she cut class. He invites her to lunch. She says she's spending the whole day with him "to protest" his suspension. They want to find out who really took the test. He says he has a plan but she might not like it because she'll have to lie to Lizzy. She's not sure if she wants to know that Lizzy is responsible.

Luke visits Katherine and asks her to remember what Stefan looked like when he saw them together. She does and he says if she wants to find out why Stefan is treating her that way, he is the one to help her.