General Hospital Tuesday October 14th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/14/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

In Manhattan, Jax picks up something special for Brenda: the complete set of Nancy Drew mysteries. At Jax's house, Brenda listens to Mary Mae's CD. V. visits to drop off some business stuff for Jax. She has the day off so she tells Brenda she's going into the woods to see the fall leaves. She recognizes Mary Mae's voice and remembers that Brenda is half of L&B. V. also talks about Brenda being a Deception model. This makes Brenda realize she hasn't done any work for awhile and doesn't know what she'll do with her future. Jax comes home with a package. He chats with V. for a moment and then she leaves. Brenda wonders what's in the box. He tells her to sit back and close her eyes, then he has her open the box. She is touched by his gift of the first edition books. He tells her that V. helped. They joke around about how Brenda reads mysteries by skipping to the back of the book to find out whodunit. She talks about her sister Julia some more, and how much Harlan loved her. She also tells him how she used to try to get in trouble to get attention. Jax bets her that she can't read them now without skipping to the back. If she wins, she gets another flying less from him. If she doesn't, he tells her she just gets to try again on another one. They have lunch. Afterwards, she gets her books and heads upstairs to read herself to sleep. She kisses him on the nose before she goes. Jax phones some mysterious person that he hasn't talk to for awhile, saying he has "an idea about Brenda".

Luke meets Jason at the Outback. Jason informs him that he's been reading his club while he was gone. Luke asks where Sonny is and when he's coming back. Jason says he's not so Luke questions him some more. Jason tells him he's got everything that Sonny owns for 10 years, at least. Jason tells him that "profits are down" at the club. Luke wonders what Jason's gotten himself into. Jason is prepared to handle whatever happens. He asks Luke if he wants his share of the club so that the mob won't touch his business. Luke doesn't have the cash. He tells Jason that he fears for his future and he won't become a casualty in Jason's turf war. Jason tells him he might want to leave as a thug enters the restaurant. Jason tells Luke the guy's been following him. Luke leaves the table so Jason can take care of the guy. The man goes over to Jason's table and introduces himself as a friend of Davis Reese. He asks where Sonny is because they lost him after he left Puerto Rico. Jason tells him that he's basically Sonny and he's not impressed with his threats. However, Jason threatens him and has a guy of his escort him to the airport. Luke comes back and Jason fills him in on the contract that's out on Sonny. He tells Luke that Sonny's not sending for Brenda but he does have someone watching her just in case the syndicate tries something. Jason tells him he can't promise the violence won't touch the club. Luke says most of his family is out of the country, but he's concerned about Lucky. Luke will protect Lucky himself.

Amy tells Bobbie that Tony operated for 10 hours on a gunshot patient. Alan overhears and worries that it was Jason. He is relieved but still shaken when he finds out it's not him. He gets a phone call from another doctor. He rushes off to have lunch with Monica. He seems kind of befuddled. He looks at his bottle of pills as he goes into the elevator. Amy observes that he's "overworked". Carly phones to see if Tony's gotten his messages yet, but Amy tells her he hasn't yet.

Carly is trying to phone Lorraine when Tony walks in. She claims she was trying to call the dry cleaners. She tries to distract him but he asks her about the sonogram. He tells her about the phone call he got. She acts miffed and denies that she had one at Mercy. He apologizes but says he was just concerned that something might be wrong with the baby and she went there so he wouldn't know, acting on "impulse" as usual. He still wonders why someone phoned him to tell him that. Carly says she was worried about him all night. He scolds her about not sleeping enough. Tony suddenly realizes that it was Lorraine that phoned him. She feigns ignorance and wonders why Lorraine would do that. She lets Tony think Lorraine was just trying to cause trouble because she's jealous of Carly's happiness. She tells him she has to go shopping for more baby clothes. He has to shower and get back to GH. They hug and kiss. She grabs her purse and goes out.

Monica meets AJ at the Outback for lunch. They chat about his future and she once again suggests he tell Alan the truth about his blackout. She tells him that Alan is meeting them for lunch. They go inside and see Jason chatting with Luke. They wonder if they should ask Jason to join them. Alan walks in just as Jason's guy is walking out with the other guy. He joins AJ and Monica and is surprised to see his son. Alan tells AJ that he won't have anything to do with him until he goes back to rehab. He tells Monica off and then walks over to Jason's table. Luke makes himself scarce while Alan questions Jason nastily about the thugs that were just there. AJ and Monica go over there and try to pry Alan away. Jason just looks at him stonily. Alan loses it, yells, "He's got a gun!" and rants and raves about how he's like Sonny, telling them that he even pulled a gun on his own father. Then he walks outside, Monica following. AJ slinks away in embarrassment and Luke returns to the table.

Luke comes back and asks Jason about what Alan said. Jason explains why he pulled a gun on Alan back during the Tin Man situation. Luke tells him that it's just hard on a father when his son makes choices he thinks are bad ones. Luke says he's going to talk to Mac and mentions he plans to ask about Robin. Jason reveals that the previous day was her birthday but he didn't talk to her.

Alan apologizes and hugs Monica. He tells her they should pay more attention to their relationship than to their children. He invites her out that night so she agrees. They kiss and she goes back inside. He tales another pill. He goes back to GH and congratulates Tony on his great work in the OR. Tony asks him about his hand. Alan says it still aches sometime and asks him for some more medication. Tony says he'll call it in.

At GH, Amy invites Bobbie out for dinner with another friend, but she declines. They chat some more about Carly and Tony. Bobbie mentions Carly's friendship with Lorraine, which amazes Amy. But then she says that Lorraine was an awful nurse would do anything for money. Bobbie chats with Tony and asks him when the baby's due; he says "January".

Carly visits Lorraine at work to chew her out for her phone call to Tony. Lorraine says she wants more money. Carly says she better watch it because if her secrets come out, then she will rat on how Lorraine faked the sonogram. Lorraine says she'd better worry about what AJ will do when the baby is not born in December.