General Hospital Monday October 13th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 10/13/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Lorraine tells Tony to "look close to home" about who had a sonogram done at Mercy. He is in shock and doesn't even hear Amy tell him something about a patient. He rushes off and Amy tells Bobbie how weird he is acting. She thinks it's a personal problem. They chat about Tony, as usual. Amy reminds her that it's her and Tony's wedding anniversary. Bobbie's amazed that she didn't remember and takes that as a good sign that she's over him.

Carly yells and pounds futilely on the closet door. AJ tells her there's no point and says the janitor will come there eventually and let them out. She shrieks at him nastily but then apologizes. She is just worried about how Tony will react. His calm demeanor and silence really bothers her. She starts to panic that he will tell Tony her secret. He reminds her that he promised not to tell. He gets disgusted when she tells him how great he is. He says he probably did it more for him that for the baby. She asks him what he means so he explains about Alan. She is astounded by Alan's cruelty to his own child. She can sympathize because of her own background. He questions her so she says she had a good friend who was adopted. She says they were almost like friends again but he says the problem is, she was his "first friend in sobriety" which is why he felt so betrayed. He tells her that she is the last person he would want to be stuck in a closet with.

Jax comes downstairs and gets worried when he sees the door open and Brenda gone. Meanwhile, Brenda stares at a park bench where Sonny and she sat romantically before their almost-wedding. She sits there and cries, still wearing only Jax's robe and whatever she had on underneath it. Jax finds her and asks what happened, so she tells him. She pours her heart out. She doesn't want him to see her "fall apart over Sonny" but he assures her again that it's okay. She wonders if she should see a therapist again and he says he'll support her whatever she wants to do, as long as she stays with him. She takes his hand and they go back to his place. He gets her hot chocolate, which reminds her of her childhood when she used to sneak and read her sister's Nancy Drew collection and sip hot chocolate in a big overstuffed chair. She falls asleep and Jax holds her while she sleeps.

Katherine is not happy to see Luke, who brings up her broken heart. She tells him she won't be cozying up to him any time soon, just because she's mad at Stefan. He tells her he's outraged at the way Stefan has treated her. He keeps on her about everything, especially getting shot by Stefan and her long recovery. He urges her to fight back at Stefan. He says that Stefan hasn't done much for GH but she disagrees. She denies his paranoid rantings about Stefan. He tells her that Stefan is trying to run the world but she laughs at him. He asks her to think about why Stefan dumped her and that she is the only one who can put Stefan away. She tells him there's no evidence. He is not happy about that but says they could go to Mac. She refuses and tells him she won't dwell on the past. Then she leaves, but he follows doggedly.

Alexis tries to get Stefan to eat dinner. She worries about him but he tells her not to, he'll get over it. She gets a long-distance phone call from Ned.

Stefan asks Amy for a chart and when she can't find it right away, he bitches at her. Bobbie tells him to "knock it off" and he tells her to stay out of it so she gets mad and throws what he did to Katherine up in his face. He defends himself sarcastically and walks away. Tony asks Amy to get someone to cover for him, he's leaving. Alexis tells Stefan that Ned is "exhausted" from defending ELQ's interests in Jakarta. She thinks that their company almost went under. He looks at her coldly as she says to him, "You really outdid yourself this time, Stefan". He says that as long as they're working in the best interests of the family, no effort is too small.

Dara finishes singing at the Outback and everyone congratulates her. Lila wishes Justus could have been there instead of being out of town. Maxie insists on going to the restroom by herself before they leave. The guy from Texas starts to follow but runs into a waiter by accident instead. Emily tells Keesha she looks great and she's sorry AJ didn't show. They wonder what happened to him. Keesha grows concerned. Mac asks Dara when she can sing again, but she talks about how busy she is. Felicia and Mac start bickering about how she uses her time, divided between the restaurant and the private eye business.

Keesha lets AJ and Carly out of the closet. They explain what happened to get them stuck in there. Keesha looks suspicious. She explains that she got worried when he didn't show up at the Outback. He apologizes but she seems a bit perturbed. They walk out together, however.

Amy apologizes to Bobbie for reminding her about her anniversary. Bobbie says not to worry about it. She has a flashback to their wedding, and then to last year when she found him in bed with Carly. Meanwhile, Tony looks through some records at home for evidence of Carly's sonogram at Mercy. She comes home and starts to explain where she's been but he asks, "Did you have a sonogram at Mercy Hospital?" Fortunately he gets beeped in the meantime so he tells her she better have an answer when he gets back.

Luke helps Katherine carry her stuff out to car, despite her protestations. They are getting on the elevator just as Stefan and Alexis are getting out. Katherine makes a point of turning to Luke and telling him she appreciates his help. After the Cassadines pass by, he points out how fun that must have been, since Stefan hates him, and asks her to consider "the possibilities".