General Hospital Friday October 10th 1997 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 10/10/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax and Edward argue about where Brenda's going to stay. Jax takes her stuff out. When Edward starts to phone Brenda, Jax tries to soothe Edward by explaining what's going on. But it doesn't help so Jax has to tell him to mind his own business. Emily comes in to tell Edward that they'll be late to see Dara. Edward tells her that Jax is trying to run Jax's life. Emily informs him that Brenda wasn't doing as well as she pretended to be doing there at the gatehouse, so it's best for her to go somewhere where she can recuperate.

Brenda tells V. to call her by her first name and tells her that Jax went to pick up some stuff of hers. V. tries to make herself scarce so Brenda tries to explain why she's there. V. says she already knows so Brenda questions her. V. just says she means that Jax is a good friend so she knows he's just helping her out in her time of need. Brenda asks her about the dog and bird stories. V. explains how Jax helped her with it. Brenda compliments her on it. V. shows her some other art she's done. V. envies Brenda's glamorous lifestyle but Brenda says she envies her artistic talent. Brenda does a stick figure drawing to show her own lack of talent. They are laughing when Jax comes in, looking wary. He and V. finish up their work. so she leaves after Jax thanks her for making Brenda laugh. Brenda lists V.'s positive attributes for him, but he's just glad she made Brenda laugh. Brenda writes a letter to her sister. Jax puts some music on and tells her he's having dinner sent up from one of her favorite restaurants. He tells her Edward is a little put out but wants what's best for her. She thanks him for everything. He goes to make some business calls. She looks again at one of V's drawings, of some flowers. It reminds her of her wedding bouquet and what happened that day, so she gets upset again. She runs out (wearing only a robe and some undergarments!).

Bobbie tells Katherine that Stefan's not worth crying over. They agree that he is an "emotional bully". Katherine wishes she had listened to Bobbie earlier. She tells Bobbie that she loved him much more than Bobbie ever did but she shouldn't have acted so "arrogant". She is not sure Stefan is even "capable of loving anyone". Bobbie tries to console her and tells her to get on with her life and not let him "win". Katherine asks her to close the door on the way out, but she's not mad, just inconsolable.

At GH, Stefan and Luke exchange barbs as usual. When Luke mentions Katherine, Stefan looks upset. When Luke persists, Stefan suggests he go to Amy if he wants gossip. Alexis comes up and she and Luke also exchange quips. Stefan decides enough is enough so he and Alexis walk away. Bobbie comes up so Luke asks her what's wrong with Stefan, he wasn't as glib as usual. She tells him maybe he's feeling guilty about the way he treated Katherine. Bobbie tells Luke that she feels sorry for Katherine, even though she's never liked her, because of how devastated she is. She wonders what happened between them but Luke wonders why she's not pressing charges against him for the shooting. She asks him for dinner tomorrow and he accepts. She is going to get ready for surgery so he jokingly warns her not to scalp Tony with the surgical saw. She laughs but says Carly is the one she'd like to scalp. Later, Alexis asks Stefan if he's going home now but he claims he has business. She figures he's staying the night at GH again and asks him when he last slept in his own bed. He flashes back to holding Katherine in his bed that last night. She assures him "the worst is over" as far as Katherine is concerned, but he tells her it's just starting.

Luke finds Katherine just as she's angrily flinging the crystal tree across the room. He tells her, "Don't get mad, get even".

Carly lies to Tony that she paid Lorraine off because she had borrowed money from her when they were in nursing school. She is unspecific about why she needed the money to pay her tuition back then. He looks hurt and unsure and asks her why she didn't ask him. She says she didn't want to bother him again. She claims that Lorraine was jealous of her happiness and that's why she insisted all of a sudden that Carly pay her back. Tony sticks up for Lorraine, surprising Carly. He thinks Carly has been irresponsible with her money and he doesn't quite look like he believes her. She also tells him that she took the money out of their joint account. She claims she wants to be more responsible now, since she'll be a mother soon, so that's why she didn't want to disappoint him again by telling him about it. She beats herself up about it but he forgives her, as usual, saying most of it happened before they knew each other. He tells her that he got some time off so they can finish planning their wedding. AJ comes back in for work, ignoring them. Carly tries to make excuses about why AJ has been ignoring her lately. AJ asks Tony to hold the door for him when he has to put some stuff in a closet (the door has a faulty latch). They chat about the baby. Tony says they've noticed that he hasn't been such a close friend lately. AJ claims he's just been busy.

Keesha greets Dara at the Outback. AJ phones Keesha to tell her he'll be going home to change soon so he can meet her. Dara is nervous about singing. Felicia and Maxie come in, all dressed up, for the show. When Dara notices Maxie's pretty purse, Maxie shows her the Aztec doll she's carrying inside. Keesha and Maxie go backstage with Dara to help her get ready. Mac and Felicia chat. Felicia wishes she hadn't missed the last nurse's ball. They talk about Katherine's troubles. Later, Felicia looks for Maxie and Mac makes a joke about her fascination with the doll. Maxie comes in and tells her mother that Dara let her wear some perfume. Maxie advises Dara to rub her doll for luck. Keesha wonders where AJ is.

AJ gets a phone call from someone for a meeting. He can't get out of it so he tells them to make it quick because he has to go somewhere. Carly bugs him about ignoring her so he tells her to "go away". She persists in whining to him about the way he's acting. He says he's doing the best he can, if she wants more it's tough. She goes into that same closet with some stuff. She stupidly lifts some boxes up, standing on a stool. AJ catches her just as she is about to fall. He is very concerned about her. He goes to put the big box up for her so she gets another one that was holding the door open. He yells but it's too late, the door is locked shut. She pulls the handle off, too. Now they are both stuck in there. (Ouch, I hope there's a bathroom in there, considering how often pregnant women have to go to to the bathroom!) They argue about being stuck in there.

At the Outback, Lorraine gets drunk at the bar. Mac admires her big wad of cash. Lorraine tries to talk with him about how peeved she is about Carly's superior attitude (not mentioning her name), but he has to go introduce Dara. Dara sings. Keesha looks abandoned. The rest of the crowd enjoys the singing. Dara thanks Maxie for letting her rub the doll for luck, so Maxie takes it out so she can rub it again. Just then, the guy from Texas walks in and sees them with the doll. Mac gives drunken Lorraine the phone so she can call a cab, but instead she phones Tony anonymously and tells him that Carly had a sonogram at Mercy last week. Emily chats with Keesha.