Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/15/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/15/21


Written By Joseph
Photos by Kimberly

Gwen with Eli

Gwen goes to see Eli in the interrogation room at the police station and asks why he wanted to see her. Eli informs her that he has more questions about the death of Dr. Snyder. Gwen says she's already answered his questions. Eli states that she lied and he'd like to know why.

Sami goes to see Xander, who asks what he can help her with. Sami responds that she needs something from him. Xander asks what that is. Sami wants the truth about he and Nicole. Sami tells him that she knows they slept together so she just needs him to admit it.

Eric and Nicole

Nicole goes home and finds flowers with a card. She opens the card and reads it from Eric, saying their first year of marriage has flown by but he couldn't let the day pass without letting her know how much he loves her. Eric then appears inside the apartment and wishes Nicole a happy anniversary. Nicole rushes up and hugs him as she is disbelief that he is back and they kiss.

Lucas goes to the DiMera Enterprises office which EJ calls a surprise. EJ asks what brings him by. Lucas thinks back to retrieving Kristen's letter from the fireplace where Sami attempted to burn it. Lucas informs EJ that he has something for him as he reaches in to his jacket. EJ laughs and says that yesterday, Jake made the exact same move and he thought he was reaching for a gun but he lost his nerve. EJ asks if he's here to finish the job. Lucas responds that he doesn't have a literal gun, just a smoking one.

Chloe joins Brady at the Basic Black office. Chloe asks where Xander and Nicole are. Brady informs her that Xander left and he gave Nicole the rest of the day off, so it will just be the two of them. Philip appears and says he means the three of them, since Chloe can't drive or carry her briefcase with her injured arm so he's there to take care of her. Brady says that's nice of him but they have work to do so he'll have to ask Philip to go. Philip stops and informs him that he has a proposal.

EJ questions what Lucas is talking about. Lucas says he'll let this do the talking but Kate appears and questions what Lucas is doing here. Kate asks if he's here to try to get EJ to fire her. Lucas says no but Kate says she knows that he doesn't like that she faked being blind and that she's back at DiMera but it's between her and EJ so he needs to stay out of it. Kate says they are putting together a new team so she doesn't have time to talk about this with Lucas but promises she will later. EJ states that he would actually like to know what Lucas came to say.

Sami is amused by Xander

Xander questions Sami pursuing that ridiculous theory when Nicole hates his guts. Sami insists that she saw with her own eyes as they drunkenly stumbled in to the Salem Inn and Nicole didn't go home that night. Xander brings up how Nicole registered her own room under Basic Black and adds that he knows Sami checked. Sami guesses they are working together to hide the truth about Nicole cheating on Eric. Sami asks Xander to just admit it and asks what it will cost her to get him on tape admitting the truth.

Eric notes that Nicole's been crying as her eyes are red. Nicole talks about being sad to spend their anniversary alone but he's here. Eric assures that he's happy to be here. Nicole says she missed him so much and asks why he didn't tell her that he was coming. Eric says he didn't want to disappoint if something happened again since he's let her down so many times all year. Nicole says that's not true but Eric says it is. Nicole cries that his work in Africa was so important and they need him. Eric responds that his wife needs him. Eric brings up his vows to build a life with you and then he flew across the world. Eric knows that she supported and encouraged it but part of him wishes he just stayed here with her. Eric says he felt his decision was right at the time but he was gone for way too long and he let her down. Eric adds that it weighed heavy on him and he loves her. Eric declares that she means everything to him and he hopes she feels the same way. Nicole assures that she does and says that she's the one who is sorry. Eric asks what for.

Gwen tells Eli that she didn't lie. Eli brings up that she said she last saw Dr. Snyder at the hospital at her follow up appointment. Gwen says it was as far as she could recall. Eli informs her that he has reason to believe that she last saw Dr. Snyder at Julie's house because she said she saw him on the couch next to her and Xander. Eli questions if Dr. Snyder made a house call and what Gwen knows about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Xander asks why Sami is so determined to prove that Nicole slept with him. Sami responds that her brother deserves better than a wife who cheats on him. She brings up today being their wedding anniversary and how Eric is still in Africa, so she suspects their marriage is heading for the dumpster anyway and this recording would just be an insurance policy. Xander asks if it would be for Eric or for her, since Nicole thinks Sami cheated on her husband with her ex, Lucas. Xander asks if she did.

Lucas tells EJ to forget he said anything and claims it was nothing. EJ says it seemed like something. Lucas tells Kate that he will see her later and walks out. EJ wonders what that was about.

Brady questions what kind of proposal Philip has. Philip responds that he's been tossing ideas around about a collaboration between Gabi Chic and Basic Black. Brady questions why when they are competitors. Philip points out that he let them use their warehouses a few months back. Brady argues that was just because he had ulterior motives as a personal favor to Chloe. Philip asks if they can all just get along. Brady says no. Philip questions Brady rejecting his idea without even running it by Nicole first. Brady assures that Nicole would agree with him on this one. Brady tells Philip that they have work to do so he asks him to leave. Philip asks Chloe to let him know when she's done for the day and he'll pick her up. Chloe thanks him. Brady tells him there's no need because he can drive her home. Philip remarks that it's high school all over again, except this time Brady is the one who didn't get the girl. Philip then exits the office.

Eric asks Nicole what she could possibly be sorry for. Nicole tells him that she's sorry that she didn't always believe in him and in them because she was impatient and at times, she was angry that he wasn't there. Nicole adds that there were days that she questioned everything about their marriage and future. Nicole declares that one thing that never changed is how much she loves him with her whole heart as she never stopped and never will. Nicole hugs him and says an hour ago she was the unhappiest woman in the world and now she can't believe how lucky she is as they kiss. Eric says he's the lucky one and he's so sorry for how unhappy she has been. Nicole says he's here now. Eric asks about Holly. Nicole informs him that she's on a camping trip but she'll be back tomorrow and will be over the moon to see him. Eric asks about Allie and Henry. Nicole says they are great and she loves having them here. Nicole mentions that Allie took Henry to run errands. Nicole points out that they have the place to themselves so she suggests taking advantage of the alone time while they can. Eric agrees and they head to the bedroom.

Gwen questions Eli calling her down because his grandma pointed a finger. Eli asks if she's saying Julie didn't see what she saw. Gwen confirms there was a man who may have resembled Dr. Snyder but that's the end of it. Gwen adds that Dr. Snyder was found dead in the lake, not in the Horton living room. Eli points out that he didn't die in the lake so he wants to know how he got there. Gwen asks how she should know. Eli questions if it wasn't Dr. Snyder that Julie saw on the couch, then who was it. Gwen claims it was a friend of Xander's, who showed up drunk. Eli asks for his name but Gwen says she doesn't know. Eli questions Xander never saying his name. Gwen says if he has questions, he'll have to ask Xander. Gwen adds that she knows he has no reason to hold her so she exits.

Sami on the phone

Sami argues that Nicole has no idea what she's talking about as she didn't sleep with Lucas and she's very happily married. Sami adds that Xander doesn't even like Nicole so she questions why he's protecting her. Xander responds that ruining his boss's marriage wouldn't be good for his continued employment. Sami says she won't have to know it was him and she'll only use his tape if absolutely necessary. Sami argues that Xander could make more money working for her and doesn't know how he could say no. Xander doesn't trust her. Sami asks if he trusts cash and offers 1 million dollars.

Lucas goes to the Brady Pub and pulls out Kristen's letter from his jacket. Philip arrives behind him and asks if he's here to drown his sorrows in ginger ale, offering to buy the first round. Lucas points out that Philip doesn't look like he's having the best day either. Philip informs him that he and Chloe are finally back together after all these years. Lucas says that's good so he should be celebrating. Philip says he should be but after all these years, Brady is still trying to worm his way in between them. Lucas says that sucks and he's sorry about that. Philip questions if he is, since not long ago Lucas and Chloe were trying to rekindle the old flame. Lucas insists that he's not interested in Chloe so Philip questions why he told her that he was dying of a brain tumor to try to convince her to leave town with him. Lucas claims he had a really good reason and it wasn't because he was interested in Chloe. Philip wants to hear more. Lucas says it's a confusing situation with blackmail. Philip questions that so Lucas clarifies that someone was actually blackmailing Sami.

Kate tells EJ that she thinks Lucas was just trying to manufacture some reason for EJ to fire her because he disapproves of them working together again. EJ questions why. Kate responds that EJ is selfish, demanding, and impossible. EJ says Lucas is not totally wrong but he's perplexed as to why Lucas is taking his presence in Salem so personally. Kate points out Lucas being very protective of Sami. EJ knows they became close when Sami was accused of Charlie's murder. EJ then declares that he thinks he knows what's going on and asks if there is something between Lucas and Sami.

Sami warns Xander that this is a limited time offer and says if he doesn't want to tell her the truth, she'll go find someone else to talk. Xander asks Sami to throw in her necklace and they have a deal. Sami says no because it was a gift from EJ. Gwen comes home and tells Xander that she really needs to talk to him. Xander says he's in the middle of something. Gwen says it's important and suggests getting a lawyer because the cops are on to them. Xander then tells Sami that if she gives him the cash, he will agree to talk on record.

Philip questions Lucas saying he slept with Sami twice. Lucas tells him to keep his voice down because nobody knows, except Kristen DiMera. Lucas knows it's bad and calls it a long story. Philip says he has all afternoon. Lucas tells him about Kristen being determined to keep Chloe away from Brady so she told Sami that if she didn't help her do that, she would tell EJ about them sleeping together. Lucas explains that he agreed to help Sami so he came up with the brain tumor thing. Lucas says it worked for a bit but Chloe eventually caught on because he went way over the top. Lucas explains that he thought they were in the clear but Kristen wrote a letter to EJ, telling him that Sami cheated on him, but EJ hasn't seen it yet because he has it right here.

Chloe asks Brady if something is wrong. Brady responds that it is like they went back in time 20 years ago but they are adults now and asks if Philip really has to flaunt their relationship in his face every two seconds. Chloe suggests they just concentrate on work. Chloe asks Brady about sending Nicole home. Brady tells her that it's her first year wedding anniversary and Eric is still missing. Chloe questions her not hearing from Eric at all. Brady says that she had hope, but nothing so far.

Eric and Nicole kiss in bed after making love. They agree that it was worth the wait. Eric notes that she suddenly looks worried and sad so he asks if something is wrong.

After Sami leaves, Gwen informs Xander that she tried to tell Eli that Julie was just imagining things but he wouldn't buy it. Xander doesn't understand since the police would have the autopsy and realize Dr. Snyder's death wasn't a murder. Gwen argues that this is about finding his body in the lake and how they are going to figure out it was Xander. Xander says she means them because he was covering for her. Gwen argues that she didn't hold the blade to his throat which is probably what caused his heart attack. Gwen adds that it wasn't her idea to dump his body in the lake. Xander says he did it for her and she left him holding the bag. Gwen says she just went along with his cover story so he should be thanking her for warning him before the cops come calling. The doorbell then rings.

Nicole tells Eric that she just keeps thinking about how upset she was and how unfair that was to him that she threw herself a pity party because she was alone with no husband or celebration. Eric suggests having a celebration. Nicole doesn't think there's any time to put one together. Eric says they can invite a few friends and his family like Belle, Brady, and Sami. Nicole gives a look so Eric says he thought she and Sami were getting along lately. Nicole argues that in Sami's eyes, she will never be good enough for him. Nicole notes that not inviting her wouldn't be fair to him. Eric says he will make Sami promise to behave as they continue kissing.

Kate states that EJ can't think Sami and Lucas are involved. EJ says of course not but they share children so she has to be in contact with him and he's sure it goes no further than that for her, but it wouldn't surprise him at all if Lucas was falling for Sami again. Kate admits it could be possible since he has notoriously bad judgment with certain woman. EJ says if his feelings for Sami are rising again then his anger towards him makes perfect sense since his return has spoiled everything for him.

Lucas explains to Philip that Gabi got a hold of Kristen's letter first by mistake, then gave it to Sami and Sami wanted to burn it before EJ got it. Philip asks how he got it. Lucas admits it wasn't easy as he had an argument with Sami, she hung up on him, so he went to the mansion to finish their conversation when he saw her trying to burn the letter in the fireplace, so he got suspicious and fished the letter out of the fireplace himself. Philip questions why he's still holding on to it. Lucas declares that EJ is all wrong for Sami and complains that he mistreats her and she forgives him and loves him no matter what. Lucas says that EJ ticked him off so he was going to his office to show him the letter and throw it in his face, but Kate showed up and made it all about her. Lucas decides maybe it's best that he didn't show EJ, because if he did then Sami would never forgive him.

Sami walks through the town square with her briefcase full of cash when she gets a call so she stops to answer and it's Eric. Sami asks if everything is okay. Eric says it's more than okay as he reveals that he's in Salem with his beautiful wife, celebrating their anniversary.

Xander answers the door and Eli comes in. Xander jokingly asks if Eli came to see Julie. Eli responds that he knows why he's here and says he needs the name of Xander's friend that was passed out on the couch. Xander claims he has lots of friends. Eli says he's talking about the one that Gwen told him about. Eli wants his name and number to confirm the story. Xander says he'd rather not to say because his wife thinks he's sober so he'd not drag him in to whatever this is. Eli asks if the unconscious friend was not Dr. Clay Snyder but an unnamed man who looks like him. Xander doesn't understand why he's asking all these questions when Dr. Snyder died of natural causes. Eli asks what makes him say that. Xander claims he read it in the paper but Eli says it wasn't in the paper so Xander claims he must have heard it somewhere. Eli asks where. Xander says he forgets. Eli suggests his memory may improve down at the station but Xander argues that he knows his rights and he has no proof that he's done anything wrong. Eli states that Xander being here is a threat to Julie's peace and safety so he can find something to stick. Xander calls that police over reach. Eli says he's just doing his job. Xander warns Eli to stay away from him or else..

Philip asks Lucas if he has real feelings for Sami again. Lucas asks what if he does since she's gaga over EJ. Philip agrees that Sami deserves someone better like him and says he's on his side. Lucas thanks him. Lucas notes that Sami has forgiven EJ for everything, but if EJ saw the letter, he doesn't think EJ would be nearly as forgiving about them. Philip responds that he just gave him an idea.

Chloe tells Brady that it's so sad that Nicole and Eric have spent more time apart than together since getting married and she knows it's been hard on Nicole. Brady remarks that it's even harder than she thinks which Chloe questions. Brady says it's nothing and hopes that Eric realizes he needs to start putting Nicole first or else he might lose her for good.

Sami questions Eric coming back to town and not telling her. Eric says he's telling her now and he wanted to invite her to their surprise anniversary party. Eric adds that he's texting everyone but wanted to call Sami himself because he wants her to be happy and supportive of he and Nicole, otherwise they don't want her to come. Sami asks if he means they or her. Eric responds that he wants what Nicole wants. Sami tells him that he can always count on her. Sami hangs up and calls Nicole a lying slut, remarking that she's going to pay for this.

EJ tells Kate that Lucas will just have to accept that he's back for good now as he and Sami have reconnected in every way. Kate tells him that she's so happy for he and Sami. EJ thanks her and he's sorry if Lucas is hurt, but says the love that he and Sami share is once in a lifetime. EJ declares that he and Sami are together again and more solid than ever before.

Philip asks Lucas what if EJ sees the letter, but Sami has no idea that it ever came from Lucas. Lucas says he's listening. Philip tells Lucas that if he wants Sami back, he has to fight dirty like EJ. Philip encourages Lucas to get the letter in EJ's hands and reclaim the woman he loves but make sure that it can never be traced back to him.

Sami goes to see Xander but Gwen informs her that he's not home as he's at the police station because he's been arrested.

Eli brings Xander to the interrogation room, where he complains of police brutality and wants his lawyer. Xander argues that Eli provoked him. Eli says he's just doing his job. Eli orders Xander to chill out until he's ready to tell him everything he knows about the death of Dr. Clay Snyder.

Brady gets a text from Eric and is shocked to learn that Eric is home and wants to have a wedding anniversary party right now at the Brady Pub. Brady asks if Chloe wants to come with him.

Eric and Nicole in bed

Eric tells Nicole that he sent his last text and goes back to kissing Nicole. Eric says they do have a party to go to. Nicole says that he didn't have to go through all that trouble. Eric feels she deserves a big party and celebration. Nicole is just glad to have him home which is why she has to ask, what this means. Nicole says it's one thing to swoop in and surprise her on their anniversary, but asks if he is back for good.

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