Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/14/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/14/21


Written By Joseph
Photos by Kimberly

Xander on the phone

Xander is on the phone at Basic Black with a potential client until Brady walks in, takes his phone and hangs up.

Nicole goes to the Brady Pub and thinks back to her and Eric's wedding. Nicole tearfully wishes herself a happy anniversary.

EJ and Sami wake up in bed together. EJ talks about having everything they need right here. Sami agrees so EJ asks if she's not going to sneak out on him again.

Allie and Tripp wake up in bed together. Tripp tells her that he's happy because he feels so close to her. Allie says she feels the same way and has no regrets as she kisses him. Tripp says he wants to stay with her all day but he has to get to work. Allie stops him and says he can't because Chanel is in the living room and she doesn't know that he stayed the night.

Chanel wakes up on the couch of Allie and Nicole's apartment and thinks back to seeing Allie take Tripp to her bedroom. Allie then comes out of her room. Allie greets her and asks how she slept. Chanel says she was fine and asks how Allie slept. Allie says she has no complaints. Chanel responds that she's glad to hear it. Allie asks if Chanel is hungry. Chanel tells her not to worry about her as she'll find something. Chanel then asks Allie if Tripp is getting a little lonely in her bed.

Gabi talks to Jake at home about having to go to a work meeting and asks what Jake is doing today. Jake responds that his agenda is wide open.

Xander questions Brady snatching his phone. Brady responds that he thought it was his because he left it at the office or misplaced it and they have the same case. Brady apologizes for jumping to conclusions and hands Xander his phone back. Xander suggests Brady check Nicole's desk. Brady argues that Nicole wouldn't take his phone. Xander questions that he would and tells Brady that he's not some desperate coffee boy, they are colleagues now so he needs to treat him with respect. Brady tells him to save it and argues that he only has this job because he blackmailed Nicole in to it. Brady then reveals that he knows Nicole and Xander slept together and that she would do anything to keep Eric from finding out, which shocks Xander.

Nicole sits alone at the Pub and tells herself to pull it together as it's just another day. Theo comes over and asks her what's wrong. Nicole claims it's nothing but Theo wants to know what's going on. Nicole informs him that today is her one year wedding anniversary and her husband is a world away. Theo says he's sorry. Theo knows how far away Africa can seem from Salem, but he also knows how Salem and the people you love can live in your heart. Theo guarantees that Eric is thinking about Nicole too. Nicole thanks him for saying that. Theo is glad that he ran in to her so he can give her Brady's phone back. Theo tells her that he spent hours trying to trace the call from Kristen and he got her number.

Sami questions EJ thinking she snuck out of their bed and claims not to remember what he's talking about. EJ says it was yesterday, he woke up alone in bed, so he asks where she went. Sami thinks back to throwing Kristen's letter in the fireplace. EJ asks Sami again where she went.

Allie questions Chanel knowing about Tripp. Chanel reveals that she saw them going to her room when she came home. Chanel admits that when she left her with Tripp, she kind of thought Allie was going to break up with him but guesses she made a different choice. Chanel calls out to Tripp and says he can stop hiding as it's okay for him to come out, so Tripp then comes out from the bedroom.

Nicole in the Brady Pub

Xander asks if Nicole told Brady about them. Brady clarifies that he overheard it and when he asked Nicole about it, she confirmed his suspicion. Xander asks if she told him outstanding it was. Brady says he knows it was just because she was drunk and vulnerable. Brady argues that Nicole misses her husband and Xander took advantage of her and used it to get a job. Xander says they came to a mutual agreement. Xander says if Brady thinks he's so terrible, he could fire him, but he knows if he does that, Eric will find out what a cheating tramp his wife is.

Nicole tells Theo that's great that he got Kristen's number. Theo clarifies that it's not Kristen's number anymore as it's been deactivated and was just a burner, so Kristen's not going to use it again. Theo asks what Nicole wanted to talk to Kristen about. Lucas appears and says he'd like to know that too.

Gabi tells Jake that she knows he's still bummed out about losing his job. Jake argues that he didn't lose the job since if EJ stayed in Italy, he'd still be CEO of DiMera. Jake remarks that he should've taken EJ down when he had the chance as telling him that Sami slept with Lucas would've blown his entire life apart. Gabi points out that it would've hurt Sami too so they did the right thing by giving it to her. Gabi is sure it's long gone by now and guarantees Sami got rid of the letter. Jake warns that it could still come back to haunt her which Gabi questions.

Sami tells EJ that she just went downstairs to get a drink. EJ finds that odd because he went downstairs looking for her and couldn't find her anywhere. Sami guesses that he didn't look very hard because she had her ice tea outside. Sami talks about how Harold makes her ice tea. EJ then informs Sami that he has a surprise for her.

Chanel asks if Tripp heard all of that. Chanel tells him that he doesn't have to say anything as it's all good. Tripp asks if she's sure. Chanel asks why it wouldn't be. Chanel says she and Allie have been friends for a long time so she's her girl and always will be while Tripp seems like a great guy, so they all know where they stand. Tripp asks what happens now. Chanel thought there was something more going on with her and Allie but obviously not so she's totally fine with Allie and Tripp being together.

Gabi has no idea how the letter could come back to haunt Sami as she's sure that she destroyed it by now. Jake argues that Sami cheated on her husband and those kind of things leak out. Gabi asks if Jake is going to tell EJ. Jake says he's not a snitch but EJ blew in town like he owned the place and his family, so maybe it wouldn't be bad if EJ finds out that he doesn't know what's going on in his own marriage. Gabi suggests that she can help him in taking down EJ.

EJ surprises Sami with a necklace that she saw in a vintage shop in Tuscany. EJ explains he tracked down the shopkeeper who shipped it. Sami can't believe it as EJ puts it on her. Sami says it's so beautiful and she loves it, but asks why. EJ says it's the least he could do to thank her for standing by him and caring for him as he recovered, giving him the time and space he needed to become the husband she deserves again. EJ declares that now that they are reconnected, he's never going to let her go as they kiss.

Lucas retrieving the letter from the fireplace

Theo is sorry that he couldn't be more of a help to Nicole. Nicole appreciates all he's done. Theo is glad he got to see her while he was in town. Theo wishes her a happy anniversary and reminds her that Africa is not as far away as she thinks. Theo then exits the Pub while Lucas sits with Nicole and asks why she's so determined to contact Kristen. Nicole admits she was trying to prove her theory that Lucas and Sami slept together. Lucas calls that nonsense. Nicole tells him not to worry as Theo couldn't find an active number for Kristen. Lucas claims he's not worried. Nicole argues that there has to be a way to prove he and Sami slept together and she's going to find it. Nicole then exits the Pub. Lucas then flashes back to seeing Sami going to set Kristen's letter on fire, revealing he was the one who retrieved the letter from the fireplace. Lucas remarks to himself that Nicole is right that there's proof, but she's never going to get her hands on it, because he already has it. Lucas pulls out the letter and puts it in his jacket pocket.

Chanel says she's leaving. Tripp tells her not to leave because of him as he's heading to the hospital anyway. Allie asks Chanel to stay for breakfast. Chanel feels she already overstayed her welcome and can't keep couch surfing forever. Allie asks where she will go. Chanel says she'll figure it out and needs to get her own place anyways. Chanel thanks Allie for letting her stay last night. Chanel says she will see them later. Allie tells her to text her. Chanel then exits the apartment.

Xander tells Brady that at least he never came between Nicole and his own brother. Brady warns him not to go there. Xander complains that Brady holds himself up like a paragon of virtue when he's really a backstabbing liar. Brady yells at him to shut his mouth. Nicole then arrives and questions what's going on. Brady tells her to ask her new hire. Xander explains that he was just conducting business when Brady ripped his phone away and attacked him for their night of passion at the Salem Inn. Xander questions why Nicole would confide in Eric's brother of all people. Nicole didn't expect him to say anything about it. Brady says he made it clear he overheard it. Xander argues that if they want him to keep quiet, he needs to be treated with respect. Xander decides he can't work like this, so he's taking the rest of the day off. Xander exits the office. Nicole questions Brady saying anything to Xander. Brady says he wasn't planning on it but they got into an argument and it escalated a bit. Brady explains that he thought Xander took his phone but apparently he didn't. Nicole then returns Brady's phone. Brady questions where she found it. Nicole claims she found it in one of the conference rooms, though Brady does not recall going there.

EJ and Sami kiss in bed until EJ says he has to shower and get to the office. Sami suggests he's his own boss and can make his own hours but EJ doesn't want to miss any of his duties at DiMera. Sami asks about his other duties. EJ assures that he'll take care of her when he gets back. EJ then gets up from bed and exits. Sami gets a phone call from Lucas and asks what the hell he wants. Lucas sits at the Pub, holding Kristen's burned letter. Lucas says he's calling because Sami hung up on him and he'd like to finish their conversation. Sami says she was in a hurry. Lucas asks if she ever found out what happened to the letter that Kristen sent EJ. Sami confirms that Gabi and Jake got the letter by mistake and read it. Lucas questions Jake knowing about them. Sami says Jake was excited to use it against her and EJ but Gabi talked him out of it. Lucas says that's lucky. Sami adds that Gabi gave it back to her and she burned it the first chance she had, so there's no way that EJ can ever find out the truth. Lucas responds that he wouldn't be so sure about that.

Gabi advises Jake to think about his future instead of worrying about EJ. Jake remarks that he has no future but Gabi praises him. Gabi says they will show DiMera that Jake is better than working with them. Gabi declares that she will get Philip to hire Jake at Titan. Jake questions why he would do that. Gabi insists that she will persuade him and remarks that it's only a matter of time before Philip screws up. Gabi talks about how Victor supports his family until they let him down, so when Philip flames out, he will be desperate for a replacement. Gabi says she will be the successor but Jake will be right there working with her and her first act as CEO of Titan will be to take down DiMera once and for all.

Brady and Nicole

Brady can't think of why he would've gone to conference room B. Nicole jokes that she can barely remember where she was at times. Brady guesses he's been more distracted and wants to keep better track of his own. Brady adds that seeing Xander all the time doesn't help. Nicole is sorry that she dragged him in to this as now he's forced to work with Xander every day and has to keep this secret from his brother. Brady says it's okay as he doesn't want to see Eric or Nicole get hurt. Nicole argues that she's backed herself into a corner but she doesn't know why she's so worried about Eric finding out, because she doesn't even know if they still have a marriage.

Chanel runs in to Theo in the town square. Theo asks if she's okay. Theo guesses it must be hard for her to be in the town square because of what her mom is trying to do. Chanel points out where her bakery was going to be. Chanel complains about what Paulina did. Theo knows how hard she worked on her bakery. Chanel comments that she and Allie were sharing it together which would've meant so much more. Theo asks if he can do anything to help or make her feel better. Chanel responds that maybe there is as she then kisses Theo. Theo questions what that was. Chanel asks what he thinks. Theo asks why. Chanel points out that he offered to do anything he could to make her feel better. Theo reminds her that they broke up months ago and asks where this is coming from all of a sudden.

Tripp tells Allie that he's sorry that happened with Chanel. Allie says he has nothing to be sorry about. Tripp points out that Chanel was acting like she wasn't hurt but seemed pretty upset. Allie says it was her fault, not his, because she led her on. Tripp doubts that. Allie says before she was confused, but she's not anymore. Tripp asks if she's sure. Allie assures that Tripp is the one she wants to be with and that's not going to change. They kiss and Tripp says he's very glad to hear that. Tripp feels lucky because he thinks they have something great together. Tripp adds that he has to get to work. Allie mentions going to a mommy and me class with Henry so she decides to get Henry so they can walk out together.

Brady questions Nicole really thinking her marriage is over. Nicole admits she may be just feeling sorry for herself because today is her anniversary. Brady apologizes for forgetting. Nicole points out that he's not the only one. Brady tells her to take the day off but Nicole insists that she's fine. Brady points out that she's unhappy and miserable, so she won't get any work done anyways. Nicole feels it's unfair to leave him with everything but Brady tells her to go home and try to enjoy her day, even if Eric isn't apart of it. Nicole thanks Brady and calls him a good friend. Brady adds that he thinks Eric is an idiot for leaving her alone on their anniversary. Nicole thanks Brady as she then exits the office.

Sami questions what Lucas means by saying they are not necessarily safe and asks how EJ would find out about the letter. Lucas clarifies that he didn't say he would find out from the letter but from Nicole. Sami asks what he knows. Lucas tells her that he just ran in to Nicole and she's very determined to prove they slept together. Sami questions how she's going to do that. Lucas informs her that she had Theo trying to track down a number for Kristen. Sami questions why Nicole is so obsessed with her. Lucas reminds Sami that Nicole hates her guts. Sami declares that she has to find a way to derail Nicole because she cannot expose the truth to EJ. Sami tells Lucas how everything is different now and EJ is being so loving and attentive. Sami wants Lucas to understand that everything is different and EJ is changed. Sami talks about the necklace EJ got her. Sami repeats that she cannot let Nicole ruin everything by telling EJ the truth. Sami thanks Lucas for the warning and says she has to go so she hangs up. Lucas remarks to himself that he doesn't know if Nicole's going to tell EJ, but he might find out another way first.

Chanel tells Theo that she just wanted to kiss him. Theo repeats that they haven't been together in a long time. Chanel thought maybe he'd want to hook up for old times sake. Chanel says they are both single but Theo corrects that he's not which she questions. Theo then reveals that he's engaged as he and Ciara are getting married as soon as possible. Chanel is surprised and congratulates him, claiming to be happy for him. Theo notes that she's upset but Chanel says she's fine and tells him not to worry. Theo apologizes if he hurt her feelings and asks if she really wanted to get back together. Chanel tells him that it's not about him or the bakery directly. Theo asks if she wants to go talk about it. Chanel appreciates the offer but says she needs to deal with this on her own, so she walks away.

Gabi asks Jake if he wants to work together to take down DiMera. Jake calls her sexy when she's ruthless as they kiss. Gabi reminds him that she has to get to work. Jake asks for 15 minutes. Gabi agrees as he kisses her.

EJ finishes a call at the office, saying that Chad is his co-CEO for now. Lucas arrives which EJ calls a surprise. EJ asks what brings him by.

Sami goes to see Xander, who asks what he can help her with. Sami responds that she needs something from him. Xander asks what that is. Sami wants the truth about he and Nicole.

Eric surprises Nicole

Nicole goes home and finds flowers with a card. She opens the card and reads it from Eric, saying their first year of marriage has flown by but he couldn't let the day pass without letting her know how much he loves her. Eric then appears inside the apartment and wishes Nicole a happy anniversary, leaving her surprised with tears of joy in her eyes.

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