Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/13/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/13/21


Written By Joseph
Photos by Kimberly

John and Marlena

John and Marlena are preparing dinner at home. Marlena mentions their guest not coming yet but she wants today to be perfect. Abe then arrives looking unhappy with egg on his jacket so John asks what the hell happened to him.

Lani sits at home on the phone with Eli, talking about how Abe feels totally betrayed by Paulina. Eli says he can't blame him and asks if she's heard from Paulina. Lani says no but notes that Paulina can be shameless. Lani thinks Paulina has the sense to leave it alone but there's a knock at the door so Lani says she'll call him later and hangs up. Lani answers the door to see Paulina, then shuts the door in her face.

Allie puts Henry to sleep at home and goes back to join Chanel in the living room. Chanel asks if she wants to watch videos. Allie suggests they talk about their kiss last night.

At Julie's Place, Bonnie asks Justin to marry her but Justin says no. Bonnie questions him as Justin repeats that he is not accepting her proposal. Bonnie says this is awkward. Justin wants to explain but Bonnie says she gets that she just misread the situation like she always does. Bonnie calls herself a fool and says someone like him could never fall for her. Bonnie complains about herself and remarks that she's not Adrienne. Justin keeps trying to explain but Bonnie says there's no need and rushes out of the restaurant.

Julie goes to the police station and informs Eli that she's there to report a crime.

Paulina continues knocking on Lani's door, saying she knows she's angry but she can't just slam the door in her face. Paulina argues that her mom raised her better than that. Lani opens the door and says she has nothing to say to her and she's not ready to hear what she has to say either. Paulina asks to speak with Chanel but Lani informs her that Chanel is not there. Paulina notes that Chanel didn't come home so she assumed she stayed with Lani. Lani says she hasn't heard from her. Paulina brings up that last time she didn't come home, she ended up with Xander so she worries about what kind of drama she's stirring up now.

Allie asks Chanel if they can talk about their kiss. Chanel calls it just a kiss and blows it off as nothing. Allie clarifies that it wasn't nothing for her. Allie says she thought about it a lot and realized that she wanted it to happen again. Chanel admits that she did too.

Eli tells Julie that if she's talking about what Paulina is doing to the town square, Abe is already working to stop it. Julie says it's not about that but Paulina deserves to be arrested. Julie informs Eli that it's about Dr. Clay Snyder. Eli responds that they are still investigating. Julie then declares that Dr. Snyder was murdered and she knows who killed him.

Paulina complains about Chanel not answering her texts. Lani says that Chanel doesn't want to hear from her any more than she does. Lani talks about Chanel being so excited to open her bakery and prove herself but Paulina ripped the rug from under her. Paulina calls it business but Lani argues that she lied to all of them and sold her own family out. Paulina argues that she didn't know that Chanel would want to start her own bakery and that the town square was a tribute to Eli's family. Paulina adds that when she found out, it was too late and there was no turning back. Lani argues that Paulina knew that Abe would end up with egg on his face when her true plan was revealed.

John and Marlena with Abe

Abe informs John and Marlena that someone threw eggs at him and he has been confronted by many people over what Paulina is doing because they think either he was working with her to destroy a landmark or he was an idiot for believing her. John and Marlena encourage that he doesn't deserve it and it's not his fault but Abe responds that it is.

Chanel tells Allie that she's been thinking a lot about their first kiss too. Chanel adds that she didn't plan it and didn't realize she was going to do it until she did, but when she did, it felt right. Chanel is starting to think that maybe she might feel something for Allie that is more than just friendship. Chanel guesses that Allie is freaked out but Allie reveals that she thinks she might feel the same way.

Bonnie goes to her room at the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin comes in after her. Bonnie tells him that she'll pack her things and get out of his hair. Justin stops her and says he can't let her leave. Bonnie feels she's been humiliated enough. Justin then gets down on one knee which Bonnie questions. Justin informs her that he's trying to propose.

Eli with Julie

Eli asks Julie to tell him what she knows. Julie informs him that Dr. Snyder was killed by Xander and Gwen. Eli asks what makes her say that. Julie claims she saw them. Julie asks if he wants to record this. Eli asks what she saw first and sits down with her. Eli tells her to start from the beginning. Julie explains that a couple of days before the body was found in the lake, there was Dr. Snyder, Gwen, and Xander in the living room. Julie adds that she didn't know at the time until she saw Dr. Snyder's picture in the newspaper this morning. Eli brings up that Gwen said she last saw Dr. Snyder at the hospital at her appointment. Julie argues that she's lying because she killed him. Eli asks if Julie talked to Dr. Snyder. Julie says she didn't because he was lying on the sofa. Julie thought at the time that he was just a friend of Xander, passed out drunk on the couch, but now she realizes that he was actually dead. Julie asks why Eli isn't going to arrest the murderers.

John tells Abe that he can't blame himself as he had no reason to think Paulina was lying to him about her plans for the town square. Marlena adds that Paulina is Lani's family so he had every reason to believe her. Abe argues that he's the mayor and he should've vetted the project more closely. Marlena says that Paulina had them all believing that her idea would make things better for everybody and she was persuaded. Abe states that there is no marketplace, just Price Town. Abe calls it a death blow for local small businesses. Marlena asks if there's anything they can do to stop this.

Lani argues that Paulina knew all along that she was getting Abe to agree to something that was a total lie. Paulina calls it a business deal and says she didn't count on falling for Abe or him being such a good man. Lani complains that Abe's reputation is tarnished because of her. Paulina hopes one day they will find a way to forgive her. Lani tells her that's not going to happen. Paulina insists that she will prove herself again. Lani calls that impossible. Lani talks about being proud to introduce her to Eli and Abe and show off her fun loving successful aunt. Paulina talks about how much it meant to her to be involved in her life again. Lani thought having her here was a blessing, but now she sees it's just one big con. Paulina disagrees and says she loves her. Lani argues that Paulina was only so fun loving because she wanted them to forgive her when the truth came out. Lani adds that her check for the twins' tuition was just a bribe and she tore it up already. Paulina calls it their Christening gift. Lani remarks that it's good Jules didn't get stuck with Paulina as her Godmother because she doesn't want her to be anything like Paulina.

Chanel questions Allie saying she might be in to her too. Allie admits she thinks about her all the time but she's confused because she's never had feelings for a girl before. Allie adds that she's also seeing someone else right now. Chanel suggests maybe she shouldn't be. Allie says it's not that easy. Chanel asks why not since she said she and Tripp were taking it slow. Allie questions dumping Tripp. Chanel calls it just taking a step back to see where things go between them. Tripp then shows up at the door. Allie greets him and says she wasn't expecting him. Tripp says he just got off his shift and figured they could hang out. Tripp comes in and sees Chanel so he suggests they could all hang out, unless they are working on the bakery. Allie reveals to him that the bakery is not happening anymore and it's a long story. Chanel decides to go for a walk. Tripp says she doesn't have to leave but Chanel says it's fine as Allie and Tripp have a lot to talk about so Chanel then exits the apartment. Tripp asks Allie what he missed.

Bonnie doesn't understand and asks Justin if this is a joke since he just turned down her proposal. Justin clarifies that it was because he wanted to be the one to propose as he is old fashioned. Justin states that he wanted to get down on one knee to ask the woman he loves to marry him. Bonnie can't believe it and feels she just ruined his romantic evening. Justin thinks they can still salvage the situation. Justin asks Bonnie to do him the honor of becoming his wife. Bonnie says there's nothing in the world she wants more as Justin then kisses her.

Eli tells Julie that there's a little hiccup in her theory as the autopsy report confirmed that Dr. Snyder died of natural causes and heart failure. Julie argues against it and insists Xander and Gwen did it. Julie asks why Dr. Snyder winded up in the lake if he died of natural causes. Eli suggests he could've fallen off a boat. Julie brings up Gwen's lie about last seeing Dr. Snyder at the hospital. Eli agrees to go back to talk to Xander and Gwen. Julie suggests they go now so Eli follows her out of the police station.

Abe tells John and Marlena that so far the lawyers haven't given him much hope. Marlena asks if that's it then and Paulina gets Price Town. Abe confirms that after passing the zoning laws, Paulina has every right to demolish the town square so it looks like Paulina is going to get everything she wants.

Paulina tells Lani how much she loves her and asks her not to turn her back on her. Lani responds that Paulina is the one who turned her back on the family and thought she would get a pass. Paulina insists that they can get past this. Lani opens the door and asks Paulina to leave now, so she does.

Allie explains to Tripp how Paulina never intended on opening Chanel's bakery. Allie admits she's disappointed but she'll be okay. Tripp knows how much it meant to Chanel. Allie notes that Chanel is devastated and ended up staying the night here since she didn't want to see her mom. Tripp calls Allie such a good friend and says he's glad she was there for Chanel. Tripp asks if they did anything fun for the 4th of July. Allie says sort of. Tripp knows they didn't get off on the right foot but says he does like Chanel and sees why they are such good friends. Allie responds that they are but she has to tell him something. Allie then reveals to Tripp that she and Chanel kissed last night.

Bonnie asks if this is really happening. Justin confirms that it is. Bonnie says just a few minutes ago, she thought Justin wanted her out of his life forever. Justin asks why she thought that when he told her that he loves her. Bonnie tells him that she just has this fear that one day he's going to wake up and realize that she's not the woman he thinks she is. Bonnie points out that she's not Adrienne, so when he said no to her proposal, she just assumed the worst. Justin assures that he knows who she is and that she's not Adrienne. Justin says he sees her and he loves her for who she is. Justin talks about her making him laugh, pushing him out of his comfort zone, and making him feel like every day is an adventure that he never wants to end. Justin jokes that he doesn't propose to just anyone. Bonnie thanks him as she's never felt this loved in her entire life and then they kiss.

Marlena remembers how happy Abe was when he invited her to Eli and Lani's party and he lit up when he talked about Paulina. Abe admits he hadn't felt that way about someone in a long time. John asks if Paulina tried to explain or gave any excuse or if it was just all about the money. Abe states that Paulina had reasons from her past to be so driven. Abe reveals that Paulina confided in him that she was trapped in an abusive relationship when she was younger with a wealthy and powerful man. Abe says that when Paulina escaped, she vowed to never be beholden to anyone for money. Marlena guesses she felt money and power would protect her. John argues that it doesn't excuse what Paulina did to Abe since she has enough money to last a lifetime. Abe responds that there's always more to be had. Marlena asks if Paulina wants to work it out with him. Abe confirms that she says she does but after the lies and deceptions, he declares that it is over.

Chanel walks through the town square where Paulina finds her. Chanel tells her to leave her alone. Paulina questions her not responding to her messages. Chanel says she stabbed her in the back. Paulina argues that she's been worried sick and asks where she stayed last night. Chanel informs her that she was at Allie's because she had to explain to her why there wasn't going to be a bakery after all. Paulina responds that she thinks she has a solution for that.

Tripp questions Allie about her and Chanel kissing again. Allie explains that it wasn't a planned thing as they were just watching the fireworks on TV and she was comforting her about her mom. Tripp asks if Chanel kissed Allie but Allie reveals that they kissed each other so it was mutual this time. Tripp asks if this means Allie has feelings for Chanel and where that leaves them.

Julie goes home with Eli but Xander and Gwen are not there. Julie suggests they are planning their next victim while Eli suggests not jumping to conclusions. Julie can't believe there was a dead man on her grandparents' sofa. Eli points out that they don't know he was dead but Julie insists that she knows what she saw. Julie complains about Paulina destroying the town square. Julie asks how Lani is dealing with all of this. Eli says not well as she feels deeply betrayed since Paulina came to town because of Lani. Julie assures that no one blames Lani or Abe.

Marlena and John return Abe's coat, having washed it since he had eggs thrown at him. Abe thanks them for having him over but feels he wasn't the best company. Abe appreciates them trying to cheer him up. John worries that they didn't do a very good job. Abe calls it an impossible task but he's grateful for the effort. Marlena assures that they will do anything for him.

Chanel and Paulina

Chanel questions Paulina's big idea. Paulina tells her that she could put her bakery in Price Town. Chanel asks if she's out of her mind since she would still be tearing down the Horton Town Square. Chanel asks how Allie would feel. Paulina asks why worry about that since it's her bakery. Chanel argues that Allie is her friend, who believed in her and was willing to do whatever it takes to help her succeeed which is more than she can say for Paulina.

Allie tells Tripp that she mostly feels confused as she and Chanel have this connection. Tripp feels it's probably best that he knows now and promises there won't be any hard feelings if she just gives it to him straight. Tripp then asks Allie if she's breaking up with him to be with Chanel. Allie says no. Tripp brings up the kiss. Allie says she was just confused because she's never had feelings for a girl before. Allie declares that she and Chanel do have a connection, but Tripp is the one she wants to be with and being with him now confirms it. Tripp notes that she didn't have to tell him about the kiss but Allie says she always wants to be honest with him. Tripp is glad and says he just wants her to be happy. Tripp knows they haven't been together long but he cares about her so much. Allie says she cares about him too as they kiss.

Justin and Bonnie kiss in bed. Bonnie can't wait to start planning and asks who will be his best man. Justin admits he hadn't really thought about it but suggests his son Sonny. Bonnie says that would match well with Kayla, who she reveals she asked to be her matron of honor which surprises Justin. Bonnie explains that she did it earlier today when she planned on proposing to him. Justin asks if she's sure about that. Bonnie knows that Kayla broke his heart but she thinks it sends a message about how real their relationship is. Bonnie jokes that she can't take back the offer now, unless Justin is against it. Justin says when it comes to their wedding, she can have whatever she wants as long as he has her and they continue kissing.

John and Marlena talk about feeling so bad for Abe. John hates that Abe is blaming himself for any of this. Marlena states that Paulina deceived him in a very big way. John points out that Abe is really hurt. Marlena calls the night a bust. John points out that the night's not totally over yet and he thinks there is something to be said for it being just them and what's left of their bottle of wine.

Paulina tells Chanel to be reasonable as she's giving her a chance to start her bakery in a brand new building. Chanel yells at her that she wants nothing to do with Price Town or her. Chanel storms off as Abe arrives. Paulina complains that her daughter hates her. Abe understands that she feels stabbed in the back and that's tough to get past, even when you love someone. Paulina says she was just trying to make it up to her and declares that she will do anything. Abe says if she means that, she will stop the demolition and save the town square. Abe tells her not to destroy something that means so much to so many people. Paulina doesn't respond so Abe says that's what he thought and walks away.

Lani finishes a call with her mom as Eli comes home. Eli asks how it's going there. Lani says fantastic and notes that she just filled her mom in on Paulina. Lani mentions that Paulina stopped by earlier looking for Chanel and then tried to make things right with her but she told Paulina that she doesn't want her in her life anymore. Lani says it had to be done. Eli is sorry and knows that hurt. Eli asks what her mom said. Lani said she suggested forgiveness. Eli asks if she is considering it. Lani doesn't know how she can after everything Paulina has done.

Tripp and Allie

Tripp and Allie kiss until Allie suggests they go to her room. Tripp thought she wasn't ready. Allie assures that she is now. Tripp doesn't want her to feel pressured. Allie promises that she doesn't. Chanel returns and sees them from the doorway as Tripp asks Allie if she's sure this is what she wants. Allie confirms that she wants to be with him and takes Tripp to her bedroom, leaving Chanel looking disappointed in the doorway.

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