Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/12/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/12/21


Written By Joseph
Photos by Kimberly


Justin arrives to the Kiriakis Mansion where Ciara and Ben are both waiting for him. Justin says he didn't realize that Ciara was back in town and asks what he can do for them. Ben and Ciara both respond that they need a lawyer.

Bonnie goes to the hospital and asks if Kayla has a second to talk. Kayla informs her that her shift just ended. Bonnie offers to buy her a drink because she has something important to ask her. Kayla says she's meeting Steve for dinner. Bonnie insists that this can't wait and takes Kayla out of the hospital.

Jack goes to the Brady Pub to meet Steve. Jack tells him that he thinks Gwen and Xander are hiding something.

Xander and Gwen start kissing until Gwen stops and asks why they are doing this when they were just fighting. Xander points out that now they are not fighting so Gwen decides she wants to keep going and they continue kissing.

Chad is cleaning the fireplace of the DiMera Mansion living room. Theo arrives and surprises Chad as they hug. Theo explains that he came for Lani and Eli's anniversary and to support Ciara.

Justin asks if Ciara and Ben both need a lawyer together. Ciara says definitely not. Justin asks how he can help. Ciara explains that Ben refuses to divorce her so she has no choice but to take him to court. Ben explains that he's trying to stop her from divorcing him and needs Justin's help. Ciara and Ben argue about how the other can get somebody else. Ben brings up that Justin represented him when he was on death row. Ciara questions Ben being on death row and expecting her to stay married to him after that.

Jack and Steve talk about Dr. Snyder being found dead in the lake. Steve mentions Tripp finding the body. Jack talks about how Dr. Snyder was Gwen's doctor after the miscarriage. Steve asks what he's worried about. Jack notes that the police questioned Gwen about Dr. Snyder's death.

Xander and Gwen kiss onto the couch until Julie walks in and asks what's going on here.

Theo questions if Chad was making a fire in the middle of July. Chad explains that he was putting it out. Chad asks Theo about coming all this way with Ciara and guesses things are going good between them. Theo then reveals that they are engaged.

Ben confirms to Ciara that he was convicted of murder and put on death row because he was accused of killing his sister. Ciara mocks Ben for it but Ben tells her that he was innocent and Justin can tell her that. Ben adds that Ciara is the one that convinced Justin to take his case which Justin confirms. Ben talks about Ciara never giving up and dragging the real killer in at gun point. Justin adds that it was incredibly brave. Ben says that Ciara did it because she loves him and wanted to fight for their love. Ben asks her to understand that's what he is trying to do now.

Bonnie takes Kayla to Julie's Place and thanks her for coming out with her. Bonnie knows last time they were out together on their double date, it didn't go so well. Kayla says she and Steve are sorry about that. Bonnie says she's mostly over it. Bonnie knows Steve misses his sister and regrets trying to act like her. Kayla understands why she did. Bonnie says she knows Kayla felt for her that night and she appreciated that. Kayla is just glad that she makes Justin happy. Kayla asks about Bonnie's important question she wanted to ask. Bonnie then asks Kayla how she would feel about being her matron of honor.

Xander tells Julie that it's not what it looks like. Julie questions if they are not having sex on her sofa. Gwen says they weren't but Julie argues that they were well on their way. Xander tries to say he likes to take things slowly. Julie questions if this is how they appreciate her hospitality. Xander jokes about the way Julie is with the sofa. Julie complains about how Xander slept naked on it, was now about to have sex on it, and mentions dumping Dr. Snyder on it.

Steve questions Jack about the police questioning Gwen. Jack tells him about Tripp mentioning the tense encounter between Gwen and Dr. Snyder. Jack says he tried to ask Gwen about it but Xander came in and was all defensive so it gave him the idea that they are hiding something from him. Steve asks if Jack is coming to him as his brother or as a private investigator. Jack says both because he wants to find out what's going on and if he needs to worry about Gwen. Jack asks if he's not comfortable with that. Steve reveals that he might already know something.

Chad and Theo

Chad is thrilled for Theo and congratulates him. Chad wants to celebrate with a game of chess since he never got his rematch. Theo jokes about going easy on him. Chad asks if they've set a date. Theo says not yet, since Ciara is still married to Ben. Chad notes that makes thing a little more complicated. Theo adds that Ciara is off finding a lawyer to represent her in the divorce now. Chad feels that shouldn't be a problem since Ben is a serial killer.

Ciara tells Ben that no matter how many times he tells her the stories of their great love, she doesn't feel it. Ciara only feels that she wants to divorce him, so she can marry Theo. Justin is surprised to hear that Ciara is marrying Theo. Ciara argues that Theo is a wonderful man, who hasn't been on death row. Ben argues that he's stopping her from making a mistake. Ciara argues that Justin is her family, not his. Ciara asks if Justin will represent her.

Kayla questions Bonnie wanting her to be her matron of honor and says that's such a big deal. Kayla asks why her. Bonnie knows they aren't exactly buddies and Steve is not a big fan of her, but she's close to Justin and she knows he would approve of her choice. Kayla questions Bonnie marrying Justin. Bonnie asks who else it would be. Kayla says that's wonderful but asks when Justin proposed. Bonnie reveals that Justin hasn't asked her to marry him. Kayla asks why she needs a matron of honor then. Bonnie responds that the proposal will happen very soon. Kayla asks how she knows he's going to ask her. Bonnie then announces that he's not because she is going to propose to him.

Jack questions Steve knowing something about Gwen and Dr. Snyder. Steve brings up when Jack ran in to he and Kayla at Julie's Place. Jack remembers they were talking about Gwen. Steve tells him this is off the record, but Tripp was doing paper work at the hospital and noticed the pill count of opiates was off so he confronted Dr. Snyder, who blew him off, so he went to Kayla. Steve adds that Kayla asked him to investigate if Dr. Snyder was stealing pills and selling them. Steve says they thought Gwen could somehow be involved. Jack then questions if Steve is accusing his daughter of being a drug dealer.

Kayla questions Bonnie planning to propose to Justin. Bonnie asks why not and feels a woman should be able to propose to a man. Kayla tells her that she can. Bonnie questions the look on her face. Kayla asks if she really thinks they are ready to take their relationship to the next level like that. Bonnie feels it's not about how long they've been together. Bonnie knows it's kind of new, but after the other night and their double date, she was outside feeling sorry for herself until Justin came to comfort her. Bonnie says she told him that she was sad because Steve isn't a big fan of her and then Justin said she was his family too. Kayla acknowledges that Justin is a very sweet man. Bonnie adds that Justin told her that he loved her for the first time. Kayla calls that a lovely story. Bonnie cries that it was the first time she felt really loved and respected, so even though their dinner was a disaster, she is grateful for Kayla for making it happen. Bonnie thinks Kayla has a good heart and calls that another reason she would like her to be her matron of honor. Bonnie asks Kayla if she will.

Julie asks when her nightmare is going to end since Paulina wants to destroy her grandparents' legacy of the Horton Town Square while Gwen and Xander are doing the same to her furniture. Xander remarks that it's in marvelous condition for belonging to her grandparents. Julie praises Tom and Alice and complains about what they are doing to their home. Xander argues that Gwen is Jack's daughter so she has every right to be there, while Jack invited him. Julie brings up that Jennifer is not here. Xander feels Julie should be more concerned with her guests than the antique furniture. Julie admits that Tom and Alice were always welcoming and kind, so if she wants to honor their memory, she must behave as they would. Xander asks if they are all good then. Julie says not yet so Gwen asks why is that. Julie tells them that if they are going to fornicate, they can do it upstairs behind closed doors as she then exits the room. Xander and Gwen laugh about it.

Chad and Theo continue their chess game. Chad brings up how last time they played, Theo was telling him that he had feelings for Ciara and now they are getting married. Chad notes that Theo doesn't seem very happy. Theo doesn't want to jinx it because he keeps thinking about what Chad said last time that there's always a chance of Ciara getting her memory back. Chad points out there's been no signs and it's been months. Chad adds that Ciara is pursuing the divorce. Theo mentions that Ben is making it very difficult by refusing to sign the divorce papers. Chad thinks it's good that Ciara spent time with Ben and it had no effect on her. Theo says that Ben said she remembered something but Ciara said she didn't. Chad thinks Ben is just trying to cause trouble and encourages Theo that he has nothing to worry about. Chad declares that Ciara chose the better man and he knows they will be very happy together. Theo thanks him for saying that. Chad hopes if he keeps Ciara away from Ben, then he hopes she never gets her memory back.

Ciara asks Justin if he will represent her in the divorce. Ben argues that he can't since he already retained him. Ciara argues that was for a different case. Ben asks why Ciara doesn't ask Belle. Ciara says she did but Shawn and Claire were against it. Ben argues that's because they don't want them to get divorced. Ciara says it doesn't matter what they think. Ben encourages that they are on his side and knows their love. Ciara continues to insist. Ben asks what makes her think Justin will represent her. Ciara tells him to let Justin answer, so Ben asks which one of them Justin wants to represent.

Kayla is flattered that Bonnie asked her to be her matron of honor, but she still doesn't understand why. Bonnie asks why not her. Kayla says it may be a little strange since she and Justin were almost married. Bonnie points out that they've obviously moved on with no hard feelings. Bonnie adds that Justin respects her like all of Salem does and that's really important to her, because the whole town thinks she is a joke. Bonnie understands that she's the crazy chick with the loud clothes and personality. Bonnie admits she does push buttons, but she couldn't stand if people thought her relationship was a joke. Bonnie feels that if Kayla stood up for her then the whole world would see an honest and classy person like Kayla approves of her relationship, so it couldn't be a joke and would be real. Bonnie says that's why it is so important to her that she say yes.

Justin tells Ben and Ciara that he cares about both of them and wishes they could both get what they want but since that's not possible, he believes his best course of action is to stay out of it. Ben questions him not representing either of them. Justin hopes they can work it out on their own and offers to have his assistant e-mail them a list of attorneys in town. Justin says he has to get to a dinner date. Justin advises they stay and talk on neutral territory. Ciara complains about him leaving her there with Ben as Justin exits the mansion.

Theo asks Chad how Abigail is. Chad claims she's fine. Theo brings up last time he was here, he said she was going to try to work things out with Gwen, so he asks how that's going. Chad says not so well since Gwen had a miscarriage and confirms the baby was his. Theo says he's sorry. Chad notes that it happened after Gwen and Abigail had a huge fight, so Abigail blamed herself and went to Boston to spend time with her mom. Theo hopes she comes back home soon. Chad says he does too. Chad then beats Theo at chess. Chad asks if Theo let him win because he's bummed about his wife. Theo responds that he would never do something like that.

Xander and Gwen

Xander asks Gwen if they should take this up to her room so they don't risk Julie coming back. Gwen says no since Julie killed the mood and argues that they shouldn't be sleeping together. Gwen doesn't want to give Jack another reason to think there's a connection between them since he's already suspicious about their involvement in Dr. Snyder's death. Xander argues that they didn't kill him. Gwen says maybe not directly, but they were there when it happened, and he tried to dispose of the body. Xander decides he will go back to the office then and says goodbye to Gwen as he exits the house. Gwen then heads upstairs.

Steve tells Jack that he's not accusing Gwen of anything. Jack guesses he suspects that Gwen was involved with Dr. Snyder and his death. Steve says he's just saying there's a possible connection. Jack can't deny it looks suspicious. Steve says he's sorry. Jack urges him to follow this where ever it leads. Steve hopes it doesn't lead to Jack's daughter.

Bonnie asks if Kayla will stand up for them. Kayla suggests she get back to her once she's officially engaged and then she can make sure with Justin. Bonnie agrees and thanks her, noting it really means a lot. Bonnie offers another round of drinks but Kayla says she has to meet Steve. They decide on maybe another time. Kayla thanks her for the offer. Bonnie thanks her for considering it. Kayla wishes her luck and hopes it all works out the way she wants it as she then exits.

Ciara can't believe Justin is refusing to represent her and questions having to go interview strangers. Ben wants her to just call it off because now she has two family members that have turned her down. Ben thinks it's a sign they should stay married. Ben adds that signs told her she was still alive, so if he didn't follow his gut then she would still be buried under rubble. Ben points out that next Thursday is their anniversary, so they shouldn't be hiring lawyers, they should be planning a beautiful romantic evening and planning their lives together. Ben asks if she knows how lucky they are to have gotten a second chance and asks if she's just going to throw that away. Ciara tells him that she wants nothing to do with him, so she's going to find a lawyer and divorce him. Ben adds that he will find a lawyer and stop her. They then exit the Kiriakis Mansion.

Ben runs in to Chad outside. Chad is glad he ran in to him because he just got done talking to Theo about Ciara and he can't wait to go to their wedding. Chad tells Ben to have a nice day and walks away.

Ciara finds Theo in the town square. Theo asks if Belle agreed to represent her. Ciara says no and that Justin turned her down too. Theo asks if they are still getting married. Ciara assures that she is going to find a way to make this happen whether Ben likes it or not. Theo worries that it might take some time if Ben fights this. Ciara declares that tomorrow morning, she's finding an attorney to make this happen as she wants to get married as soon as possible. Ciara then asks Theo what he's doing next Thursday.

Jack tells Steve to keep him posted. Steve encourages him to hang in there. Kayla arrives as Jack is leaving the Pub. Kayla asks Steve if Jack seems a little distraught. Steve informs her that he has some news. Kayla tells him to hold that thought as she has some news for him that he's going to want to sit down for.

Justin again

Justin joins Bonnie at Julie's Place. Justin comments that it looks like she started without him. Bonnie notes that she just met a friend for a drink and needed the liquid courage. Justin notes that she sounds serious. Bonnie tells him that she has something really important to talk to him about. Bonnie says it's nothing bad. Bonnie says she had a whole speech planned but now it's hard to get it out. Justin tells her to just say what's on her mind. Bonnie says he may think she just flies by the seat of her pants but she's thought about this a lot. Bonnie tells Justin that he means so much to her and she's never been happier since they got together. Justin asks her what it is. Bonnie then asks Justin to marry her but Justin says no.

Julie fixes up the couch at home and jokes about the tales it would tell if it could talk, but then says she doesn't want to know. Julie comes across the article on Dr. Snyder's death and notes that he looks sort of familiar. Julie then realizes he was the guy passed out on the couch that she assumed was just drunk.

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