Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/9/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/9/21


Written By Joseph

Gwen sits at home reading the article about Dr. Snyder's death. Jack comes in and startles her then asks why she's so jumpy.

Xander finds Nicole outside and questions her not being in the office. Nicole asks him the same. Xander says he finished early and is heading home for a power nap on Jack's couch. Xander notes that Nicole looks a little tired and guesses she can't sleep while knowing that Sami is on a mission to prove she cheated on her husband with him and that she probably won't be able to rest until she gets something on Sami. Nicole responds that she actually might have something right here.

Sami enters the living room while reading Kristen's letter to EJ. Sami declares that she's going to destroy the letter and make sure that EJ never talks to Kristen again. Sami then puts the letter in the fireplace. Sami goes to find matches but EJ comes back and questions what she is doing. Sami claims she wanted to light a fire. EJ points out that it's July.

Ben goes to Marlena's office for his therapy session. Marlena asks what has happened since their last visit. Ben informs her that Ciara is back in Salem. Marlena is surprised as she thought Ciara was heading to South Africa. Ben reveals that she needed to see him to give him divorce papers so that she can marry Theo.

Theo and Ciara walk through the town square together. Theo comments on how crazy it is that Paulina is trying to tear down the town square. Ciara mentions Abe being heartbroken and says she's glad they are staying with him so he's not alone right now. Theo thinks them getting married cheered Abe up a little. Ciara then responds that she's not sure that's going to happen. Theo questions if she's having second thoughts. Ciara assures that she's not, but they can't get married until Ben agrees to a divorce. Theo knows that won't happen, especially if he thinks she is remembering their relationship. Ciara insists that she's not and that Ben is wrong about everything. Ciara tells Theo that she's not having any memories of being with Ben. Ciara kisses Theo and says the only memories she's thinking of are the ones they are going to make.

Marlena is surprised to learn Ciara and Theo are engaged. Ben informs her that he signed the divorce papers and let Ciara go. Marlena is sorry as she knows how much Ben wanted Ciara to get her memories back. Ben says that she's starting to which Marlena questions. Ben talks about trying to remind her again yesterday and says she started to remember a moment. Ben states that Ciara may have lost her memory, but she's still his wife and they have their entire future ahead of them. Ben declares that he's going to fight for his marriage with everything he's got.

Xander questions how Nicole plans to stop Sami from blowing up her marriage. Nicole reveals that she took Brady's phone and she's going to give it back to him, but not until she talks to Kristen. Xander questions why she wants to talk to Kristen. Nicole explains that she thinks Kristen found out that Sami and Lucas slept together and used that to get Chloe out of town. Xander brings up Kristen kidnapping Chloe. Nicole thinks that was desperation after the plan with Lucas and Sami fell apart. Xander asks what the plan was. Nicole says it had something to do with getting Chloe out of town and involved a fake brain tumor, Antarctica, and Sami dressing up as Stan to play a doctor. Xander questions thinking Kristen will confirm all of this. Nicole says that Kristen hates Sami's guts so she doesn't see why not. Xander asks what if Kristen doesn't confirm it. Nicole thinks that she will because she's this close to exposing Sami.

EJ questions Sami wanting to light a fire when it's 80 degrees out. Sami claims she's just always chilly in the house. EJ offers to light the fire but Sami stops him and says she came up with a better idea to warm up as they start kissing.

Gwen tells Jack that she was just engrossed in the article he wrote about her doctor. Jack asks what she thinks. Gwen calls it very sad for a man to be found dead in the lake. Gwen notes that he didn't include many details on the case. Jack reveals he purposely left out the detail that the police questioned Gwen. Gwen confirms that Eli came by to ask some routine questions but she wasn't much help because she knew nothing about Dr. Snyder's death. Jack questions why Eli wanted to talk to her. Gwen explains that Tripp had seen an exchange between her and Dr. Snyder that seemed tense at her last follow up at the hospital. Gwen claims that she doesn't know why Tripp would say that. Jack says he saw the tension between them when Dr. Snyder came by the house and he got the impression there was more to it, like there was a problem between them.

Xander comments on Nicole's theory. Nicole talks about Lucas not seeming very convincing and deflecting all of her questions. Xander waits for Nicole to express her gratitude for his brilliance, since he's the one who suggested that Sami probably cheated with Lucas, so he's the reason that she has a chance to neutralize her. Nicole jokingly thanks him for always having his mind in the gutter. Xander remarks that he's proof that she can be a very dirty girl. Nicole reminds him that he swore to keep his mouth shut if she got him a job. Xander says he won't tell anyone but they will always have the precious memories. Xander walks away while Nicole tells herself to stay focused. Nicole declares that she just needs to find someone to help her with Brady's phone.

EJ and Sami continue kissing in the bedroom. They move to the bed and EJ asks if she is sure. Sami insists. EJ acknowledges the long period of a time that he wasn't there for her and assures that she can tell him anything that troubles her. Sami says there is one thing troubling her, but he can fix it by making love to her.

Ciara goes to see Shawn. Shawn says he's happy that she's home and asking how it's going with her and Theo. Ciara shows him the ring and says it's going pretty damn good. Shawn is surprised that they are engaged and congratulates her. Ciara notes that he doesn't sound very happy to her. Shawn says it's just fast and points out that she's still married to Ben. Ciara says she also came to see Belle since Ben refused to sign the divorce papers, so she has to take him to court. Claire comes in and tells Ciara that she wouldn't do that if she were her.

EJ and Sami lay in bed together after making love. EJ is sorry for all the times he pushed her away. Sami understands he was in pain and assures it was in the past. EJ feels it's important to take responsibility. EJ says he's been thinking about all the reasons they've drifted apart in hopes that they can learn from their mistakes. EJ says their recent rift was entirely his fault and in the past, they allowed others to get in their way. Sami promises to never let that happen again.

Theo runs in to Nicole outside. Nicole didn't know he was in town and hugs him. Theo informs her that he has good news as he announces that he and Ciara are engaged.

Ciara tells Claire to stay out of this. Claire informs her that Ben called her and questions her seriously thinking marrying Theo is going to work. Claire argues that Ciara can't forget her husband by marrying another man. Ciara claims she's already forgot all about Ben and she's not surprised that he ran to Claire. Ciara remarks that two psychopathic killers are now best friends.

Marlena understands Ben's frustrations but it sounds like Ciara is made up her mind. Ben argues that Ciara's mind is missing their entire relationship which is the only reason that she's marrying Theo. Marlena questions what he thinks will happen if he fights her on this. Ben clarifies that he's not fighting her, but fighting for her and vows to never stop. Marlena appreciates his passion but is worried about what will happen to him if he loses this fight.

Jack asks Gwen if there was a problem between her and her doctor. Gwen claims there was not. Gwen says that Dr. Snyder was a reminder that she lost her baby so she may have been angered or triggered around him. Jack says he got a weird vibe from Dr. Snyder at the hospital on the day that Gwen fell down the stairs. Jack feels that Dr. Snyder's behavior was odd and like he already knew something was wrong when he came in the room. Jack recalls leaving Dr. Snyder to examine Gwen and afterwards, he said she would be fine but when Chad asked about the baby, he said Gwen asked him to give that information to anybody. Gwen says she just wanted to tell them about her baby by herself. Jack says if she says there was no problem between them, he believes it, but he also trusts his instincts as a reporter. Jack believes something just doesn't add up. Jack asks if there's anything Gwen feel she should tell him about Dr. Snyder but Gwen claims there's nothing. Jack questions her not knowing anything about how Dr. Snyder ended up dead in the lake. Xander comes home and asks Jack why he's giving his daughter the third degree. Xander tells Jack to back off. Jack tells Xander to back off as he was just talking to Gwen about Dr. Snyder's death. Xander says she doesn't know anything about that. Jack questions how he knows. Xander explains how he was there when Eli came to question Gwen. Jack says he was just asking as a reporter and a concerned father but now Xander made him more suspicious than ever. Jack asks them both if there's something they are not telling him about Dr. Snyder.

Ben assures Marlena that he's not going to flip out and strangle somebody. Marlena is worried about Ben getting hurt. Ben says it's a risk he's willing to take and points out that Marlena would fight for the person she loves. Marlena is not sure that's what Ciara wants. Ben argues that part of her does, she just doesn't remember it. Marlena notes that she may never remember. Ben asks if she's saying that his once in a lifetime love with Ciara is just over.

Nicole tells Theo that she's so happy for him. Theo talks about people thinking they moved too fast but he says they've known each other all their lives. Theo calls Ciara a fighter who doesn't give up, though he wishes Ben would. Theo tells her that Ben's refusing to sign the divorce papers even though Ciara has made it very clear that she's ready to move on with him.

Shawn asks Ciara not to talk to Claire like that. Ciara complains that Claire tried to set her on fire twice. Claire argues that she was out of her mind but Ciara forgave her because they love each other. Ciara brings up walking in on Claire naked with Tripp. Claire knows she hurt her badly and she'll never not be sorry for that but she's done begging for forgiveness. Claire declares that she'll wait for the real Ciara to come back because this one is a stone cold bitch. Ciara and Claire argue until Shawn stops them. Shawn reminds Ciara that she forgave Claire a long time ago and gave her another chance. Ciara says she's sorry but she doesn't remember that. Shawn says he doesn't blame her for that but she can't blame Claire for missing her and trying to make sure she doesn't make a huge mistake. Ciara accuses Shawn of being on Claire's side. Shawn says Ciara is his sister and he loves her, but he is with Claire. Ciara takes that as he's against Theo then. Shawn thinks Theo is great but he's not the man that Ciara is meant to be with.

Marlena thinks Ben should base his decision on the information he has right now. Marlena wouldn't want to upset or hurt him, but she thinks Ciara just doesn't want to be married to him now. Ben says he gets that Ciara hates him and she might hate him forever, but asks what happens if she starts to remember. Ben asks how he would look Ciara in the eye and tell her that he gave up. Marlena wishes she had an answer for him. Ben asks Marlena what if John forgot all about her and if she would just give up. Ben apologizes and calls this a huge waste of time because nobody could possibly understand how he feels right now. Marlena then responds that she knows exactly how he feels.

Xander jokes that Jack has been reading too many detective novels and is seeing murder everywhere. Xander is sure the cops will find out that Dr. Snyder died of natural causes and there was nothing else to it. Jack questions why it seems like Xander has something to hide.

EJ falls asleep in bed so Sami sneaks out of the room.

Theo asks Nicole how Eric is doing. Nicole responds that he's still in Africa. Theo guesses she must miss him. Nicole says she does but she doesn't want to stand in the way of Eric's true purpose. Nicole then asks if Theo can help her with something. Nicole claims she is borrowing Brady's phone and shows him the unknown number that Kristen called from. Nicole knows Theo is really good with tech stuff so she hoped that he could get the number for her. Theo then responds that he knows why she's doing this.

Xander assures he has nothing to hide. Jack says it sure seems like he does. Xander says that Jack asked him to try to get along with Gwen, so he saw she was upset and he tried to lend a hand. Gwen explains that she's just upset because the man she associates with the loss of her child has now also lost his life and it's terribly sad. Jack asks if Xander and Gwen are getting close then. Gwen would not say that at all but says she's learning to tolerate Xander's presence. Jack says that he cares about them both so if either of them are in trouble, he will do everything in his power to help, but he can't do that if they are keeping secrets. Jack then exits the house. Gwen calls Xander an idiot.

Nicole questions Theo knowing why she wants the number. Theo knows Nicole hates his aunt Kristen and he doesn't blame her if she wants to make her pay for what she did to Chloe and Brady. Nicole says it's not just about getting justice but her own personal reasons but she understands if he doesn't want to get involved. Theo brings up that they share a brother so they are family. Theo tells her that he will call her when he knows something. Nicole tells him that she hopes Ciara knows she's marrying a great guy.

Shawn tells Ciara about when she and Ben got together and how nobody wanted to see them together at first, but it didn't stop her because she was determined to prove to them that Ben had changed. Ciara doesn't want to hear it but Shawn says she has to hear it. Shawn talks about how nobody believed in Ben but Ciara. Shawn says none of that stopped her from trying to convince them that Ben deserved her love and that he was dedicated to making her happy. Shawn argues that now it's the opposite and they are trying to convince Ciara. Ciara tells him that he can stop now. Shawn tells Ciara it's her choice to follow her heart but he believes she belongs with Ben.

Marlena explains to Ben how they thought they lost John after a car accident and what happened to Ciara is exactly what happened to John as he didn't remember their life and love and had no idea who she was, but she couldn't stop fighting for him. Marlena understands how painful this is for Ben and why she can't be completely objective. Ben points out that John eventually remembered everything. Marlena says they were very lucky. Ben says maybe he and Ciara can be lucky too, because even if he tried to give up on Ciara, he wouldn't be able to. Ben declares that Ciara is his life so he doesn't care how long it will take her to remember and he will wait forever if he has to.

Ciara asks Shawn to just be happy for her instead of making her defend her decision to divorce a murderer to marry her best friend. Shawn knows it feels like they are ganging up on her but it's just that they remember what she doesn't and they want her to have what she wanted. Ciara cries that she wants to be with Theo and then says that since Claire thinks Ben is such a good person, then maybe she should be with him. Ciara says she can't think of two people who deserve each other more. Ciara adds that she didn't come for a lecture on her love life, but for an attorney, and she thought her big brother would help her but that's not going to happen. Shawn suggests she still talk to Belle but Ciara doesn't want to hear more of this and decides she will find another attorney in town. Ciara then warns Shawn to hide the matches because of Claire and walks out.

Sami sneaks back to the living room and retrieves the matches as she plans to light Kristen's letter to EJ on fire in the fireplace.

Xander complains about Gwen calling him an idiot all the time. Gwen tells him to stop acting like one then. Xander asks what he did. Gwen says he leapt to her defense and held a knife to Dr. Snyder's throat then he dropped dead. Gwen adds that he ignored her asking to him act cool wtih Eli and now he's overreacted with Jack so he thinks they had something to do with Dr. Snyder's death. Xander says he was trying to protect her. Gwen responds that she doesn't need anything from him. Xander suggests then he should tell Jack the truth then, that Gwen lost her baby before the fall down the stairs and that Abigail didn't cause her miscarriage and she's the same vindictive bitch that she was when she first came to Salem and let Abigail leave town feeling guilty. Xander warns her about when Jack finds out the real story. Gwen grabs him to stop him. Xander tells her to let go. Gwen asks if that's what he wants. Xander says he will show her what he wants and they start kissing.

Claire tells Shawn that she's sick of being Ciara's punching bag. Shawn is proud of Claire for standing up to her. Shawn knows it hurts that Ciara doesn't remember how much she loves her, but assures that she does love her. Claire just wishes Ciara would remember how much she loves Ben.

Ciara goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where she finds Ben, who says he's waiting for Justin so he can ask him to represent him. Ciara says he can't, because she's here for the exact same reason as she's going to ask Justin to represent her.

Nicole gets a text from Theo, saying it was great to see her. Nicole writes back that it was great to see him too and that she's thrilled for his engagement. Nicole says to herself that she just hopes Theo can work his magic to get her Kristen's phone number because if she can prove that Sami got Lucas on her back then she can get Sami off of hers.

Sami declares that once she gets rid of Kristen's letter, there's absolutely no proof that she slept with Lucas. Sami gets interrupted by a phone call from her son Johnny, so she quickly drops the match on the letter. Sami says it's not a bad time at all and she misses him too as she exits the room to talk to him on the phone. After Sami exits the room, someone comes in and retrieves the burning letter from the fireplace.

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