Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/8/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/8/21


Written By Joseph

Eli is at the police station, on the phone with Lani. Eli tells her not to worry as Abe will stop Paulina from destroying the town square and they will put Tom and Alice's plaque back where it belongs. Eli hangs up as Rafe arrives. Eli then asks Rafe how his threesome was.

Outside the Pub, Lucas laughs off Nicole's accusations that he and Sami slept together and that Kristen was blackmailing them. Nicole says it's not that crazy and points out that Lucas is the one who told her that he and Sami got closer when Kristen locked them in that room. Nicole wonders if they got close enough for Sami to cheat on EJ.

Sami worries about EJ talking to Kristen when she's a fugitive and suggests he block her number. EJ argues that Kristen is his sister and asks what if she was trying to turn herself in. Sami asks if she was. EJ says no and informs Sami that she wanted to tell him about a letter she sent her which causes Sami to worry. EJ says that Kristen was going to tell him about it before Sami hung up on her but she said that it was important.

Gabi discovers that she accidentally picked up EJ's letter when she grabbed the mail. Jake stops her and says there might be something in the letter they could use to get back at EJ but they won't know until they find out.

Chloe questions Brady wanting to be with her. Brady confirms that he does and says he's been feeling this for a long time but he's had to bury it down because he felt like he owed the mother of his child something. Brady thought the love he had for Kristen could heal her but now he knows that there is no fixing Kristen, so he's ready to tell Chloe how he feels. Brady wants them to be together again. Chloe doesn't know what to say. Brady gets that he's been going on about Kristen for so long now, so she has little reason to believe he's genuinely done with Kristen and ready to move on with her. Chloe says it's not just that. Brady understands he's been pushing her away for so long and he needs to earn her trust back. Brady thinks he knows where to start and kisses Chloe. They kiss until Philip walks in and tells Brady to get his hands off of her.

Rafe questions Eli what threesome he's talking about. Eli reminds him that he was there when Ava told him that she invited Nicole to dinner. Rafe tells him that if he really must know, the dinner was not that great and things really started to go downhill after Duke the teddy bear started putting his two cents in.

Nicole asks Lucas if he slept with Sami. Lucas responds that Sami is madly in love with EJ, so he's just the irritating ex-husband who she has kids with. Nicole brings up how they were trapped alone and could've died. Lucas insists it didn't happen. Nicole asks why he lied to Chloe about dying then. Lucas asks what is with her. Nicole says Chloe is her friend. Lucas calls that not a good enough reason to be up in his business. Nicole talks about how it didn't make sense until she realized Kristen. Nicole guesses Kristen found out about their fling and blackmailed them in to getting Chloe out of town or she would tell EJ. Nicole says if Lucas wants her to stop, he will tell her the truth, which he agrees to do.

EJ wants to go see if Kristen's letter came. Sami stops him and argues that it could be dangerous because Kristen could be asking for his help and she could get him in to trouble. Sami declares that she is EJ's wife and she won't let Kristen compromise him when they are finally together for real. EJ assures that he will never do anything to threaten what they have but a letter from his sister seems harmless so he remarks that it can't hurt to read. EJ goes to check the mail but sees there is nothing for him.

Gabi tells Jake that it's just a letter with no return address so there's no reason to think it's full of secrets. Jake responds that the one thing he learned at the DiMera Mansion is that all information is useful. Jake declares that EJ stuck his nose in his business so he can return the favor. Gabi then agrees since EJ was a jerk when she went to pick up the mail. Jake then opens the letter from Kristen to EJ and reads it, revealing that Sami has been sleeping with another man.

Philip questions what the hell Brady thinks he's doing. Brady says it's pretty obvious and says Philip had a nice time playing nurse maid to Chloe but she's better now. Brady says that Chloe is healing and able to make her own decisions, so she's decided that she wants to be with him. Brady asks Philip for some privacy. Philip asks if that's what is going on and wants to hear it from Chloe. Brady says she doesn't have to explain anything and asks Chloe to tell Philip that they are going to be together so he can leave. Chloe responds that she can't do this. Brady questions why not. Chloe then reveals that she already promised to give Philip a chance.

Eli questions Rafe about his bear talking to him. Rafe says he just imagined it which Eli laughs at. Rafe blames Eli for asking all his questions about how he felt about Nicole. Eli says he was just trying to help him sort through his feelings. Eli asks if he figured those things out. Rafe says not really and it didn't help when he tried to strangle the bear in front of Ava and Nicole.

Lucas tells Nicole that he never got over Chloe and he wanted to get back with her. Lucas claims he thought if he got her out of town and away from Brady then they could really have a fresh start. Nicole questions Kristen having nothing to do with it. Lucas insists it was all him. Nicole asks why Sami would help convince Chloe that Lucas was dying. Lucas claims Sami is a great person who wanted him to have true love with Chloe. Nicole says nice try but there's no way Sami would go to such great lengths for him and Chloe. Nicole feels it doesn't add up, so she still believes that Lucas cooked up the crazy con because Kristen has something on him and Sami.

Jake tells Gabi that they owe Kristen one because the letter is almost as good as a business secret. Jake declares that EJ is going to be gutted to find out that Sami slept with another man. Gabi can't believe Sami would cheat on EJ. Gabi takes the letter and continues reading which reveals that the man Sami slept with was Lucas. Jake can't wait until the letter knocks the smug look off of EJ's face. Jake declares that EJ took DiMera from him, so he's going to take the woman he loves from him. Gabi then stops him and says he can't.

Brady questions Chloe being with Philip and says that can't be. Philip tells him not to tell Chloe what she wants and to accept that she chose him. Chloe asks them to stop arguing like she's not there. Chloe tells Brady that he knows how much she cares about him and she hoped one day he would get over Kristen, but it didn't seem like that day would ever come. Philip tells Brady that he blew his chance. Philip declares that Chloe is with him now and he's way too smart to let her go. Brady says he didn't know and apologizes as he then exits the office.

Jake asks Gabi why he shouldn't show the letter to EJ. Gabi says she hates EJ for what he did to Jake, but Sami is her friend and Arianna's grandmother so she doesn't want to ruin her marriage. Jake questions Gabi backing down from revenge. Gabi argues that Kristen is crazy so she could've made this up to get back to Sami. Gabi decides she's going to act like she never read the letter and suggests that Jake should too. Jake reluctantly agrees since it means that much to Gabi, and throws the lette rin the trash can. Gabi then gets a call from her daughter Arianna and goes to answer it.

Lucas doesn't know why Nicole is so obsessed with he and Sami. Lucas suggests Nicole is feeling guilty and maybe Sami is right that she cheated on Eric with Xander. Nicole tells Lucas not to change the subject and argues that Kristen knew Lucas still loved Sami and used it as leverage. Lucas tells Nicole to take her conspiracy theories and go because she doesn't have any proof. Nicole declares that she will get some and walks away.

EJ goes back to the living room in search of Kristen's letter. Sami suggests maybe it hasn't come yet. Sami comments on the beautiful day and wants to take a walk but EJ suggests they go back upstairs to pick up where they left off. They kiss until Sami's phone rings with a call from Lucas. EJ tells her not to answer it but Sami says it might be about Allie. EJ is sure it can wait but Sami insists. Sami promises to make it worth his while. Sami then rushes out of the room to answer the call.

Eli jokes with Rafe about strangling the bear and asks how he got himself out of that one. Rafe says he said he drank too much wine, was overworked, and preoccupied with a case but Ava didn't believe it and asked him the next night if he had feelings for Nicole, right in front of Nicole. Rafe flashes back to being with Ava at the Brady Pub on the Fourth of July where Nicole showed up and Ava asked Rafe if Nicole was just a friend. Rafe assured Ava that he and Nicole were just good friends. Eli asks if Ava believed him. Rafe guesses so since she hasn't brought it up since. Eli asks if Rafe still has feelings for Nicole and what he's going to do now. Rafe responds that Nicole is married and he cares about Ava, so he's going to forget that he has feelings for Nicole. Ava then appears and questions when Rafe was going to tell her. Eli decides he has a report to go file and tells Ava it was nice seeing her as he exits. Rafe tells Ava that he didn't see her there. Ava asks him to answer her question. Rafe tells Ava that he really cares about her and living with her has been great, as has their relationship. Rafe says he didn't want to hurt Ava's feelings. Ava questions why Gabi and Jake moving in with them would hurt her feelings. Rafe realizes that's what she was talking about while Ava asks what he was talking about.

Nicole finds Brady sitting outside and asks if he's okay and what's going on or if it's Kristen's phone call. Brady responds that it has more to do with Chloe than Kristen, and him making an absolute fool of himself.

Philip kisses Chloe and asks if something is wrong. Chloe says he didn't need to twist the knife with Brady. Philip asks how he's supposed to react to walking in on Brady kissing her. Chloe calls it a misunderstanding and explains that he had just gotten a call from Kristen, who said horrible and hateful things so he finally saw her for who she is. Philip asks if Brady thought Chloe would just skip off in to the sunset with him. Chloe confirms that Brady said he was done pushing her away and wanted to be with her. Philip asks if Chloe wants to be with Brady.

Sami answers Lucas's call and asks what he wants. Lucas informs her that Nicole just cornered him and asked him why they both lied to Chloe about his inoperable brain tumor. Sami says she should've known Chloe couldn't keep her mouth shut. Lucas explains that now Nicole is convinced that Kristen knew they slept together and that she blackmailed them to keep Chloe away from Brady. Sami informs Lucas that Nicole's theories are not the problem right now because Kristen called EJ. Lucas questions what she said. Sami reveals that she hung up the phone but Kristen said she wrote EJ a letter and probably spilled everything in it. Lucas worries that this whole thing is going to come out now. Sami argues that it can't ever because she and EJ are finally together for real. Sami declares that she has to find the letter before EJ does and destroy it. Sami decides she has no time to waste and hangs up.

Gabi comes back after finishing her phone call but Jake is gone. Gabi then checks the trash can and finds the letter is gone as well. Gabi then rushes out of the house.

Jake goes to the DiMera Mansion and confronts EJ. EJ says if he came to beg for a role at DiMera, the answer is no as he has no use for a grease monkey in the board room. Jake responds that he's actually here to take him down. EJ mocks him and asks what the big plan is. Jake informs EJ that he has something for him.

Chloe clarifies that she didn't say she wanted to be with Brady. Philip points out that Brady pushed her away because he wasn't over Kristen but now he claims that he is, so he asks if that changes things for them. Chloe appreciates how patient Philip has been, so whatever Brady thinks, feels, or wants doesn't change anything. Philip asks if she's sure. Chloe responds by kissing Philip.

Brady tells Nicole that hearing the lack of remorse in Kristen's voice opened his eyes to what she will always be. Brady says he felt freedom when he got off the phone and just wanted to tell Chloe exactly how he felt about her. Brady says he was egotistical to think Chloe would just fall in his arms and forget about everything that's happened. Nicole guesses it didn't go very well. Brady says he told her that he wanted to be with her and kissed her, but it turns out that Philip is dating Chloe now.

Jake reaches in to his jacket so EJ assumes that he has a gun and tells Jake to go ahead and shoot him. Jake thinks back to Gabi telling him not to show EJ the letter. Jake then stops and tells EJ to forget it. Jake says he loves Gabi and the life they have, so he's not going to throw that away to get back at EJ. Gabi walks in but EJ tells her not to worry because Jake lost his nerve.

Rafe claims to Ava that he's talking about Gabi and Jake too. Rafe is sorry for not telling her and says he didn't know until the morning when Jake made the big announcement. Rafe guesses she saw them but Ava reveals she heard them which Rafe apologizes for. Ava says it's okay but she's not sure how harmonious it will be since Gabi doesn't approve of their relationship. Rafe says he will talk to her. Ava says he doesn't have to but she's mostly worried about how it will affect Rafe, being caught between two women who care about him...

Nicole tells Brady that she's sorry but it doesn't mean there's no hope for them since Philip doesn't have the greatest history with relationships. Brady blames himself for blowing it by insisting he would wait for Kristen. Brady says it's no wonder that Chloe lost interest in him and says he doesn't blame her one bit. Nicole asks if Kristen gave any hint as to where she was. Brady says she's too smart with that. Nicole asks if Kristen said anything about anyone else. Brady asks who else there would be. Nicole says nevermind and reminds Brady that he can talk to her about Chloe or anything. Brady says he knows and hugs her as he thanks her and then walks away. Nicole then reveals that she took Brady's phone.

Gabi walks Jake out of the living room and questions him. Jake says he wanted to see EJ's face when he found out his wife cheated on him, but he couldn't do it because he loves Gabi. Jake hands Gabi the letter before he changes his mind and storms out. Sami comes downstairs and questions what Gabi is doing here and if she came to poke the bear again. Gabi tells Sami that she's here to protect Sami as she shows her the letter. Gabi explains that she picked it up in the mail by mistake. Gabi asks if Sami really slept with Lucas. Sami denies it and says Kristen just wants to hurt her. Sami then stops and admits she slept with Lucas but cries that EJ wasn't himself and now everything is going to be okay because they love each other and she can't lose him. Gabi assures Sami that she won't lose EJ because she came to stop Jake from showing him the letter. Sami is surprised and hugs Gabi as she thanks her. Gabi says she couldn't destroy her life like that after everything Sami did to cover for her with Nick, so she's returning the favor. Sami tells Gabi that she's really grateful to her and thanks her. Sami worries that Jake hates EJ and wants revenge. Gabi assures that she will deal with Jake as she exits the mansion.

Philip reveals to Chloe that he had her photo of Parker framed to put in her office. Chloe says she loves it and thanks him as Philip wishes her a happy first day back. Chloe puts it on her desk while also looking over at a magazine cover of Brady.

Gabi and Jake go back home where Gabi questions why Jake would go to EJ with the letter after she told him not to. Jake points out that he didn't give him the letter and asks if Gabi still has it. Gabi confirms that she gave it to Sami so she can destroy it. Gabi knows Jake wants to hurt EJ but questions if she can trust him. Jake assures that she can trust him because EJ doesn't have the letter. Jake declares that he couldn't go through with it because he could only think that he loves Gabi much more than he could ever hate EJ. Gabi mocks the statement so Jake admits he could find a more romantic way to express how he feels. Jake tells Gabi that he loves her and nothing is more important to him than her. Gabi says that's much better as they kiss.

Rafe tells Ava that Gabi said she and Jake will start looking for their own place soon so hopefully they won't be there that long. Rafe says it doesn't matter what Gabi thinks about them as it doesn't change anything between them. Ava hopes not because Rafe has become very important to her. Ava supposes because of her history with relationships, that she can't help but worry, especially when things feel so good like they are too good to be true. Ava worries that it will all be taken away from her. Rafe reassures her and kisses her as they then hug.

Nicole looks at Brady's recent calls on his phone and sees the unknown caller from when Kristen called. Nicole states that now she just has to find a tech to trace the call to confirm that Sami slept with Lucas and finally get Sami off her back for good.

In the town square, Lucas tells Eli that he was talking about Allie and asks who else he'd be talking about. Eli tells him to hang in there because things usually work out the way they are supposed to.

Sami enters the living room while reading Kristen's letter to EJ. Sami declares that she's going to destroy the letter and make sure that EJ never talks to Kristen again. Sami then puts the letter in the fireplace. Sami goes to find matches but EJ comes back and questions what she is doing.

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