Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/7/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/7/21


Written By Joseph

Sami wakes up from a nightmare. EJ rushes to her side as she tells him about her nightmare that he was in pain and she couldn't get to him. Sami says it was just a bad dream but EJ says that it wasn't and that he's so sorry.

Kate joins Roman and Lucas at the Brady Pub. Kate thanks Roman for letting her have her old room back above the Pub. Roman comments that it's no DiMera Mansion. Kate is glad to be out of there and under the same roof as her son which she calls a bright spot. Lucas tells her to speak for herself.

Jake greets Rafe at home and pours some coffee. Rafe questions what Jake is doing there. Jake asks if Gabi didn't tell him that they moved in last night which shocks Rafe.

Nicole works at the Basic Black office and looks over at Duke the teddy bear. Nicole comments on missing Rafe. Chloe arrives and jokes about Nicole talking to a stuffed animal. Nicole asks what she's doing there. Chloe responds that she works there. Nicole points out that Chloe is injured. Chloe says she's perfectly capable of working with her arm in a sling. Chloe jokes that Nicole will have a human to talk to instead of a bear. Chloe then questions Nicole about missing Rafe.

Brady sits at home with a photo of Chloe when his phone rings from an unknown caller. Brady answers and it's Kristen. Brady asks where she is. Kristen says he knows she can't tell him that. Kristen says she shouldn't have called but she had to hear his voice because she can't stop thinking about him and Rachel as she misses them so much. Kristen asks how Rachel is doing and what all is going on. Brady responds that she's fine. Kristen argues that he can talk to her but Brady says he has nothing to say to her. Kristen tells Brady that she feels bad about everything. Brady then informs her that Shawn gave him a bunch of her things and there was a really nice picture of Chloe with a giant X scratched across her face. Kristen is sorry he saw that and says she was out of her mind. Brady is glad he saw it because it reminded him of what Kristen is capable of and that he can never be with her ever again.

Nicole asks Chloe how her arm is. Chloe says it's fine and tells Nicole not to change the subject. Chloe brings up Nicole dodging the question about Rafe before. Nicole doesn't want her to grill her. Chloe says she's just here if she wants to talk. Nicole says actually she does but not about Rafe. Nicole tells Chloe that she has a problem and asks how she goes about proving that Sami slept with Lucas.

Lucas tells Kate that he's still pissed off about Kate pretending to be blind. Lucas says they were worried sick about her. Kate argues that she couldn't tell anyone. Lucas suggests she just not have pretended to be blind. Kate reminds them that she woke up from a coma to hear Jake and Gabi planning their lives together so she made a decision in that split second. Lucas complains that the decision gutted everyone who cared about her. Kate says she didn't mean to hurt him but she had to stick to the plan. Lucas says she could've told him there was a plan. Kate talks about not trusting Lucas with a secret because he has no poker face. Lucas disagrees but Roman says she is right.

Jake tells Rafe that it was a spur of the moment thing. Gabi comes in and tells Rafe that they got in late but she should've texted him. Rafe questions what happened since they lived in a mansion. Gabi explains that Jake doesn't want to live with his brothers. Jake notes that's especially EJ.

Sami tells EJ that it really was just a bad dream. EJ says he just went to get her breakfast in bed in hopes that it would distract from the fact that he put her through Hell. EJ acknowledges that she spent years taking care of him while he treated her horribly. EJ guesses that she still dreams about it. EJ talks about not being there when she was facing murder charges or Kristen but then he turned up out of the blue to take her back to Italy and then an hour later, they move back in with his family. Sami assures that she wants more than anything for EJ to have his life back. EJ laments that they are not them and it's on him. Sami brings up saying she wasn't ready to make love. EJ knows he can't erase the last four years. EJ says when he showed up here, she had every right to slam the door in his face but instead, she stuck by him. EJ declares that just being with her is enough for him. EJ adds that it took him a long time to heal and she waited so he will wait for her, no matter how long it takes. EJ assures Sami that he loves her as they kiss.

Kristen tells Brady that she was jealous and out of her mind. Kristen claims she never would've hurt Chloe. Brady points out how she drugged her, tied her up and put her in the trunk of a car. Kristen notes that she tried to help. Brady argues that she just tried to broker a deal. Brady complains that Chloe could've suffocated and calls Kristen a sociopath who doesn't care about other people's lives. Brady asks what point there is in him talking to her. Kristen points out that Chloe didn't suffocate. Brady informs her that Chloe was shot at point blank range so Kristen asks if she's dead.

Chloe asks what Nicole is talking about. Nicole informs her of her belief that Sami slept with Lucas before EJ came back to town. Chloe asks what it is to her. Nicole thinks she has to prod Sami back in to her cage. Chloe says it sounds interesting and guesses Sami has something on her, so she's trying to prove Sami slept with Lucas to level the playing field. Nicole says she needs proof of their affair. Chloe responds that she doesn't know if it was an affair but they were definitely in cahoots over something since Sami put Lucas up to telling her that he was dying.

Roman tells Lucas that Kate is right and brings up how angry Lucas got when he heard Sami and EJ were staying in town. Kate questions that as she thought Sami and Lucas were getting along. Lucas responds that his issue is with EJ. Kate says she's glad that EJ is staying which Lucas questions. Kate points out that EJ's first act as the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises was to hire her. Roman questions Kate working for EJ which she confirms. Lucas says no way to that.

Gabi tells Rafe that Jake was doing great and this was just another one of EJ's power grabs. Jake says that's why he doesn't want to live in the same house as EJ. Rafe thought it was Gabi's house so he questions not just kicking EJ out. Gabi says they don't want to live there anymore as there's too many unpleasant memories. Rafe questions Gabi moving out because of Jake. Gabi says they had to get out and they will get out of here when they find the next place. Gabi then gets a call from Philip. Gabi says she left without checking the mail but she can get it because it's still her house. Gabi hangs up and tells Jake that she left mail there from a Titan meeting. Jake offers to do it so she doesn't have to run in to EJ. Gabi says she wants to run in to EJ to remind him that she is still his land lady. Gabi thanks Rafe for letting them stay as she exits. Jake says he really appreciates it then asks if Rafe has a problem with them staying here. Rafe responds that he doesn't have a problem with Gabi staying there, but he does with Jake.

EJ and Sami kiss until EJ tells her that she doesn't have to do this but Sami assures that she wants to as she loves him so much.

Jake asks Rafe what his problem with him is. Rafe responds that he doesn't like how Jake treated Kate. Rafe accuses him of using Kate so he asks how he knows that he's not using Gabi.

Lucas complains about Kate working for the worst person in the world. Kate says who she works for and where is none of his concern. Lucas argues that EJ's sister hired Xander to kill him and Sami had to pay him off to stop the murder. Lucas mentions EJ wiring the money to save them and then taking it back which Roman notes he had not heard. Kate thinks EJ had the situation under control since they weren't murdered. Lucas questions Kate even taking the job since she doesn't need the money. Kate says she's doing it to pay back Jake and Gabi for what they did to her. Lucas complains that it's all about what Kate wants and walks out of the Pub.

Nicole questions Lucas telling Chloe that he had a terminal brain tumor when he didn't and that Sami pretended to be the doctor that confirmed it. Chloe adds that the reason behind it was to get her out of Salem which Nicole questions. Chloe thinks it was mainly Sami and that Lucas was being dragged along. Nicole asks why Sami would want her gone. Chloe says she doesn't know but she knows that Kristen wanted her gone to keep her away from Brady. Chloe says the whole Sami thing doesn't make sense. Nicole thinks back to talking to Lucas at the Pub about him helping Sami and that something happened that changed things between them. She then thinks back to seeing Lucas hold Sami's hand. Nicole then tells Chloe that maybe it does make sense.

EJ and Sami lay in bed after having sex and they agree that they are back. EJ thinks they will be happier and stronger than ever before. Sami says she hopes so while EJ says he knows so.

Roman asks Kate about her not being done paying Jake back. Kate says not by a long shot but admits that Roman told her so. Roman says he told her so during an embarrassing attempt to win her back. Kate acknowledges that Roman was right that she and Jake were never going to work out. Roman assures that he takes no joy in that and he's sorry that Jake hurt her, but he's worried that Kate can't get over it. Kate says she can but Roman says Kate continuing to make Jake pay says otherwise. Roman then apologizes but Kate understands he was talking to her as a friend.

Jake tells Rafe that he knows he was lousy to Kate and he should've been upfront as soon as he realized he would pick up where he left off with Gabi. Jake insists that he and Kate were happy but Gabi did come back to town and he realized what they shared would never go away. Jake adds that he did not go to Gabi until he thought Kate broke up with him. Jake brings up Kate pretending to be blind and having amnesia. Rafe points out that Kate is his friend. Jake asks if Rafe has ever been with somebody that he really cares about, but can't stop thinking about somebody else...

Nicole thinks Kristen has something on Sami, so she blackmailed her to get Chloe out of the picture. Nicole feels Kristen knew that Sami and Lucas slept together and that Sami would do anything to keep Kristen from telling EJ.

Brady tells Kristen that Chloe is not dead and asks if she's disappointed. Kristen says of course not. Brady questions that after all that Kristen put her through. Kristen points out that she didn't shoot Chloe so she can't be blamed for that. Kristen asks what happened. Brady informs her that Jan Spears took Kate's car and found Chloe, so she used her as a human shield and shot her at point blank range. Brady shouts that Chloe could have died. Kristen says she can hear it in his voice that he's in love with Chloe. Kristen asks if Chloe is there with him now. Brady says no, so Kristen asks why not. Kristen asks what he's waiting for since he hates her and blames her for everything. Kristen guesses he thinks of her as a psychotic bitch while Chloe is everything she is not. Kristen tells Brady to go be with Chloe and she hopes they live miserably ever after. Kristen then hangs up the phone.

Sami and EJ go downstairs to the living room. Sami calls it the perfect way to start the day. Sami says she never thought she'd get to touch his face and feel his arms around her again. EJ swears that all of that is behind them as they kiss until Gabi walks in. Gabi remarks about EJ stabbing his brother in the back and asks Sami what it's like in the bottom of the barrel. Gabi complains that she welcomed EJ in to her house and then he gets Jake out of the company. EJ points out that he didn't know they were involved until after it was over. Sami adds that EJ thought Jake was with Kate. Gabi argues that EJ went after Jake when he did nothing to him. EJ says that Jake was going to squander their father's legacy. Gabi says that Jake is the only one to make sure that Stefano's legacy didn't go down when Chad resigned. EJ argues that Jake barely kept the company going and he had Kate telling him what to do every step of the way. EJ declares that he made a decision and there was nothing personal about it. Gabi tells him that it is now as she holds EJ personally responsible for what happened to Jake, so she will personally make sure he pays for it. Gabi declares that she and Philip will grind DiMera Enterprises in to dust. Gabi then storms out but Sami rushes out after her. Sami assures that EJ didn't know about her and Jake. Gabi argues that EJ is still the same jerk he's always been. Sami warns that Gabi just threw down the gauntlet with EJ and she can't just go around making enemies of DiMeras.

Chloe talks to Nicole about having no idea that "Susan" was actually Kristen. Nicole's theory is that Lucas and Sami conspired to get Chloe out of town and when that didn't work, Kristen threw her in the trunk of a car. Nicole believes that Sami and Lucas were working under Kristen's orders because she has something on them. Chloe didn't think she could despise Kristen any more. Brady then walks in to the office and says he knows what she means.

EJ gets a call from Kristen, who says she is calling to find out if he got her letter.

Jake tells Rafe that the whole thing blindsided him as everything was fine until EJ showed up. Jake says he doesn't hate many people but he does hate EJ. Rafe welcomes him to the club. Jake declares that EJ is going to pay for what he did to him. Rafe warns him to make sure that Gabi doesn't get caught in the crossfire. Rafe then leaves the house.

Chloe apologizes as she didn't mean for Brady to hear that. Nicole asks if Brady is okay as he looks upset. Brady informs them that he just got a call from Kristen, like she was just checking in from a business trip. Brady adds that it was an unknown number that she was calling from and has always been good at covering her tracks. Nicole decides she will leave them alone as she has something to take care of. Nicole then exits. Brady questions what Chloe is doing at the office instead of healing at home. Chloe insists that she's getting better and she's glad to be back at work but she's worried about Brady. Brady assures that he'll be okay, he's just pretty bad at making decisions lately. Brady informs her that Shawn gave him some of Kristen's belongings and it included a mutilated photo of Chloe. Brady says he kept it to remind him of who Kristen truly is. Chloe asks to see it. Brady says no but Chloe thinks it's important and wants to face what happened together so Brady opens his briefcase and shows her the photo. Brady questions how he could have loved a woman who could do something like that.

EJ questions Kristen sending him a letter. Kristen says it should be there by now. She adds that there's no return address but it's not junk mail. EJ asks what's in it. Kristen doesn't want to tell him over the phone. EJ says he's not in the mood for her games. Sami then comes back in and takes the phone from EJ then hangs up. EJ questions what the hell she is doing.

Brady tells Chloe that talking to Kristen about what she did made him angry but then he wasn't angry anymore, he was numb because he got clarity that Kristen is not really a whole human being. Brady remarks that what seems like sanity is just Kristen wearing another one of her masks. Chloe agrees but is sorry that he had to go through it. Brady says that what Chloe had to go through was crazy. Brady repeats that he did get clarity from talking to Kristen, not just about her, but about Chloe and what he wants. Brady declares that all he wants is to be with Chloe.

Kate tells Roman that she hates apologizing to her kids but at least they all aren't as judgmental as Lucas. Roman points out that she did make them think she was blind with amnesia. Kate repeats that she apologized. Kate doesn't think that Lucas is really upset at her because he really went ballistic when she said EJ's name. Roman acknowledges that Lucas got very protective of Sami and resents EJ. Kate wonders why since Lucas and Sami have been over for a long time. Roman thinks maybe they have reconnected.

Nicole runs in to Lucas outside the Brady Pub and asks if he's fully recovered from his brain tumor. Nicole informs him that Chloe told her the whole story but they're both wondering why Lucas wanted Chloe to leave town, or why Sami did because it's obvious that all Lucas does is take Sami's orders. Lucas claims not to know why Sami does anything. Nicole believes that Kristen was blackmailing Sami because Kristen knew that Lucas and Sami were sleeping together.

EJ questions why Sami did that when he was talking to Kristen. Sami worries about EJ talking to Kristen when she's a fugitive and suggests he block her number. EJ argues that Kristen is his sister and asks what if she was trying to turn herself in. Sami asks if she was. EJ says no and informs Sami that she wanted to tell him about a letter she sent her which causes Sami to worry.

Gabi goes home. Jake thought she had a meeting. Gabi informs him that it got postponed which gives her more time to look over the proposal. Gabi then looks in her briefcase but discovers that she accidentally picked up a letter for EJ.

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