Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/5/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/5/21


Written By Joseph

John goes to Marlena's office and tells her that he decided to bring the 4th of July to her since she had to work.

Eli and Abe arrive to the town square. Eli orders the construction worker to stop demolishing the Horton Town Square plaque of Tom and Alice. He informs him that they are demolishing the whole area. Lani arrives and argues that it's the center of Salem. The worker responds that it's not anymore as he breaks off the plaque of Tom and Alice. He announces that it's now the future home of Price Town which Abe questions. Paulina then arrives. Chanel asks her what the hell is Price Town.

At Julie's Place, Julie asks Theo how there can be an order to demolish the Horton Town Square and says it has to be a misunderstanding. Doug assures that Abe will be figuring it out. Doug adds that he's sure Theo wasn't expecting this and notes that there's never a dull moment in Salem. Theo reveals he also came back because he has news to share. Julie hopes it's good news since they could use some right now.

Ciara tells Ben that she needs him to sign the divorce papers and let her move on with her life. Ben insists that she will remember him and until that happens, he will not stop fighting for them. Ben says she can take him to court or sue him but he refuses to sign the papers. Ciara yells at him to stop it because they are over. Ciara tells him to get it through his head and sign the papers. Ben asks what difference it makes when he signs the papers. Ciara then reveals it's because she and Theo are engaged. Ben argues that it can't be true.

Paulina claims Price Town is just a name she was using for now and was a working title. Eli asks if it's for the marketplace. The construction worker reveals that it's the wrong project and this was going to be a big store like Q Mart. Paulina claims he doesn't know what he's talking about but Chanel disagrees.

Theo announces to Doug and Julie that he's engaged. Julie asks who the lucky girl is. Doug guesses they can't know who since they don't know anyone in South Africa. Julie talks about people they do know in South Africa. Theo brings up Ciara. Julie recalls when they were kids playing together. Julie guesses he and Ciara are still just best friends but Theo says not anymore.

Ben doesn't believe Ciara is engaged to Theo. Ciara asks why she would make that up. Ben asks where the ring is. Ciara says she didn't want him to see it and freak out. Ciara then pulls the ring out of her bag and asks if he believes her now. Ciara declares that she and Theo are engaged and she loves him so she's going to marry him.

John tells Marlena that he brought all her favorites and kisses her. Marlena thanks him for making sure they could spend their holiday together. John says it's not a holiday unless he spends it with her. Marlena is sorry they had to miss Eli and Lani's anniversary party. John suggests they invite them to dinner to celebrate that way. John adds that they can get Lani to bring her aunt, because he's eager to meet the fantastic Paulina Price...

Paulina argues that Chanel has no idea what's going on here at all. Chanel then reveals that she saw the blueprints in her mom's files a couple weeks ago. Chanel says that Paulina gave her some story about her projects got mixed up but guesses it was a lie. Paulina questions Chanel being an expert and says this is all fuss over nothing. Paulina wants to go back to the party. Eli asks if she's for real. Lani remembers when she overheard Paulina on the phone about a secret and says she was on the phone about some guy she was with but then told Abe that she hadn't dated in years. Abe then questions if Paulina was lying about another man, the project, or both?

Julie is surprised to learn that Theo and Ciara are engaged. Doug notes that was fast since they just left Salem a couple months ago. Theo points out that she moved halfway across the world with him. Julie thought Ciara would get back with Ben. Doug brings up Ciara and Ben still being married. Theo says Ben hasn't signed the divorce papers which is why Ciara came back to Salem with him. Theo assures that Ciara and Ben are not getting back together and that Ciara went to Ben's to make him understand that.

Ben argues that Ciara doesn't love Theo. Ciara insists that she's crazy about him and he makes her feel cherished every day. Ben tells her to keep going. Ciara adds that Theo doesn't murder women. Ben gets that Theo is safe but what they have is intense and passionate. Ciara argues that the passion was so intense she nearly died two or three times and she doesn't need an obsessive husband who thinks he knows what's best for her. Ciara wants someone who is kind, gentle, and keeps her safe. Ciara declares that Theo is all of those things so he is the man she wants, not Ben.

Julie asks if Theo still has feelings for Ciara. Theo reveals he never stopped. Theo says he knows they are Team Ben which Doug and Julie say it's not true. Theo points out that he's still waiting for a congratulations. Julie says they just don't want anybody to get hurt. Theo argues that it's too late for that since Ciara was kidnapped, lost years of her memory, and almost died. Theo declares that Ciara will be safe with him because he will never hurt her. Julie asks if that means Ciara has made no progress on getting her memory back. Theo confirms that and says doctors say the longer it goes, the less likely it is that she will ever get it back. Doug and Julie ask if Theo has thought about what if Ciara does get her memory back.

Ciara tells Ben that she's going to marry Theo and nothing can stop them. Ciara tells Ben that he can be tough and stubborn but she will be more so. Ben brings up going to the cabin a couple weeks ago, where he took Ciara after her accident. Ben says he went there to figure out what to do about their marriage and he had a nice long talk with Rafe there about how when Hope divorced him. Ben talks about Rafe realizing he couldn't change Hope's mind. Ciara says he gets it then and tells Ben to sign the papers. Ben argues that the difference is that Hope didn't love Rafe anymore while Ciara just doesn't remember. Ciara is glad because when people tell her that she was married to Ben, it horrifies her. Ben responds that he can't sign the papers because he loves her and he knows she loves him just as much. Ben declares there is no way he's going to let her end their marriage without putting up the fight of his life. Ben then tears up the divorce papers.

Marlena asks how John knows Paulina is all that since he's never met her. John informs her that he ran in to Abe and he went on and on about how impressed he was by Paulina. John says if someone can impress Abe like that, she's got to be fantastic. Marlena then informs John that Abe is dating Paulina. John says he's been praying that Abe would find someone special so maybe they'll wind up as happy as they are. Marlena doesn't know if that's possible but for Abe, she hopes so because he deserves it.

Abe confronts Paulina and says he championed her cause while negotiating and calling in favors to make the permits happen when it was all a lie. Lani calls this the first time she's ever seen Paulina speechless but she thinks Abe deserves an answer. Abe thought Paulina was more than a business associate. Paulina says they are but Abe disagrees. Paulina asks everyone to hear her out and says she saw an amazing opportunity for the community that needed to be handled, so she made the hard choice and decided it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Eli asks if she's kidding. Abe remarks that the last thing Salem needs is a Q Mart clone. The construction worker argues that his wife has to go all the way to Brookvlile for her bulk shopping. Eli demands to see the permit so he hands it over. Chanel recognizes the blueprint as the plans she saw at Paulina's place. Lani asks how much of the town square it would occupy. Eli declares that she was really tearing down the whole town square which Paulina admits. Abe tells Paulina that she can't tear down Horton Town Square as it's a historic site. Paulina points out that the permit says she can. Eli questions this being her stepping up for the community. Abe doesn't understand why she felt she had to lie. Paulina says it's because of this rush to judgment. Paulina says she pitched a feel good project so people would be open to the change the town needed for a long time. Eli asks what she knows about Salem. Paulina talks about the money Price Town will make and how it will meet peoples' needs and generates tax dollars so everyone wins. Abe says except small business owners and people of color who were counting on this marketplace. Paulina argues that it will create more jobs. Paulina promises if they do it her way, they can all make money. Eli asks if it's all about money for her. Paulina is sorry they all can't see what an asset the project will bring to the community. Abe argues that she did all of this behind his back. Abe asks how she set up the construction to start early. Paulina reminds Abe that he told the planner to expedite the process and approve whatever she needed, so he did. Abe guesses he didn't need to know that. Paulina wishes he could understand. Abe reminds Paulina that she told Chanel that she never mixes business with pleasure and he was the exception, but that was another lie. Abe guesses it was just part of her business plan. Paulina swears that she believes what they have is real. Abe stops her and says he's glad he finally figured out what she was planning before it was too late. The construction worker argues that he's getting paid overtime for the holiday and asks if they are doing this or not. Abe says no, but Paulina says yes.

Marlena tells John that it sounds like Abe is smitten with Paulina which she thinks is great. Marlena thinks Abe should tell Tamara that he's dating her sister though. John questions why she would care since they were over long ago. Marlena thinks Tamara would wish them well but that secrets drive a wedge between people. Marlena recalls when her and Tamara were college roommates, and Paulina came to visit then stole Tamara's idea and got busy on the town and went out drinking. John jokes that if Paulina hasn't changed, maybe it's good they didn't go to the party. Marlena says she was younger then and full of spunk. John guesses she hasn't changed much.

Lani accuses Paulina of moving up the date of the demolition to coincide with their anniversary party because she hoped they wouldn't find out until it was too late to try to stop it. Lani argues that Paulina was taking a wrecking ball to Eli's family legacy. Lani asks if this is why Paulina came to Salem and how long she's been planning this. Paulina says she came to see her babies. Lani asks if offering to pay for the babies' education was some kind of payoff so they'd forgive her. Paulina insists that she loves the children. Eli questions ripping away their heritage then. Eli argues that Tom and Alice were his great great grandparents and he may not have known them, but coming to the town square makes him feel close to them while Paulina is just going to throw away their whole legacy. Paulina claims she didn't know that when she started but Lani argues that she could've stopped it. Paulina says it was too late. Eli is through with her excuses. Lani tells Paulina that they are giving her back the money as she never should've taken it in the first place. Lani wishes Paulina never came to town. Lani and Eli then walk away together.

John and Marlena joke about being drunk on love. Marlena mentions having no more patients today while tomorrow she is seeing Ben Weston. John didn't know Ben was still seeing her. Marlena talks about Ben having a hard time losing Ciara and not knowing if she will come back to him. Marlena adds that not only does Ciara not remember loving Ben, she hates him and is constantly berating him, hurting his feelings, and reminding him of his own past. John calls it heartbreaking for both of them. John asks if she thinks Ciara will ever come around. Marlena says she hopes so.

Ciara tells Ben that she will just get more divorce papers and will even go to court if she has to. Ben says she'll have to come back to Salem then and won't be able to hide. Ciara argues that she just doesn't want to remember him as she's happier than she's ever been and plans on staying that way, while staying as far away from Ben as she can. Ben declares that he will have to win her back and he knows he will. Ciara calls him obsessed but Ben says he's in love. Ciara complains that he can't force her to stay married to her and the more he does, the farther away she wants to be from him. Ben says it will change. Ciara says when Hell freezes over. Ben insists that she will remember what they had. Ciara stops him and says she doesn't care what he thinks they were and that it makes her sick thinking about it. Ciara finds it cruel that he's making it so difficult for her. Ciara declares that he left her no choice but to go to court.

Theo tells Doug and Julie that Ciara loves him and not Ben. Theo questions what makes them so sure that even if she got her memory back, she would just go back to Ben. Julie says they aren't trying to upset him. Doug says if they are happy, they are happy for them. Lani and Eli return to check on the babies. Julie says they are fine and asks what happened. Lani announces that Paulina betrayed them all. Eli presents the Tom and Alice town square plaque that was busted off.

Paulina argues that she's not a bad person and she has a right to do this because she owns all the buildings. Abe points out that she doesn't own the Salem Inn but Chanel reveals that she does. Paulina adds that she owns the Bistro too. Abe wants it cancelled and tells the construction worker to take his crew and get the hell out of here. Paulina argues that the permits have already been executed. Abe guesses she will fight him on cancelling. Paulina complains that she's made promises to all of her suppliers. Abe goes to call City Hall. Chanel realizes that Paulina knew her bakery would never open but she's still going through with it. Chanel asks if saying she believed in her was all apart of Paulina's lie too.

Julie questions the Price Town plan and argues that Paulina is worse than she ever could've imagined for getting ready to demolish everything their family cares about. Doug says that's enough but Julie says she's just getting started. Doug reminds her that Paulina is Lani's aunt, so she is family. Julie apologizes to Lani. Lani calls Paulina a liar, selfish, cruel, and heartless. Lani declares that what Paulina did makes her sick.

Paulina tells Chanel that she does believe in her. Chanel argues that Paulina lied to her and let her believe she could start a business. Paulina encourages that she will. Chanel complains that the plan was never real anyways. Paulina tells her that she can get a job at Price Land. Chanel doesn't want a job but her own business as she has a dream. Paulina advises her not to use Martin Luther King's words to describe a bakery she dreamed about for two weeks. Chanel talks about baking since she was a kid. Chanel adds that she wanted to build something for herself and prove she could do it. Chanel wanted to make Paulina finally proud of her but all she did was lie. Chanel asks what kind of mother does that to her kid.

Lani talks about how excited Chanel was about her bakery and Paulina knew she was going to break her daughter's heart all along. Lani asks how she could be so cruel. Lani brings up that Abe put his reputation on the line because he believed Paulina's lies. Lani adds that Abe had real feelings for Paulina and she just screwed him over. Julie encourages that it's over now. Theo points out that what Paulina plans to do to the square is not over but insists that Abe will find a way to stop her. Lani prays that he's right.

Marlena thanks John for a wonderful day. John asks if she can take a break to join him and Brady with Rachel to see fireworks. Marlena says she would love that but says she has to stay at work in case of emergency. John guesses they will just have to make fireworks of their own then as they kiss.

Paulina says she never meant to hurt Chanel but everybody makes mistakes. Paulina points out that she forgave Chanel when she and Xander tried to blackmail her out of millions. Chanel guesses she knows where she gets her love of money and talent for lying and screwing people over. Paulina asks Chanel to try to forgive her. Chanel recalls when Paulina discouraged her from starting the bakery at first which she thought was because she didn't believe in her but it was all about more money. Chanel talks about looking up to Paulina all her life and being proud of her but she's nothing but a liar and cheat, who doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants. Paulina tells Chanel that she loves her but Chanel walks away. Abe comes back over. Paulina doesn't know what to say. Abe suggests apologizing to Chanel, her family, and to him, but based on what she's said, he doesn't think she's sorry at all. Paulina complains that it all started spiraling out of control. Abe points out that she kept lying when she had to see this day coming. Abe questions what the hell she was thinking.

Julie cries over the plaque of Tom and Alice. Doug encourages that they can just shine up the plaque. Eli adds that they will put it right back where it belongs. Julie argues that they can't be sure of that. Doug wants to get Julie home. Lani thanks them for the party and she's sorry that Paulina ruined everything. Julie says nothing could ruin the joy Lani brought in to Eli's life. Doug and Julie exit so Eli walks out with them. Lani comments to Theo on the mess. Theo is sorry that her party turned in to such a downer, but he does have some good news that might cheer her up a little. Theo then announces that he and Ciara are getting married. Lani hugs him and says that's so wonderful. Theo is glad someone thinks so since Doug and Julie think Ciara will get her memory back and dump him for Ben. Lani asks if Ciara came back to Salem with him. Theo confirms that she did, but she went to Ben's to give him the divorce papers. Theo says he wanted to go with her but she said it would just make Ben dig in his heels even more. Lani asks if he's worried. Theo says that everybody says Ben is a decent guy now, so he has to believe everything is okay.

Ben reminds Ciara of fortune cookies and lo mein. Ben shows her the Alice in Wonderland books and their wedding photos. Ben says these were her favorite things and their life together. Ciara says she's leaving but Ben stops her. Ciara tells him to get out of her way but Ben locks the door. Ben declares that he's sorry, but he can't let her go.

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