Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/2/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/2/21


Written By Joseph

Abe asks Lani what makes her think that Paulina is hiding something. Lani explains that Paulina told Abe that she hasn't dated anyone in years, but she told her last night that she was seeing someone in Miami right before she came to Salem. Lani declares that Paulina is either lying to Abe or lying to her.

Chanel thanks Paulina again for letting her move in. Paulina hopes it goes better than last time. Chanel knows Paulina wanted her to find her own place but her time at Eli and Lani's had run out. Paulina asks if they got tired of her sleeping on the couch. Chanel responds that it was either that or they got tired of her seeing Eli naked.

Eli comes in to the Horton House with Gwen and questions what Xander is doing there. Xander reminds him that he lives here. Eli brings up Julie mentioning that he disgraced her couch. Xander asks if Eli came to see Julie. Gwen informs Xander that Eli came to tell her that her doctor was foudn dead. Xander says that's terrible and asks how he died. Eli responds that they are still investigating but his cousin Allie and her friends were swimming at the lake when they found Dr. Snyder's body. Xander suggests maybe he drowned. Eli repeats that they are still investigating, but they do know he was found in his work clothes. Xander asks what it has to do with Gwen. Eli reveals that Tripp mentioned there was some bad blood between Gwen and Dr. Snyder so he asks if she wants to tell him about that.

Doug and Julie decorate Julie's Place for Eli's surprise anniversary party for he and Lani. Doug can't believe it's been a full year. Julie recalls how last year also had Nicole and Eric's wedding and almost Justin and Kayla's. They then bring up Ben and Ciara's wedding and how it turned in to such a nightmare with the bombing at the ceremony and now Ciara's decided to leave Ben again.

Ben goes home and heads inside where he sees Ciara waiting on the bed. Ben asks if this is really happening and if she is real.

Doug tells Julie that she knows Ben is heartbroken. Julie says her heart breaks for him. Doug still believes that Ben and Ciara will have their day. Julie asks how he can be so sure. Doug responds that he has faith that a great love like Ben and Ciara's will always beat the odds. Doug declares that memories may fade but a true love like they had will never just go away.

Ciara tells Ben that she is real and asks why he would think she wasn't. Ben tells her about the dream he had. Ben asks if she came back to him and his dream is coming true.

Gwen tells Eli that Dr. Snyder treated her after her fall and her miscarriage so she's not sure why Tripp would say that. Eli informs her that Tripp said he witnessed an argument at the hospital where she seemed very uncomfortable. Gwen admits that Dr. Snyder didn't have the warmest bedside manner but she wouldn't wish him dead. Eli asks when she last saw him. Gwen claims not to know and guesses it would've been her last follow up appointment. Eli asks if she didn't see him after that. Xander interrupts and says Gwen has answered his questions but this is starting to feel like harassment. Eli calls it a routine interview which shouldn't be a problem unless Gwen has something to hide.

Paulina questions Chanel seeing Eli naked. Chanel clarifies that it wasn't on purpose but his towel had a habit of falling down. Paulina acknowledges that Eli is a fine looking man which Chanel agrees with. Paulina questions if Chanel appreciates a man like that. Chanel jokes that she's fluid not blind. Chanel tells Paulina to keep her thoughts about Eli to herself because Abe doesn't seem like he would be down with any shadiness.

Abe questions why Paulina would lie about dating a guy in Miami. Lani doesn't know but she told her that she ended things when she went back to Miami recently. Abe notes that was before they even started dating. Lani says that's why there's no reason to hide it and that she told her to tell her the truth but she did the exact opposite. Abe is sure there's an explanation but he'd rather get it out in the open sooner than later. Abe remarks that he'll ask her about it at the party. Lani then questions what party.

Julie tells Doug that she loves being married to a romantic who always sees the bright side. Julie hopes that Ciara gets her memory back and mentions that she doesn't even know how she's been doing since she left town. Doug is sure that Ciara is just fine since she's as strong and independent as her mother. Julie hates when they leave. Doug says that's what happens when kids grow up. Julie says she still doesn't like it as she loved when Ciara lived across town but now she lives across the Atlantic Ocean with Theo. Theo then arrives, surprising Doug and Julie. Julie jumps up and excitedly hugs Theo.

Ciara informs Ben that she did not get her memory back and confirms the last thing she remembers is still crashing her bike. Ben asks if she doesn't remember being with him at all which she confirms. Ben realizes she is not coming back to him so he asks what she's doing here. Ciara says she came back because she needs him to sign the divorce papers.

Paulina tells Chanel that she knows how good Abe is so the last thing she wants to do is hurt him. Chanel says she didn't say that her talking about another man's body would hurt him, unless there's something else. Paulina hesitates but they get interrupted by the oven going off. Chanel mentions burning a cake at Eli and Lani's as she goes to check the cake. Paulina feels Eli and Lani threw her out for more than just seeing Eli naked. Paulina then gets a phone call. She tells them that the job has to be done today. She adds that she's going to be at a party at Julie's Place so she doesn't want to be anywhere near the demolition site. Paulina hangs up and then goes to join Chanel in the kitchen.

Lani asks Abe what party he meant that he would see Paulina at. Abe tries to cover but Lani guesses he's throwing her and Eli a surprise anniversary party. Abe apologizes for blowing it. Lani says it's okay and that she won't tell Eli. Lani then realizes that Eli is the one who planned it. Abe tells Lani that Eli wanted to surprise her and he's so sorry. Lani tells him that it's okay and she's just so touched that Eli would do this and says Abe is sweet to help out. Abe feels he did the opposite of help. Lani jokes that now she can make sure to look fabulous when she walks in. Abe asks her not to be obvious and act like she didn't know. Lani tells Abe not to worry about the whole Paulina thing as she's probably making a big deal out of nothing since he knows he can trust Paulina. Lani then goes to get changed.

Julie had no idea Theo was coming for Eli and Lani's party and mentions that Lani will be so surprised. Doug adds that the only thing that would make this more perfect is if he brought Ciara with him. Theo reveals that he did and Ciara is in Salem. Julie asks where she is. Theo informs them that she went to see Ben.

Ben questions Ciara coming all the way here for divorce papers. Ciara says she sent them about a month ago and questions why he hasn't sent them back. Ciara questions him ignoring her messages. Ben says he can't stop thinking about her. Ciara says she didn't hear from him and wasn't going to wait around forever so she came to do it in person. Ciara wants a copy of the papers signed. Ben tells her that he didn't sign them and he's not going to. Ciara orders him to go get the papers. Ben responds that he can't because he doesn't have them. Ben reveals that he stared at them for a week and then he burned them.

Gwen assures Eli that she knows nothing about Dr. Snyder's death as he was her doctor and that was the only contact they had. Eli then gets a message from the medical examiner's office, saying their preliminary investigation determined there was no water in Dr. Snyder's lungs which means he didn't drown and was already dead when he hit the water.

Ciara questions Ben burning the divorce papers. Ben confirms that he did it at the cabin where he took her after her accident. Ciara doesn't want to hear it and reveals that she brought an extra set just in case. Ciara hands him the divorce papers and a pen. Ciara says she doesn't want to hurt him and is just trying to move on so she asks him to just sign the papers. Ben asks if they can talk first.

Doug asks about Ciara going to see Ben. Julie asks if they are getting back together. Paulina and Chanel then arrive. Theo goes over to greet Chanel. Chanel says she didn't expect to see him. Theo says it was a last minute decision and hopes it's not a problem. Chanel says it's not and that they are both here for Eli and Lani. Theo agrees that it's always good to celebrate love. Chanel mentions baking the cake and informs him that she's in the process of opening her own bakery. Theo says that's great. Chanel thanks him and tells him that he looks good. Theo responds that she does too and notes that she seems different somehow, maybe more serious. Chanel asks if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Julie goes over and greets Paulina. Paulina tells her about Chanel baking the cake with her which Julie calls thoughtful. Doug mentions hearing that Chanel is a very talented baker. Julie comments that Chanel and Allie make quite a team. Doug adds that they can't wait for the bakery to open as it's going to be a wonderful addition to the Horton Town Square. Paulina asks when they expect Eli and Lani. Julie responds that Abe is bringing Lani but Eli should already be here.

Xander suggests Dr. Snyder could've died in a boating accident. Eli calls it possible but unlikely as he would've had to stop breathing before going in to the water. Eli guesses his death didn't occur at the lake but somebody dumped his body in the lake, hoping he would never be found. Eli is sure they will know more when the autopsy is complete. Eli tells Gwen that she knows where to find him if she remembers any more. Eli thanks her for her time and then exits. Gwen then calls Xander an idiot.

Ciara tells Ben that there is nothing left for them to talk about. Ben asks her to listen then so she tells him to say what he needs to say. Ben tells her that ever since she left, it's taken all the power he has to not fly to South Africa and show up at her door to prove they belong together but he knew she needed her space and he knew forcing her to come back before she was ready would only push her further away, but now she's here. Ben says he cannot look her in the face and pretend he's okay with signing the divorce papers because he's not and never going to be. Ciara tells him that's his problem. Ben says it's their problem and he's sorry if she thought he wouldn't try to remind her of the life and connection they shared. Ciara says they've been through and calls him a murderer, asking why she would want to remember someone like him. Ben argues that deep down she remembers them but Ciara disagrees. Ciara tells him that going to South Africa wouldn't have made a difference. Ciara tells Ben that she has moved on and has a life there with Theo that has absolutely nothing to do with Ben.

Chanel informs Theo that her mom is now dating his dad. Chanel says they seem to really like each other. Eli arrives and apologizes for being late. Eli is surprised to see Theo, who wishes him a Happy Anniversary. Paulina hugs Eli and wishes him a Happy Anniversary. Paulina tells him that he looks so handsome in his suit and jokes that he apparently does out of it too according to Chanel. Julie greets Eli and says she was beginning to worry. Eli apologizes as he got caught up at work. Julie asks if it was anything serious. Eli reveals that Dr. Snyder's dead body was found in the lake. Doug says that's terrible and asks how he drowned. Eli clarifies that they don't think he drowned but the investigation has just begun. Eli adds that he was just at their house, questioning one of their guests. Julie guesses it was Xander but Eli reveals that it was Gwen.

Xander asks Gwen how he's an idiot and what he did so wrong. Gwen argues that he said he knew how to get rid of a body. Xander says he does. Gwen asks how they found Dr. Snyder's body then. Xander doesn't know and reveals he filled his pockets with rocks to weigh him down but guesses some slipped out. Gwen questions that being Xander's master plan. Gwen can't believe this since he said he knew how to deal with this sort of thing. Xander says they had to get him out of the house so he did the best he could do under the circumstances. Xander suggests Gwen blame Tripp for sending the cops after her. Xander complains that it was Tripp and his friends who found the body and says they should've minded their own business. Gwen calls him a horrid person and says Tripp isn't. Xander asks if she wants his help or not. Gwen says no but then says she does. Gwen knows he did the best he could but says Eli just coming in unannounced was so unnerving. Xander says they make people feel guilty when they aren't. Gwen argues that they are guilty but Xander points out that they didn't kill him. Gwen says they didn't not kill him and they certainly disposed of his body. Gwen points out that they answered all the questions and hopes they pulled it off. Xander notes that Eli was satisfied enough to leave but points out that she lied to his face. Gwen argues that they both did since they both know what happened and pretended they didn't. Xander says that not telling Eli that Dr. Snyder died here is a lie of admission but Gwen told Eli that the last time she saw Dr. Snyder was at the hospital. Gwen asks if she was supposed to tell Eli that Dr. Snyder showed up at the house and Xander held a blade to his throat, then he had a heart attack and died. Xander acknowledges that wouldn't be a good plan but the problem is there is someone who can contradict her story, since someone else knows Snyder was there.

Julie asks Eli what Gwen has to do with a dead man in the lake. Eli points out that she was one of Dr. Snyder's patients. Julie asks if Gwen killed him. Eli says they are just pursuing every possible lead. Julie asks what led him to Gwen. Eli would rather not say. Julie hopes he would let them know if a murderer was living in their house. Doug encourages her to let Eli do his job as he will tell them if there is anything they need to know. Doug suggests they focus on Eli and Lani tonight.

Abe and Lani arrive outside of Julie's Place with the twins. Abe reminds Lani to pretend to be totally surprised when they go in. Lani promises to deliver the performance of her life.

Julie asks Eli if Gwen had a motive for harming Dr. Snyder. Eli says not that he knows of. Julie asks why he questioned her then or if he's going to question every one of Dr. Snyder's patients. Eli gets a text that Abe is about to bring Lani in so he tells everyone to get ready. Abe then brings Lani in with the twins where everyone yells surprise. Lani asks if Eli did this. Eli tells her that he had help as he hugs her and wishes her a Happy Anniversary. Abe and Theo wish her the same. Lani is surprised to see Theo and can't believe he came all this way. Paulina and Chanel hug Lani. Chanel comments on Lani being a lucky lady to have a husband like Eli. Paulina says she means that he's a great husband and dad. Doug calls for everyone to get their champagne. Lani thanks them all for being there, especially Theo for traveling halfway around the world to be there. Lani tells Theo that she loves him and can't wait to catch up. Theo mentions that he does have good news to share. Abe toasts to Lani and Eli and their children, hoping each year brings them closer together and more happiness. Everyone raises their glass to Eli and Lani.

Xander reminds Gwen that Julie saw Dr. Snyder on the couch and assumed he was passed out drunk. Gwen suggests maybe Julie didn't get a good look at his face. Xander hopes not because if she did, she could sink them both. Xander then says unless they kill her. Gwen asks if he's joking. Xander says of course he is.

Doug and Julie sit with Abe and Paulina. Julie asks the latest on them. Paulina jokes that they are having a torrid affair. A construction worker enters looking for Paulina and says he needs her to sign off on a demolition order. She tells him it's not a great time but he says he doesn't have all day so Paulina signs the paper. He hands her a copy and exits. Abe asks what that was all about. Paulina claims that it was just some work to start on Monday. Chanel notes that he said it was for demolition so she questions what Paulina is demolishing. Paulina claims that it's just a wall here and there as she can't connect the stores without knocking down a few walls. Lani questions needing a demolition order to do that. Abe thinks back to talking to Lani about Paulina possibly lying to them. Abe takes the paper from Paulina and says it can't be. Abe realizes she is going to demolish the Horton Town Square. Doug questions that. Abe tells Eli that they have to stop them so they rush out of Julie's Place. Julie says she can't believe this and in the middle of the party. Lani asks Julie to watch the kids. Theo says he will help too. Lani rushes out. Julie asks if this is a misunderstanding. Chanel goes to Paulina and shakes her head as she then hurries out as well. Paulina guesses she better go see what's happening and exits. Julie tells Doug that she knew Paulina couldn't be trusted.

Eli and Abe arrive to the town square. Eli orders the construction worker to stop demolishing the Horton Town Square plaque of Tom and Alice. He informs him that they are demolishing the whole area. Lani arrives and argues that it's the center of Salem. The worker responds that it's not anymore as he breaks off the plaque of Tom and Alice. He announces that it's now the future home of Price Town which Abe questions. Paulina then arrives to the scene.

Ben tells Ciara that he cannot accept that she is with Theo. Ciara tells him that he doesn't really have a choice because she wants to be with Theo so she needs Ben to sign the papers and let her move on with her life. Ben insists that she will remember him and until that happens, he will not stop fighting for them. Ben says she can take him to court or sue him but he refuses to sign the papers. Ciara yells at him to stop it because they are over. Ciara tells him to get it through his head and sign the papers. Ben asks what difference it makes when he signs the papers. Ciara then reveals it's because she and Theo are engaged.

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