Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/1/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/1/21


Written By Joseph

The smoke alarm goes off at Eli and Lani's place. Eli rushes out from the shower to turn off the oven and stop it. Eli ends up dropping his towel when Chanel walks in and says that's what she calls hot.

Allie goes to see Tripp. They talk about going to the lake since Tripp doesn't have to work today. Tripp mentions thinking for sure that he would have to because Dr. Snyder insisted he come in. Allie asks what happened but Tripp doesn't know. Tripp says he got there on time but Dr. Snyder didn't show up...

Gwen wakes Xander up on the couch at the Horton house by throwing water on him. Gwen complains that she hasn't slept and asks what Xander did with Dr. Snyder's dead body.

Ben wakes up from a dream about Ciara coming back to him. Claire then shows up and tells Ben that it's the 4th of July so she's not going to let him mope around his apartment all day thinking about Ciara. Claire declares that Ben is joining her with Tripp and Allie at the lake today, no questions asked.

Tripp asks Allie if Chanel is coming too. Allie says no as she had other plans and assures that Tripp was her first choice to hang out with. Allie jokes that when she and Chanel would go to the beach, Chanel would make her carry all their stuff so now Tripp gets the honors.

Eli picks up his towel and questions Chanel not hearing the smoke alarm. Chanel says she had headphones on. Eli tells her it's not cool with two babies in the home. Chanel admits she messed up. Eli asks what she was even making. Chanel tells him that it was supposed to be the cake for he and Lani's anniversary party. Eli points out that now the whole apartment smells like smoke. Chanel complains that she has had a lot on her mind with her bakery opening soon and apologizes. Eli thanks her for trying and tells her that they have to be careful because he wants to surprise his wife so she can't know about this. Lani then comes home and asks what she can't know about. Eli informs her that Chanel burnt something in the oven. Chanel claims it was a new recipe that she's trying out for her bakery. Lani points out that Eli burns stuff in the oven all the time so she questions why she can't know about it. Chanel then apologizes and admits that she saw Eli naked again.

Abe and Paulina eat breakfast together at her place. Paulina talks about it being a long time since someone spoiled her like this. Paulina claims that she hasn't been involved with a man in years as she's been married to her work so there was no time for romance. Abe suggests that she just didn't meet the right man in Miami because the right man was here in Salem. Paulina suggests he bring her around to his way of thinking. Abe says he would love to and kisses her.

Ben and Claire join Tripp and Allie at the lake. They all greet each other. Claire mentions that she can't wait to get in to the lake. Ben says to go ahead while he's going to stay behind and have a beer. Tripp decides to join him while Allie and Claire race each other to the docks. Ben and Tripp have a beer together. Ben asks Tripp what's going on with him and Allie since last time they talked, he said he thought there might be something going on but it was complicated. Tripp explains that he didn't know how they could be more than friends but they are together now and taking it slow. Tripp then asks Ben what about he and Claire. Ben responds that they are just friends. Ben mentions that Claire has really been there for him through a rough time. Tripp tells Ben that he's sorry about Ciara. Ben thanks him and says his wife may be across the world with another man but there's no way in hell that he will ever stop fighting to get her back.

Xander tells Gwen that they have nothing to feel guilty about because Dr. Snyder didn't die because of anything they did. Gwen blames it on Xander holding a knife to his throat and threatening to kill him. Gwen decides she never wants to sit on the couch again because Dr. Snyder died there. Xander talks about having to hide the body from Jack. Gwen can't believe Xander slept on that couch. Xander informs her that Julie had Doug clean it after she saw him on it. Gwen argues that the point is, he murdered someone and they took that someone out of here together. Xander argues that he didn't murder anyone. Gwen worries about what he'll have to tell the cops or if someone finds the body.

Eli explains to Chanel that he heard the smoke alarm so he ran from the shower and his towel slipped, just as Chanel walked in. Lani points out that this is like the third time that Chanel has seen her husband naked. Chanel jokes that she has excellent timing. Lani asks about the babies. Eli informs her that they slept through the whole thing. Chanel assures that she will move out because they should have the place to themselves, so as soon as her bakery opens then she can afford her own apartment and until then, she can stay with her mom. Lani thanks her for understanding. Chanel is grateful they put up with her drama and never gave up on her. The babies wake up crying so Lani goes to take care of them. Chanel hopes she didn't get Eli in trouble. Eli feels that when Lani walks in to Julie's Place and sees the party he has set up, she will forget all about this. Chanel assures that the cake will be epic and she'll head to Paulina's to get started, so she exits.

After kissing, Paulina tells Abe that he's very convincing. Abe asks what her plans are for today after Eli and Lani's anniversary party. Abe invites Paulina to watch the fireworks with him. Paulina jokes that it will be tough to top the fireworks they started last night. Abe says he'd be happy to have company. Paulina says it sounds tempting but she has business calls to make. Abe talks about Paulina doing a lot of good for a lot of people with this project she's working on.

Xander tells Gwen to stop worrying because no one is going to find Dr. Snyder's body. Xander assures he has a great deal of experience in disposing of dead bodies. Gwen doesn't want to take any chance so she wants to know what he did with the corpse. Xander thinks it's better if she doesn't know and suggests she forget any of this happened. Gwen asks how she's supposed to do that. Xander tells her to focus on the good because the creep who was forcing her to be his drug mule is gone, so she can breathe easy now. Gwen doesn't believe that she can. Xander points out that Dr. Snyder won't call her or threaten her ever again so it's over and she's free to enjoy her new life with her dad. Xander swears that Dr. Snyder can't hurt her anymore.

Ben tells Tripp about Ciara sending him divorce papers but notes that he lit them on fire instead. Ben adds that he hasn't responded to her messages about it. Tripp feels he will have to eventually. Ben hopes that with space and time, Ciara gets her memory back, remembers how much they love each other, and comes home to her. Tripp hopes that happens for him. Ben thanks him and says living without Ciara has been a complete nightmare. Claire and Allie then come rushing back, shouting that there's a dead body in the lake.

Paulina makes a call and says there's been a change of plans. She declares that she needs the demolition of the Horton Town Square to happen today. She adds that she's paying double and knows it's a big job and everyone is not going to be happy about it. Paulina orders them to get their crew and get the job done. Paulina then hangs up as Chanel comes in and questions what's going on with the project in the town square. Paulina claims she was just talking about construction work and that everything is fine to start work after the holiday weekend. Chanel is excited about this really happening and opening a bakery with her best friend.

Ben and Tripp find the body of Dr. Snyder in the lake. Claire calls 911 while Tripp identifies the body as his boss, Dr. Clay Snyder.

Gwen and Xander sit on the couch eating donuts which they call horrible. Xander explains that he bought donuts from the store to annoy Julie after he ate the donuts that she made. Xander says they can't let Julie think her donuts were superior so they have to eat all of them. Xander then suggests her guilty conscience might not have to do with Dr. Snyder, but more with what he was holding over her. Xander says he knows it has something to do with her miscarriage so he asks what's really keeping her up at night. Gwen questions why she would trust him.

Eli asks Lani if she's angry about Chanel. Lani says no and that she won't spend their first anniversary being angry as she knows he is all hers. Eli says he's looking forward to a quiet alone night with her and asks if she's sure she's okay celebrating at home. Lani assures that she's fine. Eli brings up that she mentioned the new club. Lani says they can go another time on their next anniversary. They kiss and say I love you as Lani goes back to the babies. Eli then gets a call about a dead body.

Xander tries to convince Gwen that she can trust him. Xander reminds her that they just moved a dead body together so that has to count for something. Xander adds that they've been getting along okay here which Gwen reluctantly agrees with. Xander asks her again what's really keeping her up at night. Gwen says if she tells him, he has to swear to keep it to himself, because if Jack finds out the truth, it will totally ruin their relationship. Xander swears not to tell a soul and that her secret is safe with him.

Paulina reminds Chanel that construction projects are almost always delayed. Abe comes out and greets Chanel. Chanel mentions that Paulina didn't say she had company. Paulina informs her that Abe spent the night. Abe says he better get Lani over to Julie's Place for the party so he will see them both there later. Paulina says she can't wait. Abe kisses Paulina and reminds Chanel that it's a surprise as he exits. Chanel asks what other secrets Paulina is keeping.

Gwen explains to Xander that Jack had just asked her to move in so she was at the Salem Inn packing her things, when she got a sharp pain so she knew something was terribly wrong and went to the hospital where Dr. Snyder told her that she miscarried. Xander says he's sorry that happened and asks if that was after she fell down the stairs but Gwen reveals that it was before that. Gwen says she knew she had to tell Chad because it was his baby too, but she ran in to Abigail first upstairs in the bedroom. Gwen says she tried to tell her what happened but she refused to listen and just ripped in to her. Gwen complains about Abigail saying she would've been a terrible mother. Gwen talks about planning to give her child everything she didn't have growing up and how Jack would've been part of that like a real family. Xander asks what happened next. Gwen says she was so angry that she slapped Abigail, so she chased her to the top of the stairs where she grabbed her wrist and when she tried to break free, she fell down the stairs. Xander realizes that everyone then assumed the fall caused the miscarriage. Gwen admits she wanted to hurt Abigail and she wanted everyone to believe that Abigail had killed her unborn child. Gwen adds that she even said Abigail pushed her down the stairs but she denied it so she told Jack the truth about that part. Xander points out that everyone still believes that Gwen's baby was fine when Abigail attacked her on the stairs and if she didn't fall, she wouldn't have lost the bay. Gwen notes that Abigail was so guilty that she left town which she acknowledges gave her a chance to get close to her father. Gwen cries that if Jack finds out the truth, she will lose him forever. Xander agrees that Jack would hate what she has done. Gwen asks if Xander is going to tell Jack.

Eli goes to the lake where Tripp explains that the dead body was Dr. Snyder. Eli questions Tripp about Dr. Snyder being his boss and what he thought of him. Tripp admits he wasn't his favorite person but assures that he didn't kill him and he had nothing to do with this. Eli is sure he didn't and notes they don't know if he was murdered. Ben suggests he could've drowned but Eli notes that most people don't go swimming fully dressed. Claire suggests he could've fallen off a boat. Eli declares that they will see what the coroner says but something tells him this wasn't an accident.

Abe brings Lani flowers and wishes her a Happy Anniversary. Abe asks if they are still spending a quiet night at home. Lani confirms that Eli said he's burnt out from work so he just wants to stay at home. Lani asks what Abe and Paulina are going to do. Abe says they might watch fireworks later. Lani loves seeing him so happy. Abe calls Paulina an amazing woman and says he's impressed by her drive and work ethic. Abe adds that he also sees Paulina as lonely as she told him that she hasn't been involved with anyone in a long time. Lani thinks back to Paulina telling her that she was still seeing someone in Miami when she met Abe. Lani questions Paulina saying that.

Paulina tells Chanel that her relationship with Abe is no secret, it's just new. Chanel explains that she doesn't have a problem with it, but she's a little weirded out by her mom dating her ex's dad. Paulina says Chanel and Theo broke up awhile ago and he lives on the other side of the world. Chanel asks her to go easy on the PDA if Theo comes to visit. Paulina points out that she fully embraces Chanel's fluidity but she can't handle her having a sleepover. Chanel acknowledges that Paulina has been cool so she promises to be cool about Abe. Chanel adds that she doesn't want to interfere but hoped she could crash here until the bakery is up and running and she can get her own place. Paulina asks if Chanel did something to offend Eli and Lani. Chanel says they just decided it's time for her to move on. Paulina says in that case, her house is hers. Chanel mentions having a cake to bake for tonight and asks if Paulina wants to give her a hand.

Eli thanks Tripp and Ben for their help. Ben says he knows where to find them if he needs any more. Eli says he's sure this isn't how they wanted to spend their 4th of July so he hopes their day gets better. Eli stops Tripp and assures that he's not a suspect, but he has one more question to ask. Eli asks if Dr. Snyder had any issues at work like problems, conflicts, or anything he should be aware of. Tripp informs him that he did just talk to him yesterday about missing pills and he blew him off so he went to Kayla, who said she would handle it. Eli asks if there's anything else. Tripp says not really which Eli questions. Tripp says it's probably nothing but there was tension between Dr. Snyder and one of his patients, Gwen.

Xander realizes that Dr. Snyder was holding over Gwen that he would tell Jack the truth if she didn't delive his drugs for him. Gwen asks if he's going to tell Jack the truth. Xander reminds her that he said he wouldn't, so he won't. Gwen guesses he thinks she's a terrible person. Xander says what she did was terrible and he hates that she's deceiving Jack but he understands why she did it. Xander thinks she just wants a real relationship with her father and he can relate to that. Gwen notes that Jack did mention that Xander's family hasn't welcomed him with open arms. Xander talks about working hard to prove himself as a real Kiriakis man but there's no place for him there, no acceptance, respect, or love. Xander says he pretended it doesn't hurt but admits that it does a lot. Gwen guesses they are just a couple of orphans in search of a family. Xander doesn't know if he'll ever find anybody but Jack loves Gwen so he would never ruin her chance at happiness with her father. Xander assures that her secret really is safe with him. Gwen hugs Xander, then apologizes saying she doesn't know what that was.

Abe tells Lani that she can say what's on her mind and asks if she's having second thoughts about him starting this relationship. Lani says it's just what he said makes her think that Paulina is hiding something.

Paulina and Chanel start baking the cake. Chanel apologizes about before and says she's happy that she is dating again. Paulina notes that Abe is a good man. Chanel says she hasn't seen her this happy since her dad. Paulina says Chanel's father was a good man too and is looking down now proud of her. Chanel encourages that he'd be proud of her too for her project in the town square. Chanel says she's so happy to be apart of it and to have Paulina in her life as they hug.

Xander and Gwen get close but are interrupted by a knock at the door. Gwen goes to answer it and it's Eli. Eli says he would like to talk to her about her doctor, Clay Snyder. Gwen asks what about him. Eli responds that he's dead. Gwen says that's awful but asks what that has to do with her.

Claire goes home with Ben. Ben is sorry she had to see the dead body and asks if she's alright. Claire assures that she's fine. Ben says it's okay to be freaked out. Claire admits she was, but felt better when Eli showed up. Ben invites her in to watch the hot dog eating contest on TV but Claire says she needs to get in touch with her dad because he's been texting her. Ben thanks her for getting him out of the house. Claire says that's what friends are for and kisses him on the cheek as she then walks away. Ben heads inside, where he sees Ciara on the bed like in his dream.

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