Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/30/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/30/21


Written By Joseph

Rafe comes home with flowers for Ava. Ava mentions that she's making shrimp jambalaya. Rafe asks how she knew that he loved Cajun food. Ava admits that Nicole told her and notes that Nicole will still be joining them for dinner. Rafe and Ava start kissing. Ava jokes that they should get it out of their system before Nicole comes over so they don't make her feel uncomfortable.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Chloe finishes a call with her son Parker. Philip comes in and jokes about being jealous of Parker because he wishes she was saying "I love you" to him.

Brady meets Shawn at Julie's Place. Shawn informs him that the police department released Kristen's personal things.

Abe goes to see Marlena in her office at the hospital. Abe informs Marlena that tomorrow is Eli and Lani's first anniversary so Eli is throwing a surprise party for Lani. Marlena asks if Lani likes surprises. Abe responds that he doesn't know but this is happening.

Paulina talks on the phone in the town square. Paulina tells them that she's going forward with the project and there's no turning back now. Paulina then adds that Abe can't know anything about this as Lani appears and questions what Abe can't know anything about. Paulina calls Lani her favorite niece. Lani questions what she is keeping from her father.

Abe tells Marlena that since she performed Eli and Lani's wedding ceremony, Eli would love it if she and John could come to the party. Marlena says she's sorry but the hospital has a policy that the staff has to have a psychiatrist on duty during the holidays and she got the 4th of July. Abe asks if John can come but Marlena informs him that he and Brady are taking Rachel to see fireworks. Abe understands since it is short notice. Abe then informs Marlena that he will be going with a date in Paulina Price. Marlena is surprised as she thought Paulina drove him crazy. Abe responds that he's gotten to know her better and he likes her a lot as a good person.

Paulina hangs up and asks Lani how she got out of the house. Lani informs her that Doug and Julie are babysitting and asks who she was talking to. Paulina says it was just an old friend and tells Lani that whenever she needs a babysitter, she can call her. Paulina offers to go take over from Doug and Julie but Lani tells her to stop changing the subject. Lani brings up Paulina asking for her permission to be with her father and now she's wondering if that was a good idea. Lani declares that Paulina is keeping something from Abe and they both know it.

Brady tells Shawn that if it's just the rest of Kristen's disguise, he doesn't need to see it. Shawn informs him that they found a couple of photos in her pockets. Brady sees that there's a picture of Rachel and decides to keep that. Brady then finds a photo of Chloe with an X through it.

Chloe calls Philip persistent. Philip says he won't pressure her and brings up that he stopped nagging her about coming to work for him. Philip wonders if he has a shot with Chloe but says he will stop if she gives him a straight answer to whether or not he stands a chance with her.

Rafe explains Duke the teddy bear to Ava and how he and Nicole trade him back and forth. Ava mentions that Nicole will be there soon so she goes to clean up. Rafe then hears a voice coming from Duke, questioning Rafe eating with the girl he's sleeping with and the one that he just might love. The voice suggests Rafe get out of here before he's in a bigger fix than he already is. Rafe worries that he's been working too many hours. Nicole then arrives with a bottle of wine that Rafe previously said he liked. Rafe gives Duke to Nicole. Rafe then hears the voice coming from Duke saying that Rafe wishes he was in Nicole's arms like he is. Nicole comments that he looks like he's seen a ghost.

Brady and Shawn talk about how much Kristen hated Chloe. Brady doesn't know why he didn't see through that Kristen was "Susan". Shawn hates to think of what Kristen would've done to Chloe if Jan didn't steal the car. Brady says what happened was bad enough. Shawn is relieved that Chloe survived. Brady asks if he thinks Kristen would've killed Chloe. Shawn does. Brady remarks that the woman who did this to Chloe is not the woman he fell in love with and it's like she switches to someone she doesn't even know. Shawn knows it was hard on Brady but Kristen made life hell for Kate, Sami, and Lucas while she hated Chloe because of the delusion that she was going to lose Brady to her. Brady clarifies that it wasn't so much a delusion and admits he was drawn to Chloe while Kristen had a front row seat to the whole thing. Shawn points out that Brady and Chloe were really happy once. Brady says that was a long time ago. Brady doesn't know how they would ever get past what Kristen did and adds that Philip is already moving in on Chloe anyways.

Chloe tells Philip that he's boxing her in and it's not fair. Philip says he just doesn't want to keep trying if she wants him to stop, but he doesn't want to give up if there's even a remote chance. Chloe feels he's asking the same question. Philip thinks they have a chance so he asks what she thinks. Belle walks in and asks if she's interrupting. Philip says yes but Chloe says no. Chloe reminds Philip that he was going to pick up takeout from Julie's Place. Philip jokes for Belle to tell Chloe what a great catch he is, as he then exits.

Marlena tells Abe that she ran in to Paulina a few weeks ago and she didn't say anything about dating Abe. Abe calls it a fairly recent development and notes that he didn't know Marlena knew her. Marlena explains that Paulina would visit when she and Tamara were college roommates. Marlena says she had no idea Paulina became so successful. Marlena notes that she mentioned Abe was being very helpful in getting the zoning to her marketplace project. Abe explains that Paulina wanted a place for small business owners and black business owners to thrive. Abe says that impressed him then they got to know each other and now they are dating. Marlena says she's happy for him but she wonders how Tamara will take the idea of Abe dating her little sister.

Paulina tells Lani that she really does care about Abe. Lani wants to believe that but argues that people who care about each other don't hide things from each other. Lani says she learned that the hard way with Eli. Paulina asks her to tell her about that. Lani tells her that she hid something really big from Eli that almost destroyed them but he forgave her. Lani notes that she hurt Eli and she doesn't want that to happen to her dad. Paulina responds that she doesn't want to hurt Abe so Lani asks why she's hiding something from him then. Paulina states that she doesn't want to lose him and admits it's been weighing on her. Lani feels it sounds like something big. Lani tells Paulina that she can't help her if she doesn't level with her. Paulina then says that she will.

Nicole comments that dinner smells amazing and hopes Rafe doesn't mind that Ava invited her because she didn't want to be a third wheel. Rafe says he's glad she is here. Rafe then hears the voice from Duke again and tells it to knock it off. Nicole asks him what's going on. Rafe claims he was just telling her to stop apologizing for being there as she's a friend and they both want her there. Ava comes back in and agrees. Ava tells Nicole that she's always welcome and has Rafe sit down to enjoy his wine while she and Nicole put the salad together. Rafe keeps hearing the voice from Duke, mocking that Rafe enjoys having both Ava and Nicole there.

Abe informs Marlena that he doesn't think Tamara even knows that he and Paulina are seeing each other. Abe supposes it's up to Lani to tell her. Marlena suggests Paulina could tell her. Abe says that Paulina didn't say anything about having that conversation and asserts that they don't keep secrets from each other which Marlena calls a very good idea. Marlena adds that she knows Tamara pretty well so she thinks it would be better if she heard this news from Abe.

Paulina imagines telling Lani the truth that her whole project for the town square is a lie and that she tricked Abe in to changing the zoning. Lani asks Paulina for the truth. Paulina says that it's not easy. Paulina then instead tells Lani that she was still seeing someone in Miami when she met Abe. Lani realizes that's the reason she went back to Miami. Paulina says she only went back to tell him it's over and it's only Abe now. Lani doesn't see the problem since they just started dating. Lani remembers that on the phone, Paulina said Abe can't know anything about it. Lani questions what Paulina is not telling her.

Belle brings Chloe chocolates and then comments on the dinner Philip is bringing back. Chloe admits Philip has been great, insisting that she stay here for awhile. Belle asks if Victor has been a problem. Chloe says surprisingly not and that Philip has made him back off. Chloe adds that Philip has been going out of his way to make her feel safe. Chloe calls Philip a good friend. Belle brings up that Philip wanted her to sell Chloe on what a great catch he is. Belle asks what is holding Chloe back. Chloe admits that it's her feelings for Brady.

Shawn brings up hearing that Chloe is staying at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady says he tried to get her to stay at John and Marlena's but Philip convinced her that Kristen is still out there so she could return to finish what she started. Brady admits that's a possibility. Shawn says that Philip always has a way of taking any situation and spinning it to his own advantage. Philip then appears and asks if Shawn is seriously still so threatened by him that he's whining about him. Philip tells Shawn that he married Belle so he won and can get over it. Shawn brings up Philip getting Chloe in the Kiriakis Mansion and how he's trying to push Brady out of the picture so it's reminding him of the same crap he pulled with he and Belle. Philip argues that there was a Shawn and Belle but there is no Brady and Chloe.

Belle asks Chloe if Brady knows how she feels about him. Chloe says they talked about it and there's definitely something there but then there is Kristen. Chloe adds that Brady fell in love with Kristen and thought that would change her but she's still Rachel's mother so he has a lot sort out and she feels she would complicate things. Belle asks about Philip putting on the full court press. Chloe feels Philip would drop it if she asked him to. Belle points out that she hasn't. Chloe talks about how Philip was the richest most popular guy in high school but he never looked at her like Ghoul Girl and he didn't give a damn what anyone else thought which is kind of hard to forget.

Abe tells Marlena that he and Tamara are ancient history so he doesn't think she cares who he is dating. Marlena says maybe not but thinks she would appreciate if he was upfront with her. Marlena thinks it would also be easier for Lani if he told Tamara. Marlena notes that nobody wants to feel like they are keeping a secret. Abe agrees to think about it. Marlena is glad he is happy and hopes it works out for him. Abe thanks her and says he does too.

Lani asks if Paulina is regretting breaking up with the other guy but Paulina says not at all, she just doesn't want Abe thinking she just jumped from one man to another. Lani encourages her to just tell Abe the truth. Paulina mentions always trying to be honest with people she cares about. Lani brings up that Abe had to call in a lot of favors to get the zoning changed for her. Paulina acknowledges that Abe really put himself out there for her. Lani talks about how her project will help so many people including Chanel, so she must be so thrilled that it's all happening. Paulina worries that they are rushing things and should maybe postpone for awhile. Lani questions why she would want to do that.

Nicole and Ava talk about cooking while Rafe continues hearing the voice from Duke about being with Nicole and Ava. The voice says it's pretty low to let Ava think she has Rafe all to herself while not letting Nicole know the bear keeps her tied to him. The voice talks about Nicole being married. Rafe then grabs Duke and screams at it to shut up which shocks Ava and Nicole. They question Rafe about it. Rafe tries to cover by saying he sometimes talks to Duke about the cases like he's a cop. Rafe guesses he just took his frustrations out on him because he's been working a lot and Jan Spears and Kristen got away with hurting people he cares about. Nicole encourages that Kristen disappeared and Jan is in a coma but she gets that it's frustrating. Ava brings up Rafe telling her that he had a dream about the bear chasing him and suggests he go lay down. Nicole says she can leave and they can do this another time but Rafe says no and insists that he's fine. Rafe asks not to let him ruin the dinner so Ava and Nicole agree. Nicole jokes about reading a book about the meaning of dreams and that Rafe must be totally nuts.

Brady accuses Philip of pressuring Chloe in to staying with him. Philip argues that Chloe made her own choice and wants to stay with him. Brady says she might feel safer in his house. Philip says that's because she doesn't have to worry about Brady's psycho ex girlfriend coming after her again. Shawn points out that it was Jan but Philip argues that Jan never would've come after Chloe if it wasn't for Kristen shoving Chloe in the trunk of the car. Philip tells Brady that he had two chances with Chloe and blew it both times so he needs to accept that and stop trying to screw up his chance to finally make her happy again.

Lani encourages Paulina about her new marketplace so she doesn't understand her suddenly having cold feet. Paulina says she gets scared like everybody else and worries about what could go wrong. Lani believes Paulina has thought of every detail. Paulina says there is so much riding on this now, especially for Chanel with her bakery. Paulina talks about Abe calling in all those favors to help her out so she hates thinking of how they'd feel if it doesn't work out like they hoped. Abe then arrives, happy to see his two favorite ladies. Abe asks if something is wrong. Lani explains that Paulina is worried that the new marketplace is going to be a disappointment but she assures that she has nothing to worry about.

Brady tells Philip that he would back off if he thought Philip was the best person for Chloe, but he doesn't. Brady brings up Philip ruining Chloe's marriage to Daniel. Brady thinks Philip only thinks about himself. Shawn agrees, bringing up how many times Philip tried to get in between he and Belle. Philip remarks that he wouldn't talk about his history with women as at least he knows what he wants. Philip argues that if Kristen walked in right now, Brady would follow her out. Brady assures that he's seen Kristen for who and what she is. Philip says that Chloe deserves a chance at real happiness and asks who is more equipped to give her that. Philip mentions going to pick up dinner for he and Chloe as he walks away. Brady and Shawn both lament that they'd like to strangle Philip sometimes.

Belle tells Chloe that she could sense something happening between her and Philip at their high school reunion. Chloe says Mimi showed up and ruined that. Belle suggests the timing wasn't right then. Chloe asks why it would be right now. Belle points out that Kristen will always be a part of Brady's life so that's a lot of baggage while Philip doesn't have that. Belle suggests that maybe the timing is finally right for them.

Abe talks about Paulina's vision of a marketplace that would support diverse owners. Abe saw the potential of this marketplace doing a lot of good. Abe declares this marketplace will be his legacy as mayor. Paulina admits she hadn't thought of that. Abe gives Paulina her building permit which must be posted before she starts construction. Abe hugs her and congratulates her. Lani congratulates Paulina as well. Lani mentions having to get to the store as she's going to cook Eli a special anniversary dinner tomorrow night. Abe tells her that she can't do that which Lani questions. Abe says he's sure Eli would like to go out. Lani says she wanted to but Eli said he just wanted to stay in and watch the fireworks so Abe says he gets it now. Paulina encourages that it could be fun. Lani says goodbye to them and walks away. Abe comments that he almost blew Eli's surprise. Paulina says he covered well but Abe says that was her as he remarks that Paulina is much better at keeping secrets than he is...

Philip returns home to Chloe and tells her that Henderson is setting up dinner in the dining room. Philip notes that Chloe seems quiet and asks if she and Belle had a good visit. Chloe says it's always great to see her as she's really a good listener. Philip asks if she talked about them. Chloe confirms that they did and they were remembering how close she and Philip were in high school. Philip says he loved that time and they never got a chance to see where that might go. Chloe suggests maybe they could have that chance now. Philip asks if she's serious. Chloe doesn't want to rush things but admits she really likes him so maybe they could make this work. Philip tells Chloe how happy he is to hear her say that. Chloe then kisses Philip and then they head to the dining room for dinner.

Shawn encourages Brady to forget about Philip and do whatever he thinks is right. Brady says he will when he figures out what that is. Brady thanks Shawn for standing up for him. Shawn then exits Julie's Place as Brady looks back at the photo of Chloe. Belle catches Shawn on his way out and asks if he gave Brady all of Kristen's stuff. Shawn confirms that he did and could tell that it was hard on him and then Philip walked in. Belle guesses that didn't go well. Shawn says he just can't stand Philip's big mouth. Belle asks if they talked about Chloe because she just saw her at the Kiriakis Mansion and they talked about Philip and Brady. Belle feels bad for Chloe being torn between them.

Rafe praises Ava making key lime pie and shrimp jambalaya. Nicole calls it delicious and says it was so nice to be out. Nicole toasts to wonderful friends. Rafe apologizes for being a downer. Ava assures that he's not and understands that he's just under stress. Ava and Nicole point out how many times that Rafe listened to their problems and say he has no idea how much they both appreciate him. Nicole decides to go now and thanks them. Ava reminds her to take her bear. Rafe jokes that he might be traumatized. Rafe hears the voice coming from Duke again, telling Rafe that he has a decision to make.

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