Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/29/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/29/21


Written By Joseph

Chanel and Allie are in the town square, looking at the Coming Soon banner for their Sweet Bits Bakery. They talk about it being real and how construction is beginning soon. Chanel tells Allie that she's terrified. Allie encourages her. Chanel promises not to let Allie down. They hug until Paulina walks up and asks why they don't just get a room.

Eli finds Lani at the police station which surprises him. Lani informs him that the twins are with Doug and Julie so she decided to surprise him with lunch as they kiss.

Sami remains at the Brady Pub with Lucas when she gets a call from EJ. EJ informs her that he's the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Chad walks in to the office and tells EJ that he means co-CEO.

Jake tells Kate that he's sorry but everything Gabi said was true. Jake declares that Gabi is the one he wants and he loves her more than he's loved anybody in his entire life and he can't hide it anymore. Jake tells Kate that he's sorry as he had the hardest time leaving her after everything Kristen did to her and because she's still going through it. Jake says he can't live the lie anymore. Kate responds that neither can she as she stands up and removes her sunglasses. Kate reveals she's not blind and never has been. Gabi argues that she can't have been faking it but Kate confirms she was the whole time. Gabi can't believe it and calls her the biggest bitch of all time. Kate calls Gabi and Jake the most obnoxious self serving creatures she's ever met. Jake asks how the hell Kate could do this to everybody. Kate talks about covering really well. Kate remarks that life is really funny as one second Jake is the CEO of an international enterprise with her by his side but then suddenly he's a bum again with Gabi by his side. Kate declares how the mighty have fallen. Kate comments on them being stunned silent. Kate admits she also faked her amnesia so unfortunately she did see them going at it. Jake asks why she pretended. Kate says it was payback. Gabi asks if Kate has any idea what she put Jake through. Kate says she does because she was watching. Gabi calls her disgusting. Kate says he had it coming since she woke up from a coma to hear them discussing their future together. Kate says that she almost died and all they could talk about was themselves. Kate tells Jake that he put him and his career above everything but he chose Gabi, so it needed to be addressed.

EJ tells Chad that he's on the phone and asks him to wait outside but Chad says he'll wait here. Sami tells EJ that she knew he could do it. EJ tells Sami that he's sorry but he has to go and he'll see her at the house where maybe they can celebrate. Sami suggests starting with champagne. They say I love you and hang up. Lucas tells Sami that he's going to be sick. EJ questions what Chad is doing. Chad says he's already having serious concerns about their working relationship, like EJ being a condescending jerk. EJ says he's trying to clean up the mess that Jake left. Chad argues that EJ just let Tony think that he could work with him as co-CEO. Chad states that he knows EJ is trying to get rid of him.

Chanel asks why Paulina would say that since she and Allie explained that they are just friends. Paulina jokes that in case that changes, the Salem Inn is right over there with plenty of available rooms. Chanel jokes about Paulina running jokes in to the ground.

Eli and Lani have lunch together at the police station. They talk about Chanel's bakery and hope that she will finally make enough money to move out. Eli talks about having a stakeout last night but he kept thinking about Lani and the twins. Lani informs Eli that she got some pretty interesting news last night from Paulina. Lani reveals to Eli that Paulina is sleeping with Abe, which causes Eli to choke on his food.

Paulina offers to take Chanel and Allie to lunch to celebrate. Allie says she'd love to but she has to meet up with her dad to thank him for watching Henry. Paulina is sure she has a lot of family helping with Henry and she's sure they feel lucky. Paulina relates to being with Lani and Eli's twins and says it makes her wonder about having grandkids of her own. Allie suggests maybe someday she will. Chanel tells her not to hold her breath. Allie mentions bringing brownies from their bakery to Lucas. Allie then walks away. Chanel guesses she better get to work but Paulina insists that they have lunch.

Lucas mocks EJ ousting Jake as CEO. Sami remarks that Lucas is turning in to a bitter old man. Lucas calls her a doormat and says EJ gets everything he wants. Sami reminds him that EJ invited Lucas to stay at the DiMera Mansion for Kate. Lucas remarks that EJ just wanted him to back off and wants to treat her like property. Sami argues that EJ treats her like his wife and he doesn't want their past to ruin their future. Lucas suggests EJ senses a threat and realizes that he mistreated her for too long, so she might move towards a real man who loves her.

Chad tells EJ that he already took care of getting Jake's financial reports and argues that EJ didn't include him on it. EJ argues that Chad is being paranoid. EJ says he thinks the partnership is a good idea and they can work together to get the company back on it's feet. Chad warns EJ that he's not Jake or Tony and that he knows how sincere EJ sounds when he's lying or stabbing someone in the back. Chad declares that they may be working together but that doesn't mean he will ever trust him.

Jake questions Kate hearing he and Gabi in the hospital room. Kate confirms she heard every sickening word. Jake tells her that he's so sorry. Kate says she then decided to fake being blind and reveals the doctor said what she told him. Gabi calls her needy and pathetic for doing that but Jake tells Gabi to leave Kate alone. Jake repeats to Kate that he's sorry that she heard them and that he wasn't honest with her when she woke up. Kate thanks Jake and then slaps him.

Eli tells Lani that the thought of Abe and Paulina is a bit unsettling. Lani says Paulina just blurted it out and she was uncomfortable but managed to keep her cool. Lani worried that Paulina would go in to detail, but thankfully she didn't. Lani says she wished Paulina just said that they were in a romantic relationship instead of Paulina saying she's sleeping with Lani's dad. They joke about the mental images. Eli asks why Paulina felt the need to bring it up anyways. Lani explains that Paulina wanted to make sure she was okay with it, which she thought was really sweet of her. Lani says that she assured Paulina that she's fine with it. Eli then asks for the truth on how she really feels.

Chanel assures Paulina that she doesn't have to worry as everyone loves her recipes. Paulina worries that it's not just about baking, but running a business. Paulina talks about Chanel's credit card usage in the past. Chanel says she's been learning online about book keeping, payroll, and everything. Chanel swears she can do it but Paulina stops her.

Sami asks Lucas to keep his voice down. Lucas brings up that she was lonely and miserable when she turned to him. Sami complains about Lucas throwing it in her face that they made love and it upsets her. Lucas argues that she dismissed what happened between them and treats it like the biggest mistake of her life. Lucas asks how Sami would feel in his place. Sami claims she'd be happy because they would agree. Lucas complains that Sami knows he wants to be with her and she doesn't even care. Sami asks if that's what this is about and says she can't make his ego her top priority. Sami admits the first time they made love, she felt lonely and miserable, and the second time she thought they were going to die, but there will never be a third time. Lucas remarks that EJ turned the most interesting woman he knows and turned her in to a suburban housewife which offends Sami. They argue until Allie arrives and questions what the hell they are fighting about.

EJ tells Chad that if he wanted the job by himself, he would've pitched that to Mr. Shin. Chad thinks that EJ didn't want to tip his hand. EJ insists that he's been completely upfront with him and that what's most important to him is that the company succeeds. EJ thinks they work better together but tells Chad that the final decision is in his hands, so he asks if Chad wants to work with him or not.

Kate tells Jake that he can take his BS apology and shove it, because she's happy to be free of him and Gabi. Kate says now that Gabi is stuck with an unemployed loser is punishment enough. Kate suggests Jake give his old garage a call as she walks out of the room.

Lani assures Eli that she is fine with it if Paulina makes Abe happy, as long as she doesn't have to hear the details. Lani adds that Abe came over too while Paulina was there and said it was important to him too that she knew about it. Lani doesn't think her mom will mind since they were over years ago. Eli feels something is still bothering her. Lani worries that it's not just personal since they are in business together. Eli mentions knowing that Abe is extremely honest. Lani worries that if something happens to their project, something happens to the relationship.

Allie tells Lucas and Sami that she could hear them fighting from the doorway but didn't hear what they were saying so she wants to know what's going on. Sami changes the subject by asking about Allie's brownies but Allie refuses to leave until they tell her what they were fighting about. Lucas admits that they were fighting about EJ.

EJ asks Chad if he wants to work with him or not. Kate arrives at the office and comments on EJ making himself comfortable in Jake's old chair. Chad jokes about Kate faking being blind. Kate confirms to EJ that she faked being blind because she had a score to settle but now she settled it so she's ready to get back to normal life. Kate brings up EJ saying she always had a place in the company. EJ is ready to make her an offer right now, provided Chad agrees.

Chanel asks Paulina if she said something wrong. Paulina says no and that she's just worried about Chanel getting hurt as she points out that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year. Chanel remains positive and insists she can do this. Paulina says she's not doubting her at all but it would break her heart to see her disappointed.

Allie calls it Deja vu for Sami and Lucas to be fighting over EJ. Sami says Lucas is being impossible. Lucas calls EJ a narcissistic jerk. Allie points out that Sami didn't ask for Lucas's opinion. Sami explains that EJ had just called her which brought him up. Lucas continues to mock EJ. Allie jokes that they need a time out. Sami suggests she and Lucas agree to avoid the subject of EJ which he agrees to. Sami tells Allie it was nice to see her and hugs her as she then exits. Allie comments on Sami really being under Lucas's skin and vice versa.

Chad tells Kate that he's on board and welcomes her back. EJ asks Chad to get legal started on drawing up a contract. EJ asks Kate if they can iron out the details later since Sami has a celebration planned. EJ tells Kate and Chad how glad he is to be working with them again as he then exits the office. Chad asks Kate about Jake and Gabi. Kate says they just had a nice long chat. Chad calls it a nice one two punch which Kate says was satisfying. Chad notes that it was sudden as he thought Kate wanted to drag out the revenge. Chad asks what made Kate change her mind. Kate asks if he's asking if it's because he tried to blackmail her.

Jake tells Gabi that Kate is scary and apologizes for not listening to Gabi. Gabi says it's water under the bridge and now everything is out in the open. Gabi suggests they go upstairs to her bedroom to celebrate their new freedom. Jake says he can't and complains that he can't live here anymore. Jake shouts that he can't live in the house with them. Gabi reminds him that it's her house so he doesn't have to leave. Gabi then declares that she will kick the rest of them out.

Lani reminds Eli that a year ago, they were getting ready for their wedding as tomorrow is their first anniversary. Eli admits he forgot but says that time flew by. Eli apologizes and tells her that he's very excited they are coming up on their year anniversary. Lani asks what they should do to celebrate and suggests going to a club. Eli says he's beat after his stakeout so he suggests a quiet night at home, watching Peacock. Lani agrees as they hug.

Chad apologizes to Kate for trying to blackmail her. Kate admits she would've done the same thing. Kate explains that it wasn't Chad's threat but seeing Gabi next to Jake, gloating as if they thought they won but she certainly wiped the smug smile off Gabi's face. Kate adds that Jake came to her afterwards and begged her to change her vote, so she told him that she would if he gave up Gabi, but he wouldn't, so they can live unhappily ever after.

Gabi tells Jake that she can't wait to see the look on their faces when she kicks out Chad, Tony, EJ, and Kate. Jake argues that he still wouldn't want to stay in the mansion and he wishes he never found out that he came from Stefano or heard the name DiMera. Jake screams that he can't stay here and he hates this place as he throws down his jacket and tie. Jake then laughs and apologizes to Gabi for getting carried away. Gabi says it's understandable. Jake knows the place means a lot to Gabi so he doesn't want to take her away from somewhere that's important. Gabi responds that if he doesn't want to stay in this house, then she doesn't want to. Gabi suggests they go upstairs and pack.

EJ goes home to the DiMera Mansion where Sami greets him outside and they kiss. Sami asks about the votes. EJ reveals it was Kate who saved the day which surprises her. EJ suggests they go inside, pop the champagne, and he will tell her all about it.

Allie comments to Lucas that he and Sami were getting along so well and seemed to be on the same page about everything, but now they are not. Lucas responds that it's because EJ is back. Allie remarks that now the honeymoon is over. Lucas questions what that is supposed to mean. Allie explains that she just thought he meant that when EJ is back in the picture, he and Sami start fighting. Lucas apologizes for letting EJ get the best of him like that. Allie knows Lucas doesn't like EJ but asks why it feels worse this time around.

Sami tells EJ that she's relieved that he won the vote as she would've felt terrible if he didn't because she didn't let him call Kristen. EJ sees her point but says in the end, he didn't need Kristen. EJ then reveals to Sami that Kate was faking the blindness and amnesia. Sami laughs and calls it pretty extreme even for Kate. Sami brings up it all being to get back at Gabi and Jake. EJ questions how she knew that. Sami informs him that Gabi told her which surprises him. EJ says it just proves that Jake wasn't up for the job as anyone with brains should've realized that secrets like that always come out eventually...

Chad tells Kate that at least it's all behind her now. Kate admits it wasn't as satisfying as she thought it would be. Kate says that she hates Gabi and Jake but she did come to care for Jake.

Gabi and Jake start packing their bags. Gabi says that Kate may thinks she paid them back but she's the one that's alone, so Kate lost and they won. Gabi asks Jake to make love to her here one last time, so her memory of the place is a happy one. Jake say she has the best ideas and they kiss.

Eli tells Lani that he's sorry but he doesn't think he'd be much fun if they went out. Lani says it's okay and she just had the thought. Lani says she will see him later and exits. Eli then pulls out his phone and makes a call, revealing that he only had Lani thinking that he forgot about their anniversary so she is going to be totally shocked.

Paulina tells Chanel that she's just trying to manage her expectations and suggests they could save it for a later project. Chanel insists it will be fine and she knows Paulina wouldn't let anything happen to her. They get interrupted by Paulina getting a call so Chanel leaves so Paulina can answer the call. Paulina tells them that she's going forward with the project and there's no turning back now. Paulina then adds that Abe can't know anything about this as Lani appears and questions what Abe can't know anything about.

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