Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/28/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/28/21


Written By Joseph

Rafe goes to his office at the police station. He picks up Duke the teddy bear and thinks back to his dream about kissing Nicole. Eli then walks in and startles Rafe. Eli says he got the case files he asked for. Eli then asks what's up with Rafe and the teddy bear.

Nicole tells Ava that she tried to grill Lucas about why Sami wanted him to get something on her. Nicole says that he claimed that Sami only wanted his help because he's the only person she told about her suspicions. Nicole thought she was on to something but now maybe she's grasping at straws. Ava responds that maybe she's not. Nicole asks what she knows. Ava informs her that Rafe told her something this morning that she might find very interesting.

Sami tells Lucas that she's not worried about Nicole because they won't tell her and the only other person who knows is Kristen. Sami tells him that she handled it this morning. Lucas questions what she did now.

Kristen is in a room at an undisclosed location, reading the article about EJ's return to Salem and his plan to oust Jake as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Kristen comments that EJ is back for a couple days and already turning Salem upside down.

Mr. Shin turns the final vote to Kate. Kate then votes to remove Jake, which shocks Jake and Gabi but pleases Tony, EJ, and Chad. Jake asks what the hell Kate is doing.

Abe and Paulina get up together at Paulina's place. Abe jokes that she tired him out last night. Paulina tells him that she woke up because of a dream which Abe asks about. Paulina informs him that it was a little racy. Abe is intrigued but Paulina reveals it wasn't about him, but about a woman.

Nicole asks Ava what Rafe told her and to not leave anything out. Ava informs her that Rafe ran in to Lucas last night in the town square and he said that Lucas was fuming because EJ is back in town. Nicole points out that they never got along. Ava adds that Rafe said EJ was going on about how happy he and Sami were which was driving Lucas crazy. Nicole guesses that Lucas is just jealous which doesn't mean he and Sami slept together. Nicole brings up that Lucas did admit he and Sami got closer when Kristen locked them in the DiMera Tunnels. Nicole wishes she could find out. Ava says she might be able to shed some light on that subject too.

Sami tells Lucas that she stopped EJ from finding out about them so he shouldn't question her methods. Sami explains that EJ said he knows where Kristen is and he wanted her vote for the DiMera board but she reminded him that Kristen is a fugitive so he could get in real trouble and convinced him to give it up. Lucas hopes she's right because if EJ and Kristen talk, then Kristen will give them up in a heartbeat.

Jake accuses Chad of being behind changing Kate's mind. Kate tells Jake that he's wrong. Jake screams that he doesn't understand what the hell is going on. EJ informs him that Kate cast the deciding vote so it's 6-4 in his favor and Jake is out of a job. Jake asks for a few minutes alone with Kate but Mr. Shin tells Jake that it's over and he's out.

Rafe tells Eli that he knew someone would find out about the bear eventually. Rafe informs Eli that he was a birthday present on his last birthday from Nicole. Eli guesses it makes sense. Rafe adds that he and Nicole share custody of the bear. Eli laughs and says he's just messing with him but thinks it's cute what they have going. Eli stops to ask what Ava thinks about Rafe, Nicole, and the bear.

Ava informs Nicole that Rafe got frustrated while questioning Sami and Lucas about their time in the tunnels because he said he could tell they were hiding something and being defensive. Nicole notes that Rafe knows Sami as well as anyone. Nicole adds that Xander thought Sami and Lucas hooked up there but maybe he is on to something and she just has to find a way to prove that he's right.

Lucas asks if Sami is sure that EJ didn't talk to Kristen because it doesn't seem like EJ to give up on getting her vote. Sami admits she had to think fast but EJ already has a phone number for Kristen. Lucas worries but Sami insists that she convinced EJ that he could get in big trouble for contacting Kristen and she knows that Rafe would love to arrest EJ. Lucas credits Sami for her work but asks how Sami will stop Kristen from calling EJ.

Kristen realizes EJ went all the way back to Salem to get back with Sami. Kristen then gets up, opens a drawer, and pulls out a pen and paper with an envelope to begin writing EJ a letter.

Gabi questions how Kate could stab Jake in the back. Jake argues that there has to be something they can do to fight this but Mr. Shin says there is not and asks Jake to vacate immediately. Jake asks to go clean out his office but Mr. Shin says his belongings will be sent to him. Jake tells EJ, Chad, and Tony that they make him sick and complains that this is what they call family. Tony calls it their right of passage. EJ declares that you're not a true DiMera until one of your own stabs you in the back. Chad adds that he'll get used to it. Jake storms out and Gabi follows. Kate asks Mr. Shin to walk her to her driver. EJ tells Kate that he won't forget this as Mr. Shin walks Kate out. Chad, Tony, and EJ celebrate their victory and hug.

Abe questions Paulina saying she doesn't think she would do what she did in her dream in real life but she's not sure. Paulina says she made love to a woman in her dream so maybe she's sexually fluid like her daughter. Paulina asks if Abe would have a problem with that. Abe says no as Paulina assures she's only crazy about him. Abe says he's good but notes that Paulina seems upset. Paulina explains that she's still processing that her daughter apparently likes boys and girls. Abe points out that Paulina seemed unphased the other day, so he asks if that's not really the case.

Rafe asks Eli why Ava would care about he and Nicole joking about a stuffed animal. Eli asks if Ava knows about Rafe's inside joke with another woman. Rafe assures that Ava knows he and Nicole are just friends. Eli asks if Rafe knows that he and Nicole are just friends.

Nicole tells Ava that it wasn't easy grilling Lucas without him finding something out, but he did admit there was an intense moment between he and Sami while they were locked up. Nicole mentions that Lucas asked why she was so interested and then Sami showed up, so she left. Ava guesses that Lucas is probably telling Sami now which will make it a lot harder for Nicole to get to the truth. Nicole declares that she has to find out but she's had it with Sami.

Sami asks Lucas why he thinks Kristen would contact EJ. Lucas feels that Kristen wants to blow her out of the water since they didn't keep Brady and Chloe apart while Sami then tried to turn Kristen in to the police. Lucas worries that Kristen has plenty of motive and reason to want them dead. Sami believes that they are the furthest thing from Kristen's mind.

Mr. Shin congratulates EJ, Chad, and Tony and makes sure that there are no hard feelings about him voting for Jake. Mr. Shin assures that he's fully prepared to support Jake's successor which leads to him asking, who that is going to be. Chad and EJ both say that they will be.

Kate returns home to the DiMera Mansion and tells the portrait of Stefano that she couldn't resist the opportunity to stick it to Jake, but she hasn't given up on him and Gabi yet. Jake comes home asking where Kate is, so she calls him to the living room. Jake questions why Kate set him up and sold him out. Kate tells Jake that there is no reason to be angry. Jake argues that she said she was going to vote for him and she lied. Kate responds that she did not lie to him because when she said it, she meant it, but then Gabi happened. Jake thought she forgave him. Gabi says that she did until Gabi told her that Jake didn't want to be with her at all and that she was just an obligation. Kate declares that she's never been an obligation to any man and she would never have ever voted against him, but Gabi is the reason that she got him voted out. Gabi then walks in to the room.

Mr. Shin decides to let them settle it in private but says he needs an answer as soon as possible because the company is vulnerable now that Jake has been forced out and their investors deserve to know who will be taking his place. Tony suggests not turning this into a fight. Chad asks if Tony was in on this. Chad argues that the plan only succeeded because Kate changed her vote and he's the reason that happened. EJ disagrees and says he assured Kate that she would always have a place in the company. Chad complains that Kate knows EJ would stab her in the back. EJ declares that he should be in charge because he knows how to get the job done correctly. Chad asks when EJ last even had a job. EJ says he survived his injuries. Chad says he held down the fort and kept profits up. EJ brings up when Chad got pushed out by Stefan and couldn't stop Gabi from seizing control, then his personal problems leading to the company being turned over to an auto mechanic. Chad complains that he has two children and was trying to repair his marriage which EJ mocks. Chad threatens him. EJ argues that the CEO of the company has to be able to face the facts. Chad calls him an arrogant, pompous ass. Tony shouts that's enough.

Nicole thanks Ava and says she owes her. Ava asks her not to tell Rafe that she told her so he doesn't think she went behind his back. Nicole agrees not to and notes that Rafe seems to mean a lot to Ava. Ava confirms that she's never been with a man like Rafe and she thinks she means a lot to him too. Nicole says that's so wonderful. Ava plans to make Rafe a very special dinner for working so hard. Nicole assures that Rafe will appreciate it because that's the kind of man he is. Ava asks if Nicole has any idea of what Rafe might like. Nicole mentions that Rafe has said he would like to go to New Orleans just for the food. Ava says since Nicole had the idea, she needs to join them.

Rafe assures Eli that he and Nicole are just friends. Eli doesn't think he acts like it and says they've been spending a lot of time since she got back to town. Eli brings up Rafe and Nicole spending Christmas Eve alone together. Rafe says that's because they had nowhere else to go and didn't plan it. Eli adds that Rafe talks about Nicole a lot. Rafe disagrees but Eli jokes that he does. Rafe complains that he's exaggerating. Eli brings up their teddy bear like they are in a romantic comedy. Rafe argues that Nicole is married to the love of her life and he would never do anything to come between her and Eric. Eli believes that Rafe has a thing for Nicole. Eli says he shouldn't have said anything and decides he will go. Rafe stops him and says it's okay because he's sort of right. Rafe admits there was a time that he thought he and Nicole could be more than just friends.

Paulina tells Abe that she was raised to believe boys should like boys and girls should like girls while those that don't will go to Hell. Abe notes that a lot of them were sadly brought up that way. Paulina talks about being faithful and going to church but she has a mind of her own. Paulina assures that she has no problem with anyone's sexual orientation as long as they are good people, but it's a little different when it's her own child. Paulina asks Abe if he would be okay if Theo liked kissing boys sometimes.

Kristen writes to EJ that she found out what Sami had done while staying with John and Marlena as she was pretending to be Susan. Kristen writes that she heard Sami sneaking a man out of the house and heard them talking about having sex the night before. Kristen adds that she confronted Sami until she admitted that she cheated on EJ with none other than Lucas Horton.

Lucas thinks Sami is underestimating Kristen's ability to multi-task. Sami argues that Kristen is on the run so she won't risk getting caught just to rat her out to EJ. Sami assures they don't have to worry about Kristen. Lucas asks about Nicole being very determined to find out if anything happened between them. Sami tells him to stop worrying. Lucas asks what if there was a way to make Nicole back off for good.

Nicole tells Ava that she told Allie she would babysit Henry tonight. Ava asks if she could find somebody else but Nicole doesn't want to be a third wheel. Ava assures they are all friends. Nicole thinks she'd want to be alone with her man but Ava says they live together so they have plenty of alone time so she won't back down on this. Nicole gives in and agrees to stay. Ava says it will be a lot of fun.

Rafe tells Eli that the thing with Nicole has been weighing on him but he also knows that nothing could ever happen because she's still in love with Eric. Eli points out that Eric has been in Africa for a long time. Rafe says that doesn't matter as Nicole loves Eric and wants him back while he is with Ava now and they are really happy. Eli asks if Rafe is saying he's completely over Nicole. Rafe doesn't answer so Eli thinks he's asking for trouble.

Gabi calls Kate a backstabbing bitch for pinning this on her. Jake argues that he doesn't want Gabi, he wants Kate. Jake orders Gabi to tell Kate the truth that he only slept with her once because he thought Kate broke up with him and it was a one time thing that's over. Jake tells Kate that Gabi is in denial and he still commits to her. Jake asks Kate to call Mr. Shin and change her vote if it's not too late. Kate tells Jake that she will call Mr. Shin if Jake packs up their things and they get out of here and if Jake swears to never see or speak to Gabi ever again.

Abe tells Paulina that he likes to think he'd be fine if Theo said he was gay, bisexual, or fluid, but guesses you don't really know how you'd react until the moment actually happens. Paulina insists that she's fine with it, but she's disappointed that Chanel kept it from her and didn't trust her enough to be open sooner. Abe says he understands. Paulina admits that she's not so open or honest about everything either. Abe asks what that means but Paulina claims it's nothing in particular and tells Abe to just finish his breakfast and maybe she'll tell him about her dream from two nights ago which was about Abe and was a little bit racier. Paulina offers to do a little demonstration as she kisses Abe.

Tony asks what is the matter with EJ and Chad, arguing that they are acting like children. Chad says EJ made things personal. Tony calls it ridiculous and reminds him that they salvaged Stefano's legacy but now they're fighting over the big chair. Tony says it's shameful and beneath both of them. Chad asks who Tony thinks should be in charge then. Tony thought the answer to that would've been obvious.

Sami asks Lucas how they are going to stop Nicole from poking around. Lucas tells Sami to stop trying to find out about Nicole and Xander since Nicole is only looking for leverage so if Sami gives up, Nicole will give up. Sami argues that giving up is not in her DNA. Sami insists that Nicole cheated on Eric while Lucas points out that Sami cheated on her husband. Lucas suggests that if Sami gives up on Nicole then maybe she can save her own stupid marriage. Sami didn't think he cared about her marriage. Lucas admits he doesn't since he wants to be with her, but if she doesn't want that then he wants her to be happy, even if it's with somebody else. Sami asks if he really means that. Lucas says that he does and holds her hand as Nicole appears in the Pub and watches them.

Eli accuses Rafe of using Ava to get over Nicole which Rafe denies. Eli brings up Ava being a mob princess and what she did to Steve. Rafe assures that he has the situation under control. Eli brings up Rafe staring at the bear when he walked in. Rafe admits that it was because he had a dream about Nicole and the bear. Eli questions if Ava knows he's having sex dreams about Nicole. Rafe tells him it wasn't a sex dream, he only kissed her in the dream. Eli says that Rafe is in trouble. Rafe knows he has something really good with Ava and doesn't want to mess it up. Eli suggests he throw the bear in the incinerator.

Jake asks Kate where they would go. Kate doesn't know but doesn't want to be in the same house or city as Gabi. Kate suggests they get a penthouse in Chicago. Jake asks how that will happen if he's running DiMera. Kate argues that everybody is working remote these days. Kate points out that Gabi is the one who jeopardized his entire career by shooting her mouth off. Gabi tells Jake that it's okay since Kate won't vote for him unless he agrees to her terms and she knows how much he's come to love the job. Jake stands up and informs Gabi that he loves her more. Kate questions what he said. Jake repeats that he loves Gabi. Jake tells Kate that he's sorry but everything Gabi said was true. Jake declares that Gabi is the one he wants and he loves her more than he's loved anybody in his entire life and he can't hide it anymore. Jake tells Kate that he's sorry as he had the hardest time leaving her after everything Kristen did to her and because she's still going through it. Jake says he can't live the lie anymore. Kate responds that neither can she as she stands up and removes her sunglasses. Kate reveals she's not blind and never has been. Gabi argues that she can't have been faking it but Kate confirms she was the whole time. Gabi can't believe it and calls her the biggest bitch of all time. Kate calls Gabi and Jake the most obnoxious self serving creatures she's ever met.

Mr. Shin returns to the office where EJ announces that he and Chad have decided to run the company together. Mr. Shin asks if Tony is on board with this. Tony reveals he came up with the idea. Mr. Shin agrees to take it to the board for approval and says he's sure there will be no objections as he exits. Tony predicts that this partnership will result in great success for DiMera Enterprises as long as they work together and don't become adversaries. Chad and EJ agree and shake hands.

Rafe tells Eli that he can't get rid of the teddy bear because then he would have to tell Nicole. Eli suggests he give it some thought. Eli jokes that sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets your ass. Ava arrives and asks if she's interrupting. Rafe assures that she's not as he greets her. Ava brings him his phone that he left at home. Rafe says she didn't have to bring it but Ava says it gave her an excuse to come see him. Ava greets Eli and then informs Rafe that she's making a special dinner tonight and she invited Nicole.

Nicole interrupts Sami and Lucas as she says she came back to pick up Henry. Nicole tells Lucas to let her or Allie know anytime he wants to see Henry. Lucas thanks her. Nicole says she will let them get back to whatever they were doing. Sami stops Nicole and informs her that Lucas was just making her come to her senses that she's been acting crazy. Sami declares that she knows Nicole didn't cheat on Eric and she wouldn't do it with scum like Xander, so she's going to drop the subject and focus on things that really matter and she just wanted her to know. Nicole thanks her and says she's glad Sami finally came to her senses. Nicole takes Henry and exits the Pub. Lucas encourages that Sami did the right thing. Sami informs Lucas that she's not really backing off and she just wanted Nicole to drop her guard and stop trying to figure out what happened between them. Sami declares that she's still determined to nail Nicole to the wall.

Nicole exits the Pub and asks how stupid Sami thinks she is. Nicole declares that Sami is not letting this go and neither is she.

Kristen puts her letter to EJ in an envelope. Kristen declares that she's sorry to Sami but turnabout is fair play because Sami tried to rat her out, so she sees no reason that she shouldn't do the same. Kristen remarks that she'll definitely be getting what she deserves.

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