Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/24/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/24/21


Written By Joseph

EJ, Chad, and Tony meet in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. EJ declares that if they are going to get rid of Jake, they don't have much time because the new product is about to go live and it's either going to cement Jake as the head of the company or it's going to go belly up and there will be nothing left of their father's legacy. Tony comments on saying legacy but meaning money. Tony tells EJ that he has his vote. EJ then asks Chad if they are taking Jake out or not.

Jake is in his office at DiMera Enterprises when he gets a call from Kate, who asks how he would feel about dinner in bed tonight. Jake responds that with the new product launch, he's swamped with work. Kate points out that Jake won't be at the office all night but offers to have Lucas come sit with her then. Kate tells Jake that she doesn't want to be so needy but says she gets terrified when she's alone. Jake then tells her that he will be home in an hour so Kate says she will have Harold bring up food for them. Jake notes that he'll probably have to bring some work home as he hangs up. Kate then pretends they are still flirting on the phone when she hears someone coming. Gabi then enters the room with tea.

Sami goes to the Brady Pub. Roman comments that it's nice of her to find the time to drop by since he heard she was planning on leaving town without saying goodbye. Sami claims she would never have let that happen but informs him that she and EJ have decided to stay. Roman asks if she had a part in that decision because he heard that EJ just announced it. Sami guesses that he talked to Marlena. Roman asks if she had a say about moving back in to the DiMera Mansion. Sami responds that she thought it was only fair that EJ get time to spend with his own family since she had plenty with hers. Roman asks if things are getting better between her and EJ. Sami confirms that EJ is here to work on their marriage and she made a vow to not let anything come between them again. Lucas then appears so Roman invites him to join them.

EJ tells Chad that he knows he wants time to work on things with Abigail, so if he prefers to take a back seat to the day to day running of the company, that would be fine. Chad declares that he's not taking a backseat to anyone, so he has his vote and he's in. EJ looks forward to working with him. EJ suggests Chad and Tony get enough support from the family to pull this off. Chad jokes that EJ is issuing orders and that sounds like the backseat to him. Chad questions what EJ will be doing whlie he and Tony are gathering support from the family. EJ declares that he's going to fire the opening salvo and then exits the room.

Sami asks Lucas what he's doing here. Lucas reminds her that he lives above the Pub and asks if she forgot because she's so busy these days. Lucas offers to fix the toilet for Roman. Roman invites him to sit down and get something to eat. Lucas thanks him but says he doesn't want to intrude and exits the Pub. Roman asks Sami what the hell that was all about.

Chad comments to Tony that EJ still likes to take charge. Tony says that's fine by him as he's not interested in being overly involved with the company. Tony asks if Chad told Abigail that he's going back to work. Chad admits that he hasn't yet. Chad says he called Abigail and told her that if she didn't want him to then he wouldn't get involved. Tony asks what Abigail said. Chad says that Abigail told him to do whatever he wanted, which he says was not support but disinterest. Chad then reveals that he has no idea when or if Abigail is coming back. Tony suggests Abigail just isn't interested in DiMera intrigue. Chad then suggests that maybe Abigail just isn't interested in their marriage.

Kate jokes about Gabi lacing her tea. Gabi says it would be a good idea for them to have a chat.

EJ goes to the DiMera Enterprise office and tells Jake that he likes what he's done with his former office. EJ declares that they meet at last.

Roman asks what's going on with Sami and Lucas. Sami claims Lucas is just moody. Roman doesn't think it's only Lucas since Sami didn't seem thrilled to see him either. Roman adds that they had been getting along really well the last few weeks. Sami says they just bonded while locked in the DiMera dungeon together but then when EJ came back, Lucas went back to his resentment. Sami tells Roman that she and Lucas are just back to the bickering ways. Roman asks if she's sure that Lucas sees it that way.

Rafe finds Lucas in the town square and asks how Kate is since getting out of the hospital. Lucas responds that he's not sure since Gabi kicked him out of the DiMera Mansion. Rafe says he's sorry and offers to talk to Gabi, but Lucas says he doesn't have to as he's living above the Pub now. Lucas adds that he doesn't want to live in the DiMera Mansion because EJ and Sami just moved back in. Rafe is surprised to learn that EJ is back in Salem.

Jake comments on not seeing EJ around the house so he thought maybe he was avoiding him. EJ responds that he was wanting to meet him since it's been awhile since a new DiMera came out of the woodwork. Jake remarks that their father was a busy man and says he was planning on getting out of here soon. EJ brings up hearing how devoted he is to Kate. Jake assures that Kate will get through this and admits he was planning on getting back to her, so he asks what EJ is here for. EJ calls it a courtesy call to let him know that he's back and he wants Jake out.

Kate thanks Gabi for the tea and jokes that Gabi could be a home care attendant. Gabi repeats that she just thought they should have a talk. Kate guesses it's about Jake. Gabi brings up that Kate said she hoped she had given up on getting Jake back. Kate says it will only lead to heartache. Gabi says that Jake wants her to feel sorry for Kate, but reminds Kate of walking on them making love. Gabi remarks that it's obvious that Jake loves her and not Kate. Kate then asks why is she the one laying in Jake's bed then. Gabi responds that Jake feels obliged to stay with her but he doesn't love her, or else he wouldn't have jumped right in to bed with her when he was free of Kate. Gabi tells Kate that she has pity for her but they both know that she's going to have to let Jake go.

Tony brings up Abigail blaming herself for Gwen losing her baby, so her leaving town had nothing to do with Chad. Chad says she had more than one reason to leave town. Chad talks about cheating on Abigail with Gwen and believing Gwen's lies over Abigail. Chad says when he calls Abigail and tells her about the kids, she has nothing else to say to him. Tony suggests Chad go see her but Chad reveals that Abigail said she doesn't want to see him. Chad states that if he didn't have the kids, he would lose his mind, but he can't sit around and wonder when Abigail will come home. Chad declares that he's a DiMera and there's a real possibility that Jake could ruin everything that Stefano built. Tony agrees. Chad adds that if he can't get his wife back, he will focus on Jake and getting him the hell out of their company.

Jake tells EJ that he's not surprised. EJ says it's not personal. Jake says it kind of is. EJ argues that DiMera Enterprises is a multi-million dollar company so he can't imagine Stefano leaving it to an ex-mobster mechanic who he never met. Jake calls that personal and says EJ isn't talking about his performance at DiMera, but his past. EJ then admits it is personal. Jake asks about Chad and Tony. EJ says they are all in agreement. Jake argues that Mr. Shin hired him because he knows how to close a deal. EJ says Mr. Shin is not the only person with a say, as all it takes is three family members to make the motion and once they do that, Jake will be getting notice very shortly. EJ adds that the board will hold a vote to force him out. EJ remarks that it's nice to finally meet him. Jake questions why EJ gave him a heads up. EJ guesses it's the DiMera sense of fair play. EJ tells him that he will see him back at the house as he exits the office.

Kate tells Gabi that it must be so painful for her to have to grovel like this. Gabi says she's not groveling. Kate adds that she won't tell Jake about this chat to protect her last shreds of dignity. Gabi remarks that she's glad Kate is enjoying this because now she won't feel guilty about doing a happy dance when Jake finally dumps her. Gabi adds that Kate won't be able to see it. Kate advises her not to let rejection turn her bitter. Gabi warns Kate not to get too comfortable in Jake's bed because it's a temporary situation. Gabi exits while Kate says to herself that was so much fun.

Sami questions why everyone is all about Lucas these days and tells Roman that Marlena told her the same things. Sami tells Roman that she and Lucas pull together for their kids when they need them. Sami says things are better for Allie, so she and Lucas can go back to the way things used to be. Roman doesn't think Lucas is real thrilled to be going back. Sami says no offense but EJ is her husband so he is her first priority. Roman remarks that it makes him sound like an obligation. Sami says she was excited to be in Salem to be able to hang out with her dad and talk, but she did not expect an interrogation. Roman agrees to change the subject. Sami brings up that tonight is an important DiMera state dinner so she calls a rain check. Roman jokes asking if Sami is uncomfortable coming here because now Lucas is living upstairs. Sami assures that she's not uncomfortable around Lucas. Roman says if she says so. Sami thanks Roman and says she will give EJ his love. Roman tells Sami that he loves her as Sami exits the Pub.

Rafe questions Lucas about EJ being back and says he never thought EJ would come back to Salem, but guesses that was just wishful thinking. Lucas adds that EJ is still the same swine he's always been. Lucas mocks EJ saying that he came to reclaim his wife. Lucas says EJ treated Sami like a piece of luggage and they were going back to Italy, but then he wanted to atone for mistreating Sami and rebuild their marriage by living in the DiMera Mansion with his family, Kate, Gabi, and the portrait of Stefano. Rafe questions Sami buying all that crap. Lucas confirms that she did and he can't believe it. Rafe calls it amazing how it all comes rushing back just from hearing Lucas talk about EJ for two minutes. Rafe remarks that he hates that jerk as much as he ever did. EJ approaches and asks what jerk that would be. Rafe responds that jerk would be him.

Jake calls Mr. Shin but Gabi shows up and orders him to hang up. Gabi clears off Jake's desk and demands that he make love to her right now. Jake responds that he can't because EJ is trying to have him fired and he has to find a way to stop him.

EJ tells Lucas that it's good to see him again but Lucas is not convinced. EJ questions if they are having a boys night out and if they have so little going on that they have time to hang out and share how much they hate him. Rafe jokes that they will never run out of things to say. EJ says not to worry about hurting his feelings and tells Rafe that the hatred is completely mutual. EJ sits with them and says he's glad to have run in to them. Lucas says that makes one of them. EJ brings up that the three of them have had issues. EJ proposes not bringing up the past and talking about the future because they are all going to have to coexist for Sami's sake. EJ offers to buy them a drink so they can talk about it. Rafe agrees to a beer and Lucas orders a ginger ale so EJ goes to get drinks. Lucas questions what Rafe is doing as now they get to have a drink with the devil for Sami's sake. Rafe says they get to find out what the hell he is up to.

Gabi realizes this is what Jake was afraid of with EJ moving back to town and declares they won't let them win. Jake reminds Gabi that she works for the competition. Gabi says she won't stand by and let EJ screw him out of what's rightfully his. Jake jokes that he never should've let her get away. Gabi suggests she'll come back when Tony, Kate, Chad, and EJ are all gone. Gabi can't believe she lets these people in her house and this is how they repay her. Jake points out that they aren't doing it to get at her. Gabi talks about how they need a majority vote to get rid of him so she begins using the dry erase board.

Chad tells Tony that they need to start counting to figure out where they stand. Tony suggests using the chess pieces to count. Tony points out that they have himself, Chad, and EJ.

Gabi tells Jake that she has been through a recount vote before and Mr. Shin gets one vote while every other DiMera gets one. Gabi points out that Chad, Tony, and EJ are three votes while Jake will vote for himself and she assumes Mr. Shin will vote for him. Jake asks if that means they are losing. Gabi says not necessarily since she inherits Stefan's vote as his widow, so as usual, she is Jake's ace in the hole. Jake realizes they are then tied.

Tony tells Chad that Johnny and Sydney are too young to vote. Chad points out that Theo will definitely side with them.

Jake complains that he doesn't even know his whole family tree and asks who else there is. Gabi tells him that there is Steven, the son of Jake's dead brother Benji. Jake asks how Steven will vote but Gabi says she has no idea.

Tony tells Chad that Kristen would vote for them but they would have to track her down and that won't be easy. Chad is not so sure since she asked him to help her escape, but he said no. Tony points out that Kristen doesn't hold grudges. Chad says even if they found her, she's a wild card.

Gabi doesn't think Kristen would risk prison time to vote. Jake asks about Kristen's brother Peter and says nobody ever talks about him for some reason. Gabi notes that he's been out of prison for a long time and laying low, but he would vote whatever way is best for him.

Chad tells Tony that Steven and Peter are unknowns, but asks about Kate as Andre's widow.

Jake tells Gabi that it's a good thing he and Kate didn't split up because she could end up being his deciding vote. Gabi notes that Kate is very loyal to Chad. Jake points out that Kate is head over heels in love with him. Gabi complains about him putting it that way. Jake apologizes and says he will clear that up as soon as possible but right now he should probably go talk to her. Gabi stops him and says there's something that he should know first.

Chad goes to Jake's room to talk to Kate. Kate notes that he looks serious. Chad informs her that he, Tony, and EJ are going to vote to oust Jake as CEO of DiMera. Chad asks if he can count on Kate's vote. Kate responds that he can't.

EJ returns with drinks while Lucas jokes that they should go bowling next. EJ tells Rafe that he knows there is no love lost between them but suggests that if they cross paths like this, they try not to be deliberately provocative for Sami's sake. EJ tells Lucas that it's even more complicated with him since he and Sami have children together. EJ assures that he will never interfere in how they deal with their kids but in return, he requests that Lucas respects their marriage and not offer his opinions on their relationship. EJ declares that Lucas must accept that his relationship with Sami is very limited. Lucas laughs and calls him naive which EJ asks him to explain. Lucas says he would love to but Sami arrives and questions what the hell is going on here.

Chad questions Kate not voting against Jake. Kate assures that she hates Jake but he doesn't know that, so if she votes against him then all of this is over. Chad argues that it should be. Chad tells Kate to grow up as she's had her fun with Jake and Gabi, so now it's time to let EJ grind them in to the ground and Kate can get miraculously cured. Kate says no. Chad asks if she will at least abstain from voting. Kate says she couldn't explain that to Jake so she has to stand by her man because she wants to be the one to grind him in to dust. Chad asks if he can persuade her to change her mind. Kate says no, so Chad decides he will just tell Jake what Kate is up to.

Gabi informs Jake that she had a little run in with Kate earlier. Jake reminds her that he asked her to steer clear of Kate. Gabi claims she just wanted to clear the air a little bit. Jake complains that now Kate won't be in a good mood when he goes to beg her for her vote.

Kate asks if Chad is blackmailing her. Chad says it sure looks that way. Kate reminds Chad that he promised her that he wouldn't say anything. Chad responds that he won't, if she votes against Jake. Kate complains that she can't do that. Chad tells Kate that if she votes against Jake, then Jake and Gabi are properly punished, then Kate can take a vacation and recover, but if she doesn't vote against him then he will have to tell Jake that she's faking it. Kate calls him a snake. Chad adds that if word gets out, Kate will be thought of as a desperate pathetic old woman. Chad tells her that it's up to her.

Sami questions EJ having a drink with Rafe and Lucas and what the hell is going on. EJ tells her that he will tell her all about it on the way home. EJ tells Rafe and Lucas to enjoy their evening as he and Sami walk off together. Rafe bets EJ stiffed them on the bill and asks Lucas what was so funny just now. Lucas tells him it's nothing at all.

Tony finishes a call with Theo and informs Chad that Theo gives him a firm yes. Tony asks if Chad got Kate's vote. Chad says not exactly as he thought he was persuasive but you never know what Kate's going to do.

Jake goes home to his room. Kate asks about their dinner plans. Jake tells her there is something they need to discuss about DiMera Enterprises. Kate asks him to tell her all about it.

Gabi remains at the office and calls Steven DiMera, hoping they could have a little chat.

Tony calls Peter DiMera and says he will get straight to the point.

EJ and Sami go home. Sami questions EJ buying Rafe and Lucas drinks in hopes they would forget their history with him. EJ explains that he was only trying to make living in Salem easier for Sami. Sami thinks it would be easier for her if he just stayed away from them. EJ says fine as long as they stay away from her and she stays away from them.

Rafe tells Lucas that it's good to see EJ coming back from the dead hasn't mellowed him and complains about his arrogance and Sami putting up with him. Rafe questions EJ telling Lucas about a limited relationship with Sami. Rafe asks if Sami told EJ how close they have been the last couple months. Lucas says there's no way Sami said anything about that.

Sami warns EJ to think if it's a good idea to threaten her. EJ apologizes and says he's just so desperate for a new start for them as he doesn't want the past screwing up the future again. Sami says he wouldn't be EJ if he wasn't a little bit bossy as they kiss. Sami then heads upstairs. Chad comes out from the living room and tells EJ that it's going to be close so it could go either way. EJ declares that it's now or never and calls Mr. Shin.

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