Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/23/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/23/21


Written By Joseph

Abe goes to the Brady Pub, where Roman notes his good mood. Abe orders a beer while Roman questions what has him in such a good mood.

Paulina goes to Lani and Eli's. Lani calls it a surprise and asks if something is wrong. Paulina says no and that she just came to see her niece and nephew. Paulina then informs Lani that she slept with her father last night.

Julie goes to see Allie, where Allie and Chanel made donuts using Alice's old recipe for Julie to try. Allie worries while Chanel encourages her as Julie eats one of the donuts to try them out.

At Julie's Place, Steve asks Kayla what she's going to do as her next move. Kayla says first she has to prove that he's the reason the pills are missing and then she has to figure out if he's working alone or if he has an accomplice. Steve wonders if it has anything to do with Gwen. Jack then arrives and questions what about Gwen. Jack asks if there is something he should know about his daughter.

Xander lets Dr. Snyder go from his grip. Gwen thanks him. Xander tells Dr. Snyder to relax as he's not going to kill him. Dr. Snyder then collapses as if he had a heart attack. Gwen checks on him and confirms that Dr. Snyder is dead, shocking Xander. Gwen says that his heart is not beating. Xander argues that he let him go. Gwen tells Xander that he didn't murder him but unless she can perform a miracle, he is no longer alive. Gwen tries to revive Dr. Snyder.

Julie tells Allie and Chanel that the donuts are delicious. Allie asks if they are as good as Alice's. Julie explains that it wasn't just the recipe that made Alice's so remarkable. Julie says the secret ingredient was love, so it's obvious that Allie and Chanel put a lot of love in to the donuts. Chanel loves that Julie loves them. Julie jokes that she better go before eating all of them. Allie thanks Julie for being their first tester. Julie thanks them for keeping Alice Horton's legacy alive and cries that she would be delighted. Julie tells them to keep up the good work as they are really on to something. Julie exits while Allie and Chanel excitedly hug each other.

Roman brings Abe a beer and asks about his good mood. Roman guesses it has something to do with Paulina because the last time he saw him, he was leaving the Pub to walk her home. Roman asks if there was a goodnight kiss which he confirms. Roman reminds Abe that he told him to pursue it as he saw that Abe was smitten. Roman encourages him to build on the momentum and asks when the next date is. Abe reveals that Paulina invited him in for a night cap.

Lani questions what Paulina said. Paulina repeats that she slept with her father which shocks Lani. Paulina says it's not like they planned it but they had a nice evening and they had a moment with Chanel where Abe was so understanding and kind. Paulina adds that Abe walked her home like a gentleman and one thing led to another. Paulina tells Lani that this was her first chance to tell her. Lani tells her that she has one question and just asks why?

Roman questions if Abe spent the night with Paulina. Abe confirms that he did and some of the morning. Roman jokes about not asking for details but tells him that he thinks this is great. Abe admits there were sparks between them from the beginning, but when he started helping her with the project that she's working on, they got a lot closer. Roman says he's very happy for him. Abe thanks him but notes that there is one problem as he's not sure what Lani is going to think.

Paulina tells Lani that Abe is a very handsome and powerful man. Lani asks why she is telling her. Paulina responds that they are family and Abe is her father. Lani says she usually tries not to get involved with his dating life. Paulina remarks that he doesn't have much of a dating life. Lani tells her that they are both adults here. Paulina doesn't want to make her uncomfortable. Lani declares there is nothing uncomfortable about this conversation right now. Paulina tells Lani how much she means to her and says that her relationship with her and her babies is everything, which is why she wanted to tell her about last night right away. Paulina promises that if Lani is not okay with her being with Abe, then it will never happen again.

Chanel and Allie talk about the success of their donuts. Allie never thought she could make them good enough. Chanel compares it to making her grandmother's sweet potato pie. Allie suggests adding that to the menu. Chanel can't believe this is all really happening. Allie encourages that it is real. Allie mentions seeing their coming soon banner in the town square. Chanel tells Allie that they've really got something.

Jack asks Steve and Kayla if something is going on with his daughter. Kayla claims that they were just discussing Gwen moving in with Jack and wondering if it was a good idea. Jack realizes that Gwen didn't endear herself to his family and did a lot of damage, but after everything she has done, she is his family too. Jack says that Gwen needs support now and he wants to be there for her. Steve brings up how when Tripp first came to town, he made a lot of mistakes, but now they couldn't be more grateful to have him in their lives. Kayla tells Jack that she's just worried that Gwen might hurt her.

Xander questions how Dr. Snyder could be dead when he was fine a few minutes ago. Gwen guesses it was a heart attack. Xander argues that he looked in great shape. Gwen says maybe he was until he thought Xander was going to kill him. Xander insists that he was just trying to scare him. Xander admits he was tempted but he stopped himself. Gwen points out that Dr. Snyder is dead now, so she asks what Xander is going to do about it. Julie then comes home and jokes that if she knew they were there, she would've brought donuts. Julie then sees Dr. Snyder behind them on the couch and questions what the hell is that.

Allie and Chanel are interrupted by a knock at the door and Tripp arrives. Tripp asks if he interrupted a business meeting. Allie informs him that they just finished their first batch of donuts. Chanel offers him one so Allie feeds him one. Tripp calls it amazing. They tell Tripp that Julie just said they are as good as her grandmother used to make. Tripp asks if they are looking for any employees and says he's only half kidding. Allie asks why he would need a job and questions if there's a problem at the hospital.

Jack appreciates Steve and Kayla looking out for him but assures they don't have to worry as Gwen has deep regrets about how she first acted in Salem and she's trying to rebuild her life with him. Steve is glad and knows how hard it can be to build from scratch. Jack assures that they are working on it. Kayla asks if there is harmony in the Horton House now then. Jack says that depends on how you describe harmony since Julie isn't too happy about Gwen moving in and isn't thrilled that Xander has joined them as well. Jack acknowledges it's a risk since Gwen and Xander are not getting along but he had good conversations with them where they promised to try to work it out. Kayla hopes that will bring happiness to the Horton House. Jack jokes that he hopes so before someone gets killed.

Julie questions what is going on here. Xander and Gwen try to explain but Julie guesses that they are trying to turn her home in to a halfway house and asks whose friend Dr. Snyder is. Xander claims his while Julie argues that he wasn't invited to sleep on the sofa, so she yells at him that nap time is over. Julie tries waking up Dr. Snyder but then realizes he's not asleep.

Roman asks if Abe really cares what Lani thinks about he and Paulina. Roman points out that Lani is an adult and he knows they all want their kids to approve of their life choices, but it's Abe's life so he wonders why Lani would get upset. Abe explains that Paulina is not just some woman, but Lani's aunt and her mother's sister. Roman asks if Abe thinks Lani might take it as a betrayal of her mother. Abe says the problem is he doesn't know what Lani will think. Roman decides that if it bothers Abe that much, he should talk to her and make sure it's okay. Abe agrees but doesn't know what to say. Roman encourages him to be open and honest. Roman asks Abe for one detail about last night. Abe gives him one word; "Marabou", and then exits the Pub.

Lani appreciates Paulina taking her feelings in to account and admits she did not see this coming. Paulina asks if Lani does have a problem with her dating her father. Lani says it's been many years since her parents were together and she never even knew them as a couple. Paulina agrees that it was a long time ago. Lani adds that it's been a long time since Abe has had anyone in his life, since he and Valerie broke up. Lani tells her that she loves her dad and wants the best for him. Lani calls Abe one of her favorite people in the world and says that Paulina is too, so if that means they make each other happy, then she won't stand in the way. Paulina asks if Lani is giving her blessing. Lani doesn't know if she has that power but confirms she is good with it as they hug.

Allie asks Tripp what's going on with his job at the hospital. Tripp calls it a complicated situation with a long story. Allie says they have time. Chanel adds that they were just about to bake brownies so she suggests they can talk while they wait. Tripp brings up his boss, Dr. Snyder, being a real jerk and how he goes out of his way to humiliate him. Tripp says he stumbled upon something that might get Dr. Snyder in trouble. Chanel suggests it could be good that he has the upper hand. Tripp is not sure it works that way. Allie asks if he thinks Dr. Snyder will fire him if he thinks he's a threat. Tripp admits he has no idea but he reported it to Kayla, who said she would handle the situation. Tripp worries that this could seriously spiral out of control.

Steve tells Jack that if Gwen can get along with Xander, then she must be turning a corner. Kayla asks if they are a positive influence on each other. Jack says any time Gwen is not fighting is a win in his book. Kayla asks if Gwen is feeling okay physically. Jack says she hasn't suffered any long term effects from the miscarriage that he knows of. Kayla asks if he talked to her doctor. Jack says not since he made his last house call. Kayla questions Dr. Snyder coming to his house to see Gwen. Steve calls that kind of unusual. Jack admits he thought it was kind of weird but Dr. Snyder said he wanted to make sure Gwen took her meds. Jack notes that he didn't even know Gwen was taking anything. Steve says they are happy she's feeling better. Jack mentions having a video chat with Jennifer so Kayla sends their love. Jack tells them not to worry about Gwen as he has everything under control, as long as he can get Julie to come around.

Julie declares that Dr. Snyder is not asleep, but passed out cold. Xander goes along with that. Julie compares it to Xander being passed out on the sofa and guesses Dr. Snyder was just drunk. Xander claims he is trying to help his friend with a substance abuse problem. Gwen tells Julie that they will fix the problem. Julie tells them to just get Dr. Snyder off of her grandmother's sofa and out of the house as she storms out of the room.

Abe goes to see Lani, which she calls a surprise. Abe is sorry for not calling ahead but says there is something he wants to talk to her about. Lani asks if something is wrong. Abe says he hopes not. Lani asks what it is. Abe tells her that it's about her aunt Paulina as he saw her last night. Lani stops him and tells him it's okay as she opens the door further, revealing Paulina is inside. Paulina greets Abe and informs him that she just told his daughter that they made love.

Chanel says the brownies will take 25 minutes so Allie tells Tripp that he's not going anywhere. Tripp jokes about being an expert in tasting brownies. Chanel comments that they have been eating a lot of their products lately. Allie notes they should be careful about that. Chanel says it's okay as long as they get some exercise too, so she turns on music and starts dancing. Chanel suggests there's nothing better to do while waiting for the brownies and calls a dance party. She convinces Allie to join her in dancing and then tells Tripp that he's not getting out of it, so Tripp reluctantly joins them in dancing.

Kayla tells Steve that she was tempted to say something to Jack but she doesn't want to accuse Gwen unless they know the truth. Steve assures that she did the right thing. Kayla hopes they are wrong. Steve doesn't want to implicate Jack's daughter in a prescription drug ring. Kayla brings up Dr. Snyder making a house call to see Gwen. Steve adds that Tripp saw them arguing. Kayla thinks their relationship is way more than patient and doctor. Steve asks if she thinks they are working together. Kayla wonders if Gwen is helping Dr. Snyder steal drugs from the hospital pharmacy and declares that if that's true, Jack is in for a world of heartache.

Gwen and Xander worry about what to do with Dr. Snyder. Xander thinks they have to call the police but Gwen says no, as she's already been accused of one murder in this town. Xander points out that this wasn't murder. Gwen brings up Xander holding a knife to his throat. Xander insists he didn't hurt him but Gwen questions why he panicked when Julie walked in and why he would cover that up. Xander says he didn't cover anything up as Julie just assumed that Dr. Snyder was still alive. They argue about what they will be accused of being involved in. Xander tells Gwen that they have to take Dr. Snyder's body out of the house. Gwen senses he's done this before. Xander directs her to grab Dr. Snyder's arms. They prepare to move the body but Jack comes home and asks if anybody is home.

Abe jokes that he was worried about broaching the subject while Paulina jokes that she's sorry to steal his thunder. Lani guesses they had the same idea. Paulina explains that she just wanted to make sure Lani was okay with what happened between them. Lani confirms to Abe that she is. Lani says she loves them both so if Paulina makes Abe happy, that's good enough for her. Abe thanks her. Lani jokes about feeling like she's the parent here. Paulina jokes about promising not to keep Abe up too late. Lani jokes that she approves of them but that doesn't mean they can flirt in front of her. Paulina mentions having to get going to meetings about the town square construction. Abe suggests they have dinner later which Paulina agrees to. They kiss as Paulina then exits. Lani tells Abe that she loves seeing him happy as they hug.

Jack comes home to find Xander and Gwen watching cartoons together with a blanket across them on the couch. Jack can't believe they are together without fighting or yelling and watching cartoons. Gwen states that Jack told them to get along. Xander says they are just doing what he said. Jack calls it a pleasant surprise and asks what they are watching as he offers to join them but Gwen shouts that he can't.

Steve tells Kayla that it was bold of Dr. Snyder to show up at Gwen's house so whatever is going on must be important. Kayla asks if he thinks Gwen is selling the drugs. Steve says they can't jump to conclusions. Kayla says they can't just wait and see. Steve agrees that they need to find out what the connection is between Gwen and Dr. Snyder to figure out how deeply she's involved.

Xander tells Jack that they would love to have him join them but the show is almost over. Gwen agrees that he has to watch from the beginning. Jack asks if they don't want company then says he's just kidding as he has a video call with Jennifer so he's going to go through the mail. Jack asks Xander to hand him the letter opener, which is the knife he had used against Dr. Snyder. Xander hands it to Jack. Jack tells them to enjoy their show and exits the room. Xander and Gwen go back to discussing Dr. Snyder's heart attack. They put the blanket over his body as Xander declares they are in this together now so they have to get him out and they begin to move the body.

Chanel and Allie have Tripp taste the brownies, which he praises as even better than the donut. Tripp calls it the best brownie he's ever had in his life and says they are going to make a fortune which makes them happy.

Abe mentions to Lani that he had a beer at the Pub with Roman. Lani points out it's the middle of the day and jokes that he's living it up. Abe brings up that Roman was the one who encouraged him to pursue Paulina. Lani guesses that Abe wanted to let Roman know that he scored. Abe says he wouldn't put it that way, but says it's something like that. Lani calls Paulina a serious catch. Abe agrees and asks if Lani is really alright with this. Lani assures that she is. Abe asks if she doesn't think it's weird for her dad and her aunt. Lani admits it is a little weird but she knows how wonderful they both are, so if that makes them happy then she's in favor of it. Lani asks what could go wrong.

Paulina walks through the town square and thinks back to making sweet potato pie with Chanel. Paulina then thinks to telling Lani about sleeping with Abe and how much she means to her. She then thinks back to kissing Abe. Paulina looks at the coming soon sign for Sweet Bits Bakery and thinks back to Chanel questioning her about her plans for the town square, showing plans for one big building instead of an indoor market place. Paulina looks to the plaque of Tom and Alice and tells them to stop looking at her like that.

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