Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/22/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/22/21


Written By Joseph

Steve brings Kayla lunch in her office and asks what she's working on. Kayla responds that she's reviewing Gwen's medical records so Steve asks if something is wrong.

Gwen goes home while on the phone with Dr. Snyder, informing him that she made his delivery. Dr. Snyder tells her that he'll be over soon with another envelope and asks her to have some coffee ready. Gwen hangs up and complains that Dr. Snyder is insufferable. Jack then walks in and asks what man she's talking about.

Dr. Snyder runs in to Tripp at the hospital and complains that every time he turns around, Tripp is in his face. Tripp says he's sorry to bother him. Dr. Snyder tells him to go spy on somebody else then. Tripp informs him that he needed to talk to him about some missing pills..

Nicole tells Xander that doesn't change the fact of what they did and she can't even say it. Xander decides he will say it for her then and declares that they had a night of scorching hot sex behind her husband's back, right as Brady enters the office and surprises them. Nicole asks how long he was standing there. Brady responds long enough to know that she has made a huge mistake..

Steve asks Kayla if Gwen is okay. Kayla responds that she can't give him any details but everything looks in order on her chart. Kayla mentions that she only saw Gwen once back in April then shortly after, she lost her baby. Kayla adds that Gwen's records show she came back a few times and saw Dr. Snyder and that's it, so she doesn't see anything out of the ordinary. Steve asks what she thought she would find.

Gwen tells Jack that he startled her. Jack apologizes and says he was just heading to work. Jack asks if she's okay. Gwen claims that she is. Jack notes that she seemed a little shaken and asks if it's because of the insufferable creep. Jack then guesses that Gwen was talking about Xander.

Brady clarifies that he's the one that made the mistake by allowing Nicole to hire Xander in the first place. Xander questions Brady coming to work late. Brady informs them that he went to check on Chloe. Nicole asks how she is doing. Brady responds that Chloe is feeling nauseated as well because he had to tell her that Xander is working here but Chloe's arm is fine and on the mend. Nicole is glad and suggests she might bring her soup at the Salem Inn later. Brady informs her that Chloe isn't at the Salem Inn, but at the Kiriakis Mansion. Nicole questions why she would stay there when Victor can't stand her. Brady says that's why he wanted Chloe to stay at John and Marlena's, but with Kristen still out there, Philip was able to convince her to stay there with him. Xander questions Brady letting Chloe do that and asks if he's worried about her sleeping with the enemy.

Philip massages Chloe's shoulder and tells her nothing is more important than making her feel better. Chloe thanks him. Philip encourages her to leave Basic Black and come work for him at Titan. Chloe responds that she likes her job and that Nicole was generous enough to offer it to her, so she can't quit on her. Philip asks if Xander working there changes the picture and questions what he's doing there anyways. Philip insists that there is something fishy going on and repeats that he won't let Brady drag her in to it. Chloe assures that she can handle it. Philip questions Chloe putting herself where she will be unhappy when there's a much better alternative.

Brady assures Xander that Chloe has no interest in getting involved with Philip just because he talked her in to staying with him. Xander remarks that he wasn't suggesting they were going to sleep together, but that has been known to happen between co workers. Xander talks about Chloe being vulnerable to Philip's suggestions and ideas so he believes the only thing they can do about it is fire Chloe.

Gwen claims to Jack that she was talking about Xander. Gwen says being under the same roof as Xander has been quite challenging. Jack thought they settled things. Gwen says Xander just gets under her skin and complains about him. Jack jokes that she sounds like Julie. Gwen says that them agreeing on something means it must be true and questions why Jack has befriended Xander. Jack gets that Xander can be unappealing and that he's caused a lot of people pain, but he's been through a lot too. Jack brings up Xander getting his heart broken on his wedding day which Gwen admits she did not know. Jack talks about Xander not being welcomed by his family when all he really wants is to be accepted and loved, which Gwen can relate to. Jack asks Gwen to give Xander a chance for his sake. Jack then exits.

Steve questions why Kayla was looking at Gwen's chart anyways. Kayla explains that Tripp told her that Gwen looked upset during a visit with Dr. Snyder, like maybe Snyder was threatening her, so she talked to Gwen right away and she claimed he did nothing inappropriate. Kayla felt like Gwen was hiding something but admits she doesn't really know her and that Gwen might not trust her because of Abigail. Kayla adds that she tried to locate Dr. Snyder's notes in the computer but he told her that he writes them out by hand. Kayla felt that Dr. Snyder didn't want her to see him and all she has now is what he put in after she spoke to him. Steve agrees that it seems like Gwen and Dr. Snyder are hiding something from her.

Tripp shows Dr. Snyder medication logs from yesterday and he noticed one of the counts of opioids is off. Dr. Snyder says it's fine but Tripp says the numbers don't match and suggests he take a closer look. Dr. Snyder responds that some doses are administered overnight so once the night shift catches up with their paper work, it will all zero out. Tripp thought the logs were updated in real time. Dr. Snyder claims that they are ideally but they are a very busy hospital. Tripp offers to talk to the overnight crew but Dr. Snyder tells him that's not necessary. Dr. Snyder adds that he's very impressed by Tripp catching this as not many med students would pick that up. Dr. Snyder tells Tripp to keep up the good work and walks away.

Brady questions Xander suggesting firing Chloe. Xander encourages doing it immediately before Philip sweet talks her in to doing something that brings Basic Black to it's needs. Brady suggests firing Xander instead but Xander remarks that Nicole wouldn't be very happy with that. Nicole tells Xander that she and Brady are in charge of the company, while Xander is an employee which means he has no say. Xander says he was just offering advice. Nicole tells him not to. Brady questions what Xander is going to do as an employee. Xander responds that his position is evolving as he's there to give them his expertise. Brady gives Xander the rest of the day off so Xander exits the office. Nicole apologizes to Brady and says she will talk to Xander about knowing his place and she will try to minimize his interaction with him. Brady questions what about Xander's interaction with her and asks if she slept with him.

Steve asks Kayla what she thinks Gwen and Dr. Snyder are hiding. Kayla has no idea. Steve offers to look in to it. Tripp then arrives and says he didn't know Steve would be there. Steve says he came to take Kayla to lunch. Steve jokes about having two Dr. Johnsons in the same room. Kayla asks Tripp if everything is okay. Tripp says he just wanted to talk to her about something work related, but not if she's going out to eat. Steve says it's okay and tells them to talk while he will go get a table at Julie's Place. Steve invites Tripp to join them but Tripp says he'll still be working. Steve then exits. Kayla notes that Tripp looks troubled and asks what's on his mind. Tripp responds that it's Dr. Snyder.

Dr. Snyder goes to the Horton House and gives Gwen a new envelope and says he wants it delivered on time. Gwen suggests he do it himself then. Dr. Snyder reminds her of their arrangement where she does as she is told or he tells Jack the secret about her miscarriage. Dr. Snyder tells her to tell Tripp to stop sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.

Tripp shows Kayla the medication log and says that Dr. Snyder said the numbers look good but he would like a second opinion.

Jack runs in to Xander in the town square and says they need to talk. Xander guesses now that he's employed, Jack wants him out of his house. Jack says no and that Xander is welcome to stay as long as he would like. Xander praises staying there and assures that he doesn't want to go anywhere else. Xander tells Jack that he's grateful that he's had his back and he wants him to know that he has his too. Jack questions what that means. Xander thinks back to arguing with Gwen about not wanting Jack to get hurt by Gwen's involvement with Dr. Snyder. Xander then informs Jack that they need to talk about his daughter.

Chloe asks Philip what she would do at Titan. Philip says she would be executive VP of Gabi Chic so she'd only have to answer to him and Gabi. Chloe calls Gabi an insufferable person. Philip points out that Gabi was very open with him about her misdeeds. Chloe asks if one of those was sleeping with Stefan DiMera, right after she started seeing him. Philip says that did not come up but remarks that it sounds like she did her a favor, questioning why she would want to be with someone who cheats on her.

Nicole tells Brady that she would never but Brady reveals that he heard Xander when he came in, saying that they had slept together behind Eric's back. Nicole questions him just mentioning that now. Brady asks her if it's true. Nicole then confirms that it is and admits she cheated on her husband, which she calls the worst mistake of her life. Brady realizes that's why she had to hire Xander, because he was threatening to tell Eric. Nicole admits that he was threatening to tell Sami, who would then call Eric to tell him. Nicole says as of right now, Sami suspects it but doesn't have any proof. Nicole worries that she won't stop until she finds it. Nicole tells Brady that she decided to tell Eric herself but she couldn't reach him, so she wrote him an e-mail. Nicole calls herself a pathetic coward and says she couldn't send the e-mail. Nicole asks how she could do this. Brady wants to help her. Nicole argues that there is nothing he can do. Brady says there might be, but he needs to hear the whole story.

Xander tells Jack that what he has to say about Gwen might be difficult to hear. Jack knows they haven't been getting along and that's what he wanted to talk to him about. Xander informs Jack that he could be in serious danger here. Jack thanks him for his concern but assures that he doesn't have to protect him from his own daughter. Jack acknowledges that Gwen hurt his family when she first came to town but that's not over. Jack says he needs to get to a staff meeting. Xander argues that this really can't wait. Jack tells him to understand how Gwen grew up with no family and feeling abandoned, but she's shown a sincere desire to make amends, so instead of focusing on who Gwen was, he's focused on who she wants to be. Jack suggests Xander be supportive as well and asks him to try to give Gwen a chance. Jack thanks him and rushes off.

Kayla questions Dr. Snyder signing off on the logs. Tripp says that he said the numbers would zero out at the end of the day. Kayla reveals that's not true because the logs are updated in real time and he knows that. Tripp questions where the missing four pills are then. Tripp offers to go ask Dr. Snyder again but Kayla says she will handle it. Kayla tells Tripp it was a good catch and exits her office.

Gwen tells Dr. Snyder that she only just met Tripp the other day. Dr. Snyder complains that Tripp is asking a lot of questions and earlier he noticed the count was off on a particular painkiller. Gwen argues that it sounds like his problem, not hers. Dr. Snyder asks who's problem it is that Kayla wants to see Gwen's chart. Dr. Snyder adds that he changed it to back up her lie and assures that nobody knows yet that she lost her baby before her fall down the stairs. Gwen realizes that if he changed her records, he doesn't have leverage over her anymore. Dr. Snyder claims he kept the originals. Gwen says that exposing her now exposes himself, as Kayla would find out he falsified records and he'd lose his job. Dr. Snyder argues that if Jack found out she lied, he would never forgive her. Gwen suggests they call it even, she'll forget he ever existed, and he can find someone else to do his dirty work.

Chloe tells Philip that neither of them should throw stones when it comes to infidelity. Philip argues that Stefan wasn't good enough for her. Chloe suggests getting back to her professional options. Philip encourages her to join Titan and says she can't argue with the Gabi Chic numbers, so he thinks it would be a terrific move for her. Chloe says career wise it probably would be, but everywhere Gabi goes there is so much drama. Philip acknowledges that's true and brings up Gabi wanting Jake while he's with Kate. Chloe remarks that Gabi always wants what she can't have. Philip suggests that they have that in common since Chloe wants Brady but his heart belongs to Kristen. Philip adds that Brady is another guy who is not nearly good enough for her. Philip suggests himself and tells Chloe that he's offering her a job and a relationship.

Nicole sits with Brady and explains that Eric called to tell her that he was extending his stay in Africa again and she was so devastated, so she went to the Brady Pub where Xander was. Brady guesses they started drinking together which Nicole confirms. Nicole says they staggered back to the Salem Inn and she woke up in Xander's bed. Nicole mentions feeling sick thinking about it. Brady acknowledges that last couple of months for her have been really hard so he can't imagine how much she's had on her plate. Nicole cries that she needs Eric and she misses him so much, but she was starting to feel like maybe he didn't love her as much or she wasn't as important for him to be gone that long. Brady knows what it's like to be separated from the one you love, but he thought she despised Xander the most of all people so he asks why him. Nicole responds that she keeps asking herself the same question but she doesn't have an answer. Nicole adds that Xander believes the reason it happened is because deep down she always wanted to. Brady argues that she can't possibly believe that. Nicole cries that she doesn't know anymore.

Gwen tells Dr. Snyder that she's done and he can get out but he grabs her. She complains that he's hurting her. Dr. Snyder remarks that he can hurt her in ways she can't even imagine. Xander then comes home and says he was about to say the same thing about him.

Brady tells Nicole that there is no way that she wanted to sleep with Xander. Nicole argues that they are both terrible people so maybe she wanted to lean in to who she really is. Brady says that Nicole was just being self-destructive and relates to being an addict. Nicole agrees with him but says she isn't just hurting herself, but Eric. Nicole worries that it would kill Eric if he found out she ruined everything they worked so hard for. Brady points out that they have gotten through a lot in the past. Nicole declares there is no way they would get past this. Nicole hates to put Brady on the spot but she has to ask if he's going to tell Eric about her and Xander.

Xander demands Dr. Snyder get his hands off of Gwen, so he lets her go. Dr. Snyder reminds Xander that they told him to mind his own damn business. Gwen tells Xander to leave now.

Kayla joins Steve at Julie's Place. He asks her what's wrong. Kayla tells him that he won't believe this, but she thinks Dr. Snyder is stealing pain medication from the hospital.

Xander questions Gwen expecting him to let Dr. Snyder manhandle her in her father's house. Gwen assures that she has it under control and tells him to just go. Dr. Snyder warns that he can ruin Gwen's life just by opening his mouth. Xander remarks not if he slit his throat as he picks up a knife. Dr. Snyder repeats that Xander doesn't intimdate him and argues that he would never use that. Xander then grabs Dr. Snyder and holds the knife to his throat, warning him to stay still. Dr. Snyder pleads with him to stop. Xander says there was a time when he would've listened when he had someone in his life that made him want to be a good person, but she's gone now, so he has absolutely no reason to be good anymore. Xander tells Dr. Snyder that he'll see him in Hell but Gwen shouts for him not to do it.

Philip tells Chloe that they can start with the job. Chloe appreciates the offer but she's happy at Basic Black. Philip asks about a relationship but they get interrupted by Chloe's alert for her video call with Parker. Chloe tells Philip that right now, her son is the only one who has her heart as she exits the room. Philip remarks to himself that he could change that.

Brady assures Nicole that he's not going to tell Eric. Brady says he already ripped up her relationship once so he'll never do it again. Nicole hugs him and thanks him, saying he's always been a wonderful friend. Nicole cries wondering what she's going to do. Brady assures that she'll be okay and they will work through this. Brady complains that he should've been here for her through this so he's sorry about that. Nicole understands he had a lot on his plate. Brady insists that he's here now and he wants to help her. Nicole asks how. Brady says they will neutralize Xander because he can't have any power over her at all since they know what he did last time he had it. Nicole tells him that she still has nightmares. Nicole talks about how they all thought Sarah changed Xander. Brady remarks that Sarah left and it looks like the old Xander is back.

Xander tells Gwen that he would be doing her a favor. Gwen disagrees and says she doesn't want to watch Xander kill somebody. Xander points out that Dr. Snyder is hurting her. Gwen says that doesn't mean he can murder him. Gwen says she's done lots of things that she regrets and he has too. Gwen adds that she can't take those things back but she can try to be better for Jack. Gwen asks what Jack would say if he walked in and saw this. Xander argues that he would thank him for saving his daughter. Gwen disagrees and says Jack would tell him that he's making a very big mistake and he would stop him. Gwen tells Xander that it's not true that he doesn't have a reason to be good anymore as he has Jack and they both want to be better for him. Gwen suggests they both be better for Jack together. Gwen asks Xander to listen to her and let Dr. Snyder go.

Kayla tells Steve that it looks like Dr. Snyder has been stealing a few pills every day for a few months and he's been very good at covering his tracks. Kayla adds that people weren't likely to confront him because he's so intimidating but she's very proud of Tripp for noticing. Kayla says she told Tripp that she would handle Dr. Snyder. Steve asks what she's going to do. Kayla says first she has to prove that he's the reason the pills are missing and then she has to figure out if he's working alone or if he has an accomplice. Steve wonders if it has anything to do with Gwen. Jack then arrives and questions what about Gwen.

Xander lets Dr. Snyder go from his grip. Gwen thanks him. Xander tells Dr. Snyder to relax as he's not going to kill him. Dr. Snyder then collapses as if he had a heart attack. Gwen checks on him and confirms that Dr. Snyder is dead, leaving Xander shocked.

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