Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/21/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/21/21


Written By Joseph

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Philip brings food to Chloe and comments on how beautiful she is. Chloe says she could get used to this, which Philip says he is hoping for.

At the DiMera Mansion, Gabi storms in to the living room and pours a drink. Chad comments on Gabi being in a mood since Jake brought Kate home from the hospital. Gabi complains about Kate being in Jake's room with him. Chad thinks back to Kate telling him of her plan to make Jake pay. Chad tells Gabi that Kate is blind so she doesn't want to be alone. Gabi questions why she can't sleep in her own bed. Chad tells Gabi that with everything that's happened, it could bring Jake and Kate close again. Gabi tells him to shut up. Chad remarks that you never know what's going on behind closed doors.

Kate tells Jake that she may not be able to see but she can feel and she wants to feel his arms around her. Kate asks Jake to make love to her. Jake points out that she just got home from the hospital so maybe that's not such a good idea. Kate argues that Dr. Snyder didn't say she shouldn't have sex.

Xander is sitting in the Basic Black office, reading Playpen magazine, when Nicole walks in and tells him that's disgusting. Xander suggests a new lingerie line. Nicole tells him to come up with better ideas if he wants Brady to keep him around. Xander says that shouldn't be a problem with Nicole and their dirty little secret around as his job security. Nicole wonders how long that secret will stay a secret because of Sami. Nicole shows Xander the receipt that she made up to convince Sami that she booked a room at the Salem Inn with her corporate credit card. Nicole worries that it will take more to keep Sami off her trail as she won't stop until she proves that they slept together.

EJ comes out of the living room at the DiMera Mansion and says he overheard Sami telling Lucas not to get any ideas. Sami claims that Lucas is supposed to move out and now suddenly wants to stay. EJ informs Lucas that Chad said there is barely room for he and Sami. EJ asks if Lucas enjoys living with a crowd or if there's some other reason he wants to stay. Lucas responds that he actually has a great reason for wanting to stay. Sami claims that it's because of Kate and Lucas wanting to be close to support his mom. EJ questions why Sami has a problem with it then. Sami responds that it's actually because of EJ.

Chloe tells Philip that she's only staying here until her arm gets better. Philip hopes to convince her otherwise. Chloe says he's been generous enough and has done too much but Philip disagrees. Philip informs her that he set up a video chat for her with her son Parker. Brady comes in to check on Chloe. Philip assures that she's fine and being taken very good care of. Brady informs Philip that came to discuss Basic Black business and Philip is the competition, so he asks for some privacy with Chloe. Philip asks if it can wait until Chloe finishes her breakfast. Chloe decides that's enough, thanks Philip for breakfast, but decides she should catch up on work. Philip agrees to leave her to it then and exits the room. Chloe asks Brady what she needs to know at Basic Black. Brady informs her that Nicole hired Xander.

Xander thinks Nicole is overreacting as it's not like the entire population of Salem knows or would care what happened between them. Xander suggests they order lunch. Nicole thinks Xander should be as worried about Sami as she is, pointing out that if Sami finds out or gets proof then Xander is out of a job. Xander tells her that it's best to be proactive and if anyone has a habit of screwing up their life even more than him, it's Sami. Xander thinks it shouldn't be too hard to get leverage over Sami. Nicole argues that nothing ever sticks as Sami just got cleared of murder again. Xander remarks that it's too bad Sami didn't cheat on her husband like Nicole did, then asks if that's really so far fetched.

Lucas suggests Sami just let it go. EJ asks what it is. Sami knows EJ wouldn't be comfortable living under the same roof as her ex-husband. EJ insists that he would be fine and points out that Sami and Lucas have been over for a very long time. EJ thanks Sami for her concern but assures that he has no problem with Lucas living there with them.

Kate tells Jake that it feels so good to be close to him. Kate talks about being angry in the hospital about not seeing him again but she just imagined being in his arms. Jake thinks she needs time to decompress. Jake says he wants to take care of her and asks what he can do. Kate says she already gave him a suggestion. Kate asks Jake to do it for her. Jake responds that he's sorry but he just doesn't think it's a good idea. Kate asks if it's about Gabi. Jake asks why she would think that. Kate brings up Jake sleeping with Gabi and wonders if the passion from their relationship came back and if she's just blind and in their way. Jake tells Kate that what he and Gabi shared is in the past and he wants to be with Kate. Kate responds that she wants to be with Jake too in every way. Kate says being in the hospital made her realize how much Jake means to her. Kate tells Jake that she loves him and that he's shown completely how he feels about her. Kate encourages that Jake can tell her that he loves her as she hugs him.

Gabi tells Chad that there is no way that Jake would ever have sex with Kate. Chad points out that they are sharing a bed. Gabi says she just has to find a way to get Kate back in her own room. Chad wishes her luck and informs her that it will be hard to find a room with EJ and Sami moving back in, which shocks Gabi.

Lucas tells EJ that he's right that he and Sami are totally different people than the crazy kids that fell in love years ago. Sami calls him more irritating than ever and says Lucas was totally wrong to go after EJ for not being there for her. EJ says he wasn't wrong but Sami argues that Lucas is always wrong. Sami declares that the real reason she doesn't want to live under the same roof as Lucas is because she and EJ are together, happy, and in love, so she doesn't want Lucas's negativity and rudeness ruining their happiness. EJ admits that Lucas can be quite rude and the old him might have punched him, but he wants to be a better man for Sami. EJ understands why Lucas wants to be there with Kate and he commends him for it. EJ declares that Lucas is more than welcome to stay there with them.

Nicole questions Xander thinking that Sami sleeping with EJ. Xander points out that Nicole slept with him because her husband left her alone while EJ did the same to Sami, so maybe she had a fling while in town. Xander points out that Sami cheated on Rafe with EJ before. Nicole adds that Sami also slept with Rafe while he was with Hope. Xander suggests that maybe Sami fell in bed with the ex husband again. Nicole doubts that Rafe would sleep with Sami since he's with Ava. Nicole points out that Rafe is not Sami's only ex-husband, since there is Lucas. Nicole then says nevermind since that was over ages ago. Xander is not too sure about that which Nicole questions. Xander reminds Nicole of when Kristen locked Sami and Lucas in the DiMera basement. Xander says when he found them, there was a definite tension between them that may have been sexual.

Chloe questions Brady about Nicole hiring Xander when she despises him. Chloe asks how Brady let this happen. Brady tells her that Nicole was very insistent and he owed her one. Chloe asks why Nicole hired him. Brady says first Nicole said she needed extra help and then pointed out that Xander used to be the CEO of Titan so he'd give inside information. Chloe doesn't think that makes up for the horrible human being that Xander is. Brady thinks something more is going on and that Xander strong armed Nicole in to hiring him, but the question is how.

Nicole questions there being sexual tension between Sami and Lucas. Nicole says there's no chance since all they do is fight. Xander asks if it's so far fetched considering Nicole slept with him. Nicole admits it's possible and remarks that Lucas is at least a human being. Xander says he's trying to get Sami off her back so she can stop with the cheap shots and start focusing on what could be a significant revelation. Nicole asks how this went from a thought to a revelation. Xander says there is something about that room in the DiMera basement that gets people all hot and bothered.

Sami argues that the house is full but EJ says there's always room for one more, especially for family. Lucas tells EJ that he appreciates it but he's sure Kate is in good hands with Jake and Chad. Sami adds that she will look after Kate too. EJ says they can't have Lucas homeless but Lucas informs them that he's going to stay above the Brady Pub since Roman is family too. EJ says nothing is more important than family and mentions that he needs to resume his conversation with Chad. EJ kisses Sami and tells Lucas that it was good to see him as he heads back in to the living room.

Gabi asks Chad where EJ gets off thinking he can move back in without her permission. EJ enters and reminds her that this was his home long before it was hers.

Kate asks Jake if he loves her. Jake says he feels the same but thinks it's important that she get some rest. Kate admits she feels tired. Kate says what she loves about Jake the most is how he takes care of her. Kate remarks that she's with a man that she can trust who commits to the relationship even with the possibility that she could be blind for the rest of her life. Jake suggests she take a nap and he will bring her breakfast in bed. Kate stops him and asks him to hold her because she wants to feel close to him. Kate brings Jake to the bed so he uncomfortably lays down with her.

Brady hopes Chloe will come back to the office as maybe she'll have better luck with Nicole telling what's going on with Xander. Chloe responds that she would do anything for Nicole, but the thought of being around Xander makes her ill. Brady promises to make sure Xander bothers her if she comes back. Philip comes back in and announces it's time for Chloe's medication so Brady can go, but Brady refuses to leave.

Gabi points out that EJ hasn't lived her for a long time so it's her house now. EJ apologizes for not asking her permission first. EJ points out that they've always gotten along well and he'd like that to continue, so he would take it as a great personal favor if she could allow he and Sami to stay. Gabi acknowledges that it is EJ's family home and she might as well have someone here that she doesn't hate. Gabi adds that it will give EJ a chance to get to know his half-brother Jake. Gabi knows Jake doesn't have a fancy pedigree and hasn't been anointed by Stefano, but says he's done amazing things for DiMera so EJ will be impressed. EJ says they will see. EJ tells Gabi that he has a conversation to finish with Chad.

Lucas complains to Sami about EJ and says he makes him feel so uncomfortable. Sami is just glad that Lucas didn't take EJ up on his offer to stay. Lucas suggests he should've since Sami has been lying to EJ about there being nothing between them. Sami tells Lucas that there is nothing between them and to go so she can fix her marriage. Lucas argues that she wasn't concerned about her marriage when they made love twice. Sami tells him to shut up and calls it a mistake. Lucas disagrees. Sami insists that she is with EJ. Lucas argues that it's about time EJ loves her the way she deserves. Sami declares that they are going to make it work and she loves EJ. Lucas decides to go check on Kate but remarks that they both know he's better for Sami than EJ is.

Xander tells Nicole about how the DiMera basement can be for two people locked away from the world facing their own mortality. Xander brings up Kate and Ted having sex there as well as Gabi and Stefan in the past. Xander suggests Sami and Lucas were so scared they were going to die that they found comfort in each others' arms. Nicole guesses that it's possible.

Sami sits on the stairs and thinks back to kissing Lucas. Gabi then walks in and asks if she's okay. Sami claims she's fine. Gabi thought Sami and EJ were excited to be back. Sami is happy to be close to people she loves and to EJ but she wasn't prepared for EJ to want to live here again. Gabi feels Sami is saying that like it's a bad thing. Gabi tells Sami that she's Arianna's grandmother and she's grateful for her helping her with the Nick situation. Gabi thinks they have a level of trust and offers to talk if she ever wants. Sami thanks Gabi and says EJ's recovery was hard on their marriage but now EJ is back to himself again, so she wanted to focus on them in Italy and work on their marriage, but being here has a lot of distractions. Gabi comments that at least Sami can be with the man she loves while not all of them are that lucky. Sami guesses she means Jake since Lucas told her that he went off on Jake for wanting to sneak around with Gabi behind Kate's back. Gabi argues that Kate was never part of the plan since Jake loves her and not Kate, but Jake decided to be all noble and to be with Kate until she gets settled.

Kate lays in bed with Jake and says she's missed this. Jake claims that he has but thinks they should get Kate unpacked and settled in. Kate says she feels so safe with him. There's a knock at the door so Jake gets up from bed to answer and it's Lucas. Lucas comes in and tells Kate that she's great and asks if she's happy to be home. Kate says she is and to be with the man she loves. Lucas comments that Jake is definitely here with her now. Kate says that Jake is so devoted to her. Lucas talks about having a lot of people devoted to taking care of her. Lucas adds that EJ and Sami are moving in too, which surprises Jake.

EJ tells Chad that Gabi seems quite impressed with Jake. Chad assures it has nothing to do with the board room but that is for another time. EJ asks Chad if he's ready to take control of their father's company.

Philip tells Brady that Chloe is still recovering so he doesn't want him overwhelming her with work. Brady is aware that Chloe is recovering and says Chloe already knows how much of a tyrant he is in the office. Brady tells Chloe to think about what he said and offers to drive her to and from the office whenever she's ready. Chloe agrees to let him know as Brady then exits. Philip hopes Brady wasn't guilting her in to going back to work. Chloe says he wasn't and that it's fine. Philip notes that she's not fine so he guesses Brady must have said something to upset her. Chloe says he doesn't have to protect her from Brady but Philip is not sure and declares he's not going to let Brady drag her in to something. Chloe assures that Brady is her friend and would never pressure her in to doing something that she didn't want to do. Philip feels that's the way it sounded to him. Chloe questions if he was eavesdropping.

Gabi asks Sami if she's just supposed to suck it up and watch Kate hang all over Jake and complains of how painful that will be. Sami reminds Gabi that Kate is blind so they can still find a way to spend time together. Gabi brings up Kate being in Jake's room right now and she can't do anything about it. Sami points out that Jake does love Gabi and is just trying to be kind to Kate. Gabi argues that Kate still has the hots for him and asks what he's going to do when Jake doesn't want to make love or if Kate finds out the truth that they lied to her. Sami knows someone is going to get hurt. Gabi worries that Kate will be out for blood. Gabi points out that they've been up there for a long time so she's going to check. Gabi declares that she won't let Kate use her blindness to screw up her relationship with Jake. Gabi wishes Sami luck in everything with her and EJ as she heads upstairs. Sami remarks that she's going to need it.

Nicole tells Xander that nothing would make her happier than to find out that Sami fell in to Lucas's arms but wanting something doesn't make it true, so she doesn't believe Sami and Lucas slept together no matter how desperate or scared they were. Xander asks if one is ever really totally over their ex.

EJ argues that he and Chad know Jake is completely unqualified to run Stefano's business, so he needs Chad to step up. Chad reminds EJ that his marriage is his priority so he won't make any decisions until he talks to his wife. EJ respects that and says he's learned the hard way that no marriage can work unless both parties are open and honest with each other. Sami walks in and asks what they are talking about. EJ says it's the importance of being open and on the same page with one's spouse like they are.

Jake questions EJ moving back in which Lucas confirms. Jake decides he has to go check this out. Kate stops him and says they were just getting comfortable. Jake tells her to enjoy her time with Lucas and he'll come check on her later. Kate says she looks forward to picking up where they left off. Jake then exits the room and runs in to Gabi in the hall. Gabi questions what they were doing in there and if Kate tried to have sex with him. Jake tells her that he got out of it. Gabi complains about Jake being in the same room as Kate. Jake questions EJ moving back in which Gabi confirms. Jake complains that it's Gabi's house. Gabi responds that EJ asked nicely and asks what the problem is. Jake questions why EJ is suddenly moving back after being in Italy for years and what he wants.

Philip admits to Chloe that he might have overheard that Xander is working at Basic Black. Philip calls it the worst hire ever and says he doesn't blame Chloe for not wanting to go back. Chloe says she's not looking forward to it but Brady needs her help. Philip asks why she would put herself in the middle of that mess when she could work for him instead.

Lucas asks Kate how she is doing. Kate says it's going to take some getting used to but she's managing, thanks to Jake. Lucas says he's glad. Kate then remarks that Lucas looks like he's down. Lucas questions how she knows what he looks like. Kate responds that he sounds like he's down. Lucas claims that he's fine and just worried about her. Kate assures that she will be fine.

Gabi asks Jake what the big mystery is and says EJ is just here because he missed his wife. Jake questions why he didn't just ask her to come home or just take her back home. Gabi argues that Jake sounds paranoid for someone who has never met EJ. Jake complains that he knows EJ's reputation and wonders if he came back to Salem because he wants to take back DiMera.

EJ tells Chad to talk to Abigail and get back to him as soon as possible. Chad agrees to let him know and then exits the room. Sami asks EJ if everything is okay. EJ responds that it will be. EJ declares that being back in the family home is better than he ever imagined, especially with Sami by his side. Sami admits they shared some happy times here. EJ adds that there were some not so happy times, but those days are well behind them and being here is a new beginning. EJ states that after everything Sami has done for him, he wants to be worthy of her love. EJ says he wants to be more open and generous which is why he told Lucas that he was welcome to stay. Sami wants to just focus on them. EJ agrees with Sami about them needing to reconnect emotionally and assures there is nothing he wants more as they kiss.

Nicole tells Xander that it's thrilling to imagine burning Sami down but they have nothing. Xander suggests starting with a hypothesis and then finding proof to support it. Nicole argues that they are talking about her marriage. Xander encourages that she will save her marriage, noting that Sami has nothing on them either. Nicole says that doesn't change the fact of what they did and she can't even say it. Xander decides he will say it for her then and declares that they had a night of scorching hot sex behind her husband's back, right as Brady enters the office and surprises them.

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