Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/17/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/17/21


Written By Joseph

Bonnie asks Justin why he didn't tell her that Steve and Kayla would rather poke out their eyes than have dinner with her. Kayla says that's not true. Bonnie says they can forget it as she's lost her appetite. Bonnie gets up to leave but Steve stops her.

Tripp goes to Rafe's house to see Ava. Ava thought he was on a date with Allie. Tripp says he was but he had to cut it short when he got called back to the hospital which was just Dr. Snyder testing him. Ava feels he shouldn't have to put up with that. Ava questions Tripp leaving Allie alone. Tripp assures that they were at the Brady Pub and Allie was not alone.

Paulina questions overhearing that Chanel and Allie kissed. Chanel tells her that she can explain but Paulina says she's very disappointed in her.

Claire calls Ben and leaves a message, wanting to make sure that he's okay and asks him to call her when he gets the message. Claire hangs up and goes back to cleaning the house as Shawn and Belle come home. Belle wants Claire to rest after all she has been through but Claire says she has nervous energy to get rid of and assures that she's fine. Claire just wishes she could say the same about Ben.

Ben remains at the cabin in the woods when Rafe shows up. Rafe says he didn't expect to find him there. Ben asks if there's any update on Chloe and Jan. Rafe confirms they were rescued last night. Ben asks if Chloe is alright and if Jan is in custody. Rafe assures that Chloe will be alright and that Jan will never hurt anyone again. Ben asks what brings Rafe to the cabin. Rafe says he got a call about some suspicious activity so he decided to check it out himself. Ben guesses that suspicious activity is him since he hasn't seen anyone else. Rafe mentions that Shawn told him he decided to stay behind after saving Claire. Ben explains that he just needed to clear his head. Rafe points out that was yesterday so he asks why Ben is still here. Ben responds that it's because of Ciara.

Tripp tells Ava that Allie is with Chanel. Ava remembers Chanel's name from being the one who ordered all the champagne then left Tripp and Claire with the tab. Tripp explains that it turned out that Allie and Chanel go way back and now they are planning on going in to a baking business together. Ava worries about that but Tripp says that Chanel didn't make the best first impression, though once you get to know her she's actually really cool so he hopes it works out for them. Tripp says the job means a lot to Allie while Chanel is kind of all over the place. Ava asks what he means. Tripp brings up how one week, Chanel was marrying Xander for his money and then the next week she was kissing Allie. Ava questions what he just said.

Chanel tells Paulina that it's not a big deal. Paulina says the big deal is that she kept it from her and asks why Chanel didn't just tell her that she's gay. Paulina questions Chanel being afraid to tell her the truth about who she is. Chanel clarifies that she's not a lesbian so Paulina questions why she was swapping spit with Allie then. Paulina asks if Allie was trying to convert Chanel. Chanel responds that Allie is not a lesbian either. Roman comes back with their chowder. Chanel tells Paulina that she kissed Allie once. Roman asks if he should come back later. Abe offers to help him in the kitchen. Paulina is sorry if the conversation is making them uncomfortable. Allie points out that her brother Will is gay and Roman is totally cool with it, so it's no big deal. Paulina points out that Allie and Chanel are not gay so she's confused. Chanel says she's not confused, she just kisses girls sometimes and kisses boys sometimes. Paulina asks if Chanel is bisexual then. Chanel says no, so Paulina asks what she is then. Chanel says she is just her daughter and suggests they sit down for dinner. Allie decides she should get going but Chanel asks if she has to, so Allie agrees to stay a little while longer.

Ava questions if Allie is cheating on Tripp with a woman. Tripp says it's not like that and points out that they weren't together then. Tripp adds that Allie said it was nothing, so Chanel is not a threat to their relationship. Ava asks who is then. Tripp brings up his dead brother.

Steve apologizes to Bonnie and says he never should've agreed to this dinner. Steve says he's been working to try to put what Bonnie did to his sister in the past and he was going to work tonight to put it aside, but then she showed up dressed like Adrienne and trying to be like her, so he lost it because it reminded him of the hell Bonnie put her through and it made him miss her more. Bonnie declares that she's done and really has lost her appetite. Justin tries to stop her but Bonnie cries that she just wants to be alone and storms out.

Shawn asks Claire what's going on with Ben. Claire says he's not picking up his phone. Belle asks why she is worried. Claire says Ben was just so upset about Ciara sending him divorce papers. Claire doesn't think Ben knows what to do without Ciara.

Ben tells Rafe that Ciara keeps calling him about signing the divorce papers and he can't bring himself to do it. Rafe can't blame him because letting go is hard. Rafe points out that he went through the same thing with Ciara's mother. Ben feels like he's been going crazy the last few weeks and seeing his sister Jordan in his head, tormenting him. Ben thinks he's blaming himself for everything Ciara went through. Rafe admits he sometimes sees Jordan too in his dreams. Ben explains that he's not talking about dreams, but Jordan showing up and talking to him while he's awake. Rafe asks if he's talked to Marlena about this. Ben says he will but right now he's focused on the divorce papers. Ben wonders if Ciara really is better off without him. Ben brings up that this cabin is where it all started for them, and now it's killing him because it might be the same place where it all ends.

Paulina questions Chanel saying that she is fluid and how it's different from being bisexual. Chanel explains that everyone has their own way of identifying and she's not in to labels. Paulina says back in their day, you were either gay or not. Paulina talks about being confused by people using their pronouns. Allie mentions being Marlena's granddaughter, which Paulina did not know. Chanel thanks Paulina for understanding. Paulina says she is doing her best.

Steve apologizes to Justin. Justin responds that he's lost his appetite too and walks out of Julie's Place. Steve asks if Kayla is upset with him. Kayla thinks he may be upset with himself. Steve admits that he is because he was willing to try, but Bonnie imitated Adrienne and he couldn't take it, so he wanted to make her go away. Kayla points out that he succeeded, but he made Justin go away too. Steve worries that Justin may never forgive him. Kayla thinks he will and encourages Steve to put his grief and anger aside to have compassion for Justin. Kayla reminds Steve that Justin was also broken-hearted when he lost Adrienne. Kayla says she's been hoping that Justin would find happiness, so if Bonnie makes him happy then they can't judge.

Belle knows Claire and Ben have gotten closer lately. Shawn adds that they are grateful that Ben made sure she got home safe. Belle states that Ben needs to find a way to move on from Ciara and Claire can't help him do that. Belle is proud of her being a supportive friend but thinks she needs to concentrate on taking care of herself. Claire assures that she's fine as long as they don't have to worry about Jan Spears. Shawn informs Claire that Jan is in a coma and the doctors don't think she will recover this time which means she won't be able to hurt them ever again.

Rafe reminds Ben that he's been where he is and knows how hard it is to end your marriage. Rafe talks about totally being in denial when Hope first sent him divorce papers. Rafe says he threw them away as he was convinced that he could fix things but Hope just kept sending new copies. Rafe realized that if he loved Hope, he needed to accept that she didn't want to be in the marriage. Ben asks if he needs to love Ciara enough to let her go. Rafe says he won't tell him what to do. Ben asks if Rafe thinks he should sign the papers. Rafe responds that if it's what Ciara wants, he doesn't know that he has a choice. Rafe points out that Ciara is a lot like her mother and talks about knowing her since she was a child. Rafe knows Ben is holding on to hope that Ciara will get her memory back, but if even if she does, there's no guarantee things will go back to the way they were. Ben guesses they hardly ever do. Rafe tells Ben that he's really sorry. Ben thanks Rafe and they hug. Rafe offers him a ride back home but Ben says he has Ciara's motorcycle and he will take off in a little while. Rafe wishes Ben luck, encouraging that he will figure it out. Rafe then exits the cabin. Ben sits back down with the divorce papers.

Justin finds Bonnie outside and apologizes for not telling her the truth from the start and says he never should've agreed to this dinner, knowing that Steve didn't really want to be there. Bonnie cries that she's so hard of twisting herself to try to get Steve to like her when he just wants her to go away. Justin doesn't care what Steve wants as he does not want Bonnie to go away. Bonnie points out that they are his family. Justin says that Bonnie is his family too. Justin talks about when he first met Adrienne in the park and she was sitting on a bench crying like Bonnie is. Justin doesn't want Bonnie to be Adrienne or anyone but herself. Justin calls her perfect just the way she is.

Chanel admits she was a little afraid of Paulina finding out about her and Allie kissing. Paulina asks why since she's very forward thinking. Chanel explains that she didn't think Paulina would care about the kiss, but that she's going in to business with the person she kissed since Paulina always tells her not to mix business with pleasure. Abe thinks back to Paulina telling him that she's a firm believer in mixing business with pleasure, so he laughs and questions if that's what Paulina says. Roman comes back with their food to go. Abe asks Roman for a rain check on a beer. Abe then offers to walk Paulina home, which she accepts.

Tripp tells Ava about how he and Allie were kissing and then she suddenly pulled away because she was having flashbacks to Charlie attacking her. Ava feels guilt over how she treated Charlie and calls it the biggest regret of her life. Ava says now Charlie is gone and Allie will probably never recover from what happened to her. Tripp disagrees and says Allie will never forget it, but she will recover. Tripp talks about Allie having her son Henry now and the other positive to come out of all this was Rafe moving her in for protection. Tripp asks if things are going well between them. Ava responds that she's never had anything like this in her life. Ava says she loved Steve but most of their relationship was not healthy. Tripp asks if she's being realistic about Rafe. Ava assures that she's not obsessing over him like she did with Steve. Ava tells Tripp that when Rafe comes home from work, it's the best part of her day. Rafe then comes home and greets them.

Claire goes to see Ben at the cabin. Claire mentions that Rafe told Shawn that he was still up here. Claire asks how Ben is doing. Ben feels he should be asking her that. Claire responds that she's fine thanks to him. Ben says it was dumb luck that he showed up when he did. Claire tells Ben that she's so grateful for what he did and she's worried about him. Ben asks if that's why she came. Claire says she was also getting the vibe that her parents needed time alone. Ben is sure the last few days haven't been easy on them either. Claire asks about the divorce papers. Ben says everyone he talks to has been telling him one thing, but his heart is telling him another.

Belle tells Shawn that they have been dealing with Jan Spears since they were teenagers. Shawn tells her that it's over as Claire is safe, Charlie's killer has been caught, and Belle is off the hook. Shawn points out that they are now home alone so they start kissing. Shawn tells her that he loves her and he's sorry if he doesn't say it enough.

Justin tells Bonnie that Adrienne was one of a kind but she is too. Justin assures that Bonnie is family to him. Justin talks about how she offers comfort and companionship and listens to him. Justin states that Bonnie takes care of him in ways she doesn't even realize. Bonnie assures it's no burden and she enjoys it. Justin then tells Bonnie that he loves her.

Tripp tells Ava that it was good to see her as he then exits. Ava asks Rafe about his day. Rafe informs her that he got a tip to head to the cabin where Claire was held hostage yesterday and found Ben there. Rafe says Ciara sent Ben divorce papers and he didn't know what to do. Rafe mentions that it reminded him of his experience with that. Ava recalls how upset Rafe was when he got the call that Hope wasn't coming home. Ava knows Hope means a lot to him. Rafe responds that she did.

Ben tells Claire that he had a long talk with Rafe, who told him that he has to respect Ciara's wishes and whether or not he's ready to sign the papers, if she wants their marriage to be over, he has to accept that. Claire asks if that means he's going to sign them.

Chanel and Allie walk through the town square together. Chanel thanks her for hanging around as she appreciated the moral support. Allie says she's happy to help. Chanel tells her that she's sorry that Paulina thought they were a couple. Allie says it's cool but jokes that it's a little weird that her grandpa knows they kissed. Chanel says he handled it well. Allie can't imagine what he's thinking. Chanel apologizes but Allie says it's fine as she doesn't mind if people think they are together.

Abe walks Paulina home and says it was quite an evening. Abe brings up Paulina and Chanel having their ups and downs. Abe talks about going through the same with Theo, but it gets better. Abe tells Paulina that tonight, he saw a mother and daughter who truly love each other. Paulina responds that they do, even when they hate each other. Abe thinks if Paulina can help Chanel start her business in the town square, it will be a great experience for both of them. Paulina points out that the neighbors wouldn't appreciate them standing in the hall talking. Paulina thanks Abe for walking her home. Abe says it was his pleasure and then kisses Paulina.

Bonnie asks Justin to say it again so Justin repeats that he loves her. Bonnie can't believe it but Justin assures that it's real. Justin jokes that it's the first time he's seen her at a loss for words. Bonnie tells Justin that she loves him too as they kiss.

Abe jokes with Paulina about not mixing business with pleasure. Paulina says she never said she practices what she preaches. Paulina then invites Abe in for a night cap, which he accepts, so she brings him inside.

Tripp finds Allie and Chanel in the town square and greets them. Allie thought he was at work. Tripp says he was for two seconds. Allie says that's good since she was on her way to the hospital to bring him a slice of pie since they didn't get to order dessert. Chanel says she will leave them to it but Allie says she has to get home to Henry. Tripp says he will text her and thanks her for the pie. Allie says goodbye to them, kisses Tripp on the cheek, and walks away. Chanel leaves and Tripp is left looking uncertain.

Ava points out that she said she knows how much Hope means to Rafe, while Rafe said that she did in past tense. Ava asks if he did that on purpose. Rafe says not long ago, he thought he and Hope would never be past tense but that changed, because of Ava. Rafe says he loves his job but the best part of his day is coming home to Ava. Rafe and Ava then kiss and head to the bedroom.

Shawn and Belle continue kissing on the couch and begin to undress. Belle suggests taking it to the bedroom, so they do.

Ben tells Claire that someday, it might truly be over for he and Ciara, it just won't be today. Ben declares that he's not done fighting for her as he picks up a lighter and lights the divorce papers on fire.

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