Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/16/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/16/21


Written By Joseph

Steve is in Kayla's office at the hospital and calls Justin, who is at the Kiriakis Mansion. Steve tells him that he's calling about their dinner tonight. Justin mentions that Bonnie is getting ready as they speak and he made the reservation for 7 PM. Steve informs Justin that he's in Kayla's office to pick her up but she's not there, so he thinks they should put the dinner off. Kayla then walks in and tells Steve that she's right there and ready to go, which Justin overhears. Steve guesses they are on for tonight then. Justin points out that Steve wanted to cancel again, believing that he just can't bring himself to try to get to know Bonnie better. Bonnie listens in behind Justin. Justin tells Steve to just admit that he's already made up his mind about Bonnie and that nothing she can do or say will change that Steve can't stand her.

Roman finds Abe staring at Tom and Alice's plaque in the town square. Abe informs Roman that he was just thinking about Paulina Price.

Paulina and Chanel eat the pie they made together. Paulina praises the pie as a ten. Chanel points out that they did it together. Paulina notes that they used to make it every Thanksgiving. Chanel notes that they haven't spent the holidays together in years and now they haven't stopped fighting since they saw each other in Salem. Chanel says today was different as there was no drama or stress, just her and her mom. Chanel says it felt great which Paulina agrees with.

Philip pushes Chloe in a wheelchair at the hospital. Chloe thanks Philip for putting her up while she recovers. Philip assures that he will make sure she has everything she needs. They come across Shawn at the hospital. Chloe asks what he's doing here. Shawn states that Belle wanted to see Jan in her coma, to make sure that she won't be able to hurt anyone ever again.

Belle enters Jan's hospital room, where she lies in a coma.

Roman comments that Paulina must be quite a woman and asks Abe what the connection is. Abe explains that Paulina is Lani's aunt and she came to meet the twins, then decided to stay. Abe adds that Paulina is a premiere real estate developer and is spearheading the transformation of the town square. Roman calls the indoor marketplace a great idea. Abe explains that Paulina noticed the lack of diversity and that they needed more so she's making it happen. Roman says it's about time. Abe talks about Paulina's passion and praises her. Roman jokes that Abe sounds a little smitten.

Chanel asks Paulina if she accepts her apology for being a hot mess since getting to Salem. Paulina says saying sorry is start but it's her actions that count. Chanel talks about being serious about her bakery and wanting to turn her life around. Chanel assures that she would never do anything like extort her again. Chanel wants to be like Paulina and change people's lives, like Paulina is doing with the town square. Paulina believes Chanel's bakery will be a success. Chanel talks about how much it means for Paulina to be proud of her. Chanel calls her an amazing business person and an amazing woman. Chanel comments that Paulina could have used this to maximize her profit but instead she's using it to help other people. Paulina thinks back to remarking to herself that she lied to Marlena about what she really has planned for the town square. Paulina stops Chanel and tells her that she really feels guilty about something, so she needs to tell her just what it is.

Belle states that she knows Jan hates her and always has because of her twisted obsession with Shawn. Belle talks about how Jan tried to frame her for murder. Belle adds that Charlie was a terrible person but Jan hardly knew him and murdered him in cold blood, just to send her to prison. Belle says even after she plead guilty, Jan still went after her daughter, who she said was her friend. Belle brings up how Jan almost executed Chloe. Belle declares that Jan failed because Claire and Chloe are safe, and she's free so she and Shawn will live their life in bliss. Belle adds that she will make sure Jan does not get a pass for everything she did. Belle then looks at the plug of Jan's ventilator.

Roman senses romantic possibilities between Abe and Paulina so he asks Abe if they have gone there yet. Abe admits they've been close a few times, but he's not sure it's a good idea. Roman asks if he doesn't want to mix business and pleasure. Abe doesn't think Paulina would have a problem with it, but he's old fashioned and hesitant because Paulina is Tamara's younger sister. Roman points out that Abe and Tamara have been over for years so he doesn't think that should get in the way of Abe being involved with Paulina if there's a connection. Roman encourages Abe to go for it.

Chanel asks what Paulina feels guilty about. Paulina claims it's just having dessert before dinner. Paulina wants to take her out to eat to make up for it. Chanel says she doesn't have to, but Paulina insists so they exit together.

Steve tells Justin that he just thought Kayla might be working late but Justin doesn't believe him. Kayla takes the phone from Steve and tells Justin that it turns out she's not working late, so they will be at Julie's Place on time and she's looking forward to it. Kayla hangs up and asks Steve what that was about. Steve admits he was trying to get out of the dinner. Steve knows it wasn't very good to cancel at the last minute but he figured they'd be okay having dinner on their own. Kayla argues that he knows damn well how hurtful this is to Justin that he won't even attempt to accept Bonnie being an important person in his life. Steve doesn't like having to be friendly with someone who made a mess of his sister's life and he doesn't understand what Justin sees in her. Kayla calls relationships complicated but Bonnie makes Justin happy. Kayla and Steve then exit to go to the dinner.

Bonnie greets Justin after he gets off the phone. Justin tells her that she looks beautiful and that they are all set for dinner. Justin asks if she's ready to go. Bonnie mentions being nervous since it didn't go too well last time they saw Steve and Kayla. Justin assures that everything is going to be fine and that they are going to get to know her better and start to see her how he does. Bonnie says she just needs a little time to prep so he can go ahead. Justin offers to wait but Bonnie doesn't want to make him late. Bonnie promises she won't be long and says she'll see him in a few. Justin says okay if she's sure, kisses her, and then exits.

Belle declares that Jan is not going to get to sleep her way out of getting punished this time. Belle tells Jan no more tricks and that she's done torturing her family or terrorizing her friends. Belle states that it's over and it ends now. Belle then unplugs Jan's ventilator.

Allie and Tripp eat together at the Brady Pub, talking about dessert. Tripp asks her about the bakery. Allie talks about being excited to go in to business with her friend and change the town square for the better. Chanel and Paulina then arrive. Chanel goes to introduce Paulina but Paulina says she knows exactly who this is.

Justin goes to Julie's Place and tells Kayla and Steve that Bonnie will be there in a few minutes as she was still getting ready when he left. Justin apologizes to Steve for being harsh on the phone. Steve acknowledges that it was wrong of him to try and cancel at the last minute. Kayla informs Justin that they have decided to try with Bonnie because they know how much Justin cares about her. Bonnie arrives, having changed out of the fancy dress that she was in. Bonnie joins them and tells Steve and Kayla that it's good to see them and that she hopes they can make this a regular occurrence.

Shawn finds Belle in Jan's hospital room and questions what's going on. Shawn plugs Jan's ventilator back in and asks Belle if she pulled the plug. Philip then walks in to the room with Chloe. A nurse comes in to ask what happened. Belle claims it was nothing and that it just started beeping. Shawn asks if Jan is okay. The nurse checks and says she seems okay with no changes in her condition, so the nurse then exits. Shawn asks Belle again what happened and if she intentionally unplugged Jan's ventilator. Philip asks who cares, arguing that Jan deserved it and reminding Shawn that she almost killed his daughter. Shawn tells Philip to shut up and asks Belle if she realizes how much trouble she could get in to. Belle tells him to relax because she wasn't trying to kill Jan, but she did unplug it on purpose to prove that she's faking it.

Justin suggests starting with drinks and asks if Bonnie wants her usual kamikaze but Bonnie instead orders a white wine. Bonnie looks at the menu but Steve stops her and questions if she's trying to impersonate his sister. Steve accuses Bonnie of dressing like Adrienne, sounding like Adrienne, and ordering white wine like Adrienne. Justin reminds Steve that Adrienne was his wife and the mother of his children, so for Steve to go on like this is insulting and hurting to Bonnie and him too. Steve asks if he's supposed to just ignore that Bonnie has decided to channel Adrienne and asks if they are supposed to find it comforting or funny. Steve questions if Bonnie thinks her ridiculous imitation will endear her to them. Steve tells Bonnie to just be herself because the pathetic Adrienne act is unbearable.

Roman brings up Valerie being the last person that Abe was seriously involved with and says that was awhile ago, so he thinks it's time for Abe to get back out there. Roman doesn't want Abe to blow his chance like he did with Kate a few months ago when Kate made it clear that she was with Jake. Roman says he made it clear that Jake was not the right fit for Kate and Kate just told him that he had a special place in her heart. Roman declares that his door is closed but he's thinking Abe's door is open. Roman encourages Abe to go through the door to find happiness.

Paulina says of course she knows who this is and remembers Tripp from when Chanel tried to stick him and Claire with the champagne bill. Tripp greets her as Chanel talks about how Paulina had cut off all her credit cards. Chanel adds that she and Tripp are cool now which Tripp confirms. Chanel clarifies that Tripp was not who she was going to introduce her to. Chanel then introduces Paulina to Allie and says there is something very important about them that she needs to know. Chanel explains that Allie is who she was telling Paulina about earlier as she is going to be working with her at the bakery. Allie tells Paulina that it's very nice to meet her. Paulina questions what qualifies Allie to be part of the project. Chanel assures that Allie's family's donut recipe will put the bakery on the map. Paulina argues that her pie recipe could do that and thinks Chanel's first hire should be someone of color. Chanel declares that as the owner, she can hire whoever she wants and she wants Allie. Allie tells Paulina that she had a lot of the same reservations so if Chanel wants to hire someone else, she will step aside. Allie adds that she is grateful to have the job as she is a single mother and she's been relying on friends and family but she's determined to stand on her own to make a good example for her son. Allie tells Paulina that she supports everything she's doing for Salem and she's honored to be part of it. Allie talks about the town square being named for her family and she knows Tom and Alice are looking down proud of all the work she's doing. Allie comments that she can see from Paulina where Chanel gets her sense of style. Paulina then decides she likes her.

Belle complains that Jan has been in a coma three times and she believes this is an act, pointing out that the doctors didn't know last time. Shawn assures that they won't get fooled again. Shawn adds that he insisted Kayla examine Jan herself and she agrees that the coma is real.

Bonnie agrees to be herself and tells Steve that she feels like a damn fool. Bonnie admits she tried to be like Adrienne so that maybe he'd like her more. Bonnie talks about how much she was looking forward to this night so she could make a good impression on them for Justin. Kayla says she's sorry but Bonnie says she's a fool for thinking that Steve might respect her more if she was more like Adrienne. Bonnie declares that she's sick and tired of trying to prove to them that she's worthy of Justin, especially because she knows she's not. Bonnie says they can agree that Justin deserves better than her.

Belle tells Shawn that she was so sure that Jan was faking it and she was just trying to protect Claire and everyone she cares about. Belle admits that she lost control. Shawn tells her that everything is okay now and she doesn't have to be scared of Jan because she's not going to hurt them ever again. Belle points out that they've said that so many times before. Chloe points out that this time it's true because if Jan ever comes out of the coma, she and Claire will testify that Jan confessed to murder then Jan will be locked up for good. Belle is so sorry for everything that happened to Chloe. Chloe says she's okay now because of Philip and she will be too. Philip decides it's time to go home. Chloe tells Belle to let her know if she needs anything. Philip then takes Chloe out of the room. Shawn asks Belle if they are finally ready to put Jan Spears behind them.

Chanel asks if Tripp is in the baking business as well. Tripp responds that he's actually a med student. Paulina is impressed and remarks that's the type of guy that Chanel should be dating. Abe and Roman then enter the Pub so Paulina goes to greet Abe. Abe calls it a very lovely surprise. Abe introduces Paulina to Roman. Roman mentions reading about her in the paper. Paulina asks if Roman is the owner of the Pub, which he confirms. Paulina says she and Chanel like it already. Roman goes to get some of their famous chowder on the house. Paulina then asks Abe to join her and Chanel for dinner, which he agrees to. Chanel praises Allie for how she was with Paulina and assures there is no way she would let her go from the bakery. Tripp then gets a call from Dr. Snyder and says he's on his way. Allie tells Tripp that she will pay for the food as she's going to have a job soon so Tripp says goodbye and exits. Chanel sits with Allie and asks how things are going with Tripp. Allie says they are good as they are getting to know each other better and he's sweet and funny. Chanel tells Allie that she's happy for her. Allie asks if she really is.

Justin tells Bonnie that he feels damn lucky to have her in his life. Bonnie says not when Steve and Kayla act like she's the worst thing that ever happen to him. Steve and Kayla assure they don't think that. Steve apologizes for upsetting her. Bonnie says she's used to. Justin complains that tonight was supposed to be a fun evening of getting to know each other better. Justin remarks that he has gotten to know Steve better, because he didn't think he was capable of humiliating someone who was trying to be friendly and kind, but Steve proved him wrong tonight. Steve responds that he wasn't trying to humiliate anyone. Steve says that watching Bonnie trying to be like his deceased sister is painful for him. Justin says he can understand that because she was his wife, so he also feels pain. Justin adds that Bonnie wouldn't have to resort to that if she thought he would like her for just who she is. Bonnie realizes she never should've come tonight and she knows Steve wishes that this night never would've happened. Bonnie adds that she knows for a fact that Steve didn't want to come tonight. Kayla assures that she definitely wanted to come and was really looking forward to it. Bonnie points out that Steve wasn't since she overheard Justin on the phone trying to stop him from canceling. Steve points out that he didn't cancel. Bonnie argues that he's only here to not hurt Justin's feelings. Bonnie says when she suggested this double date so long ago, they said they would do it the next week, but Steve and Kayla put it off for three months. Bonnie remarks that now she wishes they put it off forever.

Chanel assures Allie that she's genuinely happy for her. Allie is excited too but worries that Paulina is not okay with her hiring her. Allie asks if she's really okay with it. Chanel assures that Paulina says whatever she thinks. Allie jokes about Paulina saying that Tripp is the kind of guy Chanel should be dating. Chanel jokes that Paulina does not hold back. Chanel then wonders how Paulina would react if she ever found out that she and Allie kissed, right as Paulina and Abe come over to the table.

Belle hugs Shawn and says she's been ready for decades. Shawn calls this the official end of any connection between them and Jan Spears. Shawn wants to take her home to celebrate. Belle agrees they have a lot to be thankful for. Shawn notes that Claire is safe, Chloe is on her way home, and Belle is clear. Belle declares that they are together and nothing will ever tear them apart. Shawn states that once they walk out this door, Jan Spears no longer exists. Shawn and Belle then exit the hospital room. After they leave, Jan begins to move her fingers.

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