Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/15/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/15/21


Written By Joseph

Jake goes to Gabi's room. Gabi greets him with a kiss and asks how Kate took hearing that they are over, and that Jake is with her now. Jake hesitates so Gabi guesses it must have been bad. Jake admits it was harder than he thought. Gabi says she feels bad but insists it's the right thing to do. Jake then reveals to Gabi that he did not tell Kate the truth.

Kate fixes her makeup and comments to herself that it's not bad for a blind woman. Kate declares that Jake and Gabi are just going to have to realize that they are not going to be together on her watch, right as Chad then appears in the doorway. Chad questions what she's doing. Kate pretends to be blind and asks if it's Chad. Chad asks if she recognized his voice. Kate claims she's so glad he's there as she's trying to put on her makeup but it's not going well. Chad responds that it looks remarkably good considering the circumstances. Kate remarks that she's sure it's terrible since she can't see anything. Chad questions her having a mirror if she can't see anything.

Lucas questions Sami going back to Italy with EJ. Sami thinks it is what's best for everyone. Sami says they just need to forget about what happened between them and move on with their lives, which Lucas questions. Sami guesses now they just need to say their goodbyes but Lucas disagrees.

EJ sits down in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. EJ declares that it's been a long time, but as Stefano always said, it's good to be back. Tony then walks in, surprised to see EJ. They hug as Tony asks why he didn't tell him that he was coming home. Tony pours drinks and they toast to being alive and to EJ being home. EJ says it's wonderful to be back but informs Tony that he won't be there long, as he's only here to reclaim his wife.

Lucas wants to talk Sami out of making the biggest mistake of her life. Sami argues that it's not a mistake as EJ is her husband and it's the right thing to do. Sami brings up her wedding vows. Lucas argues that EJ didn't stand by her or live up to his end of the vows. Sami argues that EJ was in a lot of pain. Lucas feels that EJ still treats Sami like his property instead of the beautiful woman who helped save his life. Sami disagrees. Lucas brings up EJ saying he came to take Sami back where she belongs. Lucas argues that EJ just came back for Sami because he didn't have his servants and talks about how Sami came back to help protect Allie. Lucas adds that EJ wasn't there for Sami then and only wants to take her back to her sham of a marriage. Lucas complains about how Sami cried to him about how horrible EJ treated her. Sami says to look how that turned out while Lucas points out that they made love.

Nicole tells Xander to get out of the Basic Black office before someone sees him and starts to rush him to the door, but Brady arrives and questions what's going on here. Xander responds that he's joined the team. Brady says it looks like Nicole is throwing him out. Xander claims that Nicole is just kidding. Brady asks what is going on as he doesn't want Xander anywhere near the office. Nicole says she was trying to get him out so that she and Brady could talk privately about hiring Xander. Brady reminds Nicole that they talked about it and there's no way that is happening, so she can continue throwing Xander out. Brady questions if Nicole really wants Xander to work here. Nicole responds that she thinks they should keep him around.

Sami argues with Lucas that them making love was a mistake. Lucas points out that they then did it again. Sami tells him to stop throwing that in her face. Sami shouts that she is married to EJ, he is her husband, and she loves him. Lucas argues that EJ doesn't show her any kind of love at all. Sami tells him that EJ said he wants to change all of that. Sami asks Lucas to stop making this harder than it already is. Sami acknowledges that she and Lucas are connected and always will be, so those feelings are always going to be there and this time, they just took over. Sami assures Lucas that she cares about him, but this has to end now. Sami asks Lucas to accept that but Lucas says no way in hell.

Tony asks if he can convince EJ to stay for awhile. EJ asks why he should. Tony points out his family and asks if he's comfortable leaving the family the way things are. EJ guesses that means Tony is not comfortable with the way things are. Tony admits things are rather chaotic with Chad stepping away from the company and Kristen being on sabbatical. Tony reminds EJ that they now have another brother in Jake that they didn't previously know about. Tony complains about Jake just being a garage mechanic and says he doesn't have that killer DiMera instinct to run the company. EJ remarks that Jake wouldn't be CEO if Mr. Shin didn't approve. EJ then realizes Jake just might be what Mr. Shin needs, so that he can take complete control of the company. EJ then questions why the hell Chad stepped away.

Chad questions Kate about her mirror and if she's trying to pull a fast one. Kate then admits to him that she is pretending to be blind. Chad says he's in no position to judge but asks why she's doing it and if it has something to do with Jake.

Gabi questions Jake not telling Kate. Jake says that once he told her about them being in bed together, Kate forgave him. Gabi can't believe it and argues that Kate never forgives and she hates her. Jake explains that Kate claimed she understood. Gabi reminds Jake that he said he wants to be with her, so she questions why he didn't tell Kate the truth.

Brady questions why Nicole would want to keep Xander around. Brady reminds her that if Xander works here, she's going to have to look at him and listen to him. Xander points out that he's standing right there. Brady says not for long. Nicole tells Brady that before Xander left Titan, he read Gabi's proposal for Gabi Chic so he has inside information on the competition. Brady doesn't care and reminds her of what Xander has done. Brady asks how Eric would react to this. Xander calls that a really good question.

Jake tells Gabi that he started to tell Kate the truth but she's scared and vulnerable. Gabi argues that Kate is playing him and guilting him. Jake asks what kind of person he would be if he dumped Kate while she's down. Gabi tells Jake to go stand by Kate then. Jake stops her and asks what it will take to get it through her head, that he wants her and not Kate. Jake and Gabi then start kissing.

Tony tries to tell EJ that Chad stepped away from DiMera Enterprises to spend more time with his family but EJ reveals that he knows Chad screwed around and got caught. Tony brings up Gwen's story being on the front page of the Intruder. EJ asks if Chad and Abigail are getting divorced. Tony tells him that they are trying to keep things together and Chad is doing all he can to get Abigail to forgive him. EJ remarks that Chad has a lot of groveling ahead of him. Tony notes that EJ speaks from experience. EJ says not to remind him because his affair with Abigail almost cost him the love of his life. Tony asks if everything is okay now. EJ says of course. Tony asks why EJ had to appear in person unannounced then, to take Sami back to Italy.

Lucas tells Sami that he doesn't accept it or understand why she has to go back to EJ just because he snapped his fingers. Sami says it's time for her to go home. Lucas questions what kind of home she's going to and calls EJ an entitled jerk. Sami argues that he's not like that. Lucas reminds Sami that she told him that he was after they made love. Lucas insists that they made love because they wanted each other, needed each other, and they love one another. Sami asks Lucas again to not make this harder than it already is. Lucas tells her that he meant everything he said and he knows he's right about EJ, so when it hits the fan, she knows where to find him. Lucas says goodbye to Sami and heads for the door. Sami stops him and thanks him for everything. Lucas then goes back, grabs Sami, and kisses her. Marlena then comes home and walks in to see Sami and Lucas kissing. Marlena apologizes and says she'll go. Sami stops her and says they were just saying goodbye. Lucas agrees that he should go and tells Sami to have a safe trip back home as he then exits the house. Sami then informs Marlena that she's going home to Italy today. Marlena responds that she's sure EJ will be happy to see her again. Sami then reveals that he already has, as EJ is here in Salem.

EJ informs Tony that he needed to come here to tell Sami and show her that if she did come back, it wouldn't be to the same house she left. EJ talks about how the fire and his burns changed him and intensified the dark side of his personality. EJ acknowledges that Sami did everything to take care of him while he was a black hole of despair and took it out on her. EJ worries that he almost put out Sami's fire but when Allie needed her, the fire came back and she became herself again which made him realize what he was doing to her and what he had become. Tony asks if Sami is going to come home. EJ confirms that she is packing up now. Tony guesses he opened his heart. EJ informs him that he apologized because he needed to. Tony knows EJ doesn't like apologizing and guesses that like a true DiMera, he did everything he could to get exactly what he wants.

After having sex, Jake asks Gabi if now she believes that she is the one he wants. Gabi responds that it's not that she doesn't believe him. Gabi knows that he's trying to do what is right by Kate while she recovers, but she thinks what's right is telling her the truth. Jake says that he would if he thought she was strong enough to handle it but he feels like he'd be kicking Kate while she's down.

Kate asks Chad why he's here. Chad talks about when Kate came out of the coma with amnesia and blindness, he thought that may be possible, but when Jake told him that she forgave him, then he thought something was fishy. Chad tells Kate that he's on her side and he's always respected how tough she is. Chad suggests that Kate just drop it but she refuses. Chad argues that Kate doesn't grovel to get a man that doesn't want her and asks why she wants a man like that anyways. Kate clarifies that she doesn't want Jake back, she wants to punish him and Gabi.

Brady tells Xander that he needs to talk to Nicole in private. Xander tells Nicole that he is so looking forward to their collaboration as he exits the office. Brady asks Nicole if this is about Eric since he knows she's upset because Eric keeps not coming home. Nicole claims she's not upset but Brady knows she is and that she has every right to be. Brady points out that hiring Xander is a decision that would make Eric very mad. Nicole questions him thinking she's doing this to get back at Eric. Brady thinks if she brings Xander in to their work place, it might be the thing that finally brings Eric home. Brady can't fathom why she would want Xander working here. Nicole reminds Brady of when he wanted to go after Victor and blow up Titan from the inside. Nicole says Brady left her high and dry but then he needed his job back, so she didn't hold it against him or turn him down. Brady guesses she's been waiting a long time to play that card. Brady acknowledges that he made a mistake leaving and he was angry at the time, so he wasn't thinking which is what he thinks she is doing now. Brady acknowledges that Nicole took him back so he admits that he owes her one. Xander then returns and asks if they made any big decisions. Brady can't believe these words are going to come out of his mouth, but apparently Xander is hired.

Sami tells Marlena that she has to go pack. Marlena feels Sami is leaving as unexpectedly as she arrived. Sami says she's sorry about that as she knows it's out of the blue and it's not fair to her after everything Marlena's done for her. Marlena says it's not about her but it seems like EJ swept in and asked her to get home immediately. Sami assures it's something that she feels she has to do. Sami adds that she and EJ need time together alone. Marlena says she's not trying to interfere. Sami knows Marlena is looking out for her and that she knows about the problems they've been having but EJ came out and said he wants to work on their problems, so she can't say no to that. Marlena feels like it's an emotional ultimatum, like EJ is making a demand of her.

EJ questions Tony not taking over the business since he's the eldest. Tony says that he's happy to help out here and there, but Anna has made it clear that they are so much happier without him having to take the reins. EJ mocks the idea of Anna telling him how to feel, but Tony assures it's true that he's never been happier and he doesn't have to worry about the job 24/7, so he doesn't want the job. EJ asks what if Jake ends up destroying their father's legacy. Tony says if that's the way EJ sees it, then maybe he should be the one to take over.

Jake knows it's a lot to ask but assures Gabi that it won't be long, just until Kate gets back on her feet and he can find the best way to let her down easy. Jake asks if Gabi can live with that. Gabi admits she's not happy about it but doing the right thing is part of what makes Jake who he is. Gabi knows he'll be spending time with Kate, but it's not like they can't see each other on the side since Kate can't see them. Jake informs her that it might be a problem.

Xander thanks Brady for the warm welcome and remarks that they will all be one big happy family. Brady thinks that Xander will screw up and he'll have to kick his ass out eventually, but until then, Nicole can deal with him. Brady says he has to get some air and walks out. Xander tells Nicole not to worry as he will win over Brady, like he did with her. Nicole corrects that he blackmailed her. Xander calls it a new journey and says she will find out that he's a fantastic partner in the board room as well as the bedroom. Nicole then punches Xander in the stomach and warns that if he touches her again, the punch will be six inches lower.

Sami packs her bags and asks Marlena to say goodbye to John for her and hopes that she comes to visit her in Italy in the fall. Sami then realizes that Marlena is not done. Marlena tells Sami that she studies human behavior for a living and she's been trying to process what she walked in on with her and Lucas. Sami claims that they were just saying goodbye. Marlena asks Sami if she agreed to go to Italy to be with EJ or to get away from Lucas?

EJ questions Tony thinking he should run the company again. Tony thinks it's a logical choice. EJ says he's in a similar situation as Chad where he needs to focus on his marriage. Tony remembers EJ and Sami being their happiest when they were here with their family and friends. Tony wants EJ back at DiMera Enterprises to make lots of money with less headaches. Tony then asks EJ if he cares to make this trip a permanent arrangement.

Chad asks Kate how long she plans to keep this up. Kate says as long as it's fun. Chad questions her doctors not telling the difference between blind and not blind. Kate reveals that her doctor knows she's faking it. Chad questions why he's going along with it. Kate explains that he had complains against him so the board wanted to get rid of him. Kate adds that she warned him to keep his mouth shut or she would make sure the board did get rid of him. Kate calls Chad a big problem and asks if he's going to help her or not.

Gabi questions Jake as to why there would be a problem with them meeting in person since it's a big house and Kate won't see them. Jake tells her that it's Chad, who made it clear that he wants him to stand by Kate. Gabi asks why Chad has a say in this. Jake says that it's because Chad is right that if he leaves Kate now, then he's just the bum that everyone thinks he is.

Chad tells Kate that he's a DiMera, so he doesn't rat out his friends. Chad tells Kate to go ahead and have her fun. Kate notes that Chad doesn't have much concern for her victims. Chad talks about what Gabi did to Abigail. Kate asks what about Jake. Chad says it will teach him that underestimating Kate is a mistake. Kate asks if she can trust him. Chad asks if she doesn't believe him. Kate wants Chad to look her in the eyes and shake hands on it, so he does. Chad promises not to say a word.

Sami asks Marlena why she would be getting away from Lucas. Marlena suggests it's to let things cool down a bit. Sami tells Marlena that she's imagining things. Marlena asks what Kristen has on Sami and Lucas and why Lucas faked a brain tumor. There's a knock at the door so Sami tells Marlena that's EJ, her husband and the man she's going home with. Marlena says she understands so Sami answers the door and greets EJ with a kiss. Sami asks EJ how it was with the DiMeras. EJ says that he only spoke to Tony. EJ then comes in and greets Marlena. Marlena comments on how brief it is to see him since they are going back to Italy right away.

Tony says to himself that he didn't tell EJ anything he didn't already know about the family but he poured out about his marriage. Tony turns to the portrait of Stefano and declares that he thinks they may once again have the EJ of old that they knew and loved.

Sami tells EJ that she was just telling Marlena that they are on their way home. EJ responds that they are, but not to Italy. EJ then reveals there's been a change of plans and they are staying here in Salem.

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