Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/14/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/14/21


Written By Joseph

Brady brings Chloe tulips in her hospital room. Chloe can't believe he remembered her favorite flower. Brady responds that he knows Chloe better than anyone, right as Philip arrives, also bringing Chloe tulips.

Chad is at home on the phone, talking about Kate coming home from the hospital soon and he wants to make her as comfortable as possible. Gabi walks in and listens as Chad finishes the call, mentioning that Jake has spending most of his time with Kate. Gabi remarks that it's very sweet that he's looking out for Kate, but he's wrong about Jake's role in her life. Chad says he knew Gabi was desperate and accuses her of holding out hope that Jake is coming back to her. Gabi then reveals to Chad that she and Jake are back together and they don't care what anyone else has to say about it.

Kate sits in her hospital room and complains about the door being left open. Kate wants to close it but decides she better not take the chance. Kate grabs her tablet and begins reading about Kristen still being at large but that the police are on the case for Kristen kidnapping Kate. Kate remarks that will give her the time to focus on sticking it to Jake and Gabi. Jake then arrives in the doorway.

Sami and Lucas are interrupted by a knock at the door. Lucas suggests it's probably Rafe again like last time. Sami goes to answer it and is shocked to see it is EJ DiMera (now played by Dan Feuerriegel) at the door, having returned to Salem. EJ smiles upon seeing Sami, but after seeing Lucas inside, questions if they were in the middle of something.

Jake questions Kate having her tablet. Kate says that Lucas brought it by so she could listen to a podcast about the challenges of being blind. Kate claims her first challenge is trying to figure out how to use it and asks Jake to help her, which he agrees to do. Jake calls her one of the strongest people he knows and encourages that she will make it through this. Jake adds that there is something he needs to talk to her about. Kate hopes it doesn't take a lot of energy because she's tired. Jake says he will do all the talking but it can't wait. Kate notes that it sounds important. Jake says it has to do with the gap in her memory. Jake tells Kate that before Kristen knocked her out, she saw something that made her very upset. Kate questions what that was. Jake reveals that Kate walked in on him with someone else in bed together.

Sami invites EJ in. EJ comments on it being the first time Sami is speechless and asks about Lucas. Lucas tells EJ that he's looking well. EJ tells him the same and asks if Sami needs to sit down. Sami says she's okay, just shocked, as she didn't expect him. EJ responds that it's amazing what one can accomplish with the proper motivation. Sami asks what that motivation is. EJ turns to Lucas and states that he's beginning to understand some swine was trying to come between he and his wife, so it seemed the proper time to come take her home with him.

Xander goes to the Basic Black office. Nicole walks in and questions what the hell he's doing here. Xander responds that he's working. Nicole reminds him that he doesn't work here and never will.

Chloe jokes that her room looks like a flower shop and she thinks it's sweet that Brady and Philip got her the same flowers. Philip points out that Brady's bouquet is smaller. Chloe brings up that she gets to go home today. Philip asks what time. Brady declares that Chloe is going home with him because she took care of him when he was shot, so it's the least he can do. Philip argues that taking care of Brady is what landed her in the hospital. Brady adds that John and Marlena are offering their home so he can wait on her until her arm is ready to go. Philip calls it one of the worst ideas he's ever heard in his life.

Lucas tells EJ that they are all adults here so they don't have to resort to name calling. EJ clarifies that the swine he was referring to was Charlie Dale and questions why Lucas would be defending the man who raped his daughter. Lucas argues that EJ brought Charlie up and questions Charlie coming between he and Sami. EJ explains that Sami left him in Rome to fly here to confront Charlie and ended up confessing to his murder to shield Allie from prosecution. EJ asks how Allie is. Sami says she's doing really well. EJ is sure Lucas and Sami's support meant the world to her. EJ remarks that it must have been hard not to fall in to their old patterns though, which they question. EJ brings up that they couldn't be left in the same room without sparks flying. Sami laughs it off as they were younger then and claims they were able to put their differences aside to be a united front for Allie. EJ tells Lucas that he knows they haven't always gotten along, but he's grateful that Lucas helped Sami through this trying time. Lucas assures that he didn't mind because Allie is his daughter, but someone had to be here for Sami, so he questions why the hell it wasn't EJ.

Chad questions Gabi not thinking it's wrong for Jake to dump Kate when she needs him the most. Gabi argues that Kate is going to have to face the truth eventually. Chad asks if Gabi doesn't care that Kate almost died or that she may never see again. Gabi says she feels bad about what happened but declares that she is happy so she won't let Kate's condition ruin her happiness. Chad argues that Gabi doesn't care who she hurts, as long as she gets what she wants.

Jake tells Kate that he didn't just go running to Gabi when she disappeared. Jake explains that Kristen kidnapped Kate right before their trip, so as far as he knew, she was just gone and he eventually got a text that something came up and that was it. Jake says he went nuts trying to find her and then she called him to meet her at the Pub. Jake says he was relieved but "Kate" broke things off with him immediately. Kate questions it not occurring to him that she could never do that to him. Jake admits he thought a lot about that and even told Ben that something was off about her. Jake states that it was Kristen in another mask but she looked, talked like, and walked like Kate, even wearing her clothes and her perfume so it was so convincing. Jake declares that Kristen wanted to see him hurt and she did, so by the time he ran in to Gabi, he was a mess. Kate stops him and says there's something she needs to say. Kate thinks it's pretty clear that Jake didn't wait for her and fell in to bed with Gabi instead, so now he has to listen to her. Kate then tells Jake that she forgives him. Jake questions Kate forgiving him for sleeping with someone else. Kate says she's not thrilled about it, but she's known Kristen a long time and what she's capable of, so she knows Jake thought she was her and that Kristen hurt him and broke his heart. Kate understands that Jake wanted to numb his pain, but what matters is that he has been here for her, at her side, since he found out the truth. Kate knows Jake wouldn't have given Gabi a second look if Kristen hadn't tricked him. Kate tells Jake that she acts tough but admits right now it is an act, because she's terrified. Kate talks about sitting in the dark, feeling alone. Kate doesn't know how to make Jake understand how much it means to her to have him by her side, because she wouldn't have gotten through all these days without him. Jake holds Kate's hand and encourages that she won't stay like this, as Dr. Snyder said the blindness may be temporary. Kate claims that Dr. Snyder told her this morning that he now believes the blindness may be permanent. Jake tells her that he's so sorry. Kate tells him that she cried and must look like a mess, but Jake tells her that she's still beautiful. Jake hugs her as Kate says she only feels safe when he holds her. Jake assures that he's right here. Kate says he doesn't know how important that is to her.

Gabi complains to Chad that Kate would do the exact same thing to her. Gabi argues that Kate knows she loves Jake, and threw her affair with him in her face at every chance so she won't apologize for being with him. Gabi adds that she doubts Kate will want to share the same roof as her and Jake, as she goes upstairs to shower.

Brady questions Philip what is so awful about Chloe staying at John and Marlena's. Philip questions what kind of security they have and adds that Brady is still recovering from a car accident. Brady assures that he's fine and John is an ISA agent. Philip points out that the cops haven't found Kristen and Jan Spears has a way of coming out of comas swinging. Chloe starts to worry. Philip questions what Kristen would say about Brady living with Chloe, since she has spies all over town. Brady argues that Chloe is not ready to take care of herself. Philip says that's why she should come back with him to the Kiriakis Mansion, which Brady calls the worst idea in the world.

Nicole tells Xander that it's a bad idea for him to be here. Xander asks how Basic Black is going to bury Gabi Chic when Nicole is working part time. Nicole doesn't want to explain herself to him. Xander suggests they order lunch and toss some ideas around. Xander takes the phone and orders protein shakes. Nicole reminds him that he doesn't work here, she and Chloe can't stand him, and that Brady hates his guts. Xander tells Nicole to call Brady and make it happen. Nicole tells him to forget it, so Xander makes a call to get Sami on the line.

EJ asks what Lucas is saying. Sami tries to claim he didn't mean it. Lucas argues that EJ doesn't realize how delicate Sami is after being through hell, while EJ was well enough to hop on his private jet. Lucas questions where EJ was when Sami was accused of murder. Sami tells Lucas to let it go. Lucas says he will for now, as he's going to check on Kate, while he's sure Sami and EJ have a lot to talk about. Lucas then exits the house. EJ remarks that Lucas hasn't changed a bit. Sami tells him that Lucas is right that they have a lot to talk about.

Philip questions what the problem is with Chloe living at the Kiriakis Mansion since it's a fortress and Kristen won't care about that. Brady reminds him that Victor hates Chloe. Philip argues that it's a big house so Victor probably wouldn't even know she was there. Chloe thinks Philip has a point which Brady questions. Philip decides he will go check on Kate and then come back to help Chloe get going.

Nicole stops Xander from having Sami called and cancels his protein shakes order. Xander argues that she's just delaying the inevitable since if she won't hire him, he will be forced to tell Sami all about their night of lust. Xander remarks that Eric may never come back from Africa then.

Sami tells EJ not to mind Lucas as he's worried about Kate. EJ acknowledges that there has never been any love lost between them. EJ adds that he's sorry about Kate as he heard what Kristen did to her, but he doesn't think that's why Lucas spoke to him like that. Sami claims she can't imagine what else it could be and asks what EJ is thinking. EJ responds that Lucas seems to think he hasn't been much of a husband to her, and he's right. EJ brings up people always accusing Sami of putting her own needs first, but not the last few years as he saw the sacrifices she made to take care of him and his needs. EJ admits that in return, he was distant. Sami understands he was dealing with a lot. Sami reminds EJ that she thought he was dead and then she got him back, so the last few years weren't that bad. EJ talks about still feeling lost but how Sami never gave up on him, even when he ordered her to leave him alone. EJ states that Sami did everything she could to heal his body and spirit, so now he wants to do everything he can to heal their marriage, if she still thinks they have one.

Nicole complains about Xander holding the biggest mistake of her life over her head. She adds that it's so bad that she almost told Eric the truth herself. Xander points out that she didn't because she didn't want to blow her marriage up. Xander tells her that the best thing for both of them is for her to get him on the payroll, pointing out that Chloe is in the hospital and Brady is injured so she needs the help. Nicole informs him that Chloe is being discharged from the hospital today and Brady is fully recovered so he will just have to accept that there is no room for him here.

Chloe complains about her arm sling being uncomfortable so Brady tightens it in the back. Chloe points out that Brady isn't saying much. Brady responds that there's not much to say. Chloe knows he doesn't like the idea of her staying with Philip. Brady says he gave her his reasons. Chloe points out that Victor just calls her names, while Kristen and Jan Spears tried to kill her. Chloe guesses this has more to do than just Victor. Brady feels responsible for what happened to her so he wants to be the one to take care of her.

Sami tells EJ that of course they still have a marriage and she's been waiting to hear him talk to her like that as they kiss. EJ hugs Sami as she cries that it feels so good to have his arms around her. EJ tells her that he's going to be right beside her no matter what lies ahead. EJ adds that there is one more thing he would like cleared up before they move forward. Sami asks what it is so EJ asks her what happened between her and Lucas.

Jake goes home to the DiMera Mansion and tells Chad about how he told Kate that he slept with Gabi, but he didn't have the heart to tell her that he's still sleeping with Gabi. Chad questions if Gabi is the one he wants to be with. Jake confirms that she is, but points out that he'd never seen Kate like she was today. Jake says Kate is usually tough, but today she opened up to him and told him how much she needs him. Chad responds that Jake doesn't have a choice but to forget about Gabi and do right by Kate.

Chloe thinks it would be a mistake to go home with Brady after she told him how she feels about him. Brady asks why since he told her how he feels about her. Chloe points out that he just broke up with Kristen and she knows he had such high hopes for them, but now he has to go tell Rachel that he may never see her mom again. Chloe states that he has to do that alone and she's sure he is heart broken. Chloe adds that she would love to comfort him but she doesn't think it's fair and feels she would be taking advantage. Chloe thinks they both need time and space to heal. Brady decides that she is right, kisses her on the forehead, and then exits the room.

Chad warns that if Jake tells Kate it's over now, he'll be kicking her when she's as far down as he's ever seen her. Chad blames Jake for allowing Gabi to talk him in to spilling his guts, but he did it and Kate forgave him, so now he has no choice but to stand by her. Jake questions what that means. Chad tells Jake to keep things good with Kate and put Gabi on hold. Jake complains that Chad makes it sound so simple and asks how he suggests breaking the news to Gabi. Chad tells Jake that Gabi is his problem as he walks out of the room.

Lucas goes to visit Kate in the hospital and informs her that EJ showed up at John and Marlena's. Kate is shocked and asks how he looked. Lucas praises the plastic surgery after the explosion. Kate comments that Sami must be thrilled but Lucas is not so sure. Kate questions why and if Sami confided in him. Kate adds that she didn't know they were so close. Lucas tells Kate that a lot has changed since Sami has come back to Salem.

Sami doesn't know what EJ is talking about and claims nothing happened between her and Lucas. EJ tells her that she doesn't have to deny it as he knows everything about Kristen hiring Xander to kill them. Sami hoped he wouldn't find out. EJ guesses that was why she asked him to wire money. Sami questions him knowing that it was Xander who tried to kill her. EJ reminds her that when Kristen revived him in the warehouse, he spent more time than he would've liked in Xander's custody. EJ says he may have been barely alive but he could still take him. EJ adds that Xander is a thug but doesn't have the makings of a killer, so he knew she would get the best of him. EJ knows Sami was upset that he didn't tell her, but notes that they have both done things to hurt each other. EJ says he has a lot to atone for but if they can work through that, they can be happy again. EJ tells Sami that he needs to visit his family and suggests Sami start packing. Sami argues that he's underestimating Xander. EJ tells her to leave Xander to him.

Xander tells Nicole that he's used to being where he's not wanted and he knows how to prove his worth. Xander brings up that Nicole rejected his services before, but then she found out he had a lot to offer. Xander tells her that it's just like being in his bed and tells her to relax, go with the flow, and let it happen. Xander gets in close but Nicole instead tightens his tie to choke him. Xander complains that he can't breathe and questions what she's doing. Nicole tells him to get out before someone sees him and starts to rush him to the door, but Brady arrives.

Jake goes to Gabi's room. Gabi greets him with a kiss and asks how Kate took hearing that they are over, and that Jake is with her now.

Kate fixes her makeup and comments to herself that it's not bad for a blind woman. Kate declares that Jake and Gabi are just going to have to realize that they are not going to be together on her watch, right as Chad then appears in the doorway.

EJ enters the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink. He looks around the living room, at the chess table, and then at Stefano's portrait on the wall as he takes a seat. EJ declares that it's been a long time, but as Stefano always said, it's good to be back.

Sami sits at home as Lucas returns and comments on EJ's car not being there anymore. Lucas asks if Sami sent him packing. Sami responds that she is packing because she's going back to Rome with EJ. Sami tells Lucas that this is goodbye.

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