Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/8/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/8/21


Written By Joseph


Paulina arrives at her new home. She points out that there's no beach view but says it will have to do for now as she pulls out a binder marked "Plans for Horton Town Square".

Lani and Abe eat together in the town square. Lani talks about Paulina's plans for the town square coming in to place. Lani says soon they will have a big marketplace and a lot more diversity. Abe admits Paulina's commitment has been remarkable and the city has gone all out to attract small business owners. Abe mentions receiving an application from Chanel and he thought she was joining them for breakfast. Lani says she tried to wake her up before she left but she said she was too tired. Abe senses tension between them. Lani hopes Chanel's bakery gets approved so she can get her life on track and her own place. Abe guesses Chanel has overstayed her welcome. Lani tells him that they were happy to have her stay for a few nights but between two babies and three adults, it's hard to find a moment of peace.

Eli pours coffee at home while wearing just a towel and comments on the peace and quiet. He accidentally spills his coffee and can't find a dish towel so he uses his own towel to clean up the spill. Chanel then comes in and sees Eli naked again so he quickly puts the towel back around himself.

Gwen enters the living room of the Horton House and sees Xander sleeping on the couch. Gwen checks her purse and sees the bag of pills is still inside the envelope. Gwen takes her purse to sneak out but Xander wakes up and questions where she thinks she's going. Xander asks where she is sneaking off to. Gwen claims she wasn't sneaking off and she was just trying not to wake him. Xander says he's up now so he suggests they finish their conversation from last night. Xander brings up someone blackmailing her and forcing her to deliver envelopes stuffed with painkillers. Xander wants the details but Gwen suggests he go back to sleep and mind his own business. Xander takes Gwen's purse from her, pulls out the envelope, and then gives her purse back.

Chanel asks why Eli keeps walking around naked. Eli thought he was alone since Lani said she was going to breakfast with her and Abe. Chanel says she overslept. Eli argues that she needs to find a job and a new place to live, questioning how she's going to do that if she's sleeping in all day. Chanel explains that she was up all night working and shows him her folder.

Paulina thinks back to talking with Abe about the Horton Town Square plans. Paulina says she's sorry for lying to Abe about her intentions but says it's not personal, just business.

Tripp sees Allie at the hospital and asks if she saw Kate. Allie confirms that she did and that Kate is in good spirits considering all that happened to her. Tripp says he'll check on her in a bit but he has to get back to work. Tripp suggests he and Allie grab dinner later. Allie says maybe and tells him to text her as she then walks away as Kayla walks up. Kayla asks Tripp how things are going with Allie. Tripp responds that he thought they were going well, but he's getting the feeling that she's interested in someone else...

Eli tells Chanel that Lani told him that she was starting a bakery, but admits he's impressed. Chanel says her folder is a collection of ideas. Eli acknowledges that she can definitely bake. Chanel asks if he doesn't think she can do this. Eli points out that she's excited about it but a lot of small businesses fail their first year, so she will need capital. Eli guesses her mom is helping out with that but Chanel says she has no idea.

Abe goes to Paulina's with Eli and Lani's babies to welcome her to her new home. Paulina praises the place, the town, and Abe. Abe tells her that he's very glad she is here. Abe adds that he has good news as he just reviewed Chanel's application. Paulina assumes that Chanel failed with typos in a big rush. Abe reveals that it's the best he has seen so he's going to present it to city council for final approval. Paulina looks down at her folder of plans and declares to Abe that she doesn't think that's such a good idea.

Marlena is in her office on the phone with Belle. Marlena is relieved that Belle and Claire are okay. Marlena says she loves her and hangs up. Allie then enters and says she was visiting Kate so she decided to stop by. Marlena is glad she did and mentions Belle being released. Allie mentions talking to Claire last night. Marlena brings up Jan being the one who killed Charlie. Allie confirms that she heard and hopes now they can all put this situation behind them. Allie then asks what if she can't. Allie knows they've talked about it before in therapy, but she thought by now she would have moved on more than she has. Allie says the memories are still there and just show up sometimes out of nowhere. Marlena asks if they showed up recently. Allie says it was just once but it was so scary. Allie asks her how to make that stop.

Tripp tells Kayla how he was at Allie's place last night and things got a little romantic but suddenly she pulled back due to a memory of what happened with Charlie. Tripp knows Kayla went through the same thing and he wants to respect her privacy if she shouldn't be asking. Kayla understands he wants advice on how to be with Allie.

Abe doesn't understand why Paulina didn't say anything when Chanel turned in her application. Paulina says she didn't want to burst her bubble as she figured she would get turned down by the city and that would be that. Abe asks why Paulina thinks Chanel can't do this. Paulina argues that Chanel has never committed to anything and worries that she will just quit like always. Abe praises Chanel's application. Paulina says they will see how she lasts after 100 hour work weeks. Abe points out how Paulina has been after Chanel to stand on her own, so he thinks it's possible that she's finally going to do that. Paulina brings up Chanel trying to use Theo and extorting her with Xander.

Gwen tries to get the envelope back and says she doesn't have time for games but Xander keeps it from her and reminds her that if she doesn't want him telling Jack what she's been up to, then she will explain exactly how this operation works. Gwen refuses to explain a thing. Xander argues that he won't let Jack get jammed up in her drug mule operation. Gwen warns Xander that if he cares about Jack, he will drop this because Jack is the one who will suffer the most if he finds out what she is doing. Xander questions her caring about Jack's suffering, pointing out how he suffered when she spilled secrets about Abigail's marriage. Gwen says that was before she knew the facts. Xander responds that now he needs the facts, so it's time for her to spill some dirty little secrets of her own. Gwen warns Xander to think twice about threatening her. Xander asks if she's going to crack his skull. Gwen says there is no need for violence because she has very juicy information on him. Gwen grabs the quilt that Julie knit and threatens to tell Julie that Xander was wrapped in it naked but Xander tells her that Julie already saw him using it. Gwen is sure she'll find something else to tell Julie and then she will come after him full force. Xander responds that he will risk it to protect Jack. Gwen takes the envelope back from him and tries to run but Xander gets in her way to stop her. Gwen tells him to move but Xander says not until he knows who she is working for and what they have on her.

Kayla reminds Tripp of when she helped him make dinner for Ciara a couple years ago and how she advised him to be careful with her. Kayla says it wasn't her place to tell him that Ciara had been raped but Tripp had said he would never push her to do anything she didn't want to do. Tripp adds that he would never push Allie either. Kayla says her point is that he's been with a survivor before and like Allie, Ciara pushed away from him too. Tripp recalls Ciara breaking things off and he didn't know the real reason until later. Kayla recalls encouraging her to tell him the truth but she was afraid that he would see her differently. Tripp feels this can't be the same with Allie because he already knows everything and he thinks she's amazing. Kayla says Allie may still need more time before she feels comfortable being intimate. Tripp just wants Allie to feel safe with him but he doesn't know what to do. Kayla asks about Tripp thinking she was interested in someone else. Tripp admits he doesn't know why he said that as he doesn't think that's what this is about. Kayla asks how he reacted when she pulled away. Tripp explains that he asked if he did something wrong and she said no but she had a weird flash, so he knew right away that she was talking about Charlie. Kayla asks how that made him feel. Tripp admits he was angry because he hates so much what Charlie did to her and how she'll probably never get over it. Kayla calls it natural to feel protective. Kayla suggests Tripp just make sure that Allie has the space to have her own feelings. Tripp says he offered to leave but Allie asked if they could just hang out and he was totally down with that. Tripp declares that Allie is taking the lead period. Kayla feels this is just like the conversation they had about Ciara. Tripp says he feels that same way now about Allie and he supports her 100%. Kayla says it's clear to her that Tripp already knows what to do.

Allie apologizes to Marlena for dumping all of this on her. Marlena assures that she is not dumping on her and she'd like to help in any way that she can. Marlena asks her what's going on. Allie explains that she and Tripp have been getting a lot closer lately which she calls amazing considering everything that happened between them. Allie adds that last night, things started getting romantic but she pulled away. Marlena asks if she was having thoughts about what happened with Charlie. Allie confirms that she was and that she felt very comfortable and safe with Tripp, but yet the memory still came and upset her. Marlena says that before she can help her, she has to ask if this is the first time since London, that she's tried to have something physical with another person. Allie thinks back to Chanel kissing her and admits to Marlena that it's not.

Chanel tells Eli that she doesn't want her bakery to be about proving herself to her mom. She knows she wouldn't have the opportunity without her, but she doesn't want her involved. Eli guesses she doesn't want her mother to be disappointed which Chanel admits. Eli talks about having a mentor as a detective and working with a partner. Chanel points out that her best friend from London is doing the bakery with her. Eli asks if she means the girl she kissed. Chanel questions what that has to do with anything. Eli advises her that working with someone you're romantically involved with can be great and not so great. Chanel points out that it was just one kiss and now it's all about the bakery. Chanel shows Eli more of her ideas which impresses him. Lani then comes home and sees them sitting together on the couch. Eli calls Lani over to look at one of Chanel's logos. Lani comes over and says she can't see it if Chanel doesn't make space. Lani then angrily sits in between them while glaring at Chanel.

Paulina asks Abe what will stop Chanel from doing what she did to her, to the city. Abe brings up the law. Paulina worries that allowing Chanel to be part of this project is too big of a risk. Abe wants Paulina to tell him the real reason that she wants him to turn Chanel down. Paulina then admits that she doesn't think Chanel is a big risk but she doesn't want to see her get hurt, because the odds of starting a successful business are slim and she would hate to see her fail. Abe feels that's how their kids learn to fall and get up. Paulina worries that Chanel has no experience. Abe jokes that Paulina didn't at one point too and now she's a superstar. Abe understands her instinct to protect her only child but says she must set aside her fears and not judge Chanel. Abe feels Chanel may really surprise her and that's the whole point of this project, to eliminate prejudice, embrace inclusion, and believe in people who otherwise might be ignored. Abe declares that they can help them shine. Abe urges Paulina to believe in her daughter. Paulina agrees with Abe that if this is what Chanel wants to do, then she has to let her try it. Paulina thanks Abe for helping her see that. Baby Carver wakes up crying so Abe takes him to change his diaper. Paulina sits with baby Jules and remarks that Chanel sure picked a fine time to try and get her act together, so she guesses they'll just have to find a way to make it up to her...

Allie tells Marlena about running in to an old friend from London a month ago and they got drinks and were laughing about old times. Allie says being with her was just comfortable and easy and then her friend just kissed her. Allie stops to ask if Marlena has an issue with her kissing a woman. Marlena assures she does not at all and says they aren't talking about her. Marlena asks if Allie has feelings about kissing a woman. Allie responds that she feels fine with it but they are just friends. Allie adds that they might be working together now. Marlena would like to help. Marlena goes back to their conversation about Allie and Tripp.

Tripp thanks Kayla for listening as he appreciates her advice. Kayla tells him anytime. Dr. Snyder comes over and questions what's going on here. Dr. Snyder reminds Tripp that as his supervisor, Tripp's advancement in the hospital is at his sole discretion. Dr. Snyder remarks that being the stepson of the chief of staff does not afford him extended coffee breaks. Tripp points out that he's not scheduled for another 30 minutes so Dr. Snyder warns him not to keep the doctor waiting and walks away. Kayla tells Tripp that she knows he didn't want her to say anything about the whole incident but she thinks she has to now, as he has no right to talk to Tripp like that. Tripp says he doesn't mind it, but talking to patients that way is crossing the line. Kayla questions what he's talking about. Tripp reveals that he saw Dr. Snyder get very heated with a person he was supposed to be caring for. Kayla asks who it was. Tripp reveals it was his cousin Gwen.

Xander tells Gwen that she's not going anywhere until he's sure that Jack won't end up as collateral damage. Gwen assures that he doesn't need to worry. Xander refuses to take her word for it, considering the pain she has caused Jack. Gwen argues that she did something that she truly regrets and every time she thinks about it, she is deeply ashamed. Gwen tells him that she's just trying to move past it now. Xander mentions all the stupid choices he wishes he could go back and undo. Xander says he's not going to sit back and watch somebody blackmail her. Xander offers to help her but Gwen says no. Xander argues that Gwen is Jack's flesh and blood, so if she gets hurt then so does he. Gwen assures that she doesn't want Jack hurt any more than he does, but if Xander gets involved then it will make everything so much worse. Gwen insists that she can handle this by herself. Xander thinks she's making a mistake. Gwen asks if he won't tell Jack then. Xander agrees if she won't tattle to Julie about him. Gwen agrees as Xander then leaves the room. Gwen gets a call from Dr. Snyder. She says she is on it but he doesn't think she is. He doesn't think this arrangement is going to work, which means he's going to have a nice long talk with her father.

Abe invites Paulina to join him and the twins for a walk which she agrees to do. Paulina stops to try to set her new alarm and then exits with them.

Gwen tells Dr. Snyder that her father cannot know what she's done. Dr. Snyder argues that he only agreed to keep her secret if she did what he asked. Dr. Snyder informs her that he just got a call that her delivery was overdue so he guesses he's going to have to make another house call and pick up the envelope. Gwen pleads with him to stay at the hospital and swears she will get this done. He warns this is her last chance or he will have a talk with Jack. Gwen assures that she will deliver his pills right now. Gwen hangs up and leaves the house as Xander then comes back around the corner.

Tripp informs Kayla that he saw Dr. Snyder having a follow up consult with Gwen and she seemed upset so he asked if she was okay, but Snyder jumped in and answered for her. Kayla asks if he seemed inappropriate. Tripp says not that he saw, but he definitely got a weird vibe like he was threatening her. Kayla tells Tripp he better get to work. Tripp thanks her again for the advice and walks away.

Allie tells Marlena that she's definitely attracted to Tripp as he's a really good guy and he's great with Henry, but she doesn't know how they can ever move forward if every time she's with him, she has to worry about having flashbacks to her and Charlie. Marlena can't tell her how long it will be until those flashbacks stop but she's pleased that Allie can be so open about it. Marlena encourages her to take things as slow as she needs and tell Tripp how she feels if she trusts him enough. Marlena suggests Allie go ahead and tell Tripp how she feels about him. Marlena adds that she will be right here. Allie tells her that she loves her as they hug.

Abe and Paulina walk through the town square with the twins. Abe encourages Paulina that Tom and Alice would be very proud of what she's doing with the square, and he is too. Paulina points out that none of it would be possible without Abe's help and support. Abe comments that they make a pretty good team.

Chanel goes to Paulina's place and finds the door is unlocked so she heads in. Chanel asks if her mom is home so she can show her something but she's not. Chanel finds Paulina's folder on her plans for the town square and pulls out a large paper.

Allie goes back to Tripp at the hospital. Tripp is surprised that she's still there and says he's about to begin rounds. Allie doesn't want to keep him but says she wanted to apologize for how she acted earlier. Tripp assures there's nothing to apologize for as he knows she's dealing with a lot and he wants to give her as much space as she needs. Allie asks what if she doesn't want space tonight and says yes to his dinner invitation. Tripp decides it's a date then.

Kayla goes to see Gwen at home. Gwen asks what she came to see her about. Kayla responds that it's about Dr. Clay Snyder.

Dr. Snyder goes in to see a patient. The patient turns out to be Xander. Dr. Snyder asks what seems to be the problem. Xander responds that he's so glad that he asked...

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