Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/4/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/4/21


Written By Joseph

Eli goes home to Lani, who asks for the update on Claire and Chloe. Eli shares good news that Jan told Shawn where Claire was, so he is on his way there. Lani is relieved and hopes Claire is okay. Lani asks about Chloe but Eli says there are no leads yet.

Julie walks in the living room at the Horton House and complains about Xander being on the sofa. Julie made donuts as a surprise for Doug but Xander found and ate them all. Julie gets mad and tells Xander to get out.

Gwen goes to the hospital and tells Dr. Snyder that she delivered his package. He warns her to keep her voice down because that's between them.

Allie is at home, on the phone with Claire. Allie is glad Claire is okay and asks why Jan did this to her. Allie then tells Claire it's okay and to go hang out with her mom. Allie hangs up and then gets a text message from Chanel, asking if she can come over. Allie wonders what that's about and then thinks back to Chanel kissing her. Allie tells Chanel sure.

Jan tells Philip that there's no way she's giving him Chloe now, so she's coming with her. Philip argues that wasn't the deal. Jan says it is now. Jan argues that the pilot could fly her straight to prison for all she knows. Jan says when she gets where she's going, she'll put Chloe on a slow boat back to Salem. Philip says that's not good enough. Jan calls it his only option. Jan orders Chloe to get the money from Philip or else she will shoot her right in front of him. Chloe asks Philip to just do what Jan says. Chloe then turns and grabs Jan. They struggle over the gun until the gun is fired. Chloe is shot, so Philip rushes to her side.

Shawn goes to the police station where Brady is finishing a call with John. Brady asks Shawn if Claire is okay. Shawn confirms that she is and that she's visiting Belle at the prison now. Brady is relieved and asks about Chloe. Shawn responds that it's not good as Claire said Jan took off with Chloe and she has a gun.

Chloe complains of her arm hurting from having been shot. Philip checks on her. Jan stands over them with the gun and says not to worry as she's a goner.

Xander tells Julie to calm down but Julie tells him to start packing. Xander offers to replace the donuts but Julie reveals she made them with Alice's recipe. Xander asks who Alice is. Julie continues threatening to throw him out. Xander asks how he can make it up to her. Julie says to let her give it some thought.

Chanel goes to see Allie. Chanel asks how her grandma is doing. Allie informs her that she's in the hospital but out of the coma, though she still has problems that they hope are just temporary. Allie notes that it's kind of late so she asks what Chanel wanted to talk about. Chanel responds that she has an idea that just might change the way Allie looks at life.

Eli asks Lani about her day. Lani tells him about their daughter Jules napping in the morning and being up most of the day which means less time for them. Eli asks about Chanel. Lani jokes that they had a heartwarming conversation about his considerable assets. Lani admits she was really hard on Chanel and told her that she didn't like the way she was speaking about her husband. Eli is glad that she set her straight. Lani then tells Eli that in good news, she's about to change their life.

Allie asks Chanel how she's going to change her life. Chanel informs her that she's opening up a bakery in the Horton Town Square. Chanel adds that it's not a sure thing but she has a really good feeling about it. Allie asks how this happened. Chanel explains that her mother is back in town and she has this whole idea about making the town square a place for small business owners of color, so she filled out the application and once they approve it, she's free to start business. Chanel says the rent is subsidized for a year which gives her time to make a name for herself and make some money to keep going, so she'll be her own boss and won't have to work for anyone else. Allie remembers Chanel used to make the best cookies and encourages that she can definitely do it. Allie asks where she fits in. Chanel says she was just getting to that.

Julie tells Xander that she's going to make a second batch of donuts and she wants Xander to clean up all the mess when she's done. Xander remarks that if she doesn't want him to eat something, she shouldn't leave it sitting around his room. Julie calls him a freeloader and argues that it's the living room. Xander says Jack said he could sleep on the couch so it's kind of his room and anything around the table is in his territory. Julie informs Xander that each donut had about 290 calories so he ate 3500 calories. Julie warns him that it's beginning to show and if he keeps eating the way he is, he's going to lose that body that he loves so much. Julie says she's noticing a pot belly already and that he's going to hate being fat as she leaves the room.

Dr. Snyder rushes Gwen in to a hospital room. Gwen tells Dr. Snyder that she did what he asked and now she's finished. He informs her that they will never be finished and this will be a weekly transaction so they will be in touch on a regular basis. Dr. Snyder tells her that they will set up appointments in his office starting next week. He hands her the next envelope and asks if they have to go through this again. Dr. Snyder reminds her that if she doesn't, he will tell Jack and Chad that she miscarried her baby before Abigail pushed her down the stairs. Gwen then angrily takes the envelope and puts it in her purse. Gwen asks how long this will go on. Dr. Snyder says it's as long as he says. Tripp then walks in so Dr. Snyder questions how long he's been standing there.

Brady asks Shawn if Jan said anything about where she may have taken Chloe. Shawn says they have no idea but he's put an APB out on Kate's car and alerted everyone that Jan has a hostage and that she's armed and dangerous.

Jan tells Philip to get out of the way so she can shoot Chloe but Philip refuses to go anywhere. Jan declares that she wasn't going to let Chloe live and tells her to say her last goodbye to Philip. Jan says she hated Chloe for 20 years so once she's dead, she can finally forget that she ever existed. Philip then grabs some nearby dirt and throws it in Jan's face, allowing him to then tackle her. Philip chokes Jan unconscious then goes back to Chloe and assures he won't let anything else happen to her as he pulls out his phone.

Shawn informs Brady of how Jan tried to make Chloe kill Claire, which Brady calls insane. They agree that Jan is insane. Brady questions what she has against Claire. Shawn reveals that Claire found out that Jan is the one who killed Charlie Dale and set Belle up. Brady worries that means that Jan has already killed somebody and what she could do to Chloe. Shawn gets a call from Philip, who fills him in that he found Jan and Chloe. Shawn asks how Chloe is and then says he's on his way. Shawn hangs up and informs Brady that Jan shot Chloe. Shawn says it's bad but Philip got her in an ambulance and they are on their way to the hospital now. Brady decides he's going with Shawn as they rush out of the police station.

Tripp informs Dr. Snyder that he just got there and was looking for him because a patient wanted something to help her sleep. Dr. Snyder questions Tripp interrupting him with that when he has all day to make that order. Tripp points out that Dr. Snyder told him to run everything he does by him, so he's just trying to do that here. Dr. Snyder takes the chart to write the order. Tripp introduces himself to Gwen, noting that their dads are brothers. Tripp asks if she's okay. Dr. Snyder remarks that he hates to interrupt the family reunion but Gwen is his patient and they are in the middle of a consult. Dr. Snyder tells Gwen to follow his instruction to a tee. Gwen then exits the room. Tripp goes to leave as well but Dr. Snyder stops him and questions if he was spying on him.

Chanel reminds Allie of when they got a care package of her great grandmother's donuts in London. Chanel wants to sell those donuts in her bakery, so she needs the Horton family recipe. Allie notes that she's a Horton on her dad's side but she doesn't think he would have the recipe. Chanel asks if she can get it from someone else. Allie says maybe but she doesn't know how her family would feel about them selling her great grandmother Alice's donuts. Chanel says that's where Allie comes in, because she will give her a job at the bakery. Chanel asks if they have a deal. Allie points out that she doesn't bake. Chanel offers to teach her everything she knows, insisting that it will be fun. Allie doesn't know if it would be such a good idea. Chanel questions why not.

Eli asks Lani about changing his life for the better. Lani informs him that Chanel is going to try to set up a bakery in the Horton Town Square. Eli jokes that it sounds like it will change Chanel's life, not his. Lani points out that it means Chanel will have an income and a job. Eli jokes about if she's going to sleep in the bakery instead of here. Eli jokes about having to find someone to appreciate his considerable assets. Lani says that would be her. Eli says his day just got a whole lot better as they kiss. Lani jokes about being jealous but she doesn't like when Chanel talks about how hot Eli is. Eli is glad because that means she's crazy in love with him. Lani says she's confident he'd never be attracted to another woman. Eli brings up that he would feel the same if a young man was talking about Lani that way. They decide they've done enough talking as they continue kissing.

Chanel asks Allie what the problem is. Allie turns away. Chanel asks if it's about her kissing her because she thought they cleared that up and she still wants to be friends. Allie assures it's not that and they did clear it up, so Chanel asks what it is. Allie informs her that the recipe isn't just really hard to get but super secret, so she doesn't know if she could get it. Chanel asks who is keeping it locked up. Allie tells her that it's her cousin Julie. Chanel notes that Julie and her mom didn't exactly hit it off, so she would never give Allie the recipe if she knows it's for her. Chanel decides it's okay as she will still make the bakery a success without it and she still wants Allie to work with her. Allie tells her not to give up hope as she goes to make a call.

Tripp asks Dr. Snyder why he would spy on him. Dr. Snyder knows his stepmom is chief of staff, but warns that he is still Tripp's immediate superior, so he tells him to answer the question. Tripp assures that he wasn't spying. Dr. Snyder asks if he's following him around. Tripp explains that he saw him at the nurses station, so he grabbed his chart and followed him here. Dr. Snyder tells him not to do that because he was having a private word with one of his patients. Dr. Snyder gets paged to a patient coming in with a head injury and exits.

Xander does pushups as Gwen comes home and complains about him doing that. Xander says he has to work off 4000 calories. Gwen tells him to do it somewhere else because she had a bad day and just wants to watch television. Gwen sits down on the sofa which Xander takes offense to and says he didn't invite her in to his bed.

Philip sits next to Chloe in her hospital bed. Philip assures that the emergency room took very good care of her and she's going to be fine. Chloe acknowledges that he saved her life. Philip assures that he wasn't going to let Jan hurt her again and he would've killed her first. Philip holds her hand as Brady arrives and asks if Chloe is alright. Philip tells Brady that he just spoke with her doctor and she's going to be fine. Brady tells Chloe that he was so worried about her. Philip blames Brady for Chloe getting in to this mess.

Eli and Lani have sex on the couch and agree that blew talking out of the water. They kiss until Eli's phone rings. Eli doesn't want to get it but Lani points out it could be about Chloe or Claire. Eli answers the call from Philip and says that's great news. Eli tells him to keep him updated as he hangs up. Eli then informs Lani that Philip rescued Chloe, so she and Jan are both being treated at the hospital. Lani asks if Chloe is hurt. Eli responds that Chloe was shot in the arm but is going to be okay and he's not sure about Jan.

Julie goes to Allie's. Allie introduces Julie to Chanel. Julie realizes Chanel is Paulina's daughter, who dated Theo, and jokes about how Chanel tried to get Theo to take her back to South Africa with him because she didn't want to get a job. Allie explains to Julie that she and Chanel are old friends from London. Chanel says she's living here now and starting her own business. Allie adds that she wants to work with her. Chanel talks about her bakery plans. Allie tells Julie that they were thinking it was a good idea to have Alice's donuts in the bakery. Julie tells them about how she made donuts earlier for Doug but Xander ate them all. Chanel questions Xander staying with her now. Julie questions Chanel knowing Xander. Chanel reveals that she married him. Julie is shocked and upon hearing that, says she can forget about the recipe for the donuts.

Gwen turns on the television while Xander complains that people are ignoring the couch is his only place to sleep in the house. Gwen points out that he's not sleeping. Xander argues that Gwen could go watch TV in her room. Gwen complains that it's small, while Xander could work out anywhere. Gwen says she's in no mood to be pushed around by him, so she's going to watch TV and he can go get lost. Xander remarks that he's sick of the women in this house. Xander argues that Gwen is a guest in the house just like he is. Gwen argues that she's not a guest, but a relative. Gwen threatens to call Jack on him because they know which side he will be on.

Tripp finds Shawn at the hospital and asks about Claire. Shawn assures that she's okay but that Jan held her in the cabin and was going to kill her. Tripp can't believe it. Shawn is thankful that Ben got there in time. Tripp mentions hearing they just got patients with a head injury and a gunshot wound so he was afraid it was Claire. Shawn assures that Claire is with her mother now and is grateful to be alive. Tripp questions why Jan would do that when Claire thought they were friends. Shawn explains that Jan was just using Claire. Shawn then reveals to Tripp that Jan is the one who killed Charlie Dale, not Belle.

Chloe tells Philip that it's not Brady's fault, it's Jan's. Philip argues that Chloe never should've crossed paths with Jan, but she did because Kristen shoved her in to Kate's trunk. Chloe argues that Brady can't help what Kristen did. Brady suggests taking this outside but Philip refuses to leave Chloe alone. Philip questions Brady not knowing that Kristen was "Susan" for two months even while living in the same house. Philip points out how she was treating Chloe. Brady admits he should've figured it out a long time ago. Philip points out that Chloe could've died tonight and shouts that it wouldn't have happened if Brady would've stopped Kristen. Shawn comes in and breaks things up. Shawn wants statements from Chloe and Philip. Chloe declares that she wants to be the person who helps put Jan Spears away for good. After getting their statements, Shawn says he will go get them typed up to get them on Melinda's desk first thing in the morning. Philip says whatever it takes. Shawn says he has to get Belle out of prison as soon as possible. Chloe notes that she and Claire can both testify that they heard Jan admit to killing Charlie Dale. Shawn hopes it's enough to get Melinda to reopen the case. Shawn was afraid Claire would get accused of lying to support her mother but Chloe heard it too. Shawn hopes they will have Jan locked up for a very long time. Philip asks if Jan is still in the hospital. Shawn confirms that she has been admitted. Philip doesn't like that. Shawn decides he will go track her down now so he can be there to arrest her when she regains consciousness.

Julie tells Chanel and Allie that she's sorry but she doesn't want her family recipe to be associated with Xander because he's done some terrible things. Chanel argues that she was only married to him for a couple of days. Julie argues that Alice's recipe is precious so she doesn't want it involved in a scandal. Allie points out that it already was and brings up the book club meeting. Allie explains to Chanel how Jennifer was making donuts for her book club while JJ was going through his bad boy phase. Julie questions her knowing about this. Allie says cousins talk and continues that JJ put some weed in his batch of donuts but somehow they got switched with the book club meeting and they had no idea. Chanel can't believe it and asks what happened. Allie jokes that the donuts weren't the only thing baked in the book club meeting. Chanel asks if anyone she knows was in it. Allie starts to tell her but Julie stops her and says maybe it's not such a bad idea to have the donuts for Chanel's bakery. Julie decides it would be fitting to provide the donuts for all of Salem to enjoy. Allie thanks her. Julie congratulates Chanel on her bakery. Chanel thanks her and assures she won't regret it. Julie tells Allie that she'll deal with her later as she exits.

Xander tells Gwen that he's taking matters in to his own hands and tries to take Gwen's purse. Gwen stops him and questions what he's doing. Xander explains that he's putting it in her room so she can watch television in there and leave him alone. Gwen grabs her purse to try and stop him and they struggle until the purse dumps out, spilling Dr. Snyder's envelope. Xander picks it up and questions what they have here. Xander then pulls out the bag of pills from inside the envelope. Xander remarks that it looks like someone is going in to a new line of work. Gwen claims they are for her after she fell down the stairs. Xander argues that there's enough pills to kill the pain of the entire Midwest so there's no way they are all for her. Xander asks what she is doing with them.

Shawn goes to Dr. Snyder and tells him that he needs to see Jan Spears. Dr. Snyder asks what this is about. Shawn tells him that Jan tried to murder a woman tonight and since she managed to sneak out before, he wants to make sure they have an officer outside her door 24/7 until she's well enough to be transferred to a jail cell. Dr. Snyder says he doesn't see that happening because Jan has slipped back in to a coma.

Philip tells Brady that Chloe has been through hell and needs to get some sleep. Brady agrees but says he'd love to say a couple of important things to her. Brady tells Chloe that he's sorry as words can't express how sorry he is for what happened to her. Chloe says she understands but Brady says there's so much that he's sorry for. Brady agrees that he's responsible for what happened to Chloe. Brady talks about feeling sick to his stomach when he found out how Kristen treated Chloe because he knew he was to blame for it. Brady says he was desperate to find Chloe as he wanted to rescue her but is thankful that Philip did. Chloe tells him not to blame himself. Brady doesn't think Kristen loved him, but it was more of a dangerous obsession that almost killed Chloe. Brady says it kills him to think it all could've been avoided if he just acted differently. Chloe argues that nobody could've known that Jan Spears would steal Kate's car. Brady argues that she was in the car in the first place because of him and he has to live with that. Brady tells Chloe that Kristen has escaped again but she's not going to come around here anytime soon ever again, because he ended it with her. Brady declares that he told Kristen that he would never forgive her for what she did to Chloe and he thinks she knows it's done. Brady repeats that he's sorry and wants Chloe to know that he will make it his life's work to make sure Kristen never comes near Chloe or Rachel again. Brady promises to never let Chloe down again as Philip watches on.

Eli tells Lani that Philip must have had a lead on Chloe and kept it to himself. Lani wonders why he would do that. Eli doesn't know but doesn't like it. Lani assures Eli that Chloe is going to be okay and that's all that matters. Eli loves her for always pointing out the positive. Lani reminds Eli that they are soon to be without their roommate Chanel. Eli assures that he is all Lani's as they kiss.

Chanel tells Allie that she was amazing with Julie and says she came to the rescue. Allie is glad she remembered the whole book club meeting. Chanel points out that Allie stood up for her and it's been awhile since someone has done that for her. Chanel promises that Allie won't regret it if she takes the job. Allie can't wait to help make her bakery a success. Chanel declares that the two of them will do that together. Allie points out that it was Chanel's idea and she is the one who bakes. Chanel says she'd be nothing without Allie and her recipe but with her, she's part of the community. Chanel says it was her idea but Allie is making it happen. Chanel calls the bakery Sweet Bits. Allie says she love it and they excitedly hug each other.

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