Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/3/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/3/21


Written By Joseph

Paulina sits in the town square and says if she knew Tom and Alice were Eli's great great grandparents and that the Horton Town Square was Jules and Carver's legacy, then she might have played this differently but she didn't know they were all family. Paulina then tells herself that she's talking to a plaque and needs to pull herself together. Paulina remarks that Abe is not as dim as she thought, so she has to float garbage past him and make it smell like roses. Abe then appears in the town square and questions who she is talking to.

Lani is at home, reading the article about Kristen escaping prison. Chanel comes in and startles her, noting that she was pretty focused on her tablet. Chanel mentions baking cookies as a thanks for letting her stay. Lani then brings up Eli saying that Chanel walked in on him naked.

Eli goes to the police station and asks Philip about seeing Melinda storming out of the station. Philip informs him that Belle changed her plea in the Charlie Dale case to guilty which shocks Eli. Philip adds that Belle has been sent to prison but she didn't do it. Eli questions why she confessed then. Philip responds that Belle is taking the fall for Jan, so that Jan will let Claire go. Eli questions if Jan will buy that. Philip warns that she better because everyone knows what Jan is like when she doesn't get her way.

Jan holds her gun on Chloe as she forces her to drive. Jan says she appreciates Shawn and Belle holding up their end of the bargain but unfortunately she couldn't do the same. Shawn questions what the hell she's talking about. Jan says she's sorry he went through all that trouble, but even with Belle in prison, she knows Shawn could never truly love her so she made another plan. Jan remarks that unfortunately there's going to be some collateral damage. Shawn asks Jan what she means by collateral damage. Jan responds that this is a war and an innocent victim will be destroyed in the cross hairs. Shawn guesses that she means Claire.

Claire remains tied up in the cabin where a gasoline container is knocked over and a candle is lit inside a lantern.

Ben arrives at the cabin and prepares to head inside.

Shawn tells Jan that Belle is in prison so she got what she wanted and she's off the hook for Charlie's murder. Jan claims not to know what he's talking about and says Belle killed Charlie. Jan says she won't fall for the same trick and knows that Shawn is trying to get her to confess to a murder she didn't commit. Jan adds that she knows Shawn is recording this call. Jan declares that Shawn doesn't want her and never will which is why Claire is going to pay for the sins of her parents and her own sins too. Jan reveals that she and Chloe left Claire in the cabin where she tried to immolate Ciara. Jan confirms that Claire is still alive but warns that she won't be by the time he gets there.

Claire cries as she remains tied up in the cabin. Ben opens the door which triggers knocking over the lantern that sets the cabin on fire, shocking Ben.

Paulina tells Abe that he startled her. Abe notes that she was deep in conversation, but all alone. Paulina claims she was just giving herself a motivational speech. Abe guesses her trip to Miami didn't mellow her any, which she confirms. Paulina notes that she did get all her affairs in order so from now on, the Horton Town Square will be her only priority. Paulina adds that she just hopes that Tom and Alice approve. Abe assures that they would and that he wishes she had known them. Abe talks about how Tom and Alice thought of everyone as family so they would love what she's trying to do. Paulina is not so sure but Abe encourages that they believed in change. Abe comments that Tom and Alice devoted their entire lives to making this a better place, just like Paulina is now.

Chanel confirms that she walked in on Eli undressed and got an eye full. Chanel tells Lani that she is one lucky lady. Lani cuts her off and says it's really inappropriate and disrespectful for her to talk about her husband like that. Lani asks Chanel if she likes when men talk about how beautiful she is or what a great body she has. Chanel responds that she likes when anybody talks about her like that, male or female. Lani argues that she knows what she's talking about. Chanel agrees not to talk about her husband like that anymore and asks if Lani is mad at her.

Eli tells Philip that he doesn't like it since it's obvious that Belle only confessed to save Claire and Jan will see right through that. Philip thinks they are banking on Jan being delusional about Shawn for the past 20 years in spite of the fact that Shawn hates her guts. Philip prays for Jan to let Claire go, now that she thinks she has what she wants. Eli asks if Jan will let Chloe go too then. Philip says he's not so sure about that. Eli points out that Jan didn't intend to kidnap Chloe, so if she lets her go then there won't be additional charges. Philip reminds Eli that Jan is crazy, so he's really worried because Jan has despised Chloe since high school. Eli notes that was years ago but Philip worries that in Jan's head, they are all still in high school. Philip talks about Chloe making Jan nuts from the very beginning. Philip thinks Chloe makes Jan feel worthless without even trying and that makes Jan dangerous.

Jan says bye to Shawn and hangs up on him. Jan tells Chloe that she's so lucky that Shawn is so predictable. Jan guesses Shawn is already on the way to try to save Claire and then he'll be the one to knock over the lantern and watch his daughter go up in flames. Chloe thought Jan and Claire were friends. Jan responds that she did too, but Claire had other plans. Jan warns Chloe to worry more about herself. Chloe asks what that means and what she's planning to do to her.

Ben yells for Claire to hang on as he tries to put out the flames.

Belle asks Shawn if Jan just left Claire there to die. Shawn assures that he's not going to let that happen. Belle cries that Claire must be terrified and she can't go with him. Shawn tells her that he will be in touch as he rushes out of the prison.

Ben gets through the flames and checks on Claire. He asks where Jan is. Claire informs him that she took Chloe and left her here after putting gasoline on the floor and leaving the lantern so she would burn to death. Ben asks if she did anything else to hurt her. Claire confirms that she didn't but talks about how business like Jan was in setting this up. Ben checks his phone but there's no signal. Claire asks how Ben even found her. Ben says he has no idea as he didn't even know where she was and just came for a place to clear his head and ended up here. Claire is thankful but Ben worries that he could have killed her. Ben talks about imagining Jordan and how she was right as his guilty conscience. Ben brings up not answering the phone when Claire called and if he did, none of this would've happened. Claire assures that it's not his fault. Ben says it sure as hell feels like it. Claire knows Ben feels guilty because she kissed him when he's still married to Ciara.

Jan has Chloe drive to the Salem Airfield and they get out of the car. Chloe questions what they are doing here. Jan warns her to knock off the questions or she will end up like Claire. Chloe asks if Jan wants to kill her too. Jan suggests she not give her any ideas. Jan decides that for once in her life, Chloe can be useful and some unlucky soul can have the chance to save her, but she just has to figure out who.

Eli asks Philip about he and Chloe being friends for a long time. Philip says it's more than that as Chloe was the first woman he ever loved and maybe the only one, but he lost her to Brady. Philip thought they'd have a chance when he came back to Salem but Kristen was right when she said he blew it. Eli questions him talking to Kristen and not telling the cops. Philip clarifies that he thought she was Susan like everyone else. Philip says he never got a chance to tell Chloe how he feels and now it might be too late. Eli encourages him to never give up and promises they will find Chloe.

Chanel swears to Lani that she had no idea Eli was there when she walked in. Lani assures that she's not mad but it makes her uncomfortable when she speaks about her husband that way. Chanel agrees not to in the future. Lani reminds Chanel that she was only supposed to be staying here for a couple of nights as there's too many of them and not enough space here. Lani hoped that Chanel would have found a job or at least started looking for one by now. Chanel then reveals that she actually has.

Paulina informs Abe that she was busy while she's away as she now owns three more buildings in the town square with more deals pending. Paulina thinks something bigger brought her here. Paulina declares that she needed Salem and Salem needed her. Abe congratulates her and mentions that he's been busy too. Abe talks about convincing the city council to change the zoning rules so they could create one big marketplace. Paulina says she's eternally grateful for that. Abe talks about Paulina encouraging small businesses with people of color. Paulina jokes that she finally dragged him in to the 21st century. Abe informs her that to get the ball rolling, the city is going to offer tax breaks and free rent to qualified applicants for the first year. Paulina questions him saying free so Abe asks if she has a problem with that. Paulina says she's glad that he was thinking about what she said, but she's a businesswoman so free rent is not her idea of how to generate income. Abe says they were talking about stimulating economy. Paulina calls that a happy byproduct of individual entrepreneurship. Abe questions her wanting to make a killing and just hoping that somehow it all trickles down to the people. Paulina says she won't apologize for being a capitalist. Abe argues that she didn't sell this proposition on capitalism, but on multi-culturalism and community. Abe guesses she only wants this if she's the landlord. Paulina questions if she's supposed to be punished for her hard work and her vision. Abe declares that the tenants will not pay the rent, but the city will, so she will still get her money. Paulina complains that it would've been nice if she was informed before investing her money. Abe suggests she should've been more above board about what she was going to do because he believed in what she said, that she was sincere about wanting to help the community. Paulina insists that she is. Paulina admits she's kind of taken aback and disappointed but says they are still in this together, so she's sure they can make this work for the both of them. Abe calls that a classy way of saying they are stuck with each other.

Chanel shows Lani that she saw Abe is starting a new initiative, offering incentives to people of color to start small businesses so she's going to submit an application. Lani says that's great, but points out that she will need collateral and she and her mom are not on the best of terms. Chanel assures that she won't need her mom as rent is free at first and start up costs are minimal for the business she wants to open. Chanel tells Lani that she plans to open a bakery called Sweet Bits.

Jan complains about Chloe's stomach growling. Chloe complains about being locked in a trunk for three days. Jan gives her food to shut her up. Jan remarks on who would want her and then declares that she knows exactly who Chloe's knight in shining armor is going to be.

Eli tells Philip that he's going off duty but promises that someone will give him a call as soon as they hear anything about Chloe or Claire. Eli then gets a call and exits to answer. Philip then gets a call from Jan Spears. Philip questions why she's calling and if Chloe and Claire are okay. Jan responds that he's out of the loop and guesses nobody cares that Philip once loved Claire like a daughter. Philip asks if Claire is okay. Jan says she's not calling about Claire and she doesn't have a lot of time left on her burner phone, so someone else will have to catch him up to speed. Jan asks Philip how he would like to save Chloe's life and bets she'd be eternally grateful.

Ben unties Claire. Claire apologizes for kissing him. Ben says he was a mess about the divorce papers and that Claire was just trying to comfort him. Claire asks if he signed the papers. Ben says he has not and they aren't going to whine about him after what Claire has been through. Ben asks why Jan brought her here. Claire informs him that Jan wanted her to feel as scared as Ciara did when she set the place on fire. Ben calls Jan a psycho bitch. Claire adds that Jan said she's no better than she is. Ben says that's not true. Claire thought she made up for what she did, but being on the other side of the flames made her wish she could tell Ciara one more time how sorry she is and that she doesn't blame Ciara for hating her. Ben tells Claire that when he was looking for her, he found her locket. Claire looks at the pictures inside and says she misses when she and Ciara were that close. Shawn then arrives to find Claire and asks if she's okay. Claire tells him that she's fine as Ben saved her. Shawn asks how Ben knew she was here. Ben admits he didn't and he just came here to clear his head. Shawn smells the gasoline and asks what Jan did to Claire as he hugs her. Claire assures that she's okay as Ben got there in time. Ben explains to Shawn that Jan tied Claire up and booby trapped the place, setting up a lantern by the door so that it would knock over when he opened it and start a fire, but he managed to reach Claire before the fire did. Shawn realizes that's why Jan told him where she was, because she wanted him to be the one to open the door. Claire insists that she's fine but she doesn't know about Chloe since Jan took her with her. Ben points out that they don't have cell signal. Shawn says they have to get to a phone to let Belle know that Claire is okay and they have to get to the police station to let them know that Jan has Chloe. Claire worries that this is bad as Jan is really crazy and really mad at Chloe. Shawn tells Claire to get in the car. Ben decides that he's going to stay a little while longer now that Claire is okay. Shawn informs him that this is a crime scene now so he can't stay. Claire points out that Ben just saved her life and could've died too, so Shawn agrees to let Ben stay. Shawn thanks Ben as they shake hands. Shawn then takes Claire and exits the cabin.

Philip asks where Jan is and what she wants him to do. Jan orders him to just listen. Jan explains that after spending half her life in a coma, there's no way she's going to prison for accidentally kidnapping Chloe of all people. Jan informs Philip that she needs money and a quick way out of town. Jan instructs Philip to bring her a suitcase full of money, the Kiriakis jet, a pilot, and a lot of gummy bears for the flight. Philip agrees to her demands and asks to talk to Chloe. Jan tells him that he doesn't have time and needs to get there as quick as possible. Jan warns him not to say a word to the cops if he wants to see Chloe again as they hang up.

Lani tells Chanel that she wouldn't worry about her business sense. Chanel acknowledges that she's never tried anything like this before and she's kind of putting it on the line. Lani is sure her mom will have a lot of advice to give. Chanel points out they aren't on speaking terms. Lani says that's because she tried to extort 10 million dollars for her. Chanel argues that Paulina never lets anything go as she was only going to get 5 million and argues that she would've never married Xander if Paulina didn't cut her off. Lani thinks getting a job and starting a business will start repairing her relationship with Paulina, as she just wants her to grow up. Chanel calls maturity overrated. Lani guesses that Chanel is scared. Chanel admits she is, but also really excited as she will be her own boss and an independent woman. Chanel adds that she is scared of screwing up. Lani says she has to expect things to go wrong as they always do. Chanel remarks that her mother has never screwed up anything in her life, except for her. Lani wishes Chanel luck. Chanel calls Lani the luckiest person she knows with her husband, babies, and career. Lani states that she has made big mistakes too. Chanel brings up hearing that Lani's friend Kristen skipped town. Lani responds that she loves Kristen, but she can't believe that Kristen broke out of prison, almost got four people killed, and that Chloe is still missing. Lani prays that they find Chloe.

Eli comes back in to the police station and questions Philip still being there. Philip tells him that he got a call. Eli mentions that he did too, from Belle, who said that Jan told them where she took Claire so Shawn is on his way there, but no word about Chloe. Philip thanks Eli for letting him know and says he has to go, so he then exits the station.

Chanel goes to the town square and finds Abe with Paulina. Chanel comments on Paulina being back and not calling. Paulina notes that Chanel hadn't called her. Abe points out that Paulina did just get in. Paulina says she went right to work and remarks that Chanel should try that sometime. Chanel remarks on Paulina always going straight to where the money is. Paulina asks if Chanel is going to ask for some, guessing that sponging off of Lani has gotten old or if she actually got a job to earn money of her own while she was gone. Chanel reveals that's why she was looking for Abe. Abe asks what he can do for her. Chanel stops and says she wants to start over. Chanel tells Paulina that she was surprised to see her and didn't say what she wanted to say, which is that she's very sorry. Paulina goes over Chanel blackmailing her and marrying Xander, arguing that a sorry won't wipe that slate clean. Chanel asks if they can do this in private. Abe agrees to go and tells Chanel that he'll be in his office if she still wants to talk. Paulina stops Abe and asks him not to go. Paulina declares that she needs to apologize as well to Chanel and she wants Abe to hear it. She is sorry for going off on her. Chanel says it's okay. Abe suggests they go get some coffee and they can talk about the town square later. Chanel stops Abe and informs him that she'd like to talk about the town square too.

Philip drives to the Airfield where Jan has Chloe at gunpoint. Philip asks if Chloe is alright. Jan says that she's fine and to get this over with. Philip informs Jan that he has the jet ready to go and told the pilot to take her where ever she wants to go. Jan orders Philip to put the suitcase down and back away from it. Philip says not until she lets Chloe go. Jan declares that they have a problem then.

Chanel brings up Abe's program offering small businesses run by people of color in the town square, so she'd like to apply. Chanel says she filled out an application and a preliminary business proposal as well as contacting restaurant supply companies. Abe notes that the program was just announced so he asks how she did all this. Chanel responds that she's highly motivated and gives him some of her cookies to try. Abe calls it proof of product viability. Chanel says maybe all her bake sales when she was little might pay off. Chanel says she's trying to support herself and be independent, asking if that's what Paulina wanted.

Ben sits alone in the cabin. He walks around and then pulls out the divorce papers from his pocket. Ben picks up a pen and goes to sign the papers but stops.

Shawn returns to Belle at the prison with Claire. Belle and Claire hug as they cry.

Jan tells Philip that there's no way she's giving him Chloe now, so she's coming with her. Philip argues that wasn't the deal. Jan says it is now. Jan argues that the pilot could fly her straight to prison for all she knows. Jan says when she gets where she's going, she'll put Chloe on a slow boat back to Salem. Philip says that's not good enough. Jan calls it his only option. Jan orders Chloe to get the money from Philip or else she will shoot her right in front of him. Chloe asks Philip to just do what Jan says. Chloe then turns and grabs Jan. They struggle over the gun until the gun is fired....

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