Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/2/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/2/21


Written By Joseph

Ben goes to see his father Clyde in prison. Clyde mentions not hearing from Ben since he found Ciara with his help so he guesses it was a hell of a reunion. Clyde says some people will call him ungrateful but gives Ben the benefit of the doubt since they had a lot to catch up on. Clyde asks Ben what's going on now. Ben responds that he's in trouble and he's afraid he's losing his mind again.

Melinda Trask enters the interrogation room to confront Belle. Melinda informs her that she just had a long, somewhat surprising conversation with her attorney, Justin Kiriakis, who presented her with Belle's signed confession to Charlie Dale's murder. Belle asks why that would be surprising since she arrested her and obviously believes she is guilty. Melinda assures that she's happy to have the confession, but considering how much Belle was maintaining her innocence, she questions what made her change her mind.

Shawn and Philip talk at the police station about being unable to track down Kate's car. They worry about Chloe being in the trunk. Philip points out that Chloe got away from Kristen, only to be taken by Jan.

Jan brings a bag of food to the cabin in the woods, where she has Claire and Chloe tied up.

Philip hates thinking about Chloe being in Jan's hands and he knows how worried Shawn is about Claire. Shawn assures that Belle is giving Jan what she wants. Philip questions if Jan will just let Claire and Chloe go then. Shawn says it's the best chance they have and he's trying to get a hold of Jan, but she's not picking up. Philip can't believe they are pinning their hopes on trusting Jan Spears. Shawn admits they don't have any other choice.

Melinda asks Belle what made her decide to admit what she did after all these weeks of swearing her innocence. Belle responds that she did it for her family and wants to get her confession on the record so they can move this process along. Melinda warns her that the confession is just the beginning, as if she truly wants to pay for her crime, then she will have to change her plea to guilty so she can put her behind bars where she belongs.

Clyde questions Ben thinking he's losing his mind and that he can help. Ben explains that at first he wasn't sure what was happening but it keeps getting worse. Clyde thinks it's a job for his shrink. Ben says normally it would be but Marlena's granddaughter is missing now. Clyde questions if he's plan B. Ben says he just needs someone to talk to. Clyde asks why he thinks he's going crazy. Ben informs Clyde that he's been seeing Jordan like a hallucination and she tells him that she is a representation of his guilty conscience. Clyde argues that Ben has atoned for his sins over and over again and has nothing to feel guilty about anymore. Ben states that this has nothing to do with his past. Clyde questions if there is something new. Ben then reveals that he almost cheated on his wife.

Jan tells Claire and Chloe that she's sorry for the accommodations but she couldn't pass up the significance of the cabin which Chloe questions. Jan asks if Claire wants to tell her, but she remains silent, so Jan informs Chloe that this cabin is where Claire tried to set Ciara on fire twice. Claire yells at Jan to shut the hell up. Jan adds that Claire made the cabin famous. Claire complains that she's changed and is not that person anymore. Claire asks why she brought her here. Jan says it's to remind her that she's still no better than she is and neither is Belle. Chloe asks what Belle has to do with this. Jan says she was happy to see Belle held up her end of their agreement and confessed to Charlie's murder. Claire asks if they can go then since Jan is free to be with Shawn and no longer needs her as a bargaining chip. Jan admits that Claire has served her purpose but the problem is, she told her the whole story and she knows the truth that she is the one that killed Charlie. Jan declares that now she has to die.

Marlena walks through the town square, on the phone with John, who is out with Brady driving around looking for Claire. Marlena talks about Brady needing his rest and being worried about Claire. Marlena asks John to go home and says she will see him soon as she hangs up. Paulina then arrives, making her return to Salem. She and Marlena hug. Marlena notes that Abe said Paulina caused quite a stir in town but thought she left. Paulina said she went away to take care of a few things but announces that she is now back in town. They sit together as Marlena remembers when Paulina would come to visit Tamara back in college. Paulina talks about wanting to be like Marlena when she got older. Marlena encourages that she's done fine for herself. Paulina says Marlena's the kind of woman she wants to be. Marlena says she needed to hear that today so Paulina asks if she's having a tough time. Marlena admits she is because her daughter has gotten herself in quite a fix.

Belle questions Melinda wanting her to change her plea to guilty. Melinda can't see why she would have a problem with that since she said she wanted to avoid a trial and already admitted her guilt, unless this is some kind of angle. Belle asks why she's complicating things and tells her to just enter the confession in to the record then go give her big celebratory press conference. Melinda asks if Justin will then use it against her by agreeing that the confession was coerced and has it thrown out. Belle says that's not what is happening here. Melinda tells her to prove it and declares that if she doesn't go to the court house now to enter a plea of guilty, then she has no choice but to reject this confession.

Shawn hopes Melinda doesn't get suspicious about Belle's confession. Philip suggests just telling Melinda that it's a setup to free Claire but Shawn doesn't think Melinda would go along with it so he doesn't want to risk it. Shawn worries that if Jan has the slightest suspicion that Belle is lying to her, he doesn't want to think of what Jan would do to Claire. Philip wonders what Jan even wants with Chloe.

Claire argues that Jan just said they were friends and that she wouldn't kill her. Jan tells her that she's right but declares that Chloe is going to have to kill Claire for her. Jan says Chloe will have to make herself useful. Chloe complains about only being here because she was locked in a trunk. Jan remarks that she will be able to get the job done and keep her hands clean, because she has Chloe to do her dirty work.

Paulina says Marlena's daughter finding herself in a mess sounds familiar as her daughter Chanel is struggling. Marlena asks if she wants to talk about it. Paulina informs her that Chanel married a man the first night they met and the man has a rap sheet as long as her arm. Marlena notes that's a lot more than struggling. Paulina says to top it all off, she tried to extort money from her to get out of the marriage. Marlena asks how she handled it. Paulina says she used tough love and hoped that Chanel turned herself around since she's been gone. Paulina encourages that Marlena's daughter will find her way out of her mess too. Marlena hopes she is right but notes that her granddaughter got involved and was kidnapped which shocks Paulina. Marlena knows Paulina had the same experience when Lani's babies were kidnapped and how frightened they all were. Paulina points out how overjoyed they were when the babies were returned and assures that the same will happen for Marlena.

Belle knows Melinda wants to expedite the process. Melinda says she will call Justin to get it started then. Belle points out that changing a plea requires a hearing and they don't have a court date. Melinda says they were scheduled to begin her trial today so they can appear before the judge and change her plea to skip straight to her conviction. Belle argues that she's going to have to talk to her attorney about this. Melinda informs her that she already let Justin know that they are on the way to the courthouse. Melinda questions if Belle is having second thoughts. Belle confirms that she will change her plea so Melinda exits the room.

Clyde questions Ben getting divorce papers from Ciara. Ben calls it one of the worst days of his life. Clyde asks what he did when he got them. Ben says he was so upset that he didn't know what to do, so he went to see Belle to see if she could help but she wasn't home and Claire was there instead. Clyde asks if something happened between them. Ben says that's not important but Clyde thinks it is. Clyde asks what he did. Ben explains that Claire kissed him but he stopped it. Clyde questions what the hell he's freaking out about then if he stopped it and nothing happened. Ben complains that Jordan keeps putting it on him for cheating on Ciara and making him feel like a terrible person. Ben adds that Claire called him and Jordan kept goading him to answer the phone, but he felt guilty so he didn't pick up the phone but now he knows Claire was calling because she needed help, as she has been kidnapped. Ben tells him that Jan Spears has taken Claire and now Jordan won't shut up about how it's all his fault. Ben declares that now another woman might die because of him.

Jan unties Chloe and holds her gun on her as she warns her not to do anything stupid. Jan asks Chloe if she wants to take Claire outside and kill her there. Claire argues that she doesn't want to do this. Jan agrees that inside the cabin is better. Chloe refuses to kill anyone and says she doesn't care what she does to her. Claire tells Chloe that it's okay and to do whatever she has to do to get home to her son. Claire says that Jan is not giving Chloe any choice, so she has to take the gun. Chloe tells Claire that she's sorry. Claire says she understands. Chloe then tells Jan that she will do it. Jan tells Claire that she's really sorry about this as she likes her and in another life, they could've been friends. Claire wants to just get it over with. Chloe holds her hand out for Jan to give her the gun.

Paulina tells Marlena that she's a straight shooter but she knows the power of belief, so she has to believe that Belle and Claire will be okay. Paulina talks about faith serving her well over the years. Marlena brings up that Abe said Paulina has some very big ideas. Paulina admits she has big plans for the town square which Marlena asks about. Paulina informs her that she bought a few of the buildings and intends to buy the whole town square as she has a vision to interconnect all the stores and unify the space in to one shared marketplace and then offer reasonable rents to a wide array of small business owners. Paulina declares that when she's finished, it will be a dynamic and inclusive community that honors and represents the true diversity of Salem. Marlena notes that it sounds ambitious and amazing.

Clyde hates to see Ben tied up in knots like this. Ben worries about Claire dying. Clyde encourages him not to do that to himself and that waiting around for Jordan to tell him what to do is not healthy. Clyde tells Ben to take some action about his marriage. Ben asks what he's supposed to do when Ciara wants a divorce, so his only option is to sign the papers. Ben talks about Ciara calling him but he doesn't return her messages because he can't let her go. Ben asks what else he is supposed to do since he feels like he's losing his mind. Clyde orders Ben to get on a plane to South Africa and go get his wife.

Shawn and Philip join Belle in the interrogation room to ask how she's doing. Belle admits she's been better. Philip mentions that Melinda said they are still going to court. Belle informs them that she agreed to plead guilty to the murder which Shawn questions. Belle explains that it was the only way to get Melinda to accept her confession as she thought this was some legal strategy. Belle assures that it's the only way to convince Jan that this is real. Shawn worries that they are going to lock her up. Belle points out that it will make Jan believe everything is real so she will let Claire go. Philip hopes Chloe will be let go too. Shawn argues that there has to be another way to do this. Belle insists there isn't and says once Claire is free, they will fix all of this but for now they have to give Jan what she wants. Belle asks Shawn for his support on this. Philip calls it one hell of a hail mary. Belle responds that her daughter's life is at risk. Belle asks if her confession has gone public yet. Shawn confirms it's all over the papers and social media. Belle questions why they haven't heard from Jan then.

Chloe asks Jan if they are doing this or not. Jan says they are and grabs a large knife to kill Claire with because she refuses to give her gun to her, so that Chloe won't have a weapon to use against her. Chloe argues that this is not right. Jan brings up Chloe using a knife against the drug kingpin in Mexico. Chloe argues that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Jan says she was impressed and she knows Chloe has it in her. Jan instructs Chloe to gut Claire with the knife.

Philip asks Belle if she's sure about this and what if it doesn't work. Belle asks if Shawn is with her on this. Shawn responds that he's always with her. Philip worries about Jan. Shawn assures that they will hear from Jan since they know what really matters to her is getting him away from Belle. Shawn adds that Jan knows if she hurts Claire, he'll never forgive her. Belle wonders if Jan is waiting for her confession to be official so that she's on the record as Charlie's murderer. Melinda returns and announces they are all set as Justin is waiting at the court house. Melinda declares that as soon as the judge accepts Belle's plea, she will be transferred to Statesville prison pending sentencing. Melinda asks if she is ready. Belle confirms that she is and exits with Shawn.

Jan asks what Chloe is waiting for and orders her to kill Claire. Chloe starts to cry as Claire pleads with her not to kill her. Chloe cries that she can't do this. Jan calls her useless. Claire asks what she's going to do now. Jan responds that she can't kill Claire but if Chloe won't help, she's no good to her. Claire suggests just letting Chloe go.

Ben tells Clyde that he wants to get on a plane and bring Ciara home but he can't because she is with Theo Carver and doesn't want to be with him right now. Clyde questions Ben giving up and not fighting for her. Ben argues that he's been fighting. Clyde reminds Ben of what Ciara did to save his life when he was in prison and risked everything she had for him. Clyde calls that love. Ben points out that Ciara doesn't remember that anymore and doesn't remember loving him. Ben declares that as much as he hates it, he thinks the best thing to do is to give Ciara space and let her decide what she wants. Clyde asks what if Ciara decides it's over forever. Ben says he'll have to accept that. Clyde disagrees and talks about how many times he's been sure it was over between them before. Clyde adds that the whole world thought Ciara was dead. Clyde insists that what they have is fate. Ben brings up if he didn't find her after she crashed her motorcycle and taken her to the cabin. Ben realizes it's been almost four years to the day. Ben talks about how he can't get her out of his mind. Clyde encourages Ben to get away from all the memories and get out of town. Ben repeats that he's not going to South Africa. Clyde tells him to forget that and just go somewhere, suggesting he ride Ciara's motorcycle and see where the road takes him. Clyde assures he won't hear the voices anymore and he'll get clear if he just rides and forgets the pain. Ben agrees that maybe he should leave town. Clyde wishes he could be out on the open road and guarantees it will make Ben feel better. Ben responds that he actually already feels better. Clyde asks if he actually gave him some good advice then. Clyde jokes about becoming a therapist. Ben thanks him for listening. Clyde acknowledges that he hasn't always been the greatest father to him, but he is the only one he's got. Clyde tells Ben to take care of himself as they hug.

Marlena comments that Paulina certainly thinks big. Paulina admits she never could have made it happen without Abe's support and encouragement. Marlena says Abe has always been dedicated to what is best for the town. Paulina asks if Marlena approves of her vision. Marlena thinks whatever improves the community is great and she thinks Tom and Alice would be proud. Paulina is unaware of who Tom and Alice are. Marlena explains that the Horton Town Square is named after them as they were the most respected people in all of Salem. Marlena adds that Eli is their great great grandson. Paulina realizes that the twins are then their great great great grandchildren. Paulina calls the town square Jules and Carver's legacy then. Marlena agrees and knows Tom and Alice would be proud to know that the town square lives on. Paulina guesses she has a lot to live up to and promises to do her best to honor them.

Jan agrees with Claire that she could just let Chloe go since she was never supposed to be here and doesn't have any big beef with her. Chloe thanks her. Jan says since Chloe won't help her kill Claire, she's mostly just in her way. Chloe cries that she just wants to go home and see her son. Jan says the problem is that Chloe knows she killed Charlie and she doesn't trust her not to tell, so she has two birds to get rid of and now she's going to have to find a big stone.

Paulina tells Marlena that it was lovely catching up but she'll let her go be with her family. Marlena hopes to get some good news and says it was great seeing Paulina. Marlena hopes they see each other more often. Paulina assures that she'll be praying for her and her family. Marlena thanks her and says she'll be thinking of her family as well. Marlena wishes her luck with the town square as they hug. Marlena says she will see her soon and walks away. Paulina looks at the plaque of Tom and Alice, saying they seem like lovely people like Marlena so she almost feels guilty about lying to Marlena just now about what she really has planned for the town square...

Shawn goes to the prison with Belle. He hugs her and says he hates seeing her like this, but he's proud of her for sacrificing herself to get Claire away from Jan. Belle points out that Jan still has to see that she's here. Shawn says he's on it and takes a photo of Belle on his phone to send to Jan, hoping that she gets it quickly. Shawn then gets a call from Jan, who is now back in the car. Jan remarks that Belle looks lovely in prison gear. Shawn tells Jan that she got her wish as Belle confessed, changed her plea to guilty, and is now in prison awaiting sentencing so now she can let Claire go.

Melinda returns to the police station and informs Philip that justice has been served and Belle is behind bars. Philip argues that it wasn't justice because Belle didn't kill Charlie Dale, Jan Spears did which shocks Melinda. Philip reveals that Belle and Shawn just told Melinda what she wanted to hear because Jan kidnapped their daughter. Philip tells Melinda that Jan is a killer and she could kill again. Philip declares that thanks to Melinda, Chloe and Claire's lives are still in danger.

Jan holds her gun on Chloe as she forces her to drive. Jan says she appreciates Shawn and Belle holding up their end of the bargain but unfortunately she couldn't do the same. Shawn questions what the hell she's talking about. Jan says she's sorry he went through all that trouble, but even with Belle in prison, she knows Shawn could never truly love her so she made another plan...

Claire remains tied up in the cabin where a gasoline container is knocked over and a candle is lit.

Jan remarks that unfortunately there's going to be some collateral damage..

Ben arrives at the cabin and prepares to head inside.

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