Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/25/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/25/21


Written By Joseph

Belle and Shawn rush home looking for Claire and worry about if Jan got her. Shawn pulls his gun but only finds Ben. Belle asks what he's doing there and where Claire is.

Jan walks Claire outside with her gun. Claire asks why she's doing this to her. Jan responds that it has to do with the sins of her father.

Brady finishes a call with John in the hospital. Lucas enters Brady's hospital room and informs him that he just visited Kate, who is in an induced coma right now. Brady says that's so that she can recover. Lucas worries about if she is going to recover. Brady says he's sorry. Lucas asks if he's sorry or flattered since Kristen left Kate in a ditch to die and now Chloe is missing, all because Kristen wants to be close to Brady.

Philip enters the interrogation room to confront Kristen. Kristen says she's waiting for her lawyer. Philip questions how she spins on kidnapping Kate and leaving her for dead. Kristen argues that Kate chose to leave the vehicle. Philip threatens to take justice in to his own hands. Kristen calls for help but Philip says the cops won't help her since she's not well liked. Philip adds that they did not take it well that it came out that Kristen hired Xander to kill Sami and Lucas. Philip reveals that Sami and Lucas are not dead and are looking forward to testifying against her. Philip adds that this is a capitol punishment state.

Sami goes home while on the phone with Marlena, assuring that she and Lucas are fine and that Xander did not lay a finger on them. Xander then appears behind Sami and says not yet, but the night is still young. Xander order Sami to get off the phone so she hangs up. Sami tells Xander that she's not afraid of him and says he got his money from EJ so he can get out. Xander suggests she not be barking orders and informs her that she doesn't have the backup that she thinks she has. Sami asks what that means. Xander responds that EJ doesn't care much about her life after all, because all the money he wired to him is gone.

Philip informs Kristen that Xander went to the highest bidder, so now Kristen has a murder for hire charge. Philip thinks it will be a high profile case. Kristen asks what he wants. Philip says he'll give her the chance to help herself. Philip asks what she did with Chloe. Kristen says she'll be happy to tell the cops where Chloe is, if she gets full immunity. Philip argues that he just spoke with the district attorney and she's not getting any kind of deal at all.

Brady assures Lucas that he had no idea that Kristen broke out of prison. Lucas questions him not recognizing the woman he loves. Brady says he has every right to be angry but he thought Kristen had changed. Lucas argues that Kristen is using Chloe's life as a bargaining chip and that's low even for her. Brady states that there's no way Melinda is going to give Kristen a plea deal. Lucas questions if Kristen's going to back down and tell them everything suddenly, mocking the idea that she has such a good heart.

Shawn asks what Ben is doing here. Ben explains that he came by to look for Claire and he searched the whole place but she's not home. Belle asks about the chair knocked over. Ben notes that it was like that when he got there. Shawn asks why Ben was looking for Claire. Ben reveals that Claire called him and he had just talked to her so he didn't pick up, until he saw how long the voicemail was. Shawn asks what she said. Ben says he's sorry and plays the voicemail of Claire telling Jan to put the gun away and let her go. Belle starts to panic and asks what Jan has done to Claire.

Claire tells Jan that she doesn't want to kill her. Jan responds that she has to because her parents have played her for a fool for the last time and they need to learn a lesson. Claire questions why she didn't just shoot her at the house instead of marching her out where she could get caught. Jan says she wanted to make Shawn and Belle sweat. Claire doesn't believe her since Jan always said she wanted to be her friend. Jan points out that Claire said she didn't want to be her friend over and over so she can't play that card now. Claire argues that they were friends and she thinks part of her doesn't want to hurt her, or else she would've done it already. Claire asks if she's right. Jan admits that there is a part of her that does really care about her. Jan remarks that her big heart has always been her Achilles' heel. Jan decides that Claire might be worth more to her alive than dead. Claire questions what she means. Jan says she's not sure but she will figure it out. Claire pleads with Jan to let her go and says she won't tell anyone that she killed Charlie. Jan flashes back to shooting Charlie. Jan tells Claire that she can't get her what she wants, until Jan gets what she wants.

Belle talks about worrying when Claire didn't answer her phone. Shawn realizes he can track Claire's phone but they find that it is there at the house. Ben points out that Claire called him less than half an hour ago and her car is still in the driveway so they couldn't have gotten far. Ben decides to see if he can find her while Shawn calls the police station.

Sami tells Xander that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Xander explains that EJ's money was deposited into his account last night but then withdrawn 2 hours later because EJ reversed the transaction. Xander points out that Sami agreed to pay 10 million for him not to kill her and there's no time limit on that agreement. Sami explains that she countered Kristen's offer, but now Kristen is in prison so that bidding war is over. Xander doesn't care as she owes him that money as long as she's alive. Sami reminds him that she can't just give him money without EJ signing off on it. Xander demands Sami get EJ back on the phone now, but she refuses.

Lucas asks Brady if he thinks Kristen should get a pass for attempted murder and kidnapping. Brady says he just thinks Melinda shouldn't have said that since Kristen is most dangerous when she feels like her back is against the wall. Lucas doesn't care about Kristen's state of mind as they just need to find and save Chloe. Brady asks what makes him so concerned about Chloe all of a sudden and brings up Lucas telling her that he's dying of a brain tumor. Brady reveals that Marlena told him and that Sami put him up to it so he questions why they would do that. Lucas thinks back to arguing with Sami about telling Chloe the truth. Lucas tells Brady to just concentrate on finding Chloe. Brady says that's what he's trying to do but Kristen went to great lengths to get Chloe out of the way, but now suddenly Lucas was begging her to go away with him which is exactly what Kristen wanted. Brady calls it a big coincidence and asks if he and Sami teamed up with Kristen. Lucas reveals to Brady that Kristen threw he and Sami in the DiMera dungeon and sent Xander in to kill them. Brady is shocked as he did not know about that. Lucas argues that Kristen does everything for Brady, so if something happens then it's on Brady just as much as Kristen. Lucas then storms out, while Brady agrees.

Kristen argues that the district attorney wouldn't talk to Philip about her deal. Philip says she's free to discuss it because there is no deal. Philip warns that Melinda said Kristen is looking at life in prison if they decide not to execute her. Kristen responds that if anything happens to Chloe, it will be on Melinda's head and his. Kristen argues that Philip gave up on Chloe and lost her to a man that she already divorced and is not even interested in. Kristen calls Philip a loser like Lucas and blames Kate as their mother. Philip then shouts that he will make Kristen shut up and grabs her by the throat.

Kayla continues complaining to Steve about Dr. Snyder. Kayla argues that Dr. Snyder knows she doesn't like him so he takes it out on Tripp and it's not fair. Steve points out that they only have a couple hours together and they spent most of it talking about that jerk. Steve offers Kayla some wine but she doesn't want any, so Steve asks what she does want. Kayla then kisses Steve.

Philip chokes Kristen until Brady enters the interrogation room. Brady says if Philip wants to know where Chloe is, he will let him talk to Kristen. Brady tells Philip to calm down and get out of here. Philip swears to finish what he started if Brady can't get Kristen to tell him the truth. Philip then exits the room. Kristen worries about Brady leaving the hospital. Brady brings up what Kristen has done. Kristen apologizes for everything and says if she knew Brady was in the other car, she would've never left him. Brady doesn't know what she's talking about. Kristen then reveals to him that she was the one who ran him off the road.

Xander questions Sami not calling EJ. Sami argues that Xander didn't do anything to earn that money. Xander says he continues to earn it by not killing her. Sami points out that the police know he was hired to kill her and says she knew he was blowing smoke. Xander argues that she owes him that money. Sami tells him to go ahead and kill her then. Xander responds that he will and pulls his gun out.

Belle worries about what Jan wants with Claire. Shawn is sure she will call and tell them if Ben doesn't find her first.

Ben walks outside and runs in to his imagination of Jordan again. She says that she is his guilty conscience back to haunt him. Ben tells her to go away but Jordan says she can't leave him for an hour without him screwing things up. She argues that she told him to answer Claire's call but now Claire is going to die and it will be all his fault. She remarks that his woman killing spree isn't over after all. Ben insists that he's going to find her. Jordan points out that she's not here. Ben then finds Claire's necklace in the bushes and realizes that she was there.

Shawn gets a call from Jan, who is sitting in a car with Claire. Jan guesses he finally figured out she wasn't coming because she felt the invitation wasn't sincere. Shawn knows she talked to Dr. Snyder and wants to explain but Jan says he doesn't have to. Jan is sure he jumped to the conclusion that she killed Charlie because he always thinks the worst of her and that's why he staged the fight with Belle. Jan says he thought he could trick her in to confessing, but now the trick is on him as she has his daughter. Shawn argues that Claire had nothing to do with this and asks her not to take this out on her. Jan responds that she doesn't blame Claire or even Shawn, but says that Belle turned him against her like she always does. Jan guesses that Belle is there with him. Shawn claims that she is not but Jan demands that he put Belle on the phone now.

Kristen tells Brady that she's so sorry and it was a terrible accident. Kristen talks about Kate finding out that she wasn't really Susan and attacking her while she was behind the wheel. Brady says if Kate didn't do that, no one would ever hear from her again because that's what she does to people that cross her. Brady can't believe he thought Kristen had changed. Brady brings up Lucas telling him that she ordered Xander to kill he and Sami. Brady adds that they don't know what she plans on doing to Chloe. Kristen cries that she can't lose Brady and Rachel forever as she can't live without him and she just wanted to be close to him. Kristen tells Brady that she loves him so much. Brady says if she does, she needs to tell him where Chloe is now.

Xander asks Sami if she thinks he's bluffing. Sami says she knows he is because Kristen hired him to kill her because she was afraid of being caught, but now she's been caught, so if she turns up dead then Kristen will be facing murder. Xander wants to do it anyway just to wipe the smug look off her face forever. Lucas then arrives and hits Xander from behind with a bat. Lucas stands in between them as Sami calls him her hero.

Steve tells Kayla that he's missed her. Kayla apologizes for her crazy schedule and says it's not fair to him. Steve assures that she has no reason to be sorry for doing her job. Kayla says nothing is more important than them. Steve tells her how proud he is of her for saving lives. Steve jokes that sometimes he worries since she's so beautiful, capable, and smart so one of her colleagues might ask her out. Kayla assures that everyone knows she is happily married. They assure that they only have eyes for each other as they continue kissing.

Kristen asks if she was right about Brady and Chloe. Brady responds that he cares about Chloe but what he's asking has to do with decency. Brady doesn't care about how she feels about Chloe and questions if she wants Chloe's son to grow up without a mother. Kristen shouts that she doesn't want Rachel to grow up without hers either and that's exactly what is going to happen if she doesn't get a deal. Brady tells Kristen that there is no deal and that she's just doing what she does. Brady argues that she is making Chloe suffer. Kristen disagrees and says Chloe is all the leverage she has. Brady questions if she doesn't love him enough to do what he's asking. Brady then declares he will see her at the trial then. Kristen cries that she does love him and then agrees to tell him where Chloe is.

Ben looks at Claire's necklace with the locket of Claire and Ciara when they were kids inside. Jordan remarks that is when Claire and Ciara still loved each other before Ben ruined everything. Ben declares that he has to find Claire. Jordan stops him and tells him that he's too late.

Shawn gives the phone to Belle while Jan holds her gun on Claire. Belle pleads with Jan to let her talk to Claire. Jan says no as Claire is busy. Belle argues that Jan isn't angry with Claire and offers to take her place. Jan doesn't want to spend another second with Belle. Belle offers to go to the district attorney and confess to killing Charlie so that she will go to prison, Jan can have Shawn, and everything will work out as she had planned. Jan asks what the catch is. Belle says there is not one as long as she lets Claire go.

Xander complains that Lucas might have broken his arm with the bat. Sami says it's just a bad sprain. Lucas wants to call the cops but Sami says no. Sami tells Xander this is his once chance to get out of jail free if he agrees to say nothing about what happened today. Xander agrees and calls her crazy as he hurries out of the place. Lucas questions why Sami let him go like that. Sami informs him that they have bigger problems than Xander to deal with. Lucas questions having a bigger problem than Xander being about to shoot her. Sami responds that there is something weird going on here. Lucas says they were kidnapped and negotiated twice with maniacs. Sami informs Lucas that EJ took the money back 2 hours after the deposit. Lucas questions why he would do that. Sami doesn't know and says EJ knew that money was going to save her life so she suggests he knew she was clear and would be safe, but he didn't know the money was to Xander, just that it was saving her life. Sami adds that is why Xander showed up here and threatened to shoot her when she wouldn't call EJ. Lucas argues that Xander wasn't bluffing. Sami wonders why EJ didn't tell her or give her a warning. Sami then starts to panic and declares that EJ must know that she slept with Lucas.

Philip returns to the interrogation room as Kristen informs he and Brady that Chloe is locked up in the trunk of Kate's car. Philip worries about her being there all night. Kristen says she wasn't going to leave her there and just got sidetracked. Philip asks for the location. Kristen tells him that she's in the side parking lot outside the town square. Philip declares that she better be alive as he storms out. Kristen tells Brady that she's not heartless and there is ventilation. Brady tells her to shut up and warns that if anything happens to Chloe, he will never forgive Kristen.

Jan asks Belle if she gives her Claire, then Belle goes to jail and she gets another chance with Shawn. Belle says if that's what she wants. Jan questions how she can trust her. Jan says she'll think about it and she will call her. Belle tells her not to hang up but Jan hangs up anyways. Jan tells Claire that it's time to hit the road. Claire points out that this isn't her car so she doesn't have the keys. Jan reveals that she knows how to hotwire a car.

Ben tells his imagination of Jordan to get out of his way. She questions why he's so desperate to help Claire when he said their kiss didn't mean anything. Ben tells her that Claire is his friend and she's in trouble. She questions him just wanting to be a decent human being and helping but says the problem is that he's not a decent human being and never will be. His imagination of Jordan then disappears.

Steve encourages Kayla to drink some wine so she agrees. Kayla brings up Dr. Snyder undermining Tripp's confidence again and says it just drives her crazy. Steve encourages her not to worry because Tripp is smart and tough, so he won't be intimidated by Dr. Snyder. Steve assures that Tripp will work hard to prove himself to everyone at the hospital. Kayla knows Tripp can deal with Dr. Snyder. Steve guesses what doesn't kill him will build character. Kayla says that Tripp has an abundance of character. Steve feels lucky to be married to Kayla as they kiss. Steve hopes she knows how much he appreciates how protective she is of Tripp. Kayla says she thinks the world of him and she loves the idea of one of their kids being interested in medicine. Kayla admits she's feeling better now and they continue kissing until they get up to head to the bedroom.

Belle cries about Jan hating her and taking it out on Claire. Shawn encourages that they will find her and get Claire back. Shawn gets a call from Ben, who informs him that he found Claire's locket in the park outside the town square but she's not there. Shawn reveals that they talked to Jan and she has Claire. Ben asks what he can do. Shawn says nothing right now but he'll be in touch as he then hangs up. Ben declares that Jordan is wrong and he's going to find Claire.

Kristen asks Brady how Rachel is. Brady responds that he doesn't know because he's been in the hospital. Kristen knows she made a mess out of everything but says she did it out of love. Brady asks if that's supposed to make him feel better. Kristen points out that she told him where Chloe is so now she needs him to answer if he still loves her. Philip then returns so Brady asks if Chloe is alright. Philip reveals the car wasn't there so Kristen lied again..

Jan forces Claire to drive Kate's car and directs her on where to go. They hear pounding in the trunk. Claire questions what the hell that was.

Lucas tells Sami not to jump to the worst case scenario. Sami asks why else EJ would take the money back. Lucas asks how he found out. Sami guesses Kristen must have told him. Lucas asks why she would do that. Lucas declares that if EJ knew they slept together, he wouldn't just take the money back, he'd be on the first plane to Salem and knocking on the door right now. There is then a knock on the door so Sami worries that it's EJ.

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