Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/24/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/24/21


Written By Joseph

Ben goes home and imagines seeing his sister Jordan inside.

Gwen sits at home, complaining that Dr. Snyder is blackmailing her but she has no choice. Gwen then opens the envelope he gave her and sees a bag of pills inside. Gwen worries that she's being used as a drug mule as Chad appears in the house. Gwen questions how long he's been standing there.

Steve brings Kayla food at home and talks about how she's been working like crazy. They talk about it being a long time since they've had any alone time. Steve asks what she thinks they should do with the time they have. They start kissing but Tripp comes home. Steve thought he was on duty. Tripp responds that he was supposed to be, but Dr. Snyder happened.

At the hospital, Dr. Snyder goes to Belle and informs her that there is something he needs to tell her about Jan Spears.

Shawn gets a call from Jan and asks where she is. Jan responds that she's sorry as she got held up by an old friend. Jan goes to Shawn and Belle's home and pulls a gun on Claire. Shawn asks if she's still coming. Jan says she is and just had a little business to take care of first as she hangs up the phone.

Chad tells Gwen that he just got there and apologizes for startling her. Gwen says she's just a bit bumpy these days. Chad questions the pills. Gwen claims they are just painkillers that her doctor gave her. Chad hopes the pain eases up. Gwen says the physical part will. Gwen tells Chad that she doesn't know where Jack is if she's looking for him. Chad explains that Jack went to work so he told him that he would check in on her. Gwen says he didn't have to but Chad says he offered. Chad asks about her appointment and if there's anything he can do. Gwen tells him that he can stop feeling sorry for her and go back home to Abigail as she's sure she won't be happy about this. Chad then reveals to Gwen that Abigail is gone.

Ben's imagination of Jordan tells Ben that he looks like he's seen a ghost and says that he keeps seeing dead people because he's crazy. Ben asks what she wants. She says he knows and that she's not a ghost, but his guilty conscience. She then asks Ben why he's cheating on his wife.

Claire questions what Jan is doing. Jan says she didn't want it to come to this as she really wanted to be friends. Jan tells her not to blame her, but Shawn. Jan explains how Shawn got her to agree to meet him at his room at the Salem Inn, but it was all a lie and a setup to try to trick her in to confessing to murdering Charlie Dale.

Dr. Snyder informs Belle that he just ran in to Jan Spears and gave her a piece of his mind about faking the coma. Belle questions what exactly he told her. He says he told her there was proof that she snuck out of her room weeks before she claimed to have woken up. Belle questions why he would do that. Dr. Snyder says it was to prevent any idea of malpractice lawsuit and to let her know that they have footage of her. Belle can't believe he told her that and hopes that he did not mention her or Shawn's names. Dr. Snyder says that he didn't but he confirmed speaking to a lawyer with a detective husband. Belle then starts to panic that Jan knows. Belle tries calling Shawn. Dr. Snyder apologizes as she didn't tell him not to talk to Jan. Belle responds that she guesses they didn't think he would be that stupid.

Kayla asks Tripp what Dr. Snyder did. Tripp says it's not a big deal but Kayla disagrees. Tripp apologizes for interrupting them but Kayla demands to know what happened. Steve tells him he's not getting out until he tells her. Tripp explains that he tried to intubate his first patient today but when he had some trouble, Dr. Snyder told him to go home and not come back until he can do it properly. Kayla argues that he should not be expected to do it on the first try and it's his job to teach him. Kayla offers to talk to him but Tripp asks her not to, since he already thinks he's only in the program because Kayla is his stepmom. Tripp appreciates her wanting to help but says the last thing he needs is Kayla running to his rescue. Steve points out that Kayla is always complaining about Dy. Snyder having terrible beside manner and suggests she just fire him.

Belle goes to Shawn's room at the Salem Inn. Shawn questions what she's doing there when Jan is on her way. Belle informs him that she's not and that she knows they are onto her. Shawn tells her that he just got off the phone with Jan and she said she was on her way but that she had something to do first.

Claire questions why her parents would try to trick Jan in to confessing to killing Charlie when everybody knows she was in a coma when it happened. Jan admits she may have woken up earlier than she let on by a couple weeks. Claire asks why she wouldn't want people to know. Jan explains that everyone thinking she was in a coma was a great cover to find out peoples' secrets and use them to get what she wanted. Claire asks what she wanted. Jan tells her that she wanted Shawn of course, so she decided to sneak out of the hospital to go see him on Valentine's Day. Jan flashes back to watching from outside the window as Shawn bought Belle her red coat. Jan reveals she came back and saw Charlie attacking Claire, but then Belle showed up. Claire is shocked to learn that Jan was there that night. Jan remarks that Charlie deserved what he got and says when she heard Belle threatening Charlie, that's when she got the idea to punish Charlie for hurting Claire and to get rid of Belle at the same time.

Chad informs Gwen that Abigail went to spend time with her mother and to sort things out. Gwen says it must be hard on Chad and the children. Chad assures they will video chat every day. Gwen comments that she misses the children. Chad admits they ask about her. Gwen thanks him for telling her that. Gwen questions Abigail going to sort things out. Chad explains that she was feeling guilty about the baby. Chad brings up that Jack told him that she admitted to lying about Abigail pushing her down the stairs. Gwen apologizes and knows that doesn't mean anything now but assures that she is sorry. Gwen adds that she will call Abigail herself to tell her the truth and she's sorry to be the reason she left. Chad responds that Abigail did not leave because of her.

Ben questions Jordan saying he's cheating on his wife. Jordan brings up his making out with Claire. Ben argues that it didn't mean anything. Jordan says she is his guilty conscience standing in front of him. Ben admits he may be a little guilty about it but Claire kissed him. Jordan accuses him of using his suffering and repeats that she is just his conscience, saying what he thinks inside. Jordan brings up the divorce papers and asks what he thought would happen when Ciara left with Theo. Ben argues that Ciara just doesn't remember what they had. Jordan calls him a serial killer. Ben says Ciara forgave him because she loved him. Jordan argues that Ciara would always find out who he really was and run away. Ben says that's not what happened, blaming Eve and Vincent. Jordan brings up Ben killing three women before. Jordan calls Ben selfish for proposing to Ciara and says she lived in hell because of him. Jordan says that when Ciara asked for a divorce, Ben found comfort in the person who tried to set her on fire. Jordan calls it a match made in hell.

Claire asks what Jan did next. Jan responds that she hung around to see what happened next and saw Shawn come home and then go to find Claire, leaving Belle there all alone. Jan realized that was the chance and recalls sneaking in to grab Belle's new red coat to set Belle up and make sure Charlie never hurt anyone ever again. Jan details to Claire how she went straight to Charlie's place, but she didn't have a gun so she grabbed a knife and then she saw the gun at Charlie's, like it had been left for her. Jan recalls pulling the gun on Charlie and going over what he did to Claire, then shooting him.

Kayla tells Steve that she can't just fire Dr. Snyder because procedures need to be followed. Tripp adds that treating med students like crap is just par for the course. Kayla says Dr. Snyder will claim he's just doing what's best for the student and toughening them up. Steve feels it robs them of their confidence. Kayla hopes that doesn't happen to Tripp. Kayla says the constant berating from Dr. Snyder is damaging when the students need encouragement. Steve is sorry she has to deal with it. Kayla says she's trying to change the climate there but just because she doesn't like Dr. Snyder, doesn't mean she can just make him disappear. Steve brings up her having trouble with him for years so he's sure she would've fired him by now if she could.

Shawn questions how Belle knows that Jan isn't coming. Belle reveals that she just came from the hospital where Dr. Snyder told her that he told Jan that they saw the footage, so Jan must know they were setting her up. Shawn brings up that Jan said she ran in to an old friend when she doesn't have any friends. Belle then comes to a realization.

Claire asks Jan if that shot is how Charlie died. Jan reveals that he wasn't dead yet but she thought he was. Jan says she didn't have time to check as she heard a noise outside the apartment, then later realized it must have been John. Claire realizes that's when John saw her from behind in the red coat and thought she was Belle. Jan says that was just luck and then as soon as John left, someone else showed up. Jan recalls hiding in the apartment as Tripp showed up knocking on the door and Charlie whispered for Tripp to help him, but he couldn't hear him. Jan then went back and thought about putting another bullet in him to finish him off but decided he didn't deserve to be put out of his misery, so she left Charlie there to die.

Ben's imagination of Jordan talks about how Claire hasn't killed anyone like him, but it's not for lack of trying. Ben brings up Jordan being one to talk. Jordan asks if he's going to defend Claire. Jordan asks Ben if he doesn't have feelings for Claire. Ben assures that he doesn't. Jordan tells him to just give Ciara the divorce she wants and then he won't have to feel guilty.

Jan tells Claire about how she was about to leave Charlie's apartment, but then she remembered one last thing to do and that was to rip off a button from Belle's coat and leave it at the scene. Claire states that Jan really did kill Charlie and set Belle up to take the fall. Jan confirms she came back and put the coat where she found it, so that no one ever knew it was gone. Jan guesses Belle heard her because she came in a second later, but never saw her. Jan says she went back to the hospital to wait for Belle to be arrested, but instead they arrested Sami and looked at 16 other suspects, so she had to wake up and steer the cops in the right direction. Claire asks about Shawn trying to trick her in to confessing and declares that now Jan has confessed to her, so she asks what Jan is going to do. Jan says she will see.

Chad tells Gwen that Abigail is not the type of person to excuse herself to get herself off the hook. Gwen points out that she wasn't on the hook since she didn't push her. Chad argues that Abigail always knew that, but she's upset with herself about how she felt about the baby and for encouraging Gwen to terminate the pregnancy. Gwen acknowledges that Abigail was terribly upset at the time. Chad says they all were. Gwen remembers how it felt, knowing her baby was growing inside her, and says it gave her hope because she felt like she could somehow redeem herself by being a good mother to their child. Gwen doesn't think she's ever been happier than the short time that she was pregnant. Gwen says she knows Chad still hates her. Chad responds that he has a lot of regrets, like his part in all of it, but he is very sorry that she lost the baby.

Tripp apologizes for interrupting Steve and Kayla, so he says he's just going to his room with his intubation kit. Kayla promises to work with him on it and make him a pro. Tripp thanks them and heads to his room.

Claire starts coughing and says she can't breathe so she wants water. Jan warns that it better not be a trick. When Jan turns her back to get the water, Claire pulls out her phone to call Ben.

Ben tells his imagination of Jordan that he will never give up on Ciara. Ben then gets a call from Claire. Jordan, as his guilty conscience, mocks that Claire probably wants to continue what they started earlier and tells him to go ahead and answer. Ben instead ignores the call.

Jan gives Claire her water so she drinks it.

Gwen tells Chad that she knows having the baby would have caused so many problems for him and Abigail, but that's not why she wanted to move forward with the pregnancy. Gwen repeats that being a good mother would have redeemed herself in her eyes as she no longer cares with how others regard her. Gwen feels being a mother could've been the one thing she'd be good at. Gwen talks about not having much family until a few months ago and says this baby would've been her family. Gwen cries that she would've loved her baby. Gwen tells Chad that it feels good to know that she's not mourning her alone. Chad states that she was his child too. Gwen thanks him for saying that.

Belle questions why Jan would bother to call Shawn to tell him that she was with a friend other than to tell him something. Belle notes that Jan doesn't have any friends but there is one person that she thinks is her friend. Shawn then realizes it's Claire.

Jordan hands Ben a pen to sign the divorce papers but he throws it and declares that he's not signing the papers and nothing she can do will change his mind. Ben tells her to just go away. Jordan says he's just putting off the inevitable but agrees to go, reminding him to check his voicemail. Ben's vision of Jordan disappears and he then looks at his phone. Ben notes that Claire's voicemail is 11 minutes long and listens to it. Ben hears Claire telling Jan to put the gun away and let her go. Ben realizes Claire is in trouble and rushes out of his place.

Kayla tells Steve that she doesn't know what is wrong with Dr. Snyder, making Tripp feel like a failure on his first attempt. Kayla talks about how even the most experienced have trouble sometimes because it just depends on the patient. Kayla says it just makes her furious and she just wants to go to the hospital to go after him now. Kayla complains about Dr. Snyder treating anyone like that. Kayla feels his excuse would be that he's just trying to toughen people up like a bully. Steve asks why she's getting so worked up about it. Kayla worries that it's escalating with Dr. Snyder and it's becoming a toxic environment, so she feels like something really bad is going to happen because of him.

Gwen tells Chad that it was really nice of him to come over but he doesn't need to stay, as Dr. Snyder said she'll be fine. Chad says if she's sure and tells her to call him if she needs anything, which she agrees to do. Chad then exits. Gwen thinks back to Dr. Snyder giving her the envelope of pills and the address of where to deliver it to. Gwen pulls out her phone and calls Dr. Snyder. She questions him getting her involved in some sort of drug operation. He reminds her that he told her not to open the package and to just do as she's told. Gwen refuses to break the law for him. Dr. Snyder warns her to do exactly as he says or else he will make it public knowledge that she lost the baby before her fall down the stairs and that she did everything she could to keep it quiet. Gwen then hangs up in frustration.

Belle tries calling Claire but she's not answering so her and Shawn rush out of the room.

Ben goes to rescue Claire but finds the room empty with a chair knocked over. Ben wonders what the hell Jan did to Claire.

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